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TAR25, Recap Leg 4, 10/17/14

Welcome to Leg 4! Last time, on My Livestock Animals of Northern Scotland Are Broken!,  teams raced across the United Kingdom to the Shetland Islands.  Scott from the Boston Firefighters badly twisted his ankle at the beginning of the leg, greatly hindering his mobility.  The Wrestlers fell behind as usual.  The Dentists smiled their way to another first place finish, and even though Gaysian lack of driving ability threatened to eliminate Tim and TeJay, Michael and Scott got worse instructions from pub patrons, and were eliminated.  Who will be eliminated. . . next? (click for more)

Arrival at the pit stop last episode:
1st – Misti/Jim, Team Noodle Domination, #The Dentists
2nd – Adam/Bethany, Team Sharknado, #SoulSurfers
3rd – Keith/Whitney, Engaged Survivors, #TeamNashville
4th – Shelley/Nici, Team Flying Family, #MomDaughter
5th – Amy/Maya, Team Frizzle Twins, #SweetScientists
6th – Brooke/Robbie, Team LoriBolo2, #TheWrestlers
7th – Kym/Alli, Team Nonstop, #TheCyclists
8th – Tim/Te Jay, Team Gaysian TNT, #CollegeSweethearts

St. Ninian’s Isle, Shetland Islands, Scotland, United Kingdom

Teams wake up on the beach of St. Ninian’s Isle.  (Toyouke: “They had to sleep on the beach? That seems...budget.”)

10:36 AM Misti/Jim (1st)
Clue: Take a thirteen hour ferry back to Aberdeen, Scotland to catch a flight to Copenhagen, Denmark!  Once there, find the Ford C-Max Hybrids parked at the airport to get your next clue.

11:45 AM Adam/Bethany (2nd)
11:53 AM Keith/Whitney (3rd)

And then the chyron guy fell asleep at his job and forgot to give departure times for the rest of the teams.  Seriously, this show needs a new chyron guy.

Shelley/Nici (4th)
Amy/Maya (5th)
Brooke/Robbie (6th)
Kym/Alli (7th)
Tim/Te Jay (8th)

So teams make their way to the ferry dock and all manage to make the 5:30 pm ferry out of the Shetland Islands in the following order:

1- Misti/Jim – who find out from the ticket agent that there is no travel agent in the Shetland Islands, but they could go to the library and use the internet, which they do, and find a flight with a 4 pm arrival time to Copenhagen.  (Toyouke: “Grudgingly I will admit they are racing smart by trying to book airline tickets now.”)
2- Keith/Whitney – who also find out from the ticket agent that there is no travel agent, but then they don’t really do anything about it, and the ticket agent doesn’t bother to give them suggestions.  I like her.
3- Adam/Bethany
4- Amy/Maya 
5- Shelley/Nici
6- Kym/Alli
7- Brooke/Robbie
8- Tim/Te Jay

Teams ride the giant boat and drive off the ferry in Aberdeen in the following order:

1- Kym/Alli
2- Keith/Whitney
3- Shelley/Nici
4- Tim/Te Jay 
5- Brooke/Robbie
6- Misti/Jim
7- Adam/Bethany
8- Amy/Maya

Teams now vie for flights.  Sharknado, Frizzle Twins, Engaged Survivors and Flying Family all get off the ferry at 7 am and go to the travel agent, which opens at 9 pm.  In the meantime, the other four teams head to the airport and get flights there.  So, teams arrive at Aberdeen International Airport in the following order:

1- Kym/Alli
2- Brooke/Robbie
3- Tim/Te Jay
4- Misti/Jim 
5- Adam/Bethany
6- Amy/Maya
7- Keith/Whitney
8- Shelley/Nici

Teams that need to get flights continue doing that, and once that is settled, the flights look like thus:

Flight 1, arrives 2 pm
1) Kym/Alli

Flight 2, arrives 4 pm
1) Misti/Jim

Flight 3, arrives 5:10 pm
1) Brooke/Robbie
2) Adam/Bethany
3) Amy/Maya
4) Keith/Whitney

Flight 4, arrives 5:35 pm
1) Tim/Te Jay

Flight 5, arrives 6:20 pm
1) Shelley/Nici

So, NOW all of the teams are on their way to Copenhagen.  Teams arrive, make their way to the Ford C-Max Hybrids where the lead teams find Phil (Toyouke: “OK I officially do not like Phil hanging out to talk about things as the teams arrive”) and find the clue in the following order:

1- Kym/Alli
2- Misti/Jim
3- Brooke/Robbie
4- Adam/Bethany 
5- Keith/Whitney
6- Amy/Maya
7- Tim/Te Jay
8- Shelley/Nici – who have a major breakdown just trying to find the cars.

Teams are now instructed to drive across the strait to Malmö, Sweden to the Great Square.  They are instructed to use the cars to drive efficiently, and if they can make it to Malmö using less than a tenth of a gallon of gas, they will get their next clue.  (Toyouke: “This gimmick is stupid. Use too much gas and you have to do an additional task? On a new car you've never driven? UGH.”)  Otherwise, they need to walk to the Great Square and find a geography student and answer her question to get the next clue.

So, teams drive to Malmö and arrive using the following gallon amounts:

1- Kym/Alli – 0.01 (Toyouke: “OK...if it's possible to only use 10% of the limit then that's not so horrible.”)
2- Misti/Jim – 0.15
3- Brooke/Robbie – 0.18
4- Keith/Whitney – 0.06
5- Adam/Bethany – 0.21
6- Amy/Maya – 0.18
7- Tim/Te Jay – 0.16, Tim: “We want Sweden. Is that a different country?” (Toyouke: "OMFG")
8- Shelley/Nici – 0.08

So, teams that managed to drive efficiently get their next clue.  But the other five teams had to answer the following question: “What are the capitals of the Scandinavian Countries of Sweden Norway and Denmark?”  When they answered correctly (Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen), they would get their next clue.  Teams get that clue in the following order:

1- Kym/Alli
2- Misti/Jim
3- Keith/Whitney
4- Brooke/Robbie 
5- Adam/Bethany
6- Amy/Maya
7- Tim/Te Jay
8- Shelley/Nici

And we get the Detour Clue.

Parking Space OR Wedding Cake
Teams drive themselves back to Copenhagen to find the Detours.
*Parking Space: Teams drive themselves to Sankt Jørgens Allé and set up a parklet.  Tams pick one of two designs and must recreate the design perfectly in a parking space within 30 minutes.  If they cannot complete the task in the time limit, they must move everything to a new space and try again.  Once complete, the judge will give them their next clue.
*Wedding Cake: Teams drive themselves to Det Franske Conditori.  Once there, they finish assembling a traditional Danish wedding cake, known as a kransekage, and transport the dessert via frait bicycle to Allegade 10 Restaurant.  Once there, the maître d’hôtel checks the cake for flaws and signs the receipt.  Teams then return to the bakery with the receipt to get their next clue from the pastry chef.

(Toyouke: “Set up a room or build and transport a tall cake. This is ridiculous.”)

1- Kym/Alli choose Wedding Cake – because they are cyclists.  (Toyouke: “Also why would you think riding a bike with a cake would be easier?”)  But drop the receipt when they park the bike and have to go looking for it before getting the thumbs up.
2- Misti/Jim choose Parking Space – and, in the first Bald Snark of the season, go to Wedding Cake after assembling the parklet twice and not noticing that the flower pot needed to have the eight petaled flower facing the front.  And then can’t check their cake in because they lost a Danish flag en route to the restaurant.  (Toyouke: “I know the dentists can't be eliminated but it would be satisfying if they ended up in the bottom.”)
3- Brooke/Robbie choose Wedding Cake
4- Adam/Bethany choose Wedding Cake – and Bald Snark to Parking Space.  (Toyouke: “Why are the surfers trying to ride a bike? There was no way that was going to work with Bethany.”)
5- Keith/Whitney choose Wedding Cake – and Bald Snark to Parking Space.
6- Amy/Maya choose Parking Space
7- Tim/Te Jay choose Parking Space
8- Shelley/Nici choose Parking Space

After much cake and parklet assembling, teams complete the detour in the following order:

1- Kym/Alli  
2- Amy/Maya
3- Brooke/Robbie 
4- Keith/Whitney
5- Adam/Bethany
6- Tim/Te Jay
7- Misti/Jim 
8- Shelley/Nici

Teams are now instructed to drive themselves to Ida Davidsen Restaurant.  Teams arrive in the following order:

1- Kym/Alli  
2- Amy/Maya
3- Brooke/Robbie 
4- Keith/Whitney
5- Tim/Te Jay
6- Adam/Bethany
7- Misti/Jim 
8- Shelley/Nici

And teams get the second (?) roadblock clue.


Who has a good memory for faces?

In this roadblock, roadblockers must become the waiter for a pair of diners in the restaurant.  The diners tell the roadblocker the numbers of two sandwiches they wish to order, and then the roadblocker matches those to sandwiches on the menu.  They memorize the sandwiches and then recite them back to Ina Davidsen so that she can prepare the sandwiches and they can be delivered to the diners.  Once complete, the diners will give teams their next clue.

The following teammates take the Roadblock:

1- Kym
2- Maya
3- Robbie
4- Whitney
5- Te Jay – who actually waits tables.
6- Adam
7- Misti – who keeps forgetting to give the sandwich numbers
8- Nici

After much sandwich memorizing, teams complete the Roadblock in the following order:

1- Kym/Alli  
2- Amy/Maya
3- Brooke/Robbie 
4- Keith/Whitney
5- Tim/Te Jay
6- Adam/Bethany
7- Shelley/Nici 
8- Misti/Jim

Teams are now instructed to drive to VM Houses, the PIT STOP of the fourth leg of this racearoundtheworld.  The last team to arrive MAY be eliminated!

1- Kym/Alli – who each win a Ford C-Max Hybrid.
2- Brooke/Robbie  
3- Keith/Whitney
4- Amy/Maya – and Amy gives Phil her eyebrow pop.
5- Tim/Te Jay
6- Shelley/Nici – who are being very passive aggressive with each other.  (Toyouke: “NICI has to be a grownup? When her mother decided being passive-aggressive was more important than finishing?  I know I would act like that probably but I also know that's not how to do it. And I'm pretty sure Shelley thinks she is in the right and everyone is going to back her up.”)
7- Adam/Bethany  
8- Misti/Jim 

Misti and Jim assume they are last and hand over the Save.  Phil then. . .tells them to keep it as this is the first of three non-elimination legs and that they are still in the Race.  (Toyouke: “That should be like on Survivor when you play your immunity idol and you waste it because you didn't need it. It should be wasted and off the table now.”)  No mention of a Speed Bump, but I’m sure they have one.  Also, he should have just taken their Save.

1st – Kym/Alli
2nd – Brooke/Robbie
3rd – Keith/Whitney
4th – Amy/Maya
5th – Tim/Te Jay
6th – Shelley/Nici
7th – Adam/Bethany
8th – Misti/Jim

Next week: Marrakesh!  We get the first Double U-Turn of the season, and Keith and Shelley get into a verbal sparring match.  Oh dear.  (Toyouke: “I cannot roll my eyes hard enough. “)  Until next time!

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