Thursday, August 31, 2017

Project Runway 8/31/17--"A Leap of Innovation!" summary

Previously on “Project Runway”: everyone had to make clothes out of recycling trash, and also work in teams. But the teams didn't really have a ton of drama until judging, where everyone resented Shawn for sucking and taking up all their time. She also complained about her “curvy” model, who wasn't even plus sized and she got nailed for it. Sentell also got in trouble for basically wrapping his model in trash bags. In the end of course Shawn was kept around, because people don't like her, and Sentell is basically a nice person but is also boring so he went home. The winner was Ayana, for an overworked dress with very long fringe. I mean I guess. I like her, but that dress was not great. We also learned models are “randomly” assigned to people each week, meaning the producers control who goes home (I fear the smaller models) and who gets which model (so they can screw with people). (click for more)
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Friday, August 25, 2017

Project Runway 8/24/17--"An Unconventional Recycling" summary

Previously on “Project Runway”: a new batch of people trying to be on TV had to make “red carpet” outfits. Also the models this season range in sizes up to a 22, which means everyone says a bunch of nonsense about “real women” and “curves” and whatever and pretends not to mind. Some of them don't mind, I'm sure, but some of them do and also skinny women are also “real” so this whole thing is annoying. The twins are very extra when they talk to Tim and also most of the rest of the time, but other than that, no one is having fights yet. Deyonte won with a floral print dress for Cannes, which was the perfect place for it. Even though Batani's dress was literally falling apart, she stayed over Chacha, who made some weird A-line dress with pink satin rosettes. (click for more)
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Friday, August 18, 2017

Project Runway 8/17/17--"One Size Does Not Fit All" summary

The important things to know: the models range in sizes up to a 22, which is an actual plus size and not a “plus size model” which is a person who is not an actual plus size person. We don't know how model selection is going to work, which means that it's always possible everyone will always pick the smaller girls and this “experiment” will fail quickly. Also if you win, you get a capsule collection at JC Penny, and I'm not pretending I never shop there but it is not a place I associate with Fashion. So, I guess let's do this. (click for more)
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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Project Runway...back...yay.

Hey everyone! Project Runway starts again next week. This week is the "Road to the Runway" thing, so it's nice they put it a week beforehand. Of course, that's so they can have some kind of bullshit "enhanced" episode next week with social media and commentary. I guess I might care if it was ever commentary that was funny. I am picky about my Twitter commentary. Anyway, the one thing I am excited about is there is a Muslim designer, and I very much want her to clash with Heidi about how Heidi thinks everything has to be sexy. Designing "Fashion" that is also modest is a great unexplored concept that this show never does.

Also if you haven't heard, the models this season range from size 0 to size 22. I like forcing the designers to design for "normal" women but I also am afraid that after a couple weeks the larger models will be eliminated "because I just don't get along with her" or some other dumbass reason, and then it's just like every other season so who cares?

To sum up, people are odd, have backstories, Tim Gunn pretends they're the best designers ever, etc. You guys know the drill. I'll see you next week. Clicky clicky