Thursday, February 28, 2008

Project Runway Fashion Week--Chris

I am so thrilled that Chris still showed at Fashion Week, even though "it didn't count" or whatever. I know there are a lot of people who share my opinion that he should have made it instead of Rami. Whatever. I'm a lot calmer about it now than I was last night, and I think even Chris himself knew they wouldn't let him in no matter what he did. Pics (from Blogging Project Runway) after the jump.

Chris gets some extra points here for using some model from "America's Next Top Model", which I don't watch, but I applaud using one reality show's contestants to support another reality show on a completely different network. That is supposedly George Washington on the dress. I like the pop-art quality of it, like his Hershey dress, but who in real life would wear it?

I want this jacket. Not with the hair trim. But the fabric has a pattern to it and I love it. The lighter patch on the model's hip is not sewn down to her skirt so it moves when she walks. I like the cut of the skirt too.

This is basically like the first dress, but if there's a picture on it I can't figure out what it is. This model looks pretty emo. And I'd like to see if that's a train or what, even though holding the skirt up prevents the model from tripping over the clothes.

You know why the hair trim bothers me, I think? It's because it looks like my hair, straight and dark. And that would be a trench coat, with hair trim, and wide legged pants. It's like a bathrobe and pajama bottoms. Too much fabric and bulk.

I want this jacket. Yes I know it's the same cut as the blue one but in red velvet but I liked that one too. Seriously, Chris, if you're reading this, leave a comment or email me and we'll talk.

Goth high school girl going to prom. It's pretty, even the patterned tights, but that's the vibe I get from it.

This is actually pretty elegant. The side panels are velvet, and the center panel is another fabric. I can't tell if it's tacked down, or is wider than the velvet so it billows, because I can't find video (of course).

The collar on the jacket is in a velvet, matching the skirt, while the jacket itself is a satin, I think. I like the gathered sleeves and how they match the way the skirt is constructed, although I'm not sure I like the way the skirt looks. This look is pretty Goth--really dark with dark styling. And then gray tights.

It's really hard to tell if the red is a pattern on the fabric, or painted on afterwards. You can't see well in this picture, but the model has a belt or something with a pendant hanging off it. Like a watch fob.

This is one of the looks he showed on the episode last night. I saw someone refer to this as horsehair, before they knew what it was. That skirt is still crazy awesome. It looks like beads, or springs, or just twisted metal, and not like safety pins at all. Even knowing what it is I still can't see safety pins in it.

I like the idea and silhouette of this dress more than I like the fact that the skirt looks like the back of my head.

The crocheted part of the dress? On the top part of the bodice I don't think it's lined.

OK, he has hair and the whole thing is very dark and Goth. But it's well made, and it tells a story, and it's a cohesive collection, at least I think so. And you wouldn't know it's hair unless he told you. It's no weirder than origami gowns or any of the other crazy stuff you see in couture shows. Maybe that's where he needs to be.
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Project Runway Fashion Week--Sweet P

I have a busy week ahead, and I was not looking forward to discussing 36+ looks for the "Project Runway" finale. But then I remembered that I can just post pictures and I don't have to describe everything in detail anymore! So I'll be talking about all 5 collections. Pictures from Blogging Project Runway. Everything starts after the jump.

(I tried to post side-by-side and centered but apparently I have to futz with the code. So much for "easy" blogging for the "average" person. If I knew how to code, people, I would have my own blog on my own server and I probably wouldn't be over here. Also, it would help if your PREVIEW matched WHAT ACTUALLY SHOWS ON THE BLOG.)

I like the purple fabric, but not the full skirt and pencil skirt combo. You can't see it well, but the model has on shiny tights, and then socks, and then wooden platform heels. I don't know either.

Why are there pockets? And I tried to find another shot to look at the yellow jacket but I couldn't. Surely Bravo would have it on their website. If it didn't suck ass. However I did see that the back of that dress has a contrasting zipper so she has a orange line up her back.

I love this striped fabric and the ruffles.

I like this look too, even though that model looks like she can't possibly see with that hat on. I think the ruffles pair up well with the slimness of the rest of the outfit. The pants are kind of short though. And I hate the socks.

If you know me then you know how I feel about cloaks. Which is that I don't like them. Especially with the armholes. But the dress underneath, which you can't even see in this picture? A high neck halter-style top with a long skirt, and the whole thing in tiers of ruffles. It's really elegant and awesome.

She looks like she's shoplifting hams in her skirt. At least Sweet P went all out with the 80's styling.

I'm not sure about the plaid. I'm also not a big fan of high-waisted pants...the top is OK I guess.

I think this dress could be cute if it didn't look all baggy and misshapen around her middle. Either it's supposed to be like that, or the model bunched it up when she put her hands on her hips. And I don't think the model could have bunched it that much.

This is basically a giant sweater coat with a zipper. Those blue sleeves, I'm not sure they're attached to the dress. I also don't know if I like the idea of a dress that unzips all the way down.

I love this yellow, even though I'd probably never wear it because I would look sickly. That's not a necklace, that's beading sewn into the gown. And the skirt is supposed to look like that. It's cut like jodhpurs, where the hips are cut super wide and then they get narrow at the hemline. When you're skinny I guess it works.

I love this dress. I think it's all one piece, but I love the print and the silhouette. She could put that in a store and sell it right now.

Those pants are jodhpurs and that's all I have to say about this outfit.

All in all, Sweet P's collection had some great colors, and it was pretty commercial. More commercial than I'm used to seeing from designers. Apparently that's bad or something. I'm glad she still got to show.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Project Runway 2/27/08--"Finale Part 1" summary

Previously on Project Runway: There was a boring reunion show where people were cranky. Oh, you mean before that. Everyone made dresses based on works of art. Sweet P made a cute dress that had nothing to do with her picture, unfortunately, so she went home. Christian won, with his usual puffy sleeves, and Jillian also did well. Then we come to Chris and Rami. Chris made a beautiful dress that also happened to be too similar to his and Christian’s avant-garde dress. Rami draped something, AGAIN. The guest judge was Roberto Cavalli, and he LOVED Chris’s dress and Rami bored him. The judges ended up being deadlocked, which makes me suspect that Cavalli voted for Chris, along with Nina who was sick of Rami draping things. Then the other two voted for Rami. So those two had to make collections and be judged just before Fashion Week. And apparently start dating or something, because I’m not the only one who noticed how snuggly they were at the reunion.(click for more)

Heidi comes out to explain to everyone about the Fashion Week collections, as if they didn’t already know. They get $8,000 and the next 5 months. She reminds Chris and Rami about their extra challenge. Heidi says they’ve all chosen to keep their models, but it’s a voice-over so I am betting that they actually had model selection but nothing happened so they cut it. Tim reminds them the world will be watching, no pressure or anything. Heidi proposes a toast.

They go all the way back to the apartment roof, where Tim name-drops the product placement champagne. Christian brags that he is awesome. Everyone packs up and Jillian is also thrilled. Rami and Chris are excited to make collections. Nothing we haven‘t seen before in the first 3 seasons of people leaving to go make collections.

Tim goes to Christian’s flat in New York for a visit, and the first thing I see is that Christian’s hair is flat. He’s got a tiny apartment and he’s sewing in a room the size of my closet. Seriously, his bed slides out and he sleeps on the floor. Christian confirms that his room was the closet. Then there are childhood pictures where he looks normal, as does his mom. He worked in a salon in Annapolis when he was young(er), where his stupid hair isn’t so weird. He has a lot done. His theme is romantic Goth, I guess. It’s all blacks with a couple of browns. And some beige. I really like color so I‘m bored. He’s got some ruffled thing, I don’t know. Tim tells him to ask when he doesn’t need something to edit. He has pants covered in feathers. Tim says they’re fabulous but they look costumey. He puts them with one of his blouses with giant ruffles, and he’s like, it’s a lot of look. (Kmanpat: “Maybe after sewing feathers all day he doesn’t want his hair to be like feathers anymore.“) Christian says he’ll listen to Tim but in the end do whatever the hell he wants.

Next up is Jillian. Also in New York. Tim says people are “working on their collections” in a certain location and it almost sounds like they don’t really live there. Jillian’s got dress forms all over the living room. In her interview she’s all made up and she looks beautiful. She’s got a jacket with some seaming details. It’s like princess seams but with tabs so it looks almost woven. Jillian didn’t go back to Ralph Lauren after the show, so she’s been spending a lot of free time looking for inspiration. She’s working from 15th century armor as the basis for her collection. Tim loves the combination of femininity and strength. She also doesn’t have much color which Tim warns her about. There’s a full body shot, and she’s wearing a thick winter sweater, and…corduroy shorts. Sigh. They go to meet her parents in Long Island. And boyfriend. And cute small children. Apparently her mom was told by a psychic that she would have one famous child so her mom pushed her to be awesome. I don’t know if I should be moved or horrified. She was a cute kid.

Rami is in LA. His friends are “hanging out” I guess, and they meet him right off and they chat over snacks. You should know that the guy that was there? Is his partner and was introduced as his “good friend”. Huh? His dad and step-mom are very supportive, even though he kept it a secret for a long time because of his culture and whatnot. And I’m talking about the sketching and fashion designing. He’s describing sketching in secret, and his brother “walking in” on him, and you can edit out a couple of key words and it’s like his coming out story. He says something else, but there is a super hot picture where he looks like John Barrowman and I stopped listening for a second. Rami’s studio is a real building studio, not in his house. His inspiration is Joan of Arc. His first look is a black capelet with sleeves, and a blouse with pleats and the back is draped. Like a shawl collar only longer. Tim is worried there isn’t any softness in the other pieces and picks up a coat as a demo, because it’s super heavy. Rami also is not planning to listen to every single thing Tim says.

Chris is in New York too, which is sad because I wanted him to be in San Francisco. He is conscious of making costumes, but he wants to be himself. His inspiration is “95% fashion, 5% costume”, or beauty with a quirk. He’s got a crocheted thing? It looks like a ladder of velvet or something. And he’s using human hair for trim in a couple of pieces. Tim clutches his pearls. Chris is not surprised. Tim is giggling and has no words. He starts telling a story about the monkey house and how after a while it doesn’t stink but then if people come in they will know it stinks. Chris has been living in the monkey house. He still wants to use some hair. Then they take a trip to his friend’s house, who has built a ton of stuff all over the place. Chris calls it a “baroque, rococo nightmare.“ There is crap everywhere, all over the walls, Jesus how can he live in there? Chris’s brothers are nonplused by the crazy. He won a costume contest once and kept on doing it but he wanted to get into fashion so he moved to New York. Hey, you know what? Tim didn’t meet Christian’s friends. Two options. 1. Christian didn’t want Tim to meet his friends. 2. Christian doesn’t have any friends.

Time for Fashion Week! Rami is the only one who has to fly in with a ton of luggage. They still put everyone up in a hotel. Everyone is confident. Jillian is rooming with Christian I guess, and they quasi-joke about being nice to each other. Rami is rooming with Chris. Which…is interesting. They both go over to the other room and everyone has a nice reunion and beers. More reminders of what’s at stake, blah blah if I can’t remember what happened 20 minutes ago I have bigger problems that watching TV.

In the morning Rami and Chris gather their stuff and head on over to the workspace. They’ve only set up three tables, and Chris offers to share with Rami. Which is good because Christian refuses to share. Jillian makes multiple trips. There’s still a accessory wall.

Tim appears so he can stand over the painted on the floor and tell Chris and Rami they have 3 hours to fit 3 randomly assigned models. Jillian and Christian have to help them. Haha! Rami with Jillian, and Chris with Christian. That’s 3 hours you can’t have to work on your own stuff! Tim makes a point to namedrop Bluefly because they donated shoes, I guess to avoid a Karasaun thing. Chris has chosen 3 black pieces, while Rami has picked one dramatic piece, one sculptured, and one ethereal. Rami is flailing hardcore. He says it’s hot (Kmanpat: “Yes, yes you are.”). Christian smirks that Christian’s clothes are “interesting”, in the way your child’s crappy drawing is “interesting” because you don’t know what it’s supposed to be. Chris makes him brush the dress. Hee. The quotes from Rami and Chris seem to imply that Chris is more confident than Rami, which tells me that Rami is going to win. I mean, not that you couldn’t tell all season that the judges loved Rami. Except Nina, I guess she gets bored easily. They just couldn’t get Cavalli to change his mind.

Runway time! Good Lord, Heidi is wearing rubber leggings. And a giant black blazer. Only Kors and Nina are there, so they can do whatever they want. Chris is so dead. Rami is up first: blue coat with a black dress underneath. They don‘t really show the dress (although the little bit I saw was classic Rami draping) so I guess the coat is supposed to be the whole point, but then why open the coat at all? The coat has a high collar and puffy shoulders and then pleating on the arms and then puffy cuffs. It’s foofy and high fashion, I guess. The next look is a black shawl and a draped. The dress is made of two contrasting fabrics, one white and one dark but both with polka dots. It‘s not a Grecian dress (it’s strapless and fitted to her waist) but it‘s certainly draped. His final look is a long black dress with a million pleats and a train. I don’t like the headband though. Chris: the black jacket with hair trim that he showed Tim and a beaded skirt. It could be fur, I guess. Second look: Halter top with black beading over a skin tone fabric, and the whole skirt is hair. Final look: long slim black dress with huge wrap, all the front is crocheted and it is awesome. The model can’t walk in it, though.

Chris talks about his glamour Goth inspiration and “unexpected materials”. Everyone looks creeped out by the hair. Kors admits that he thought outside the box. The beads I saw were actually safety pins. Kors hates the last girl because she has to walk slowly, and he calls her dress a “velvet condom“. Nina thinks he may be overboard. She and Kors have to admit everything is constructed beautifully. Heidi thinks it’s different. Chris thinks that it would be good to see a viewpoint from outside the fashion world in Fashion Week. Rami starts out by saying that he wanted to make things that were different outside the show. Nina is glad, and for some reason loves the second look, which is the draped look. Eh? Maybe because it’s different colors and it‘s not Grecian. The first coat has huge volume and pleats and it‘s busy. What I thought were puffy shoulders are actually more like cap sleeves. The third dress has circles on her hips so they look bigger. Now, I didn’t notice that until Kors pointed it out. This has been Rami’s calling since he was 6 so he wants to get the opportunity. Time for the judges to talk about them alone.

Nina is upset that both men were so dark. There was a lot of ingenuity but some overdone ness. Rami had some commercial aspects to his dress, but the coat was overdone. Kors loves that he tried, and Nina is so relieved that he didn’t drape everything. Why are we talking about his commercial appeal when that wasn’t enough to save Sweet P? I mean, look for commercial appeal, or penalize them for being too commercial, but pick one. Chris’s clothes were intriguing, because you can’t tell what they’re made of. Kors feels like they’re still costumes, but Nina says that there are designers who started out making costumes. They don’t talk about Chris nearly as long as they talk about Rami. Just like they were trying to justify their decision that they made long ago!

This was a difficult decision, everyone’s looks were dark and overworked, etc. Praise for everyone! Rami is in. Don’t you act surprised. They were looking for any excuse to let him in, and he made one thing without any draping in it so they were satisfied. I get that Rami makes beautiful dresses, but the judging is so arbitrary this season, and everyone contradicts themselves, and Rami repeats himself but Christian doesn’t, and being commercial helps Rami but hurts Sweet P, and just be consistent for Chrissakes. Chris and Rami hug and there is a moment where I think they’re going to start making out but they don’t. Jillian and Christian are backstage hovering. Chris is like, you two bitches better watch out for Rami! Haha! Tim comes to say goodbye, and Chris is like, this happened before! Hee hee! He never expected the amount of love he got. He says he’d do it again and then he laughs. Hee.

Next week: Jillian flips out over a missing model, Christian actually stops talking about how awesome he is, and I think he actually cries. Posh is the guest judge. I don’t even care who wins anymore, because I’m sure it’ll be based on some random criteria that the judges picked out because they threw a dart at a dartboard and that’s where it landed.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Project Runway 2/20/08--Reunion summary

It’s reunion time! Have you noticed that after the first couple of seasons they stopped giving everyone alcohol? And then the reunions got boring? I know these are real people and I shouldn’t want them to get trashed and make laughingstocks of themselves. But the drama is so good! As it is I think the best I can hope for is that Victorya will get offended at Heidi and Tim and walk off the set. Which would be completely justified and still awesome. (click for more)

We are teased with a tiny bit of casting footage as they introduce the reunion. It makes me sad. I missed the “Road to the Runway” show. Heidi jokes about how everyone seems calm and relaxed. They remind us that someone is the “fan favorite” and will win $10,000. Kevin says it’s weird back in the real world because they still have jobs and everything and it’s strange for people to recognize him. People even recognize Simone. Kit is getting scans of designs from 8 year olds. Elisa says people fawn over her and say that she’s awesome. Jack Black told Sweet P she was his favorite. I can see that. Everyone claps for Victorya’s show. She is really calm about it. As in, lack of excitement. Heidi makes everyone tell who they thought would show at Fashion Week, and Marion says right away that Carmon would show. Steven thought Rami would be screwed because he was draping and not cutting, and then all of a sudden you turn around and there’s a dress there. Heidi grows bored and declares she’s cutting to the chase. Christian comes out first and she makes fun of his hair. They all get to pose behind the scrim but it‘s not that exciting. I must say that I covet Jillian‘s patterned stockings. And then Tim describes (and we see a clip) about how Rami and Chris have to compete for the final spot. There is a shot of the couch, and I think that Chris has his hand on Rami’s knee and then Rami has his hand on top. Oh yes, that’s what’s going on. INTERESTING. And then they cut back and Rami is awfully snuggly. (Kmanpat: “Noo!!! He is supposed to drape over mee!!”) Chris loves his collection, as does Rami. Rami loves his own collection, I mean. I guess they haven’t had that final decision yet. As they talk Chris keeps putting his hand on Rami’s knee and they keep touching each other. I am good at watching body language, you guys. Do they live near each other? Do they hang out now or what? Because I can see Chris being all touchy-feely and always touching people but Rami is certainly not uncomfortable about it.

Heidi changes the subject so we can talk about Jack’s departure. God, I forgot how bad he looked when his face was swollen. Jack’s about to cry rewatching the footage. Sweet P is crying again. Man, everyone is crying. He says it was serious but he’s fine now. Christian says he felt close to Jack (generally when someone carries you into the room you are close to them) and he’s glad to see him now! Tim says that Victorya was upset…giant pause to cut to Victorya with her arms crossed and not speaking…maybe angry also. Victorya was upset but not angry, she says: “Upset was probably the key operative word in that situation“. She didn‘t have her arms crossed before they started talking to her. Why did Tim say she was angry? Heidi says Victorya was always uptight, and Tim agrees, and I am gratified that you can hear crickets. They just called her uptight to her face! That was rude. She is pissed. I think that Victorya falls under the category of “Only here because I signed a contract, which I am now regretting”.

Some viewer asks if Kevin is sure he’s not gay. Hee. He says he’s been hanging out with Jack a lot and going to gay bars. Tim is not entirely convinced. They have “great footage”. Why didn’t we see any of this before? I think almost all of this montage is new. He’s talking to his girlfriend about his other “girlfriends”. Jack teases him that he’ll be speaking gay by the time he leaves. Jack tells Kevin that he’s “always nude” and “doesn’t like clothes.“ Why the hell don’t I know any hot men who don’t like clothes? (Kmanpat: “For real!“) Heidi calls his menswear design “fruity” and lets him know that she wouldn‘t let her husband wear that. Kevin responds in confessional that if he had been making it for Seal it would have been fruitier. Hee. When Kevin complains about sleeping alone in his bed someone offers to sleep with him. I think it was Steven. Tim says if being on the show didn’t turn him gay nothing will.

Another viewer asks the designers who will win “Fan Favorite”. Everyone says “Chris”. Alrighty then. Now for some reason people ask if it’s as grueling as it seems to be on TV. Uh, duh. Christian says that they work hard and eat Chinese food a lot and so some people have gas. Victorya looks pissed. Everyone lost weight and so forth. Elisa makes a joke about where women lose weight from, which is their chest and hips. True. Dead silence. These people are on tranquilizers or something. Either that or they don’t even feel the need to pretend to laugh politely. Ricky and Carmen are pretty much rolling their eyes and waiting for her to shut up. Seriously people. Pretend you like her. You don’t have to talk to her after this is over. I like Elisa, she is Daniel Franco crazy but not Vincent crazy.

Now is the time for the Elisa montage to show how crazy she is. She talks about spit marking her fabric. There is some random babbling about sewing and making piƱatas? She jokes about being an alien. Kevin describes her as Mork. Hee. There are fun noises. Chris tells her to keep her brain waves off him. Hee. I love Elisa. Then she insists that when she spits on things there’s a blessing that goes along with it. There’s a short conversation about how she writes backwards, but then Heidi cuts her off with the next question. What was your favorite challenge? Kevin right away says the weight loss challenge, because it was so inspiring. Christian of course loves challenges he won.

Ricky crying montage! He looks pissed off. Oh, you knew it was coming. You can hear a producer prompting him in an interview but he has to get hold of himself first. At the reunion he’s rolling his eyes. Tellingly in an interview he accuses the producers of pushing his buttons. However the montage does let us get a good overview of his hats. He didn’t think he was going to cry “like a woman“. Carmon kicks him. He doesn’t care about what people think. Rami stands up for him too, saying he sees beauty in being honest in your emotions. (Me: “And now he sounds like our priest, and now he’s all yours.” Kmanpat: “WOO!”) Tim says that he was so thrilled when Ricky won, but he even turned that into a crying jag. I think one other person laughs. Tim’s kind of a bitch tonight.

Oh, drama time. Someone asks if anyone is pissed about anything people said and Carmen has been waiting for this. After she was gone, she was so upset that Sweet P was like, well at least I didn’t go, and Kit was all, her outfit would have sucked anyways even if she had finished. Kit comes to hug her, and Jillian is very genuine about missing her and getting thrown off because she went so soon. Jack says he knew how much stress they were all under so he just shrugged it off. That’s it? Damn promo monkeys, making me think that there was an awesome argument coming.

Chris montage! Heidi makes fun of his laugh first though. Heidi and Tim are both bitches tonight. It begins with this scene of Rami and Chris in the sewing room where Chris is saying “Even mothers have to love ugly children,” in a deadpan tone. When Rami agrees he laughs and says, “Not my mother.” Several people imitate him. Apparently it was fun hyena laughing for a while but now it annoys everyone. Heidi commands him to laugh them into the break and Rami and Kevin tickle him until he does.

Nina and Kors show up. I guess Bravo was too cheap to pay them for the whole hour. Apparently out of all the challenges in all 4 seasons, the WWE Divas challenge caused them all to lose it. Kors starts it, and he can hardly breathe, and then everyone else laughs, and they have to stop the show so that everyone can look disapproving when the models come out. But each model is doing some silly thing just before they leave and it’s setting him off. He says this is the first time he ever cracked up. Then Tim says they tapped into their own personal divas. Oh really? Remember how everyone had diva names? OK, remember how they showed us that Sweet P, Chris, and Christian had diva names? Everyone else did too, so we get a montage of everyone‘s names (including the first three) along with cheap-ass “Blind Date“ level special effects. Jillian’s name is “Tuffie” and she shows us an excellent pirouette that she uses to kick a poor dress form. Ha, they dug up the photos of Chris as Wonder Woman. Rami’s signature move involves draping fabric. Sigh. His name is “Ramilicious” (Kmanpat: “I’ll say!”) and…something about kicking people and pinning them to the ground? (Kmanpat: “I’ll say!”) Ricky is the “Mexican Jumping Bean”. Tim’s diva name is “Polysyllabicus”. HAHAHA oh man that was great. Christian thinks Heidi was the toughest judge this season. Nina’s hair is an odd light shade today. The judges say that this season the designers were so good they had to be extra tough, or something. Someone calls Kors out on being “a top American designer” but always wearing a black T-shirt and jeans. He says it’s easy to get ready in the morning, and we’d die if we saw pictures of him at 18 and OH MY GOD Bravo found one. He has long curly blonde hair and aviator sunglasses and he is not orange. And then there is an even BETTER one where his hair is even longer, like, down to his shoulders, and he certainly looks older than 18 at this point. He’s talking about leg warmers and shawls, or something, I’m not listening. HAHAHAHAHAHAA. He loved to be “young and ridiculous in fashion” but now he has his few staples that will take him anywhere.

No one bothered to ask Heidi a question, but they still have a montage anyways. Jillian does the best impression of Heidi I’ve ever seen. Lots of shots of her critiquing stuff. She says that she’s been dangling a sausage in front of them and who is going to eat it?!?! Elisa and Kit crack up. Classic.

Tim asks the judges which designer had the worst single design. Ouch. Kors said that the hardest challenge was the menswear. Everyone talks about the one with no shirt and Carmen is like “Thank you, Heidi” and she rolls her eyes. Are you still pissed about that? No one said your name, I had forgotten who had done that until you rolled your eyes. Their favorite was the avant-garde challenge, with the great avant-garde looks and the real-world aspect of it too. Carmen is still wiping her eyes from how one person mentioned how her menswear outfit had no shirt. Sweet P hated her diva challenge outfit. No one really argues. Someone makes Tim admit that he did not agree with the judges. Awkward! He says that the judges don’t know what he thinks, they don’t know what happens in the workroom. Nina and Kors don’t want to know about the workroom anyways. Now the designers are allowed to ask the judges questions. All during the reunion there are these random shots of people, that I guess are supposed to be reaction shots, but everyone looks pissed. Does no one want to be here? Marion does some avant-garde and he didn’t get to do that so he would have liked to stay longer.

Someone directly attacks the judges and says that Kevin shouldn’t have gone home in the prom challenge. They reiterate how sucky it was, and he’s like, Ha ha, not funny! OK shut up! Next question! Only laughing the whole time, Carmen. He wanted to squeak by. But even then he knew that Christian had more in him and wanted to see what else he could do. And Christian knew he might have gone home. He trashes his model again, which, I deal with people like her everyday and they can be dealt with. Shush.

Tim pretends that their character is being judged. Victorya says what they do on the show, or who they are, isn’t the same as the real world. There are a bunch of people in a pressure cooker, asked to do crazy things.

Fan favorite time! It’s…Christian? Jigga-wha? He’s even surprised. Everyone was looking at Chris. Mychael Knight is back to deliver the check. Holy crap Christian is so short. He is buying drinks for all. I’m still wondering, who was voting for Christian? Mychael is making perfume. Fun! Christian montage. Jillian is proving to have the best impressions of people. She is hilarious, why did they only pick the monotone sections? Oh, right, Christian. Something about the moneymaker being the face? Then he says “fierce” about 18 million times. Jillian seems about to kill him with some pinking shears. I’m with you, sister.

Prediction time! Of course there is at least one person who thinks each of the designers left will win. Well, except for Chris. Jack and Elisa are the only ones who think he might pull it off. The best quote? A toss up between Elisa saying that if she herself would wear Jillian’s clothes then that’s saying something, and Carmen saying that “America” is more ready for Rami, which is so ridiculous because that would mean America was ready for Jay and Jeffrey.

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a reunion show, for any reality show, where so many people were still pissed off about stuff that happened months ago, still hated the same people they hated months ago, and obviously didn’t want to be there at all.

Next week: home visits, Tim freaks out at both Rami and Chris, Jillian is sick of Christian, the final challenge between Chris and Rami. I would hope for a Wendy/Karasaun/Jay sized smack down between Jillian and Christian, but I’m sure it won’t happen.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Project Runway 2/13/08--"The Art of Fashion" summary

Previously on Project Runway: The designers had to make costumes for WWE Divas. This of course was right up Chris’s alley, and he won. Chris not winning would have been like Kayne not winning the Miss America challenge. I think the best part of the episode was the trip to Spandex House. Ricky went home, and didn’t cry at all, which was very disappointing. I mean, he cried the rest of the time. So now there are 5 left, and I’d be excited to watch this episode, since there’s supposed to be a double elimination, but I know that all 5 designers were showing at Fashion Week. I guess there were 2 decoys. So…if the point of the show is to make it to Bryant Park, shouldn’t you schedule the episodes so you don’t need decoys and it’s actually a prize? Why do you always emphasize that the top 3 will have shows at Fashion Week when you’ve NEVER had just 3 designers? It’s like pretending this is a competition for the models when you have “special guest models” every other week. Maybe I am still cranky from stupid Andy Cohen. (click for more)

Sweet P for some reason is surprised that Ricky was sent home. It was him or you, honey. Chris thinks everyone is freaking out but he’s ready to buckle down and get it done. Rami is talking about his dreams. (Kmanpat: “Of me?” Me: “No, dreams of the great career he wants.” Kmanpat: *pouts*) Jillian hopes it’s not a group challenge. Oo, would they do that this late?
Heidi comes out for the obligatory “models, this is a competition too, even though there’s a 50/50 chance that you won’t be seen this week and no one remembers your names.” Heidi announces a double elimination this week, to go down to a “final 3“. Of course they have one last field trip and Heidi gives them directions.

5th Avenue and 82nd Street. Sweet P doesn’t know what’s over there, and they throw around some stuff, but they end up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Oo, the new Greek and Roman galleries! Sorry, there was a sign and I was distracted. They walk through this gallery to get wherever they are going. It looks awesome. Everyone is suitably thrilled. Tim tells them that art is inspiration, and they will each pick a work of art to inspire a piece of their choice. Excellent. They of course have narrowed down the choices: the Greek and Roman sculpture gallery, European paintings, and the Temple of Dendur. Everyone gets a camera to take pictures.

Rami is of course snapping pictures of Greek and Roman sculptures and everything is draped. Blah. He picks a statue of Aphrodite. Christian picks out “Spanish military paintings” with jackets and phoofy collars. Chris is glad for actual clothing in the paintings. I smell period costumes. The Temple of Dendur is an Egyptian temple. Chris makes a joke about Joan Rivers, and then laughs at himself, only the room is empty and it echoes something fierce. Hee.

Back at Parsons, they have 1 hour to sketch and pick a piece of art. 30 minutes at Mood with $300, and two days. Christian is doing some Zorro-looking thing, he doesn’t want it to be “costumey” but “avant-garde” with giant sleeves you could hide a dog in. Sweet P has a painting of peacocks. Rami is not ashamed of doing draping again. You know what? For all that the judges have bugged Rami about draping all the time, they’ve never bugged Christian about puffy sleeves.

Time to work. Jillian has a picture of the Argonauts. She wants to be edgy and is looking at the armor. Chris talks to Christian, who’s like, oh the colors are pretty, but his tone says it sucks. Chris has a painting of some 18th century woman with a bow. No Egyptians? Rami thinks that everyone is trying to outdo each other with giant puffy things but he is not here to make noise. He’s here to do beautiful work. And drape.

Christian has a million pieces to his outfit. Everyone teases him, and his response is that he‘s fast and by now they should all be fast so that‘s on them. For some reason he feels the need to tell everyone that Jillian‘s been ironing for 3 hours. She responds that she‘s making pleats and he can shove it. Then she says she‘s self-conscious already so it would be nice if he would lay off. He’s like, “Ew, don’t get bitchy.” I‘m sorry, did he just say “ew” like a high schooler from 1984? He wasn’t even alive then! He announces to everyone that he’s not talking to Jillian anymore because he’s over it. I see, you’re over your need for bitchy remarks about other people? I’m sure Jillian is hurt you won’t be talking to her anymore.

In the morning we see that Chris has a high lopsided collar like he and Christian’s avant-garde dress. OK, it’s not as tall, but still. Sweet P asks for Jillian’s advice (she must have learned not to ask Christian) and tells us she needs to win because she’s broke and needs the money. I think she just jinxed herself. Tim sends the models in, minus Sweet P’s model who can’t come at all. That would freak me out too. Rami says his dress makes a strong statement. Christian says that Chris’s dress is costumey and he‘s a copier because it looks too much like their avant-garde look. Jillian is…using gold lame. I am worried. Tim asks everyone to gather ‘round (uh oh) but it’s just to let in Collier Strong. Watching him walk in I have two observations. Actually 3. One is that he is short next to Tim. 2: the man has a great ass. 3: I’m pretty sure I don’t shake my hips that much when I walk and I’m a girl. Makeup consults follow.

Chris finishes with 4 hours to go. Rami suggests he take a nap, so he thought that would be a good idea. Christian, who was just telling everyone how fast he was, slams Chris for quitting. “I’m done too, but I’m touching up” he says. Later we see him in the sewing room which I think is more than “touching up”. Christian name drops and talks about how awesome he is. Even though his jacket looks like every jacket he’s made ever.

Tim time! But first he has to go wake up Chris. Hee. Chris insists he’s done, and Tim demands proof. Immediately he says the design is not refined enough, but Chris refuses to change it. Tim gives up and leaves. Christian loves his outfit as always. Tim uses the word “obfuscation” and I love it. He thinks the jacket/capelet thing is hiding something. Then he wants to know where you would wear it. Where would you wear Chris’s thing? I mean, you can’t wear Christian’s either, but let’s be fair. Sweet P…has orange? She has orange, and purple and teal, and a print with those colors and a gold background. Those colors are not peacock colors. Tim doesn’t know where the model is, I guess she was supposed to come when she could. It’s not feathery, because rather than cut feather shaped pieces Sweet P just wants to use the print, which is not really that feathery. Jillian has another jacket, and gold top underneath. She gets no comments. Rami gets praise for his boring draping, but Tim knows Nina will be tired of it. Rami sounds like he’s blaming the producers: “I know, but you guys presented me with this challenge, and I had to take the Grecian draping” like they held a gun to his head or something. Finally with like 2 hours to go Sweet P’s model shows up. She’s still freaking out.

The day of the runway Christian is worried about his personal appearance. Maybe he’ll melt his hair with the flatiron. At Parson’s Sweet P freaks out because she still has a ton to do. Jillian hasn’t made the bottom of her dress. Let me repeat: half of her dress is not even cut yet. She doesn’t want to go back to work for someone else. Tim gives them 2 hours to work. He wants them to blow the judges’ socks off, if they were wearing socks. But the last challenge before the finale? They are always attacked for playing it safe. Sweet P’s model tries to send her calm. Jillian tells us that Christian’s dress = marshmallow. Chris loves his dress, so he’s not too upset that he might be eliminated, and he looks at it like winning the lottery: it’d be awesome, and it’s possible, but not guaranteed. The iron stops working and Jillian actually curses. She tries to steam the dress while it’s on the model who jumps about a foot in the air. Rami gives modeling tips. Sweet P’s model has feathers in her hair, but the dress has threads on the bottom that Chris points out. That was nice of him.

Commercials. This week the question is about whether or not you are tired of Rami’s draping. It’s not that I am tired of it, but that I can’t care enough about this question to pay the dollar it will cost me to text in my vote. (Kmanpat: “I think Rami should keep on draping. He can come over here and drape himself across my bed.”) Also, reunion next week. The one shining thing is that Tim and Heidi will run it and Andy will not be around. Please, Lord, no Andy.

Heidi greets everyone and pretends that two of them will not show collections at Fashion Week. Guest judge is Roberto Cavalli. Nice. I hate Heidi’s dress; she looks fat. Chris: beige plain dress and a huge collar in the same shade as the bow in the painting. I guess the dress isn‘t plain so much as I‘m expecting all those layers that were on the avant-garde dress and there aren‘t any. Christian has like 45 things and a hat. Pants, blouse with giant puffy sleeves, vest with puffy cap sleeves, capelet thing, hat. All black except the blouse is white. Rami has a lavender draped dress. I think it’s a bandeau top and the skirt is wrapped around her waist. Almost a sari but not quite. Sweet P: those aren’t peacock colors but in terms of being loud and showy it works. It’s a cute dress but it doesn’t say “peacock” to me and also it’s got weird side pockets that add all this volume. Other than the pockets it’s a simple shift dress. Jillian has a black jacket with a high collar, and a very short gold dress. The gold dress does kind of remind me of a Greek tunic so that kind of works.

Christian babbles about his different pieces. Roberto thinks Christian put love in his garment. Barf. Everyone loves the puffy sleeves and no one says anything about how he always does a jacket or a vest with puffy sleeves. Double barf. Roberto tells Chris his design is the most artistic and that he could show haute couture in Paris. Christian looks pained. They compare it to the avant-garde dress, and then they make up some BS about wanting to see something different. I’m sorry, but if you’re going to penalize people for doing the same thing every week, then you have to penalize EVERYONE. Nina likes Jillian’s dress. Everyone likes it. I am getting the feeling that the judges decided long ago who the final 3 would be. Now I am getting proof. Roberto loved Chris’s dress, but the other judges complain that they’ve seen it before. But they willfully ignore Puffy Sleeves. Kors says that Sweet P’s dress is show, the one that you put in the showroom to advertise. This is bad somehow. Roberto wants something more special? They want something else. Isn’t the point to start your own line? Which would involve things that the average woman would buy? Rami’s dress is boring and predictable. He tries to defend himself, that he doesn’t have to be loud. He wants to know why that’s a problem, and Nina is like, I have told you, I want to see more. Best listen to Nina.

Kors actually says that Jillian’s work is “impeccable”. What? Actually Heidi has a good point when she says that Jillian doesn’t have that much emotion but her clothes are like, pow! So that’s where all her emotion is. Then Kors says that Christian’s clothes could work in real life, but I think none of that outfit is wearable for the normal person. Maybe the hat. The clothes themselves work on a skinny model, or on himself, but they are going to be unflattering to the average woman. Roberto loved Chris’s the best. I am remembering that. They know he’ll put on a show. Rami won’t take risks. They want to see something else, blah blah. Everyone who thinks they’ll cut Rami raise your hand. Thought so.

Christian wins. Whatever. I’m over him. Jillian is in. Sweet P is out. In a very suspicious voiceover, Heidi says they believe in her talent and hate to see her go. It’s suspicious because they won’t show anyone’s mouth moving, which tells me that it’s possible they put it in later to pretend like they really feel that way. Sweet P seems like she’ll be OK. Heidi pretends it was difficult for the judges to choose between Chris and Rami. Chris is in. Wait. What? WHAT?!?! Then Heidi says that Rami is in too. COPOUT. Apparently they were deadlocked. She says they both get to make collections, but only one will be up for the show. When they get there, they’ll have to show the judges their 3 strongest looks and then they’ll kick one of them out. I should put quotes. Sweet P looks PISSED. I would be too. Well, she got to show anyway. I liked her, she always listened to Tim.

Next week: reunion time. People attack others. That always happens. Heidi and Tim talk about Victorya like she’s not there. Don’t take notes from Andy.

Man, for a moment there I thought they had actually cut Rami. Hey wait, no one played it safe! Cool!

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Shut up, Andy Cohen

Look, I like Bravo reality shows. I wouldn't even have a blog if not for them. But I HATE Andy Cohen. HATE HATE HATE. I hate how he tries so desperately to be cool, I hate how he leads the reunion shows that are stupid to begin with. But for fuck's sake, I'm watching the "20 Most Outrageous Bravo Moments", and he's using props right now. A blouse and a fake syringe. PLUS as much as Probst makes it very clear which Survivors he likes and doesn't like, at least he does it in front of them. Here's Andy, in the sound studio, still insisting that Elia and Ilan shaved their heads after they got Cliff to hold Marcel down. And then implying that Marcel caused Betty to go off on him when she had already shown herself to be a shrieking harpy. Marcel can't defend himself. Laughing at Candice because she didn't know what "mediocrity" meant. I have news for you, Bravo. Continue to force Andy Cohen on us and we'll make ourselves heard. When real TV comes back on I'll have better things to watch than some old queen who doesn't have the balls to say things to people's faces.

P.S. The most outrageous Bravo moment is Andrae crying? Are you fucking kidding me? I loved it and all, but are you telling me that's the best you can do? Come on. Clicky clicky

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Project Runway 2/6/08--"Raw Talent" summary

Previously on Project Runway: God, when was the last episode again? I feel like it was months and months ago. There was denim? I think? Yeah, there was a ton of denim and random dresses and train wrecks. Ricky won for some reason, not that I would be surprised at a first-to-worst this week. Victorya was out. She showed at Fashion Week this week and her collection was pretty cute. You can find it over here at Project Rungay, which is a fabulous blog that is much bitchier than me. They also have Elisa’s collection, which…is not like Victorya’s, is all I’ll say. (click for more)

Jillian complains that she doesn’t want Fashion Week to be all boys. I guess she and Sweet P are the only girls left. Well, but Christian and Ricky are still around. Over in the boys’ apartment, Christian is still bitching about Ricky. Ricky knows he hasn’t earned any more respect from winning but he’s decided not to care about that.

Heidi is wearing some shiny gold today, I tell you what. Model time, Ricky chooses, blah blah like Ricky would abandon his model. Heidi gleefully tells them they have to wait for Tim to tell them about their challenge tomorrow morning.

That night everyone all hangs out together and brainstorms. I was going to repeat the choices, but they are all challenges that have been done in the past and they’re all wrong, so what do we care?

Tim makes them go on a fieldtrip. I’m tired of field trips. Christian is wearing red leggings. He tells Tim it had better be fierce. Chris talks about drag queens and I am excited because that would be crazy and so so entertaining. The field trip actually is just downstairs to the room where the runway usually is. There is loud yelling, and the more you listen the more violent it sounds. Christian says it’s sexual, but if my partner yelled like that I would be worried. They open the door: and it’s a bunch of female wrestlers kicking each others’ asses. SO. AWESOME. Rami is confused. Chris when he describes it calls them “ladies” and you can hear the quotes. These are the Divas from the WWE. Tim gets into the ring, which is hilarious. None of these people know who these women are. I am loving this. One girl as she introduces herself basically tears her clothes off. They have to make a costume. Oh man. You can see how much everyone freaks out, except for Chris. Everyone has to get into the ring and pick one of the divas. Ricky picks Layla. Jillian, Michelle McCool. Chris takes the redhead Maria. Christian takes Kristal. Sweet P takes Candice (the stripper). Rami is last and gets Torrie. You know what else this means. No models this week. Why did they even bother to pick models before?

They have 30 minutes to design together, then they have 30 minutes and $100 to shop at Spandex House. Let me repeat. SPANDEX HOUSE. Haha! Chris references “hooker-tranny wear”. Hee. Rami doesn’t think this is very fashionable, and he actually admits this is not about him. Sweet P is terrified. Christian wants to make chaps. Why do I feel he is not ignorant of chaps?

Spandex House. Heeeeeeee. Chris is buying leopard. Lots of shiny. Hee, Spandex House. I can’t get over that.

They have 5 hours left tonight, and then all day tomorrow. Someone has left DVDs of each wrestler so the designers can see their clients in action. Rami’s picked a strong red-pink. He’s making shorts. And draping again. As I suspected, Christian is wearing the chaps he’s making. Sweet P asks him if he likes her two fabrics together, and Christian laughs in her face. She won’t let this cuckoo challenge take her out. Even though Christian called her fabric “tranny ice queen”. (Kmanpat: “I would be careful who I mocked while I was wearing women’s chaps, missy.”)

In the morning there is more working. Chris is cool with this challenge but he mutters that some people are not. Sweet P thinks she has the robe down, since her client always has a duster coat that she tears off. I guess that’s her thing. She wants to go for pin-up, I guess. Jillian has bright blue. Chris has lots of straps and leopard. He points out that they could have dressed male wrestlers and everyone would be way more interested. Sweet P and Christian arm wrestle and I thought I knew what would happen but then Christian won. I know! Weird.

Tim appears to let the divas in for a fitting. Chris’s diva jumps up and down and giggles, she‘s so excited. Sweet P gets “going to the WWE hospital“. They talk about rhinestones and stuff. Sweet P is horrified at the tacky, except that Tim told her to add stuff because it’s boring. He also tells Ricky to be concerned about the color. Christian…somehow…has a cropped jacket with puffy sleeves. He starts babbling about fierce but I am still annoyed by his STUPID PUFFY SLEEVES ALL THE DAMN TIME. How can you complain about people always doing the same thing when you have managed to make a jacket with puffy sleeves FOR A WRESTLER. And no one ever says anything about it. They get on Rami for doing the same thing all the time. And the judges don’t want to sleep with Christian. Ricky asks for a snap, and Christian snoots that he didn’t want to help but Ricky’s outfit sucks anyway so it doesn‘t matter if he helps. “It’s a bathing suit, but I’m not going to tell him that. That’s how people get weeded out.“ Lovely. Sweet P, Chris, and Christian discuss their diva personalities. Sweet P’s name is “Spread Eagle” and her move is “the thighs”. Chris will be Wonder Woman and he will smother his opponents with his large breasts. Hee. Also I have seen him dressed up like Wonder Woman and he does has some large breasts. Christian’s name is going to be “Ferocia Cotura” (sigh) and her signature move is to spray other girls in the eyes with hairspray. OK, the last part was kind of funny.

Tim comes back again, yay! He tells Ricky not to use a ton of gold, and Rami has a color that could get him eliminated (please, they won’t do anything to him). Jillian has boy shorts and a bra, but she gets a pass when Sweet P was told her boy shorts and bra were boring. Christian’s is “fierce”, blah. Sweet P has the same thing as Jillian, but I guess her fabric sucks more? I don’t know. There aren’t any straps, I suppose. Tim calls it “Green Acres”. She doesn’t get much helpful advice, and then they edit everything to make it look like everyone is watching Tim yell at her.

Christian offers to be perfectly honest (as if he usually isn’t) and he basically tells Sweet P that her outfit sucks ass. But she can’t do anything now, and if she doesn’t give the client what she wants, she’ll get in trouble anyway. But as past challenges have shown, you get in more trouble for doing what the client wants, if it sucks.

Chris speculates about what Nina could possibly say about pink rhinestones. Sweet P is worried about her client. Tim gives them 90 minutes. Everyone comes in and fawns over everything. Sweet P is going to scatter the rest of her rhinestones on the robe. Christian’s client tells him he is too much. I agree. Ricky has an orange bikini with gold trim, and then a gold dress? I don’t know. It’s a lot of fabric, so it would hide the orange bikini completely. Hair and makeup time. The world stops spinning as Christian says that Sweet P turned her outfit around.

Commercials. You know that Levi’s commercial where the guy is putting on his pants and the street below comes up through his apartment and there’s the hot girl using a public phone because apparently there are still people who use public phones? I just saw that commercial, except with a hot boy using the phone. I didn’t know they made a gay version of that commercial.

Heidi gets in on the sparkles with her dress, but she looks super flat-chested so I don’t know what‘s up with that. Guest judges are Richie Rich and Traver Rains from Heatherette. Awesome. Christian: lace leggings with chaps. The chaps have cut outs so you can see the lace. The top has more lace, and only one arm. Then over the top is the silly jacket which she’s just going to take off anyways, it’s not for fighting. Those chaps are cut out pretty high in the back. Jillian has electric blue with boy shorts and straps, and then thigh high silver leggings. Alrighty then. Ricky’s gold dress was to be torn off, I guess. Which is good because it’s not exciting at all. It’s basically a really cute orange swimsuit, with gold buckles, and fishnets. It would have been great for the swimsuit challenge that first season. Chris has leopard and very dark green sparkles. The top has a ton of straps and is in the leopard print, and then the boy shorts are in sparkles. There’s also a cropped leopard hoodie that he lined with the sparkles. He wishes he could wear it. Sweet P, it’s sliver and blah, but the robe isn’t exciting either. It’s just a bra and boy shorts, and a long duster robe with feathers on the bottom like you’d buy at Victoria’s Secret. Rami has made a horrid skirt, and there’s weird boobs, and wraparound straps. God. The top has ruffles or something, that make her boobs look huge. The skirt tears off and there are sparkly bottoms that look so odd with the giant boobs.

Jillian’s client says she likes the outfit. Kors has to stop and say he feels like the Pope at a sex club. That’s probably more female skin than he’s ever seen. He likes Jillian’s outfit, but of course he‘s like, this would improve the entertainment value, I guess, I wouldn‘t know. Yes, Kors, we all know you‘re a big queen. Travers secretly likes the booty shorts. Kors reads some description about Rami’s model and something about gingham? Huh? I think he decided that Torrie was an “all-American girl” and so Rami should have made some slutty country dress or something. He wants more Americana. Nina hates the color. Christian babbles about stuff. Richie is reminded of Prince. Heidi pretends she could fight these women. Right. Sweet P was going for retro glamour. They wish she had made more of a robe. Like, one that covered her more. Kors then tells her that she should have gone for the drama. Sigh. Kors knows that Chris did not have trouble with this challenge. Her outfit looks expensive. Chris is glowing. Ricky…sigh. Nina likes it as a bathing suit. They don’t’ like the gold thing, it‘s not flattering.

Everyone loves Christian, he made her sexy but not vulgar, etc. They loved Chris’s, it looked expensive. Nina’s favorite was Jillian, it fit her model‘s personality. Ricky didn’t even answer the challenge. She stuck out in the lineup. Rami’s wasn’t strong enough, her boobs looked huge. Sweet P’s client wanted all out crap and wickety whack trim, and they think Sweet P should have gone for it.

Jillian is in. Chris wins. Yay! Maria is going to wear his outfit in the ring. He giggles that he won the tackiest challenge. Christian is in. Rami is in. shocking. Ricky messed up the challenge. Sweet P didn’t get her model’s image. Sweet P is in. What did I tell you? First to worst. Ricky starts talking about stuff and I’m not listening because I’m looking for tears and I don’t see that many. It’s not the end of him, blah blah blah, not crying. Bye, Ricky, and bye Ricky’s hats.

Next week: one last field trip. Sigh. They’re very excited. Sweet P freaks out again, Christian says something about Jillian and she tells him to shush and then he’s like, don’t get bitchy. SHUT UP YOU ARE MAKING PUFFY SLEEVES AGAIN I SAW THEM!! God.

I know this was kind of short, but it’s been a long week. I promise for the finale I’ll have really good descriptions of everything, plus the decoy collection, or collections, or whatever the hell they’re doing this year.

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