Thursday, October 30, 2014

Project Runway 10/30/14--"Reunion" summary

Previously on Project Runway: Sean won and a bunch of drama happened. I don’t need to recap it for you because we’re clearly going to talk about it for an hour. Should be some good drama. (click for more)

I’m not sure when this is taking place, but they appear to have an audience and a “red carpet” where “press” are talking to them. Whatever. So the final six are out first, and everyone else has to watch in the green room. Everyone applauds Sean on his win, and I know they showed an audience in the studio but the applause sounds canned. I don’t know. Sean is still processing his win. So this is after Fashion Week but I’m not sure how much of the season has aired. He says his strategy was to just work challenge to challenge. He was on the bottom for a while but he figured out how to manage his time somehow. Amanda is declared to be second place. Sure. She says her goal was to not feel like she missed an opportunity. She needed a thicker skin, for her second season. There is a montage of her two seasons. Or at least some clips from her first season. I think the difference was, she didn’t make much of an impression on me the first time and then the second time she was highly annoying until Korina surpassed her. Everyone agrees that Amanda had an advantage just from doing it before. Kini says he’s shy but he is glad to be a favorite. He got a ton of help from the judges that next-to-last challenge. Tim all but demands that he say he should have won over Sean. Just to see if Sean gets mad, I guess. Of course Kini thinks he should have won. I bet everyone up there thinks they should be the winner. That is a dumb question. Kini is like, of course I should have won. No one goes into something like this thinking they won’t win. Good answer.

Tim says to Char that he loves her but “some people” believe she shouldn’t have been in the finale. She says “why not me?” which is good, but then argues that the judges saw something in her. I don’t know that they did, vs. the producers said she had to make the finale. But putting the blame on the judges is good. Tim says that she and Korina were friends? They were? But then of course there was tension. Now we have to watch a montage. Char is just shaking her head, because it’s the clips from the episode where Korina was eliminated. You know, where she was bitching in the sewing room about it. I can’t tell if Char has seen this episode or not. Amanda looks super uncomfortable. Oh also the clip from when Korina walks out of the challenge. Korina is drinking at the reunion but I can’t tell if it’s water or champagne. Did they give them alcohol? Oh this should be good. I do think that when Korina asked to go home from the challenge that she was pretty mature about it, for her. Char says you don’t handle things that way, and the whole season Korina handled herself in a tasteless way, just coming in the first episode and acting like she was better than everyone. Supposedly Korina has said somewhere she regrets how she acted, but she doesn’t think she was like that the whole season. Char is like, did you WATCH the season? Oo, burn. It’s true, all the confessionals had Korina talking shit about people. Now Korina is offended that Char said she has a “bad heart”. Notice she is carefully not denying that she was throwing shade and acting superior the whole season. Char argues that no matter how she is, those words came out of her mouth. My argument against people complaining about editing! I knew I liked Char for a reason. Korina says she was a lunatic and apologized to Char but Char wouldn’t accept it. Char doesn’t deny it so I guess that happened? Char keeps going about how she had way more stress and ups and downs that Korina did, and she never did anything like that. Korina tries to be the victim and complain about the “bad heart” thing again. When Char says being called a “bad designer” hurt her, Korina pretends it was only about the clothing. We all know that’s not true, Korina. She kept going after a point when she could have stopped and it could have conceivably just been about the clothes. Korina finally is like, I tried to apologize and you won’t accept it (Char: “I won’t”) so they agree to just drop it. Korina is like “I guess you’re OK with it but I’m not” but you can’t force people to accept your apology. You can’t. Tim asks if Korina accepts responsibility for what she said, and she’s like, I already said I did, and then she cries which forms no response in me. Emily comforts her because Emily is a nicer person that I am. You guys, she doesn’t like who she was and she tried to apologize but Char is MEAN for not accepting it. No, I’m not falling for this. Yes, it sucks that you feel bad and no one will accept your apology. That is how shit works. You cannot force people to forgive you or even pretend to forgive you. But now you are making this all about you and how everyone is being mean, instead of about how you are sorry. Char holds fast and says nothing.

After commercial, Korina continues to make it about how she’s a victim by crying that she gets death threats daily. Girl everyone on reality shows gets death threats because people are assholes. It is terrible and shouldn’t happen but it’s not like you’re the only one that’s ever happened to. Also now Char was her closest friend. Some of the designers in the back room are all “I’m going to give Korina a hug when I get out there!” Sigh. Now she gets special treatment because she’s so distraught, and they stop the reunion so she can go recover. Mitchell says she was dramatic about it, which is saying something coming from him, but he’s on her team. Of course. YOU CAN’T MAKE SOMEONE FORGIVE SOMEONE ELSE. Also apparently everyone is forgetting she said shit about EVERYONE on the show. Amanda claims that Char and Korina really were close friends and it’s sad their friendship is gone. She manages not to blame anyone which is nice. Korina and Emily come back, and then Char is like “Give me a hug”. Don’t do it Char! GAH. How much do you want to bet Korina learns NOTHING from this? Char says she “just heard her now” which probably translates to “clearly everyone has fallen for your tears and victimhood so I look like a total bitch” and she accepts Korina’s apology because she’s no better than Korina if she acts that way. Oo, got one last one in. So Tim is like apology accepted? And Korina is just “Yeah.” Not the reaction of someone who was just so upset they had to leave the set for a minute. I bet because Char got that last dig in. But weren’t you expecting Korina to be more grateful, considering how upset she claimed to be that her apology was unaccepted? Didn’t you think she’d tearfully say “That’s all I ever wanted” or something? Tim confirms they are drinking which I’m sure is part of this.

Now we’re moving on! To more drama involving Korina! See this is what I’m saying. No matter how you felt or feel about Char and her design skills and if she should have made the finale, there is still the fact that Korina also said shit about other people, like the time she told Amanda to her face she was phony (mysteriously out of the blue and when the cameras weren’t on). Then Korina laughs that she shouldn’t think about it and “just do you”. And then says in confessional she’s not sure she trusts Amanda. Also the time where Char told Amanda “all your wins take wins away from other people” which IS HOW COMPETITION WORKS. Seriously I would have laughed and said “Duh”. Amanda says maybe her personality isn’t for everybody. Char says “I didn’t give you a chance and I was wrong”. Then Char tries to argue that they were just having “girl talk” and it shouldn’t have been repeated on camera. No, she has every right to do that. Amanda does point that out, and Char agrees she’s right. She’s glad she found out Amanda was an amazing person and they ironed it out. “I was the loser for not giving you a chance.” It seems like they hashed this out long ago, while Korina didn’t deal with anything involving Char except for one attempt at an apology, until just now. Korina explains her comment, which doesn’t make it any better, but she seems to be arguing that she didn’t know Amanda then, and now that she does “that’s just who you are”. Amanda laughs and says “a little phony”. Tim says he and Amanda should never play poker because they have no poker faces.

Fade comes out, by himself I guess. Oh, so he can give an opinion about this thing. He says Amanda handled it well. Then Sandhya, Hernan, Alexander, Mitchell, and Carrie come out. There was a Carrie? Oh right. Tim asks Sandhya about her “difficulties” this season. She knows people said things about her work but that’s fine, they don’t get it. The hard part was when she’d try to talk to people and they would ignore her, or not sit with her, or whatever. Emily retaliates that when they came back for Fashion Week, Sandhya refused to deal with her and Emily did never did anything to Sandhya. Sandhya says something about being hated and then that Emily was the last person on her side? And then everyone is like no that’s not true? I am not 100% sure what is happening. Amanda and Emily are saying Emily always stood up for Sandhya, and I think before Sandhya said Emily stopped? I’m not sure why she was cold to Emily at Fashion Week. Alexander admits to saying things about Sandhya’s work, not her. But people are saying they don’t hate her, and she takes things personally. So now this is “a good example of what happened”. Tim says they’re being supportive, and Korina says she should have said something to them and she would have said “Oh I don’t feel that way about you”. I would buy that from anyone but Korina. Clip of Sandhya complaining to Tim, and then of Amanda and Sean and Korina laughing in the sewing room, which I’m pretty sure has nothing to do with anything. Just that I guess Sandhya feels left out. Hernan giving her orders and calling her a bitch which he got called out on. He tries to claim he calls everyone a bitch and Carrie is like “It’s a term of endearment!” Please. He was pissed. It can be a term of endearment but there is no way that’s how he meant it right then. Tim tells her it was always about her work and she shouldn’t feel like everyone hates her. Whatever.

Oh, Christ, we have to bring up the Char zipper thing. Are we going to ever talk about CLOTHES? I still think they should have given everyone the extra time. Sean makes exactly that argument. And Tim says yes. You’re right, everyone should have had the extra time. Do you think that would have made a difference? Alexander says probably not. True but at least we could have pretended it was more fair than it was. Also we have to talk about the original Save and how some people think he used it too early. Alexander says probably everyone wishes he had used the Save on them. Heh. He claims to not regret it. Amanda says when Char came back she suddenly understood how everyone felt about her when she showed up.

Now Jefferson, Christine, and Angela come out. I barely remember them. Samantha isn’t here because she’s having emergency surgery. She wrote a very nice letter about how she liked the show, and Tim is such a nice person, and Alexander can I have $1000 for groceries since you won so much money? Heh. Montage of people being stressed. Was it hard? Everyone was tired and you had to be consistent. Plus the judges would give them one day and then bitch about poor construction, which I always felt was dumb. Everyone learned a lot. See now this part is boring. Korina would think this was a terrible mistake but now she’s doing a sweepstakes with Mary Kay or something. And you can buy her stuff at Lord & Taylor. Did anyone else have successes? Sigh.

Montage of fringe and dresses that accentuate the crotch. Stupid fringe. It is on trend though. Now Aldo has decided to give $5000 to someone who used the Accessories Wall thoughtfully. Really I guess it’s that they wanted to reward someone so they found some money. Amanda wins this, so I guess they wanted her to have some money.

Tim claims to have talked to fans on the street. I doubt it. You know those people were carefully selected and given lines to say. I mean, everyone is saying nice things! You’re telling me no one had anything negative to say? Come on. Sandhya, why were you so stubborn? Because the judges loved every single thing she did until it was time for her to go home. That’s why. Char why so many peplums? Well Sean does fringe, and Char does peplums. Angela, relax FFS. She wasn’t comfortable because she was an introvert. Kini, would you consider designing for plus-sized women? He admits he does have a plus size line that he sells to people in Hawaii. Nice. Montage of “innovative” looks. Because we’re pretending this is the best most creative season ever. As we praise some of Amanda’s terrible fringe looks. This is not the greatest season ever, Tim. Sigh. He says they wouldn’t be there without the “loyal fans” which is not true. They’d try to have the show if no one was watching. You know they would.

Well! I think this season showed the philosophy of the show now. Product placement wherever possible, encourage drama, and don’t bother to hide producer interference. In the past I would have been mad, but I find that I’m just tired. I mean, I got fired up about Korina and Char and Amanda. But the spoiler of Sean making Heidi’s Emmy gown? Didn’t care. Char gets saved multiple times so she makes the finale? Well clearly that’s going to happen, but rather than rant and rave about how someone else should be there I just shrug. What do you guys think? I guess plenty of you agree since I’m certainly not nice about the show but you’re still reading. Thank you for reading this all season! I’ve got All-Stars too, plus “Top Chef” and “Amazing Race” on the regular. Thanks!

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Toyouke said...

OK, now I have more information about the Sandhya thing and another comment. So I guess when Sandhya came to Fashion Week, the press hammered her with questions about why everyone hates her. So she began to believe it, which is why she was cold to Emily. But there's two things about that. One, if Emily always defended Sandhya to everyone and was loyal, that implies that everyone ELSE was always saying shit about Sandhya.

Second, is that Amanda successfully argued that you can't tell someone how to feel or react to whatever you say. Then she turned right around and told Sandhya she was wrong to be upset at what people were saying. You could argue that you didn't mean it that way and you're sorry, but you can't tell her she's stupid to be upset. Plus we all know not everyone loves her so it's all bullshit anyway.