Thursday, July 25, 2013

Project Runway 7/25/13--"Million Dollar Runway" summary

Previously on Project Runway: We met a new crop of designers (and Kate from last season) and briefly teased everyone like they might jump out of planes. Sadly no, but they did have to make outfits out of parachutes. It actually was not as bad as I thought, so that’s good. Timothy is a crazy hippie that talks about unicorns and Sandro is from Russia and is obnoxious. So there is some drama. Bradon won, because he was the only one to use the parachute to make a train and a dress with some movement. Even though Timothy made an ugly dress, and Sandro had to have his model’s crotch blurred out (SERIOUSLY), Angela was just boring so she was sent home. Crotch. Blurred. Out. (click for more)

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Project Runway 7/18/13--"Sky's the Limit" summary

Previously on Project Runway: There was a fairly terrible “teams” season that was just an excuse to have as much drama as possible. Michelle won, which made some people upset because she was kind of a bitch. But her clothes were the best. Also this show was on way too much and I got sick of it and I think many other people did too. Then there was an absolutely horrific print ad for this season with poor Tim Gunn in tight pants and eyeliner. Heidi dressed like Marie Antoinette on a scissor throne with a needle scepter? That’s campy, I can get behind that. Naked models worshipping at her feet? Well…we all know naked women don’t really appeal to the demographic for this show but they put men in this time, so it’s better I guess. Tim Gunn with another needle scepter and tight pants looking terrified like he only just barely talked them out of being shirtless with a black leather vest? That’s just wrong. (click for more)

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Monday, July 15, 2013

TAR22 Recap BONUS #2, 07-15-13

Welcome to Leg . . . well, now, we don’t have The Amazing Race to enjoy right now, do we (TAR 23 starts September 29!)?  So, we (Toyouke, Auburnium513, me, and the rest of us) were planning out our first bonus recap and thought, “Hey, we should do a few more of these!”  What we noticed was when we were discerning the Most Memorable Task EVER, we kept talking about the same teams over and over.  As a result, here are our picks for the 10 most memorable teams EVER. (click for more)

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