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Project Runway 10/23/14--"Finale Part 2" summary

Previously on Project Runway: This dumb season. I can’t even bring myself to care who wins, meaning that my earlier animosity for Amanda has faded out because I’m tired of this show. The only person I dislike is Korina and even then I just want her to go. She’s not even a good villain. So everyone made collections and they didn’t eliminate anyone last week but they did tell everyone exactly how to win. Especially Kini. (click for more)

We pick up where we left off, where everyone has just come back from the judging and Kini is really upset. He says he has no fabric left. Tim comes in and says it’s tough love. He then has comments for everyone: Sean can’t be one note. That note would be fringe currently. Kini is too serious. I thought his styling was old lady? Anyway, Tim encourages him to move pieces around. Kini doesn’t think it’s that easy because he is still feeling he needs to make a whole new collection. Char needs to have a collection that she would wear. All of it. Tim hates a pink look, and the teal dress with the noodles. That’s in addition to the one look from last week with the midi skirt that the judges hated on, and some other look so Char says she has four looks to do. Amanda just needs to polish. That’s it? Is she really that well off? Now they’re going to Mood with $300. Everyone is excited except Amanda for some reason doesn’t want to go. She says she has a ton of extra fabric already. Sure, OK.

People are now making new outfits which is crazy. I mean, it was crazy when they would arrive at the beginning of the week and be told to make a 13th garment or whatever. Ever since Anya (or before?) no one seems to think it’s terrible to remake entire garments. But then again, the quality of the runway collections has really gone down in recent seasons. Mainly because they no longer have any time.

Kini cuts up his coat, which I think was at least interesting. Lots of working. Amanda is just doing finishing since I guess they didn’t mind her clothes that much. I think Char is making a sweatshirt.

Tim Time! Amanda is maybe making a tunic and a skirt out of her maxi dress. She’s got a red and black top, which she doesn’t love, but Tim likes it. He tells her she is overthinking. Kini says he had to step away from his collection, and is making some shorts and new stuff. Tim reminds him, new and hip, and encourages him. Sean is making a bright orange dress with draping. Tim both says it’s good he’s rethinking outfits he doesn’t love, but also he has to “own the fringe”. That makes no sense but sure. Char shows Tim a long dress with a hood. It’s simple but she also doesn’t have a lot of time. She drops in confessional that the final runway show is the day after tomorrow. That is crazy. No wonder the collections weren’t that great. They made them in like two days. Tim also tells her not to make a skirt she was planning on. It’s old and he is confused. Char is getting agitated about how much work she has to do. She doesn’t want to reconsider any looks that are done because she doesn’t have time to remake everything.

Kini has a direction and he is ready to speed sew. Model fitting. Only half of them, because the other half will be there tomorrow. Kini is already pleased with what he’s accomplished. Char has a ton of work to do. They go back to the hotel and we have flashbacks of judges’ opinions and in Char’s case, a big montage of her first elimination and how she beat out Korina.

One day left. Tim gives them a schedule: you have until 5pm, because they will get up super early the day of. Hair consults today, plus because Char and Kini got slammed on their styling they get another meeting with makeup. I guess Sean and Amanda aren’t allowed to change their makeup even if they want? It’s not clear. Hair and makeup happen, which is still not exciting to me. Tim comes in and says it’s anyone’s game (sure) and then he says they’re the most talented designers he’s ever worked with. But he does NOT cry so that is telling. Group hug. Everyone packs but Char is still sewing. When they leave, Char says she’s still not done. It’s not like she’d be the first one to sew garments in the tent but it’s also not like that’s so great.

3:30am. Everyone is already up and dressed. They’ve had montages for everyone. I didn’t talk about them because if you’re watching you’ve seen this season. Char admits she’s going to use the teal noodle dress, because she didn’t have time to make something new to replace it. Interesting. They walk to the tents, and oo and ah over the runway and everything. Just like every season.

Backstage is frantic running around. One hour left. Char tells Tim she’s using the noodles, and Tim is like, it’s your show. She’s also switching up order, and something about loosening sleeves. In confessional Kini mentions it and then just looks at his watch and then at the camera. Hee. She’s trying on outfits on different models and everything. The judges go out. Meanwhile backstage Amanda has realized one of her models changed shoes. Really? How does that even happen? So she panics. I’m curious how that happens. How does your model decide randomly to put on other shoes? Dumb.

Heidi explains everything, and there are shots of the eliminated designers. Korina is there so I guess she’s feeling better about the show. Guest judge is Emmy Rossum. Meanwhile Amanda is fixing the shoe thing. The girl I guess said the shoes were too small but switched with someone but didn’t tell Amanda? Whatever. Amanda is up first. She says the collection is very much her and then thanks her family. As always collections from Blogging Project Runway. Amanda’s collection. It’s not terribly exciting. I mean, it’s not horrendous, I guess, but it doesn’t look that much different from anything I could purchase at the mall. There’s leather and some “tribal” print and colorblocking. No wow pieces. The last girl is holding up her skirt as she walks. Also no one clapped during the runway, like they do sometimes when your piece is really cool.

Char is doing some hand sewing last minute. She talks about being free and not having rules and expressing yourself. Char’s collection. The first dress is the noodles. I like the jumpsuit she put second, in the cool print. Every look feels like it’s in a different print. I think she repeats fabrics once. It’s still a little all over the place, although Tim thinks it’s cohesive. It’s more cohesive than it was but that doesn’t make it actually cohesive. Her last look is a long white sleeveless coat with white pants. It’s kind of cool, although very tricky and shiny.

Kini is feeling joyous again. He’s dedicating the collection to his family. Kini’s collection. The models look younger, I guess, in terms of hair and makeup. The clothes are weird though. I don’t know that I would wear them because they seem heavy, if that makes sense. Like a sheath dress with a huge curtain ruffle over the boobs. The last dress looks suspiciously like the coat they hated and he cut up. Mermaid skirt with a big shoulder capelet thing. I don’t know if that works.

Sean says this show pushed him and gave him energy. Sure. He does remind everyone about the Trail of Caesar inspiration. Remember they were inspired by Rome? Yeah. Sean’s collection. Still plenty of fringe. So at least that ties things together and his clothes have great movement. Mostly orange, black, and white. His final dress is probably really similar to the fringe dress he made for Heidi. But he wouldn’t be the first person to remake a previous winning look for his finale collection.

Cue the montage of producers finding random semi-famous people to talk to and have opinions. They will find at least one person who likes each designer. There are no actual fashion designers and no previous contestants.

Heidi is amazed at what they did with no time and no money. Well they HAD to, Heidi. Then she tells them that this is one of the best fashion shows they’ve ever had, and clearly she’s been taking acting lessons because what are you ON, Heidi? That was nowhere near one of the best shows ever. Heidi opens by asking Char what her inspiration is and “what changes did you make?” Because that is important. Did you do what we told you? Zac likes it but she has to “up the fashion game”. Heidi and Emmy liked a black and white pants and bikini top set. The last look has upholstery fabric. Emmy saw two girls in the collection: one clean cut and one in prints. Nina tells Char her strength is that she makes clothes that women want to wear, which generally is what they say to someone who is not going to win.

Nina says Amanda’s collection is effortless, but the patterns and curved pieces are technically complicated. Nina wants more suede, although Heidi doesn’t like how some outfits look really complicated. And heavy, like the clothes weigh a lot. That’s about it for Amanda.

Sean really wanted fringe, but he put in a couple looks without fringe. Nina says it’s the most editorial, which it probably is. The looks with no fringe were crisp, but even the other looks with fringe are sophisticated. The last orange look was great with the model’s skin (who is African-American). Zac says some looks are “ready for market” and Sean is “the full package”.

Kini claims he did his collection in two days. Heidi’s favorite look was leather shorts and an off-the shoulder top. Really simple. There was a short dress with a ton of pleats that was chic and everyone loved it. The judges fall over themselves praising Kini for turning it around. Sure. I didn’t think it was that great, but as we’ve seen I generally disagree with the judges.

Everyone says why they should win, which is never exciting. Everyone cries and they all say how they want this so much and designing is their life. I mean do they take this into account? I know this is what they always do and it’s standard, but that doesn’t make it interesting. Once they leave, the judges “deliberate”. You know and I know that the producers have a heavy hand in that.

Zac says Char’s look is the best “for reality” but is not the strongest from today. Also there’s no storyline. Amanda presented a tight collection, with attitudes. Plus everyone wants to wear her clothes? If she wins she will go far? I’m not sure why that’s important, that she wants to go far, but whatever. Everyone wants to go far. Sean is maybe the next big fashion voice, and Heidi was wowed by some of his looks. They still gush over his “rainway” thing. He takes risks. But is he going to go “fringe muppet” as Zac says? Kini changed everything exactly how they told him to. Every time Emmy talks Heidi looks irritated. I am not sure why. He overthinks sometimes though. Heidi says they must make a decision. Emmy asks if they want someone like Amanda who will make a brand, and is an “American woman designing for American women”. Or do they want someone creative who combines different styles? Zac then says it is “crystal clear” and they are ready.

Char did a great job, but she still needs to grow and is out. She’s really proud. Kini turned it around, but is still out. He had an amazing time, but he says he’s upset because of course he wanted to win. Sean and Amanda both did a great job. Sean is the winner! Woo! I guess. Amanda made the most of her second chance and Heidi claims it was close. Amanda seems upset, but I’m sure she’ll be back for All-Stars. Sean is just so excited and his life will change and all those things everyone always says.

Next week: reunion!

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