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Friday, February 23, 2018

Top Chef 2/22/18--"Nut Allergy" summary

Previously on “Top Chef”: we're officially in the finale section of the show. Joseph rolled in from Last Chance Kitchen to compete in a Quickfire with sarsaparilla. There was a weird gimmick about being limited in ingredients, but it didn't matter because Carrie made fancy toast again and won. I mean, it looked really good, and that's all she had to work with basically. The Elimination challenge was cooking at 12,000 feet, with a requirement of baking. So you had to bake something. Hipster Joe didn't do perfectly on the baking part, but I guess the whole rest of the dish was so great he won. I know that no one's baked goods were perfect but still. Carrie didn't challenge herself and her dish wasn't super cohesive, but she cooked everything well. Chris took some risks but it wasn't refined or whatever so he was eliminated. (click for more)
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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Project Runway All Stars 2/22/18--"A Kick in the Astro" summary

Previously on “Project Runway All Stars”: for some reason everyone had to design for Betty Boop. Why? Who knows why. Also the judges said “curvy” every other word and the winner got a small collection for Torrid, which is a plus-size retailer. But they mentioned this prize once at the beginning of the episode and then never mentioned it again. And didn't have plus sized models. And Betty Boop isn't plus sized. Anyway, the result of this dumb challenge was Josh finally won for something, which was a crop top with a silhouette on it and a mesh skirt with granny panties. Char was eliminated for thinking neoprene would drape and then sewing her skirt into a giant lump (because neoprene doesn't drape). (click for more)
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Monday, February 19, 2018

TAR 30, Recap Leg 10, 2/14/18

Welcome to Leg 10! Last time, on Losing a Passport Can Be Hazardous to Your Health, 5 teams raced from Zimbabwe to Bahrain. Well, at least four of them did, because Ocean Spray lost a passport en route. There was wood carrying, halwa eating, pottery breaking and camel milking, but Lucas and Brittany showed up after all that happened, so they were eliminated. Who will be eliminated. . . next? (click for more)
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TAR 30, Recap Leg 9, 2/14/18

Welcome to Leg 9! Last time, on Let’s Make Everyone Sing In a Foreign Language to Laugh At Them!, 6 teams continued racing through Zimbabwe. We encounter the second double U-turn of the race, and Big Brother and Yale are U-Turned. But this all doesn’t matter, because it’s the twins who can’t sing or dance, and come in last at the Pit Stop. Who will be eliminated. . . next? (click for more)
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TAR 30, Recap Leg 8, 2/7/18

Welcome to Leg 8! Last time, on Waking People Up at 4 AM Is Quirky, 6 teams raced from Prague to Zimbabwe. There was a shocking new twist called the Partner Swap, which was really an Intersection where teams swapped partners and kept racing. Not being able to drive stick meant that Kristi and Jessica had to take the other Detour option and had a difficult time remembering what to do. But, because this leg was ridiculous, it was non-elim, and teams were given their next clue immediately and told to keep racing. Who will be eliminated. . . next? (click for more)
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Sunday, February 18, 2018

TAR 30, Recap Leg 7, 2/7/18

Welcome to Leg 7! Last time, on Why Don’t We Get to Bathe In Beer?, 7 teams raced from France to Prague. Teams encountered the first double U-Turn of the Race, where Big Brother U-turned Well Strung. We saw a Switchback to the Kafka Roadblock, and lots of lost racers who didn’t understand that Vltava is a river. Anyway, since they were the only ones U-Turned, Well Strung never really recovered and were eliminated. Who will be eliminated. . . next? (click for more)
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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Top Chef 2/15/18--"Cooking High" summary

Previously on “Top Chef”: the Quickfire involved cooking a dessert in the hotel that inspired “The Shining”. Also it was supposed to be about a fear of theirs. Or a nightmare they have. Something like that. Bruce claimed to be afraid of seeds. Chris won for making mountains and a little man impaled on trees. For the Elimination challenge, since it's the last episode before the finals everyone had to do the “show us what you've learned this season” thing. Hipster Joe won, by making pasta, actually. Bruce decided not to make pasta, or polenta, but barley risotto, which he then undercooked. So Bruce was eliminated. (click for more)
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