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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Project Runway 11/16/17--"Finale part 2" summary

Previously on “Project Runway”: we had a two hour episode which I'm sure is partially because they refused to get rid of anyone so there were five home visits. Brandon and Ayana easily passed through to Fashion Week, as expected. Kenya took some advice from Tim, which directly backfired when the judges hated it. Or they had already decided she wasn't moving on and they just picked something to hate on, knowing it would be maximum drama. So Kenya was eliminated. Hopefully (and I'm sure this happened) she has a ton more business from plus-size clients who saw her on TV and loved her style. (click for more)

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Project Runway 11/9/17--"Finale part 1" summary

Previously on “Project Runway”: they told everyone to make a winter look, and Brandon made his same clothes again because UGH, and then they didn't eliminate anyone because of reasons. But basically it meant another wasted 90 minutes. (click for more)
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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Bromans 11/2/17--Season 1 Episode 8 summary

Previously on “Bromans”: The show is almost over! Everyone got spa time, and then an evening at the club. Callum got very drunk and turned into a jerk, and then felt very bad. The final challenge was the same as the first challenge, the chariot pull. In the end, Callum and Brandon were up for banishment and Callum was sent home. It was sad because I liked Callum a lot. But now it's time for the Emperor's Games and the last episode! (click for more)
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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Project Runway 11/2/17--"There's Snow Business Like Sew Business" summary

Previously on “Project Runway”: my computer ate my recap, but nothing really happened. Everyone had to make “warrior” fashion inspired by breast cancer survivors and there was a minimum of drama about it. Kenya made a fantastic blue dress covered in pleats and petals but she lost to Brandon, who made the same androgynous, loose clothes with straps he always makes. Margarita made a fairly boring gown and was sent home and then Saved by Tim. (click for more)
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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Bromans 10/26/17--Season 1 Episode 7 summary

Previously on “Bromans”: Jordan and Glenn had a fight and then resolved it like adults somehow. Tom decided Dino and Cherelle were full of themselves and they didn't hesitate to rub it in. Meanwhile everyone had to wash clothes with urine. It's as dumb as it sounds. Jordan and Glenn were both up for elimination, and Glenn ended up going home. Sadly, because I liked Glenn and Summer. (click for more)
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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Project Runway 10/26/17--"Warrior Fashion" summary

OK so my computer is terrible and it ate my entire recap. The whole file is corrupted and can't be opened, and it of course happened after I deleted the show off my DVR. I'm not waiting for the rerun and wasting another two hours watching it and then reconstruct the whole thing so after the cut I'm just going to put what happened. (click for more)

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Bromans 10/19/17--Season 1 Episode 6 summary

Previously on “Bromans”: new contestants Chet and Helen wasted no time in irritating everyone, especially since Helen and Nicola already hate each other. They sniped at each other constantly, Nicola giving just as good as she got, while Chet managed to piss off both Dino and Callum. The girls had to put on performances, and Summer and Ellie won a wine and cheese party for themselves and their boyfriends. Meanwhile Helen jumped Nicola and was removed, and then Chet mouthed off at Callum, who rushed him but nothing happened. They were kicked out, and then Dominus said that someone else would go home and Liam and Ellie were also banished, which was too bad. The boys had to haul bags in the Cesspit, and Liam did really well, but it was too little too late. (click for more)
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