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Project Runway 10/2/14--"The Highest Bidder" summary

Previously on Project Runway: not only did we have the makeover/”real” woman challenge, but everyone had to find models in a park. Just random people off the street. How interesting that every single designer picked out a thin, white, young, tall woman. Alexander even turned down a girl because she was too short. Terrible. Then Char got a preschool teacher who specifically asked for an outfit to wear to her husband’s band’s gigs on the weekend. She got some shorts and a jacket with a peplum, which weren’t that short. The peplum was weird though. But then Nina was like “but she’s a preschool teacher” which just infuriated me (and many people) because teachers do not have to be super modestly dressed all the damn time. She SPECIFICALLY asked for a non-work outfit. And the shorts were not as short as Amanda’s crappy skirt. Anyway, Alexander was eliminated for a mostly boring outfit, and Korina won because her model chopped off all her hair. Her jacket was OK, I’m not angry she won, but you know that’s why. (click for more)

Also there was drama with Char. She broke a zipper, then blamed it on her model. So she’s got two minutes left, and she went to ask Tim for more time. Instead of giving everyone an extra ten minutes, which would have been dumb but at least fair, he asked all the other designers on camera if they are OK with giving Char more time while they go to the Scrap Bin to hang out. No one wanted to be a dick on camera so they all agreed. I get that you don’t want to look like a jerk but once you say it’s fine, then you can’t freeze Char out. But it’s very clear that once Tim uses his Save, you will make the finale. They aren’t even trying to pretend that’s not what’s happening.

There’s a tablet in the apartments in the morning. Heidi tells them something about “unlocking” and “opening doors”. Field trip! They are at some warehouse. Here is Tim with five storage bins. They will have teams of two, to make things out of whatever is in the bins. The button bag appears. Teams shake out as follows: Korina and Emily, Sean and Char, and Amanda and Kini. Everyone wants Kini but Amanda wins that. Sean is glad to be with Char, but she can’t sew as well as everyone else. Everyone gets $500 to bid on the containers. Weird. Five units, so at least one team will get more than one unit. Two days (twist alert) and two looks, which must be cohesive.

The first one has like, couches and stuff. Korina bids $25 because no one wants it. The next is toys. But Amanda sees a painting with a yeti and a rainbow. Take note, every time you see black stripes and white in her and Kini's looks, it’s that painting. She eventually wins it. Third bin is pretty much empty except for one of those moving blankets and some packing peanuts. Sean pays $65 for it somehow. Fourth bin has a ton of fabrics and stuff you can make clothes out of. Sean jumps the bidding and goes from $30 to $300, but Korina and Emily get it. Last container has some couches and stuff. Char and Sean have more money so they get the last one. Amanda and Kini only have one container.

30 minutes to scrounge and pile up whatever they want. Inside the bin that looked empty is a dresser that has a ton of clothing in it. Amanda and Kini have almost no fabric.

Back in the workroom Sean and Korina put on some of the clothes and dance around. There is some trash talk which seems good-natured. Tim says they have two days. Char is doing a bomber jacket. She wants to keep it wearable. Kini is making a soccer ball skirt and jacket, I think. Korina wants a cape. Emily is making a vest. Sean interviews that he has to help Char a lot in her construction, but while it’s annoying he’s going to help her because it’s a team challenge. Korina claims to love Char (you’ll see) but she just sucks more than everyone else. Also she brings up how Char was already eliminated, as if she really “hates” to say so.  Shut up, Korina. (My DVR got screwed up so I watched the end of the show before the beginning. You’ll see why I said for her to shut up). Kini loves working with Amanda. Char at least knows she should take notes from Sean. Korina declares them “Team Winner”. Ugh.

Day Two. Amanda has left the yeti face intact to put on her outfit. Sure. Tim appears. OH my twist watch has paid off! The twist is, each team will make a third look that has to go with the other two. BUT! This third look must be made out of fabric from Mood. Mostly. You can bring in some other stuff for cohesion. Sean, Korina, and Amanda go to Mood. Sean thinks he will have to do this look too because Char is behind. Amanda finds hot pink. Sean finds blue, and Korina finds a pretty ugly orange and black and red striped sweater fabric. Everyone’s glad with fabric choices, I guess.

Tim Time! Korina has a cape and a fringed skirt and whatever. Tim worries that no one will see the top. Emily used a cushion, but Tim already knows because it still looks like a cushion. Like she took the cushion and cut arm holes and left the corners on the cushion. He’s like “Spongebob” which makes no damn sense. The shoulders are too crazy. Third look has the sweater thing. Sean has the blue which is nice. Char used part of baseball pants, but Sean has part of them also. She says to break it up, but Tim for some reason hates it. I don’t know. The third look is not done, but it will involve a lampshade. Amanda whines that she and Kini didn’t get enough fabric. Whatever. Faux fur and denim. Tim really hates everything today. Kini made a cropped bomber jacket with faux fur and a cushion for trim and Tim is like “teenage prostitute”. Don’t try to be Kors, Tim.

Amanda worries that they don’t have enough fabric to make anything else. Korina gloats like she’s so great. They finally figure something out, involving no seams in the black plastic tablecloth. Model fittings. The skirt is like a trash bag. Sean says Char should be able to finish, which is kind of ominous. Sean’s skirt has mesh stripes, and one is really high. Korina continues to say shit about everyone in confessional like her shit doesn’t stink. I’m just tired of listening to everyone this season. Especially Korina.

Runway day. Sean’s skirt is not flashing everyone but it is really tight. The model has to take baby steps. Hot makeup guy Scott. I missed you last week. Plenty of flailing. That was boring.

Heidi’s skirt is terrible. It looks like someone took reversible fabric and wrapped it around her waist. Guest judge is Christian. Good, he’ll know what is going on. Amanda: pants with a VERY high waist, in pink with vertical dark brown stripes. Then a sleeveless crop top with a halter neck. Most of the top is in the pink, with black and white striped trim. The back of the top is black. Those pants though. They fit well but they are up to her armpit. Kini: short white and black dress made from a cut up soccer ball. So it’s shiny and the panels make it geometric. This has the cropped white faux fur jacket. The black is at the neckline and hem. Third look: the plastic skirt, and then the top is made out of that crazy yeti painting.  Eh. The top is kind of cropped so that’s nice but the colors bug.

Sean: black dress that doesn’t seem very exciting. The royal blue coat looks almost quilted from far away, but it’s a subtle chevron. Char: black dress with about six inches of mesh at the bottom just above her knee. The jacket/top is an open weave in the blue. It’s OK, I guess. Third look: long black dress, with horizontal stripes of mesh. There are some thin stripes of mesh at her waist, and then a sleeveless mock turtleneck. The back of the bodice is the blue. It’s cool but this girl cannot walk at all. Char’s model was moving slowly but the third girl is really struggling. The bottom of the third look is the lampshade.

Third look: They put both names on this one. Black leather pants and an oversized sweater in red, yellow, and black. The collar of the sweater is flipped around like a scarf. Plus some hat. It’s cute, but I could find that at the mall right now. At the same time, the girl can walk. Emily: boots and bright pink tights. A short striped skirt that is full (vertical stripe) and a vest in gray with white fur trim with a pink ribbon belt. This is the cushion thing. And a long sleeved top under that. It just looks like giant shoulder pads. But while I wouldn’t wear it, I could see it being a look that a sane person put together. Korina: red fringed skirt that looks like a blanket, and a big cape in gray. Also a scarf and a hat and I’m sure some kind of top under the cape. The top seems to be green maybe, with thick embroidered cuffs.

Kini and Amanda are up first. Amanda says again how they didn’t have any fabric, but they came up with “American pop star in Tokyo” as a theme. Nina wants to see the pink outfit with the fur jacket and she loves this. Also the fur is quilted. Zac thinks the pink pants are late 80’s. Heidi thinks they are the most creative. Sure. Christian says that he can see some musicians that would wear that. He says this is how young girls want to dress. See, that was a good critique, much better than some YouTube girl.

Sean explains how they didn’t have clothes, really. There is certainly cohesion. Zac likes the blue jacket, but he hates the gown because the model can’t walk. Char’s look is like, a sheer jacket or something. It’s hoochie. Zac says, “I mean, that girl knows how to twerk, for sure.” Hee. The mesh is done to death. But the lampshade is kind of cool, as is the blue back panel. The back of the coat is stiff because I think there is another lampshade in there. Nina is kind of bored but she at least appreciates the cohesion.

Korina says their girl is a Peruvian fashion photographer who is traveling to Helsinki to do a street fashion shoot. That is too complicated. The top of Korina’s look is a dark green shiny fabric, I think it’s vinyl. Nina loves the look once the cape and hat are gone. Plus she is shocked that they picked out the sweater fabric. Everything is dated and the only thing Nina sort of likes is Emily’s look. Heidi and Zac pipe up that they were more creative than Sean and Char. Korina is like “it’s wearable.” NO ONE ASKED YOU. Just keep your mouth shut and take your praise. The cape is hiding a nice dress which is bad. Nina then is like, Korina you do the Southwestern theme too many times. And Korina’s response is “I don’t hate it.” Ugh.

Time to throw your teammates under the bus. When asked who should go home from their team, Korina is like “well you hate everything I did but I love it so to go home for something I love would be awful.” That is not what they asked you. Emily says neither of them should go home, and Korina pipes up that everything is wearable which is so important to her as a designer because she would never wear something she couldn’t walk in. Please tell me she goes home soon because otherwise I am going to find a way to climb through the TV and smack her in the face. You can argue for yourself without shitting on everyone else. Char just laughs and Heidi does too. Nina is like, your presentation is shit and that says a lot about you. Good. I thought they were going to ask everyone who should go home but they did not. So you just wanted Korina to be a bitch about how great she is? Stupid.

Of course now that everyone is face to face, Korina is crying, like anyone cares. She won’t look Char and Sean in the eye. No one cares about you. Zac loves the shoulders and the cushion, which Tim hated. At least he admits he hated it. They hate the sweater. Nina still hates Korina’s look, and they seem to agree that Emily is fine but Korina is in trouble. Sean’s jacket is fantastic, but the other looks are not good. But Nina says at least she knows their aesthetic. Char’s work isn’t here today. The judges cannot say enough about Amanda and Kini. They only had one storage unit but they pulled this off. I kind of don’t care, but at least Korina didn’t win.

Heidi thinks Korina and Char are the bottom. Char spent forever on some crappy looks, and Korina made a million things and needed to edit. But they can’t make a decision so now there is another twist, I guess.

Kini is the winner! It’s not a bad dress, and Korina didn’t win. Amanda and Emily are in. Sean is in. but they aren’t out yet! One hour to make a new look! UUUGGGHHHHHHHH. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with the last challenge. Of course Korina bitches that she clearly did better so there should be no need for a tiebreaker. Shut up, Korina. Do you not understand that your outfit sucked SO MUCH that it was deemed as least as terrible as a gown where the model physically couldn’t walk? In general I hate when models can’t walk in things, but I hate Korina so much I am willing to overlook it so she can go away. Korina and Char can use their partners from the last challenge to help them. Fabric left over from previous challenges.

No one knows what they are going to make in an hour. That’s true. You can’t see anyone’s design aesthetic or anything in that short amount of time. There is a lot of frantic flailing and running around. Sean says it’s weird helping your competition to not be eliminated, but “it’s an easy sheep to the slaughter later”. Then he hoots at his own joke. See, that was funny. Korina is patterning like a moron. Just drape your fabric! What is wrong with you? Korina and Emily sew, where Korina FINALLY reveals her true colors to someone. She bitches to Emily that she is SO much of a better designer, and Char has already been eliminated, and she shouldn’t have to do this. You aren’t that much of a better designer. That shit backfires though because Emily interviews that after all that she kind of doesn’t want to help Korina. GOOD. Plus her model chimes in and Emily seems uncomfortable. Even after Char comes in the sewing room she’s still whining about how she’s only done a Southwestern print once and she won. I’m…pretty sure she’s done that more than once. Korina is failing and saying things like “whatever, I know I’m the better designer”. Except for the part where Char’s dress is finished, and Korina’s dress has a ton of pins in it because she didn’t finish sewing the shoulders.

Korina: black and white color blocking. One side of the bodice is white, the other black, and then the opposite sides in the skirt. Eh. Korina whines that she hates this dress and she likes her collection “that I SHOULD have been judged on”. Bitch you WERE judged on it. They judged that it was terrible. Char: blue shift dress, knee length, with some sheer pieces hanging off the back like a cape. Both these dresses are so boring. Somehow Heidi is impressed. The whole time they are telling Char they like her dress and the cape, Korina is making angry faces. But Char’s dress is finished fine, so there’s that. Korina then insists on bringing up how she’s only used the Southwestern motif once and she won. You can see on Nina and Zac’s faces that they are mentally stabbing her with knives. Good job, Korina. You just screwed yourself. I’m sure she’ll blame Char somehow. Heidi noticed when Korina’s look came out she rolled her eyes. At her own look. So Korina says she was proud of her collection but she is not proud of this look. She is also claiming that this was the only white and black fabric she could find. It looks like vinyl or something. Or maybe it’s satin? It’s puckering. Nina is like, you seem upset. Korina is like, yes. Because when you confront her with her bullshit she pretends she wasn’t just saying a million bitchy comments ten minutes ago. Nina replies, “I’m sorry” but it is the most insincere apology. I love it. Char says she has a strong design aesthetic, and she has shown versatility and she wants to move forward. Korina says she loves to do this and she can’t imagine doing anything else and now she’s crying because she can’t take what she dishes out. No one cares, Korina.

Heidi says Char was smart because she picked out the right fabric. Korina couldn’t deliver a good presentation the first time around, and she couldn’t deliver it this time. They call the two back out and they eliminate Korina. I told you. Whoever gets the Tim Gunn Save gets to make the finale. But I don’t care because I am SO GLAD that I won’t have to listen to Korina complain about how all the other designers are so terrible and how they are just wastes of air. Char goes back to the Scrap Bin and just breaks down. Korina interviews about how she’s so shocked and how she lost to someone she has no respect for. You don’t have respect for anyone so don’t even go there. When she gets to the Scrap Bin she’s still crying but only Sean hugs her. Everyone hugged Char. Amanda seems upset, which is weird because wasn’t she mad that Korina told her she was fake? Korina KEEPS TALKING, all like “Who called that? Anyone?” because she is a garbage person. You lost. Just shut up. She then actually addresses Char and says she was out. And Char responds that yes, she was, but Tim brought her back, and that was five challenges ago. So now what? Korina, because she has no argument, is just like “I’m allowed to be upset”. Yes, but you aren’t allowed to blame Char for the judges loving her and hating your lack of editing. Upset does not equal attacking the person you think should go home instead of you. Alexander thought the same thing last week but he confined his comments to confessional. Char says she’s never once pointed a finger at Korina (I think that's true) so don’t point a finger at her. Yeah this show has terrible judging, but as much as I hate someone like Amanda getting this far I know it has nothing to do with her. Then Korina has the balls to say “Char, please, this is not about you. Please stop.” Are you fucking kidding me? You can’t attack one person and then claim it’s not about her. All you have done for twenty minutes is bitch about how Char should be out instead of you. Tim butts in and kicks her out. He claims we will miss her but I know I won’t. Korina hopes her clients have a chance to see what she did. I hope so too, and I hope you don’t have any clients left after they see what a garbage person you are. Tim reassures Char she did a good job and everyone laughs nervously.

Next week: “street chic”. Two challenges at once for some reason. Oh, I think it’s the “take an eliminated design and fix it” challenge so Char can fix the outfit that sent her home the first time. PLUS extra help so that means we are NOT done with Korina. Because OF COURSE they pair her with Char, who claps. I found that hilarious. Then Korina says “I should not be here” and walks out. Oh, maybe we ARE done with Korina.  

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