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TAR13, Recap Leg 2, 10/5/08

Welcome to Leg 2! Last time, on Let’s All Push the Blong Candy Through Brazil!, (Toyouke: “Hee.”) teams raced from Los Angeles to Salvador. The Evans twins (Nick/Starr) ally with their mom and dad (Ken/Tina) and practically sing a rousing rendition of “We’re All In This Together” before Ryan and Sharpay run ahead and leave Ken and Tina in the dust. Team Superbad can’t count, and Terence wants Sarah to focus on HIM, HIM and ONLY HIM! (GregL13: “He’s so conceited! How can Sarah put up with him?” Toyouke and Kmanpat: *glare*) Anyway, the Oregonian Beekeepers, Anita and Arthur, are eliminated. Who will be eliminated. . . next? (click for more)

Arrival at the pit stop last episode:
1st – Nick/Starr, Team HSM! *jazz hands*, arrived at 4:07 PM
2nd – Ken/Tina, Team Mom and Dad Evans, arrived at 4:13 PM
3rd – Terence/Sarah, Team Asshat, arrived at 4:18 PM
4th – Mark/Bill, Team Ubernerd, arrived at 4:24 PM
5th – Kelly/Christy, Team Divorcée, arrived at 4:44 PM
6th – Toni/Dallas, Team Himbo, arrived at 4:57 PM
7th – Andrew/Dan, Team Superbad, arrived at 5:03 PM
8th – Aja/Ty, Team Aw Hell, arrived at 5:05 PM
9th – Anthony/Stephanie, Team Commitment, arrived at 5:11 PM
10th – Marisa/Brooke, Team Southern Belle, arrived at 5:13 PM

Forte São Marcelo, Salvador, Brazil

4:07 AM Nick/Starr (1st)
Clue: Fly 640 miles to Fortaleza, Brazil. Once there, take a taxi to the small town of Cumbuco and find the Plaza del Cambuco to get your next clue. You have $125 for this leg of the race.

Starr: “I want to control everything.” Oh, honey, Terence you are not.

4:13 AM Ken/Tina (2nd) – Ken: “I want to be able to figure out if we can make this marriage work!” (Kmanpat and Toyouke: “Um, NO!”)

4:18 AM Terence/Sarah (3rd) – At the pit stop before they leave, Sarah makes it clear that she doesn’t want to have to focus on Terence solely on the race. Terence doesn’t seem to care. Sarah: “We haven’t resolved this yet.” (GregL13: “What an ass.” Toyouke and Kmanpat: *glare*) Anyway, Terence hits his head on the trunk, and goes ballistic and Sarah has to nurse his wound. Terence: “And it’s bleeding! A LOT! Blow on it!” (Kmanpat: *holds tongue*)

4:24 AM Mark/Bill (4th)
4:44 AM Kelly/Christy (5th)
4:57 AM Toni/Dallas (6th)
– Toni: “I love my son.” Dallas: “I love my mom.” Toyouke: “Oh gag me.”

5:03 AM Andrew/Dan (7th)
5:05 AM Aja/Ty (8th)
5:11 AM Anthony/Stephanie (9th)
5:13 AM Marisa/Brooke (10th)
– Marisa: “We’re going to Fortezala!” Kmanpat: “I have a bottle of that wine downstairs.”

Teams arrive at Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport in the following order:

5- Kelly/Christy
6- Toni/Dallas
7- Andrew/Dan
8- Aja/Ty
9- Anthony/Stephanie
10- Marisa/Brooke

Teams choose flights to Fortaleza. Nick and Starr find an 11:30 AM flight on TAM before Ken and Tina arrive and find the 6:45 AM flight on GOL. As a result, Tina swears she talks the flight people into getting a bigger plane for all of the teams. Apparently, it’s a little more complicated than that to go from 1 seat available to 40. Anyway, all of the teams get on the 6:45 flight, and Ken and Tina feel entitled to get on first as the team that was in charge. This annoys Terence (shocking, I know) who then has to apologize for yelling at Tina or be thrown out of line, Collin and Christie style. Instead, Ken forgives him and gives him a giant kiss on the cheek, which makes Terence blush. (Kmanpat: “My turn!”)

Flight. Woo. And then there’s this whole thing about the teams STAYING in Brazil, so when they get off the flight, they forget that they flew domestic!

So, teams arrive in Fortaleza in the following order:

– Toni: “There’s not enough cardio that anyone could ever do to get ready for this!”
5- Aja/Ty
6- Marisa/Brooke
–Brooke: “We’re the smart ones!”
7- Mark/Bill
8- Nick/Starr
9- Ken/Tina
10- Anthony/Stephanie
– who had a strong start, and then their taxi driver had a bad clutch.

Teams then take their taxis to Cambuco. So teams arrive at Plaza del Cambuco in the following order:

1- Terence/Sarah
2- Kelly/Christy
3- Andrew/Dan
4- Toni/Dallas

5- Aja/Ty
6- Marisa/Brooke

7- Mark/Bill
8- Nick/Starr
9- Ken/Tina
10- Anthony/Stephanie
– who give the obligatory “we live so much better than they do and we should appreciate it more” speech.

Teams read their clue and find that they must now travel down the beach by bugré, or Brazilian dune buggy to the Barraca D Manoel to get their next clue. The teams are driven by a driver and arrive in the following order:

1- Terence/Sarah
2- Kelly/Christy
3- Toni/Dallas
4- Mark/Bill
5- Nick/Starr
6- Marisa/Brooke
– who get mooned.
7- Ken/Tina
8- Andrew/Dan
– who found the buggies before the clue, as did. . .
9- Aja/Ty
10- Anthony/Stephanie

And we get the Detour Clue.

Beach It OR Dock It

*Beach It: Teams must travel by bugré to Pecem Beach and choose a jungata, a Brazilian boat, as well as a two-man crew to help them use a traditional method of rolling logs to move a 440 pound bouat a total of 100 yards to the inlet, where their team will give them their next clue. The task is muscle and mental, but good teams could finish quickly.
*Dock It: Teams must take their bugré to the Port of Pecem and find a container in the shipping yard. Teams don hard hats and use a computer to look up a specific serial number in a database to match it with a four letter code. Then teams must find the matching container, inside which is their next clue. A team must have an eye for detail, but may be able to finish quickly.

1-Kelly/Christy choose Beach It
2-Terence/Sarah choose Beach It
3-Toni/Dallas choose Beach It
4-Mark/Bill choose Dock It
(SUDU 4962932)
5-Nick/Starr choose Beach It
6-Marisa/Brooke choose Beach It
– even though they chose Dock It and got turned around.
7-Ken/Tina choose Beach It
8-Andrew/Dan choose Beach It
9-Aja/Ty choose Beach It
10-Anthony/Stephanie choose Beach It

Teams complete the detour in the following order:

1- Terence/Sarah – who leave the detour using a "shortcut" and can’t find the marked taxi lot. Terence: “I’m pissed!”
2- Nick/Starr
3- Mark/Bill
4- Kelly/Christy
– who misread the clue and think they need to find an unmarked container. So they dig in the sand. I don’t know.
5- Toni/Dallas
6- Ken/Tina
7- Andrew/Dan
8- Aja/Ty
– Aja, on seeing the task: “Aw Hell.”
9- Marisa/Brooke
10- Anthony/Stephanie

Teams are now instructed to find the taxi park (which has a big sign that says “TAXI PARKING”, TERENCE) and must take their taxis to the Parque de Vaquejada to get their next clue. The clue also reminds them to make their taxi wait at the next destination. They arrive in the following order:

1- Mark/Bill
2- Ken/Tina
3- Toni/Dallas
4- Andrew/Dan
5- Nick/Starr
6- Aja/Ty
7- Kelly/Christy
– who say they are going to read the clues better from now on.
8- Marisa/Brooke
9- Terence/Sarah
10- Anthony/Stephanie

And teams come to the first roadblock.

(Question not included in episode)

In this roadblock, one team member must search for the clue along a 600 foot wall. The clue is in plain sight, so the task is simple. Teams must tell the painter the answer (Cidade Da Criança) to get their next clue.

The following team members complete the Roadblock.

1- Bill
2- Tina
3- Toni
4- Andrew
5- Nick
6- Aja
7- Christy
8- Sarah
9- Marisa
10- Anthony

After much searching the wall and brute force recitation, teams complete the Roadblock in the following order:

1- Mark/Bill
2- Ken/Tina
3- Kelly/Christy
– who misread the clue and forgot to save their taxi.
4- Aja/Ty
5- Terence/Sarah
6- Toni/Dallas
7- Nick/Starr
– and Nick doesn’t go back to help Andrew like he said he would. “I don’t mind playing dirty if I benefit.” (Toyouke: “And, you’re done.” Kmanpat: “But I didn’t say anything!”)
8- Andrew/Dan
9- Marisa/Brooke
10- Anthony/Stephanie

Teams must now take their saved taxi to Cidade Da Criança, the PIT STOP of the second leg of this racearoundtheworld. The last team to arrive MAY be eliminated!

1- Ken/Tina – who win the foot race to win off road vehicles.
2- Mark/Bill – Mark: “If off road vehicles help save your marriage, I’ll gladly let you have them.”
3- Terence/Sarah
4- Aja/Ty
5- Toni/Dallas
6- Nick/Starr
7- Kelly/Christy
– Kelly: “We’re sixth.” Phil: “You’re team number 7.” Kelly: “Not sixth?”
8- Andrew/Dan
9- Marisa/Brooke
10- Anthony/Stephanie

And Anthony and Stephanie are eliminated. And Anthony didn’t propose. Apparently they didn’t finish.

1st – Ken/Tina
2nd – Mark/Bill
3rd – Terence/Sarah
4th – Aja/Ty
5th – Toni/Dallas
6th – Nick/Starr
7th – Kelly/Christy
8th – Andrew/Dan
9th – Marisa/Brooke

Next week: Teams get altitude sickness in Bolivia, and it sidelines Toni, Bill and Aja. And it looks like the Roadblock involves team members in spandex with South American wrestlers! I LIKE this season. Until next time!

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