Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jerell-- Fashion Week collection

It kind of sucks that Jerell won the last challenge before everyone went home, but still had to compete to have a spot in the finale. He's not really bitter about it though, and he still got to show a collection. Pictures from Blogging Project Runway after the jump. (click for more)

This is pretty cute, shape-wise. It's also really sparkly. But I like the asymmetrical bodice and the hemline.

The top is like a vest with the center open, except for the strings. There's just a lot of stuff going on, which is Jerell's signature, I guess. But it's a little much for me.

I'm not sure why all of Jerell's tops that he wore on the show look like this. It only works if you have no chest, like Jerell or possibly Laura Benett. Everything is just so shiny.

Why do her sleeves come down over her hands? Why is there lace?

This reminds me a lot of a dress Jillian showed last year. But I liked hers better.

What you can't see about this dress is the huge keyhole opening in the back, outlined with embroidery or beading or something. I feel like if the rest of the dress wasn't in sparkly gold fabric, or there wasn't that armband thing, the keyhole would be more dramatic and it would be better. As it is, it's the same thing with too much going on.

There's an underskirt to this dress. I guess that's why the model is holding the skirt like that. I don't like the collar.

There are a lot of those ribbon belts. They look kind of sloppy. As does the sheer piece on the bottom of the skirt. I like the top part OK.

The bodice does not fit this model AT ALL. It's super big.

The only thing different from when Jerell showed this look last week is that I think the tulle might be lighter.

Jerell said at the end of the last episode that these clothes were really him. It looks like he showed the collection he wanted to, so good for him!

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