Saturday, October 11, 2008

Leanne-- Fashion Week collection

The early rumor is that Leanne is the one to beat. You'll see why. (click for pics, same as before)

When I keep talking about flaps, this is what I mean. That skirt looks so cool, and you wonder how you would sit in it, but it's still cool. Plus having the flaps only on the skirt doesn't make it overwhelming. Good thing I like this blue, that's about as much color as there is.

That shape of skirt is only really flattering on someone who doesn't already have that shape. It's stiff and I like more movement in my skirts.

It's so close to jodhpur pants. Like she has two books on her hips.

Those pants are fantastic. I don't know if I like the little flap on the blouse, like a tab that she was supposed to tuck in but she didn't feel like it. I like the rest of the blouse though.

I'm really glad the top here is so simple, so it won't interfere with the skirt, although the belt might be a bit much. That skirt is so interesting.

I feel like I should know this model. This collar is fun. And thank goodness those are shorts, or else this would be pretty vulgar. But what is going on around her hips? It looks like it's too big.

The bottom of this outfit, the skirt, looks like Leanne's bridesmaid dress. I can't tell if the white piece comes off, if that was an add-on from another outfit, or what. I don't think this is her bridesmaid dress though.

This dress is so beautiful. It moves beautifully and it's gorgeous. Can you believe this isn't her best?

The contrasting colors make this work. And the flaps are on the top, but since the blue is only on the trim it's hard to see and so it's not overworked at all.

This dress is why I think Leanne has won. This is the type of dress that everyone thinks is perfect, everyone talks about. Every winner has one drop-dead perfect dress that people always think about when they remember that collection. This will be Leanne's.

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