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Project Runway All Stars 3/24/16--"Bait and Stitch" summary

Previously on “Project Runway All Stars”: the designers were supposed to make “couture” with a Baroque inspiration. Really that meant a lot of brocade. Sam got help from people and I guess because he didn't tell anyone he had help everyone is still mad at him. Whatever, you guys. I get it, no one likes Sam. Layana made a great coat which was not brown but dark red, at least I thought so. The judges didn't like it. Ken made a very dramatic long gown and cape in dark bronze sequins and he won. It was actually a great dress. Mitchell had all these ideas but he ran out of time and failed so he was eliminated. I am fine with it because he should have gone home for that hot pink travesty from a couple of weeks ago. (click for more)

Everyone heads to Mood first and loses their minds about this change. Alyssa says the judges have criticized several people for fabric choices, so today you can't choose your fabric! That makes no fucking sense. Don't you want them to learn to pick out decent fabric? You're saying they fail so badly at this skill that it's better if they don't have to worry about it? Whatever, anyway, the designers will have to make “high end evening resort wear”. Inside all the envelopes that Alyssa has is the twist. Ken picks one and then passes them out, based on the color of the envelope. I hope that has nothing to do with anything. The envelopes each have a type of fabric on them, like silk charmeuse, linen, brocade, whatever. Alexander gets stuck with “upholstery” which is hilarious. So you must make your evening resort wear out of whatever fabric you got stuck with. Sam picks out turquoise and silver lace that might end up tacky. Alexander somehow finds a sheer upholstery fabric. Dom's jacket seems to have “Eat. Sleep. Sew. Repeat.” hand-painted on the back.

When everyone gets to the workroom Alyssa is there again! Why do we need more than one twist today? Even though the fabric choices have been terrible, the judges somehow like the designs, so surely everyone can work with anything, right? Now they have to switch fabrics with each other. Great. Ken gets to pick first, and he's really pissed about having to use someone else's stuff. He takes Asha's stuff, so she takes Dom's, and so forth. Emily actually chooses upholstery, and then somehow Sam and Kini end up just switching. No one is happy. I guess I can see why they did it this way, because if they'd told them at the outset they'd be picking fabric for someone else, everyone would pick out some bullshit to screw their competition.

Kini's pissed because Sam only bought three yards of lace and the same of lining, so he can't make anything with any volume. Sam is unhappy because he hates Kini's fabric, period. Ken is like “Wait is this neoprene? I hate this” because he didn't have any idea what neoprene was? And then had first pick and picked a fabric he was so unfamiliar with he didn't recognize it? Duh. Layana and Asha roll their eyes at his complaining. There are a lot of people making jumpsuits. At least it feels that way. Dom creates a striped print from two solid colors. Alexander for some reason only bought 1.5 yards of opaque fabric, which doesn't seem to be enough to do anything with. Why would you do that? The sheer is polka dots and I don't think you can layer it to make it less sheer. I think Sam gives Emily advice? He is very obnoxious in confessional about how great his designs are and how shitty Kini's fabrics are. Emily seems to have a plan that doesn't use the sheer.

Zanna Time. Sam's jumpsuit is labeled “Disney cruise”. Heh. Kini...gets no advice. His advice is “figure it out.” Dom must stop being safe “for a winner.” Whatever. So many jumpsuits. Layana's looks like a gown. Ken has recovered from his mood earlier and is doing OK it looks like. Alexander got stuck with floral patterned denim. Hee. Emily has to be sexier. She actually is about to cry. Aww.

After Zanna leaves, Layana and Kini comfort Emily, who thinks she's going home. I don't think it's that bad. In the lounge where people are eating Sam has to start shit by telling Kini he hates his fabric. Kini says it's better than ugly ass lace. Ha, you deserved that. Ken stage whispers to the other people in the room “Shh! There's a fight going on!” Hee. Kini feels this is karma so he doesn't care that Sam's upset. To be fair, Sam's not that upset. Model fitting. Emily is maybe making shorts. It feels like there are a lot of people who are only trying on pieces of outfits. Sam hates his jumpsuit so he says he's starting over. At the last minute Ken seems to talk Emily into making a skirt out of the sheer. She's gathering the fabric in such a way that the polka dots (which are couple of inches across) make a belt. Sam drapes a gown in the last hour and is very pleased with himself. Mostly because he believes he overcame super hardships like the crappy fabric and “Kini's attitude”. Oh please, like your whiny ass hasn't had attitude all day.

Runway day. Ken talks about how when you're in a hurry you screw things up. I expected him to then explain how he screwed up but that doesn't happen. Hot makeup guy Scott. Sam's convinced he made the most amazing gown ever. I mean, it doesn't suck. He also has time to shittalk people, about how they made the same thing they always make, which he would have done himself if he was able to. Oh, there's Ken's disaster. Zipper broke. He seems to get it fixed though.

Alyssa is wearing the WRONG dress because she looks like she's still pregnant. I think it's the bodice because the collar is too wide or something. Anyway, guest judge is Megan Hilty. Dom: sleeveless draped top in white, with a very deep V. She's put a big necklace on, and normally I don't care about the styling but it's a good use of the neckline, if that makes sense. Then there is a long skirt in blue and yellow vertical stripes. Across the front is a diagonal set of stripes, like she's wearing a sash across her hips. It's very striking. There are also some pieces draped on the sides, like flaps, that aren't as good. The whole back of the bodice is draped in a cowl. Sam: long gown with a halter top, the kind where the bodice comes to a point and there are two straps that cross at the point and then go over the shoulders. The fabric is a shiny blue-gray and lighter gray horizontal stripe. The skirt is very full but so is the bodice. It looks pleated or something and is lumpy. Also the skirt has a slit in the front.

Valerie: orange jumpsuit with wide legs. The top is two strips of fabric running from a high waist over her shoulders, with skin between. It's not a flattering cut of bodice, but at least the pants seem OK? The back has a triangular opening. Layana: red silk jumpsuit with very wide legs and a halter top (the same cut as Sam's but without the extra bulk). It moves really well but the hem is uneven and all the seams are puckered. Alexander: denim gown. The top looks huge on his model, sleeveless and like it should have spaghetti straps, but the triangles over her boobs are all the way up to her shoulders. I'm not describing this well. The skirt has a darker piece of denim right in front like an apron. I think it might be better in another fabric but the denim is so heavy it's pulling the shape all out of whack. And then the top doesn't fit. Emily: red crop top, almost like a sports bra, with a crew neck and a triangular cut out right in the center of her chest. Then there are red shorts, and the sheer is wrapped around her waist like a skirt. She did that gathering at the waist, but it didn't really pleat the fabric or anything so it's just sitting there instead of overlapping or looking like anything. The sheer skirt is knee length.

Asha: long gown in a gray-brown color, with some black and white striped straps. There are some interesting details at the shoulders, but I don't remember this dress at all. I can't even remember what fabric she had, which is probably a sign she's safe this week. She has some trim at the waist and down the sides of the skirt. Kini: turquoise and silver lace over a solid color. It looks like a swimsuit and cover-up. The lace is left sheer, and has weird sleeves that are elbow length but also end in ruffles, and a knee-length skirt. It looks like he tried to put in things like sleeves and a peplum and other tailored details but in lace so it just looks like a mess. The bodice has an inset panel lined with the solid fabric, and it's very wide somehow. I think it's cut like a kimono, because there's a sash. I don't know. Ken: coral neoprene gown. The skirt is a mermaid skirt, tight to just above her knees and then very full. The bodice has a big swath of fabric running from under one arm over her other shoulder. It looks good.

Kini, Alexander, and Asha are safe. How in the fuck is Kini safe. I like Kini but you guys, he made a lace bathrobe. The only good thing about this is that we don't have to listen to the stupid fight that would have happened because everyone would have blamed Sam for it. Isaac starts by saying how everyone used color this week! It's true. Ken's drape is a little heavy but they love the color and they love the look. Ken doesn't use colors so they make sure to reassure him about it. Valerie wanted something effortless. The judges don't particularly like the deep square neckline down to her waist, or how simple it is. Alyssa points out the hem is not even. Isaac thinks there is too much styling. Layana added fabric to the sides to “add the drama”. The back straps are really nice (it's just two vertical straps, with two pieces to hold the front to her chest) but it's shiny and a weird length. Megan says the front is too narrow. Yeah it is kind of narrow.

Dom made her stripes herself. Georgina can't believe she made that herself and is practically losing her mind over it. The waist has a band of black and white stripes which Isaac loves. Alyssa says the skirt looks like a beach towel, which Dom says is on purpose because it's resort. Hee! Alyssa is not amused. Everyone else loves it. Emily wanted edgy. The crop top is maybe not working. Georgina wanted more sheer fabric? Emily starts making excuses about how the fabric didn't sit right and this is her third outfit and she really likes it and she had a really hard time with this challenge. Georgina likes the attitude of the piece and Isaac likes the top. Maybe if the shorts were high-waisted. Sam explains how this is not his original design. It looks homemade but not in a good way. Georgina talks about attitude again. They don't seem to hate it but they also aren't falling over themselves to flirt with Sam about it either.

So apparently Sam was in the top again. Sigh. However Alyssa was bored. Everyone else liked it but at least Alyssa has some sense. Ken made an evening gown out of sporty fabric. Georgina expected a little bit more from him. Isaac and Georgina disagree on Dom's dress, because Georgina and Megan think Dom's dress was amazing and Isaac thought it was a lot. Valerie made an OK jumpsuit. Isaac thinks it was kind of retro but not enough. Layana made a jumpsuit only a flat-chested model could wear. Georgina says she gave Emily a low score, but then when she got up there, there was attitude. I don't know if she's talking about the model having attitude when they saw the design close-up, or Emily's attitude when talking about her outfit. Then suddenly Isaac is like “I think we should take Emily out of the bottom” and they all agree which makes no sense. Valerie's jumpsuit is boring but Layana's jumpsuit is tacky.

Sam is in. Megan says she's going to wear the winning design to an event, and the winner is Dom! Nice. Ken is also in. Emily is in. Valerie is out. Layana is in. Valerie is upset which is sad. She says she'll get over it eventually.

Next week: designing for fairy tales? Sam is a brat. Also on the runway he slicks his hair and wears fake glasses, so he looks like a brat too.

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Thank you, Toyouke, for the nice recap and especially for explaining that the comments about Emily's attitude and/or model's attitude didn't make sense. Thought I had fallen asleep mid-sentence when I heard that.