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TAR25, Recap Leg 0, 9/19/14

Welcome back to the Amazing Race!  It’s the show’s twenty-fifth anniversary, and it promises to be a doozy, with new twists, turns, and hashtags (Toyouke: “I HATE that the twitter hashtags are basically the nicknames everyone wants us to use. HHAAAAAATTTTEEEE. You can't make up your own nickname!”)  Don’t worry, I’ll still come up with my own, subject to change once we get started.  The eleven teams for TAR25 are: (click for more)

Adam and Bethany, Team Sharknado, #SoulSurfers, are a married couple from Hawaii.  You probably know Bethany because she was the subject of a movie Soul Surfer (hence the hashtag) based on her life.  She has only one arm.  They are the religious team, and apparently the famous team.  (Toyouke: “So...she's not the first person to race while missing a limb. Hell, she's not even the second. Which I think is pretty impressive, given this is a physical show. They make no impression on me otherwise.”) Prediction: Eighth Place.

Amy and Maya, Team Frizzle Twins, #SweetScientists, are friends and students from Madison, Wisconsin.  They do research into the creation of frozen treats.  (Toyouke: “I did roll my eyes at their hashtag but they do both study frozen desserts and sugar so it makes sense. However having jackets made with "Sweet Scientists" on them is crossing a line.”)  I think it’s awesome that they are female scientists.  And Maya reminds everyone to read their clues!  (Toyouke: “When you say in your pet peeves "It's like living with a crazy person" I wonder why you are committing to several weeks with this person.”)  Prediction: Second Place.

Brooke and Robbie, Team LoriBolo2, #TheWrestlers, are dating professional wrestlers from Houston, Texas.  I am kind of excited to have a new Lori and Bolo team.  (Toyouke: “I really want them to be Lori and Bolo 2.0 but they do not seem bombastic enough. They're only mildly cocky. Instead they seem to have some secret past indiscretion that Robbie has to atone for. I'm sure they'll deal with that like adults and it'll never come up. Also this show is not about alliances so stop it right now.”)  I think I’ll like them.  Prediction: Fourth Place.

Dennis and Isabelle, Team Scrappy Doo, #TheDatingCouple, are a YDC from California.  Also, they are very huge fans of the Race.  (Toyouke: “How can you be such huge fans of the show and NOT call yourselves Team YDC?? Also, your girlfriend is not a HOBBY you moron. They seem kind of annoying.”) Prediction: Third Place.

Keith and Whitney, Engaged Survivors, #TeamNashville, were on Survivor.  That’s their only claim to fame.  They plan on running the race and then running down the aisle.  This sounds like Rachel’s plan of winning the race and making babies.  Apparently they were on Survivor.  Prediction: Seventh Place.

Kym and Alli, Team Nonstop, #TheCyclists, are friends from New York City.  They like to go on bike tours.  (Toyouke: “Oh look, another YouTube star. Also why is it that the brunette teams aren't identical like the blonde teams always are? Whatever, they don't make that much of an impression on me. There are FOUR all-female teams on this season. Is that high? It seems high.”)  Four all female teams is high, and this one doesn’t seem to be making me feel anything.  Prediction: Ninth Place.

Lisa and Michelle, The Real Estate Sisters, #MiamiRealtors, are sisters and realtors from Miami, Florida.  And they are blonde, so I can’t tell them apart.  They are racing in order to take time off from work.  Don’t think that works very well, ladies.  (Toyouke: “Can you PLEASE cast a team with two blonde women that DON'T look like the same person?! GAH. Also can you NOT make their team color pink. They sound intelligent but I'm still annoyed at them. Maybe because they're going to rely on alliances.”)  Oh look, they are going to be “underestimated”.  Please go away so I don’t have to tell you apart.  Prediction: Eleventh Place.

Michael and Scott, Team Boston Proud, #TheFirefighters, are firefighters and friends from Boston, Massachusetts.  They are also a muscular, intelligent team of men.  (Toyouke: “OK Michael looks like Jeremy Renner and the Boston accent means I immediately have an irrational crush on him. Also Scott says he is most like Scipio Africanus which is not what I would expect anyone to say. "Second place is the first loser"! Why am I not irritated at their cockiness? Whatever, I love them.”)  As much as I don’t want to like them, I think we’re stuck with them.  Prediction: Winners, TAR25.

Misti and Jim, Team Noodle Domination, #The Dentists, are married dentists from Columbia, South Carolina.  (Toyouke: “You aren't Team Dentist. Your last name is Raman so you are Team Noodle. Much more entertaining. They bug me. That's why you get another nickname, because you're annoying for some reason.“) I like their accents.  But that’s about it.  Prediction: Tenth Place.

Shelley and Nici, Team Flying Family, #MomDaughter, are mother and daughter flight attendents from Detroit, Michigan.  (Toyouke: “Are they watching the show and thinking they'll do well? Because I feel like all flight attendant teams didn't do so well.”)  They also have a military background.  I like them as they seem fairly down to earth.  Prediction: Fifth Place.

Tim and Te Jay, Team Gaysian TNT, #CollegeSweethearts, are a dating couple from Pasadena, California with two dogs.  And they are fairly vapid.  I like them, but they might even be too flamey for me.  (Toyouke: “Te Jay is a drag queen named Tia Wanna. Also he works in a restaurant that serves Japanese vegan sushi. Why does that place exist?”) Don’t get too close, you might catch fire.  Prediction: Sixth Place.

And there it is.  Don’t forget to tune in on the NEW DAY!  Friday, September 26 at 7:00 pm CDT for the hour premiere.  See you with the first recap soon!

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