Friday, March 21, 2014

Under the Gunn, or Who Is Going to Wear a Lace Ruffle For a Bra?

Were we supposed to hate Natalia from the start? And think she doesn't deserve to be there? Because I can think of more than one person *cough*MICHAEL COSTELLO*cough* who very good but stuck around and won challenges with ugly/boring clothes. And I felt much more strongly about that. Natalia I thought was OK; not like I thought she'd win or that I was rooting for her, but I didn't rail about how she should be gone. (click for more)

I'm just asking because the past two episodes of heavy "Natalia sucks" editing seemed to come out of nowhere. Also I just realized that last week both the top designers were Nick's. But did he get to pick the winner? No. Because, as always on Project Runway, the judging is bullshit. I did kind of roll my eyes at Natalia's complaining about how no one liked her, because it seemed eye-rolly, but by the time the episode ended I was firmly on her side. The challenge is to pair up and design for Francesca's, which is a store that I am aware of but have never shopped in. I knew (and I bet you did too) that when they said there would be pairs that Asha and Natalia would be paired up. Because Asha was the loudest about how Natalia sucked. Plus you know that this isn't random because all the mentors were carefully paired up so they'd have to work with each other. Everyone works with everyone. Sigh. There's a lot of editing about how Natalia is terrible and Asha is screwed, but it could also be "poor Natalia, everyone hates her" editing. Except Sam, Sam is the dedicated "I used to hate Natalia but now I think she's cool" person.

Asha started the challenge assuming they'd lose and then they did. She was a bitch. Talking over Natalia when she was trying to design, and then steamrolling her when they went over budget at Mood, which can't be all Natalia's fault because Asha is buying fabrics too. And then doing all the work and then whining that she had to do all the work. Well maybe if you let Natalia talk and do some designing! You can't give yourself all the work because you don't trust your partner and then complain that you have to do all the work. Even when there are pairs and someone is legit terrible, I still get irritated at that. They tend to announce double eliminations early so you can freak out about it. If they don't, then let the other person sink on their own. Yeah it's a team but they always want to know who did what.

Mondo was a total dick. "I'm not feeling a lot of Asha, I hope that's not Natalia's fault." No, Asha wouldn't let her design anything AND Asha threw out Natalia's fabrics so how exactly can Natalia cause this? Natalia didn't make Asha design those fugly clothes. And then Natalia is like "I want to do well so I don't let Asha down." Oh honey.

Also WHATEVER MONDO, I feel like when you are designing for CROCS you maybe should not get your panties in a bunch about someone else's designing.

The thing with the scalloping. Yes, probably Natalia should have asked Asha how to cut the hem thing on the dashiki. Just because she's been so horrible all challenge so you need to cover your ass. On the other hand, Natalia's point of "It's not like a scalloped edge is going to save this ugly thing" is totally correct.

Oscar and Shan did well, and that dress is an Anya dress for sure. I guess they could both win? I think they have the collection Francesca's thinks they should be selling (with the exception of the dress which seems to fit in with their stuff) and Sam and Blake have the collection Francesca's is already selling. Clearly they want to be edgy enough to sell Shan's jacket with the tramp stamp cutout. Which, by the way, is NOT currently for sale. You can buy the dress but there's only a link to get email updates on when you can buy the jacket. Oscar was super cute when he said Shan should win so his kids could be proud of him. Side note, I loved Sam and Blake's pants.

Natalia's dress had a terrible bust, although the back was cute. Asha's designs were terrible. A white dashiki where you only belt the front so she has a cape? A "crop top" that is basically a white lace dust ruffle and a "maxi skirt" that is a mullet hem and pretty short in front? White lace dust ruffle! How is that failure in design better than poor execution? And then they ask who should go home and everyone stands there. Asha, don't you dare pretend you don't think Natalia should go home. You've done nothing but complain about how much you hate her. That stupid pause and crocodile tears pissed me off more than the whole rest of the episode. Don't be a shady bitch. Natalia basically falls on her sword for some reason, which is more than Asha deserves. Although it did occur to me that maybe Natalia is tired of everyone hating her and this is a way for her to quit but still keep her dignity and maybe make some people look bad and feel guilty on her way out. 

OK what do you think? Or we can talk about next week which is the "real women" episode. I think the last person to whine about not working with a model was maybe Ven? Or Olivier? It's been a while. Everyone got genre savvy and stopped being jerks.


Anonymous said...

Everything was wrong about this episode. Why weren't the teams kept with their original mentor rather then cross pollinating? It would've been much more interesting since each mentor had two designers and the pressure should have been Kept on the mentors to holding the original teams together. Since that didn't happen, even though I'm a Natalia fan, I think both Natalia and Ahsa could have been eliminated. Asha's design was deplorable, and unfortunately Natalia's construction was completely unacceptable. I thought they were equals in elimination.

The worst part of the show is it's editing. False drama is being created and I don't much appreciate being manipulated into making villains of mentors and contestants. Reading a blog from Mondo this week helped me to understand that he wasn't such a bad guy last week, but the editors painted him into a corner and made them look really bad. I wonder what he will say this week. And I wonder if Nick's backbone was edited out of this program.

The saving grace is that Natalia was gracious and kind the entire time. And I believe she spoke from the heart that she wanted asha to continue. I hope that Natalia's trajectory is to be as successful as Michael Costello. He's a nice guy who's finishing first in the eyes of the "A" listers in Hollywood.

Natalia undoubtedly needs more time to perfect her construction. And that is why I never thought she would make it to the end. You must be able to so samples that buyers can see. She did not do that this week. I wish her the best as I do for all the other contestants and mentors. I can only imagine how I could be misrepresented by the editing that's being done on the show. I hope that Tim Gunn corrects these editing issues should he ever have an opportunity for season two.

Have a happy day,

Toyouke said...

Thanks for reading! I did read Mondo's blog, and I have to admit, his account of how last week went down with the "confronting the judges" and the Mondo/Nick fight is exactly how I picture the editing happening. The producers would totally decide on a "Mondo whines about his designer" storyline and edit out him apologizing to Nick and standing on the runway because the judges asked him to.

You're right about Michael Costello finishing first. I don't like his designs but he certainly is getting A-listers to wear them.

And they could have sent them both home and I would be totally satisfied with that.