Friday, March 14, 2014

Under the Gunn, or Tell Me Again How NICK Is the Bad Guy

So I spoke too soon about how all the drama is about the mentors. Not that the mentors didn't have any drama this episode. Just that suddenly the designers decided to get in on it too. (click for more)

So seriously what WAS all that about? Out of nowhere everyone hates Natalia and thinks she's terrible. Everyone. Eight episodes of nothing, no one really saying anything about other designers that I even took notice of and then a whole episode of everyone dog-piling on one person. Do I think she's great? No, in general I don't like her stuff. But do I think it's something I would bitch at the judges about? Not really. It really seemed out of nowhere. Have I just not been paying attention?

Just a quick note on the challenge: I think day-to-evening challenges are always silly because most women would find these clothes too complicated to deal with. I would bet. Also it's a product placement challenge which I didn't realize until halfway through. No one was talking about it which exactly how I like it.

OK, Mondo and Anya were ridiculous. Yes, Nick helps his designers. We all know this, he's been doing it this whole time. So either help YOUR designers or complain to someone. As we can see, Tim is already all over it. Nick got frowned on, AGAIN, for telling his designers what to do. And I do think that he shouldn't be designing for them. So he backed off (the praise he got for this was ridiculous, but whatever) and then Natalia made her outfit and then she was in the top, because if the storyline is "Nick learns not to micromanage" then when he stops micromanaging his designers have to do well.

Asha's outfit was terrible. It was poorly finished and the model looked like she was four months pregnant. That top was not a good idea. Blake's outfit...I don't mind the idea of a top becoming a dress, but that one was way short. He could have done a tunic and pants, and then had a tunic and tights. And I'm still rooting for Shan but the judges telling him that "many women" could wear a dress with cutouts at the waist was pretty stupid.

I'm fine with Michelle's elimination because her dress was really weird. I think she started with the evening look and worked backwards, because the day look had a strange shape from the flaps and straps and whatever. Although those leather straps hanging off her skirt were still hanging off her skirt in the evening look so I don't know. Natalia's look did have some major problems, like the skirt being sewn so poorly it was lumpy. And the "my shawl turns into a purse" is a pretty stupid idea. But the evening look at least was an OK dress, if boring. I don't know that Michelle's day OR evening looks were any good. So Natalia can't win, so Oscar does. I liked his look, although a skirt slit that high isn't exactly "day".

Really, though, you're going to REFUSE to leave the runway to force the judges to explain to you why your designers were in the bottom? Would you have pulled that shit when you were on the show? And then tell Nick his designers suck and expect him to not take it personally? It just seemed like a ton of sour grapes and whining. OF COURSE Nick is going to take it personally. Plus, I find it really entertaining that Mondo and Anya watched him enough to see him micromanaging but then this challenge when he supposedly stopped doing that, they didn't notice. And didn't notice Tim reprimanding him. And didn't notice Mondo telling people where to put a seam or something.

I think the bigger reason Michelle got eliminated though is that Mondo was the only mentor left with three designers and now they're all even again.

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DianeP said...

Thanks Toyouke - your recap really highlighted all the things that bothered me too about last night's episode. Natalie will be gone soon, I believe, and then all the designers will probably cry and hug her too. Hypocrites?

Mondo is getting weirder by the episode and has turned whiny, petulant and sarcastic. Can't imagine him ever talking back to the judges back in his day. Anya, too, is no longer anyone to admire - her skill set does not give her the right to challenge the judges. I can imagine them getting jealous of Nick's designers finally being in the top, but their reactions were ridiculous.

Totally unscripted reality show? Sorry Tim, I don't believe it for a minute.