Friday, March 7, 2014

Under the Gunn, or Mondo's Turn To Be Harsh

I know we all like unconventional materials challenges, but putting more than one in a season gets old fast. At least this one didn't offer the choice of using fabric, which is as it should be. (click for more)

Am I missing something about how the mentors are supposed to act? Anya complains about Nicholas and how she sat with him all day and he still sucked but she "gets it"? And Nick also has a crappy designer but he's a jerk? This is what happens when you don't agree with the producer "story". It makes you crazy. Also I noticed Michelle questioning Anya about taking sides or something about the runway something. I didn't write down exactly what she said in confessional. Michelle was kind of whiny this episode, although I think with good reason, sort of.

This is a good challenge, even if Tim pretends we haven't already had an unconventional materials challenge. Two if you count producing a pile of gears for steampunk. But overall I enjoy being able to watch people use materials to make a (relevant) outfit without product placement or teams or whatever.

Today it is Sam's turn to fail. I didn't think he was doing that poorly, but apparently he was and Mondo tells him to quit sucking (but not in so many words). He of course thinks Mondo sees his potential or whatever. Was he in danger of going home? Maybe. I don't think he's that bad, but clearly I do not judge things the same as the judges. As I said before, he is Danny V. Michelle threw some shade at people, which was sort of uncalled for but then again, have you noticed there is almost no drama between designers? All the drama involves the mentors. I JUST noticed that. And after she said Mondo wasn't helping her, I did try to see if that was true. It could be true, but it could also be that Mondo didn't think she needed any help. I mean, she clearly did this week, but either Mondo liked her outfit or he was told to concentrate on Sam. Mondo gave plenty of instructions to both Asha and Sam, like approaching Nick-level instructions, but I don't think he gave any to Michelle. And he should have, because she ended up in the bottom.

So Oscar makes a hot mess and then magically the next day he has a very clean awesome dress. What? Where did that come from? I vaguely remember him asking people for extra materials (which, don't share, it's a competition) but comparing the first dress to the second it's like two different people made them. Also watching Nick screw up sports analogies was hilarious.

On the runway I think Oscar's dress looked great, and mostly people were OK. Stephanie and Michelle both made the same dress, and it was tacky, so I'm fine with them in the bottom. And then Sam wins the random prize for being "fun". I do not trust random, unannounced prizes. Oh, but then Mondo gets to pick the overall winner and he picks Sam again! Why? "Because he needs it". HE JUST WON THE POINTLESS RANDOM PRIZE. Seriously? He just won a prize. I liked Asha's fine, but Sam made a halter top and wrapped a mat around her waist. THAT'S what he came up with, with all the help he got? Sad. And then when they were talking about Michelle they were like "She didn't create for strong females" but SAM DID? I know I'm yelling, but come on. I'm fine with Stephanie losing, I just am irritated at some of the shit they're saying. Also as a side note I loved Natalia's dress. I loved the knitting and I don't think it turned out that poorly. Luckily they were willing to give her points for trying. Also memo to Shan: those shorts were not cute.

OK I think I hit everything I wanted to rant about. Do you agree? Do you wish for more drama that isn't caused by mentors or by producer interference that irritates us?


DianeP said...

Thanks Toyouke - I agree that this show has become focused on the mentors and not the designers.

The designers seem to be complaining in confessional, rather than causing friction with one another. Wonder if any of that will come back to bite them?

Beatnik Mary said...

I applaud you for even knowing a single designer's name. I'll watch the show (sometimes multiple viewings of the same episode!) and I'll forget all their names the second I hear them. It's like they're props to the Nick, Mondo, Anya storyline. And I'm fine with that, I guess. I'm watching it because I'm interested in the three mentors, but it definitely doesn't feel like it has much in common with Project Runway. It reminds me a lot of that Jessica Simpson show, "Fashion Star" but without the buyers.