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TAR24, Recap Leg 4, 3/16/14

Welcome to Leg 4! Last time, on Let’s All Hope Sequined Hot Pants Disintegrate When Wet, teams flew to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Teams rappelled down a waterfall, built rafts (sort of), and used blowguns to shoot fake birds. Dave and Connor missed their goods drop-off but still managed to win the leg, the first leg they’ve won while everyone has two intact legs. Joey and Meghan failed to keep their cab around when it dropped them off in the middle of nowhere, and were eliminated. Who will be eliminated. . . next? (click for more)

Toyouke here, because Kmanpat is in Brisbane, Australia. I know. Especially because it’s just above freezing here and summer there. Humph. Oh, and what I said up there? The sequined hot pants are fine. Sadly.

Arrival at the pit stop last episode:
1st – Dave/Connor, Team LIVESTRONG
2nd – Jet/Cord, The Cowboys
3rd – Leo/Jamal, The Afghanimals
4th – Margie/Luke, Team ASL Rainbow
5th – Flight Time/Big Easy, The Globetrotters
6th – Caroline/Jennifer, The Country Singers
7th – Jessica/John, Cocky YDC
8th – Brendon/Rachel, Team Brenchel

Tanjun Aru Water Village, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

9:06 AM Dave/Connor (1st)
Clue: Make your way to Prince Phillip Park and search for the Murut Longhouse to find your next clue. You have $98 for this leg of the race.

I think it’s called the Murut Longhouse. Dave and Connor say it once and then everyone else just says “the longhouse”.

9:08 AM Jet/Cord (2nd)
9:14 AM Leo/Jamal (3rd)
9:58 AM Margie/Luke (4th) – Luke says he came out when he was 19, when he realized he was gay and that’s fine. When he texted his mom that he had something to tell her, she said “You’re gay?” Heh.
11:04 AM Flight Time/Big Easy (5th)
11:17 AM Caroline/Jennifer (6th) – by now there are a couple dozen kids hanging around for some reason.
12:13 PM Jessica/John (7th) – the last time they were here, they were always racing for first place on each leg. Now John says they have a different mindset. I guess the mindset of “Don’t do anything stupid.”
12:45 PM Brendon/Rachel (8th) – supposedly they are not just trying to get to the end, but to win. Because if they win Brendon said Rachel could have babies and she wants babies. There are so many things wrong with that sentence.

Teams arrive at the longhouse in the following order:

1- Jet/Cord
2- Dave/Connor
3- Leo/Jamal
4- Margie/Luke 
5- Flight Time/Big Easy
6- Caroline/Jennifer
7- Jessica/John
8- Brendon/Rachel

And once they arrive, teams get the fourth roadblock clue.


Who’s got a spring in their step?

In this roadblock, roadblockers must jump on a bamboo trampoline, called a lansaran, and grab a flag above their heads. The flag is adjusted for their height.

The following teammates take the Roadblock:

1- Cord - who has to try several times. Like…47 times.
2- Connor – who jokes with his dad about how his dad clearly does not fit this Roadblock question.
3- Leo
4- Luke
5- Big Easy – man, that flag is pretty much on the ceiling.
6- Caroline – based on the fact that in interviews it’s the girl on the left, and they always sit in the order their names are onscreen. Because, still can’t tell them apart.
7- Jessica – who has to stop and wrap her foot because it’s bleeding and there are blisters. Gah.
8- Rachel – who fails until she removes her pantyhose. Because she’s wearing pantyhose and a skirt on THE AMAZING RACE.

It looks like you only get a certain number of attempts before you have to let other teams have a try. After much jumping, teams complete the Roadblock in the following order:

1- Dave/Connor – “I feel like Big Easy!”
2- Leo/Jamal
3- Jet/Cord 
4- Margie/Luke
5- Flight Time/Big Easy 
6- Caroline/Jennifer
7- Jessica/John
8- Brendon/Rachel

Teams find they must now make their way to Kuala Lumpur. Once there, teams should search for their clue at an intersection near the Petronas Towers. Warning: there are only three flights available for this leg and seating is limited.

Teams make their way to the airport and arrive at the marked ticket counter in the following order:

1- Dave/Connor
2- Leo/Jamal
3- Jet/Cord  
4- Margie/Luke
5- Flight Time/Big Easy 
6- Caroline/Jennifer
7- Jessica/John
8- Brendon/Rachel

Teams find the marked Air Asia counter and get their tickets for the following flights:

Flight 1
1) Dave/Connor
2) Leo/Jamal
3) Jet/Cord

Flight 2 (leaving 90 minutes after Flight 1)
1) Margie/Luke
2) Flight Time/Big Easy

Flight 3 (leaving 45 minutes after Flight 2)
1) Caroline/Jennifer
2) Jessica/John
3) Brendon/Rachel

Suddenly Flight 2 is delayed 50 minutes and therefore leaves 5 minutes after Flight 3. Boo. Margie is kind of freaked because on the last All-Stars season they were eliminated right after Flight Time and Big Easy. They actually end up landing within a minute of each other and then there’s taxi chaos.

Teams arrive in Kuala Lumpur and find the clue in the following order:

1- Leo/Jamal
2- Jet/Cord
3- Dave/Connor  
4- Brendon/Rachel
5- Jessica/John
6- Caroline/Jennifer
7- Margie/Luke
8- Flight Time/Big Easy

And we get the Detour Clue. 

Mix Master OR Master Mix
*Mix Master: Teams must choose a “scratch coach” and learn how to DJ. Then they will head to the performance area to perform. If they are not good enough they will have to head to the back of the line to try again. If they are “up to scratch” the DJ will hand them their next clue. You will basically be repeating whatever the DJ does and hoping you get it right.
*Master Mix: Teams must pour a pyramid of cocktails without mixing colors to receive their next clue. So you make a stack of tumblers, and then put down four martini glasses. Stack three martini glasses on top of those. Alternate different colors in the tumblers. Then hopefully you’ve lined everything up right. No color mixing.

Both Detour choices require teams to make their way to Sky Bar.

1- Leo/Jamal choose Master Mix – one of them is a bartender or something? Whatever.
2- Jet/Cord choose Master Mix
3- Dave/Connor choose Master Mix – they don’t even drink (Mormons!) but Dave has no rhythm.
4- Brendon/Rachel choose Master Mix – Rachel is very cocky about how this Detour was made for her because she used to be a cocktail waitress, so I am looking forward to her failing.
5- Jessica/John choose Mix Master
6- Caroline/Jennifer choose Mix Master
7- Margie/Luke choose Master Mix – well they kind of have to, right? I don’t know how I feel about that.
8- Flight Time/Big Easy choose Mix Master

Teams complete the detour in the following order:

1- Jet/Cord – after 9 attempts.
2- Dave/Connor – after 12 attempts.
3- Leo/Jamal – on their third attempt they drop everything and break the glasses, so that part was hilarious to me. After 11 attempts they Bald Snark to Mix Master which sadly goes much better.
4- Caroline/Jennifer - they are discovering singing skills do not transfer to DJing. But then they finish after one attempt.
5- Jessica/John – Jessica jacks around between tracks and almost gets them kicked out. They do have to take two attempts.
6- Flight Time/Big Easy – after 4 attempts I think. “I’m never goin’ to the club again in my life!”
7- Margie/Luke - Luke gets really frustrated around the 24th attempt and throws the tumblers on the ground. Brendon and Rachel try to cheer him up. But after 26 attempts they finally get it. I may have cheered loudly.
8- Brendon/Rachel – of course this is not Rachel’s Detour.

After nearly 30 attempts for both teams Margie and Luke think about quitting. They try to get Rachel and Brendon to quit too, but Rachel refuses and talks about how she wants to be here and whatever. She thinks they can all do it. Well at least they tried. Margie admits she previously thought Rachel was a big crybaby.

Of course then after 40 (!) attempts Brendon and Rachel are still there and Rachel is talking about how they don’t give up and they can’t show their family/future children that they are quitters. I guess Bald Snarking counts as quitting. Guess you should have taken the time penalty deal. After three hours they get it done. But Rachel says at least they finished, so I was expecting that to cue Phil showing up for a field Philimination.

Teams find now that they must travel to Batu Caves, the PIT STOP of the fourth leg of this racearoundtheworld.  The last team to arrive WILL be eliminated!

1- Jet/Cord – who win a trip for two to London. Cord: “We’re like butter. *Beat* We’re on a roll.”
2- Dave/Connor
3- Leo/Jamal  
4- Caroline/Jennifer
5- Jessica/John
6- Flight Time/Big Easy 
7- Margie/Luke  
8- Brendon/Rachel  

And Brendon and Rachel are NOT eliminated! BOO! Stupid show. They will have a Speed Bump in the next leg and I hope it is really hard.

1st – Jet/Cord
2nd – Dave/Connor
3rd – Leo/Jamal
4th – Caroline/Jennifer
5th – Jessica/John
6th – Flight Time/Big Easy
7th – Margie/Luke
8th – Brendon/Rachel

Next week: Rachel thinks they can make a 30 minute connection. Also there is fishing and dancing. Until next time! You’ll be stuck with me again! Ha!

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Toyouke said...

This is here so I don't forget it, but I wonder if the non-elim was placed here because Margie and Luke could not switch Detours and were stuck with the drinks. Any other team can switch and hopefully do better in the other task. The producers could have seen that this team didn't have that option and so put the non-elim here so they wouldn't be penalized for not trying a task that Luke physically can't do.