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TAR24, Recap Leg 5, 3/23/14

Welcome to Leg 5! Last time, on Your Homework Is to Go Home and Watch “Cocktail”, teams flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Teams jumped on wood, and mostly failed at trick pours. Jet and Cord managed to actually win a leg, despite 47 attempts at the Roadblock. Brendon and Rachel felt switching Detours was the same as quitting and wasted three hours trying to get done, only to find out it was a non-elimination leg and they’re still racing. Woo. Who will be eliminated. . . next? (click for more)

Toyouke here, because Kmanpat is still gone. This time he’s in Minnesota, though, so I’m sure it’s cold and unpleasant.

Arrival at the pit stop last episode:
1st – Jet/Cord, The Cowboys
2nd – Dave/Connor, Team LIVESTRONG
3rd – Leo/Jamal, The Afghanimals
4th – Caroline/Jennifer, The Country Singers
5th – Jessica/John, Cocky YDC
6th – Flight Time/Big Easy, The Globetrotters
7th – Margie/Luke, Team ASL Rainbow
8th – Brendon/Rachel, Team Brenchel

Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2:26 PM Jet/Cord (1st)
Clue: Fly to Colombo, Sri Lanka! After arriving, teams must find Gangaramaya Temple. Once they’ve been blessed by the monk, teams will receive their next clue.

3:13 PM Dave/Connor (2nd) – This is the leg Dave and Connor left on last time.
3:40 PM Leo/Jamal (3rd) – “The Twinnies’ motherland!” Then their cabbie tells them to go right to the airport, 90 km away, instead of a travel agent like everyone else.
4:10 PM Caroline/Jennifer (4th)
4:12 PM Jessica/John (5th)
4:40 PM Flight Time/Big Easy (6th)
5:12 PM Margie/Luke (7th) – They’re going to try not to stress out. Good idea. Then the cabbie gets lost going to the travel agency so they go to the airport instead.
6:08 PM Brendon/Rachel (8th) – pretty far behind.

All teams find a direct flight that leaves at 11:05pm and gets in at 12 midnight. However Margie/Luke and Brendon/Rachel are too late to get tickets on that flight as it is full. The travel agent tells Brendon and Rachel there is a flight through Singapore that gets in at the same time but the connection is only 30 minutes. Rachel thinks they should take it because they don’t have anything to lose. It’s true, you’d be hours if not a full day behind, you might as well risk it. When Margie is at the airport counter trying to buy tickets, a chyron says it’s 10:15pm. Huh? How did it take them 5 hours to get there? Margie and Luke decide it’s too risky and they’re going to try standby on the flight everyone else is on. They didn’t seem to be able to confirm the Singapore-Colombo flight with the tight connection. The young man you see with a laptop helping them out is a fan who knew (based on spoilers) that the teams were in Kuala Lumpur and decided to hang out in the airport to spy. I would totally do that also.

Flight 1 (Kuala Lumpur-Singapore-Colombo)
1) Brendon/Rachel – sadly they make the connection.

Flight 2(direct Kuala Lumpur-Colombo)
1) Dave/Connor
2) Leo/Jamal
3) Jet/Cord
4) Caroline/Jennifer
5) Jessica/John
6) Flight Time/Big Easy – They spend some time messing with everyone about how Brendon and Rachel are still around.

Flight 3 (…Sometime the next day)
1) Margie and Luke – as far as I know new rules state you can only purchase one itinerary to your destination, so they couldn’t have bought both standby and the route with the connection and then taken the better option. Everyone checked in for the direct flight.

Teams arrive in Colombo and find the temple in the following order:

1- Brendon/Rachel
2- Flight Time/Big Easy
3- Caroline/Jennifer 
4- Leo/Jamal
5- Dave/Connor
6- Jessica/John
7- Jet/Cord
8- Margie/Luke – cue many interviews about how wonderful Sri Lanka is and how much they love racing together.

Hours of Operation! Opening at 5:45am! Suckers! Once they are allowed inside there is no running. Everyone takes off their shoes and puts on special garments and pretends to be respectful.

Teams now travel by train to the city of Galle, then ride in a “three wheeler” (aka a tuk-tuk) to find the marked King Coconut Stand. Everyone gets on the same train. Well, everyone but Margie and Luke. Caroline says the cowboys have “magical powers” that they want. Back off, girl. The tuk-tuk drivers are completely insane. Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.

Once in Galle, teams find the coconut stand in the following order:

1- Dave/Connor
2- Flight Time/Big Easy
3- Jet/Cord 
4- Leo/Jamal
5- Jessica/John
6- Brendon/Rachel
7- Caroline/Jennifer
8- Margie/Luke

And we get the Detour Clue. 

Fishing Pole OR Spin Control
*Fishing Pole: Teams must climb onto a pair of fishing stilts and each catch a fish. Once they have both caught a fish, they must deliver them to a local fisherman to receive their next clue. The clue doesn’t say so, but there are costumes.
*Spin Control: Teams must learn and perform a traditional dance while spinning drum-like instruments. Like spinning plates. Once they have turned in a good performance, the dance leader will give them their next clue. The clue doesn’t say so, but there are costumes.

Hey, the Detour choices rhyme for no reason! I like it.

1- Dave/Connor choose Fishing Pole – Connor looks good shirtless.
2- Flight Time/Big Easy choose Spin Control
3- Jet/Cord choose Fishing Pole
4- Leo/Jamal choose Spin Control
5- Jessica/John choose Fishing Pole – John drops his first fish back in the water. They eventually Bald Snark to Spin Control, where they keep the plates spinning but John fails at the steps.
6- Brendon/Rachel choose Spin Control
7- Caroline/Jennifer choose Spin Control
8- Margie/Luke choose NOT SHOWN – they just show them getting the clue to go to the Roadblock location. They seem dry so maybe they picked Spin Control? This is the last we see of them until the Pit Stop.

Teams complete the detour in the following order:

1- Dave/Connor
2- Flight Time/Big Easy
3- Leo/Jamal – after 2 attempts.
4- Jet/Cord  
5- Caroline/Jennifer – after 3 attempts.
6- Brendon/Rachel – after 15 attempts. Rachel is really supportive and calm which is weird.
7- Jessica/John - after 2 attempts at dancing.

Teams must now travel to the Trendy Connections Garment Factory to receive their next clue.

When they arrive, we find that Brendon and Rachel have their Speed Bump.


A Speed Bump is a task that must be performed by the last place team on a non-elimination leg. Once they complete this task, they may return to the place where the Speed Bump occurred and continue the leg. In this speed bump, teams must print 15 T-shirts with the Sri Lankan flag. Once teams have applied the final layer of paint to complete the flag designs, they may continue racing.

Teams complete the Speed Bump in the following order:

1- Brendon/Rachel

After much silk-screening, they continue with the rest of the teams in getting the next clue in the following order:

1- Flight Time/Big Easy
2- Dave/Connor
3- Caroline/Jennifer 
4- Leo/Jamal
5- Jet/Cord 
6- Brendon/Rachel
7- Jessica/John  

And teams get the fifth roadblock clue.


Who wants to put the treadle to the metal?

In this roadblock, roadblockers must properly stitch together a shirt. One shirt. When the floor manager approves, they will take it to a heat transfer machine, where their next clue will be printed on the front.

The following teammates take the Roadblock:

1- Big Easy – “I decided to do the Roadblock. Worst decision ever.” Flight Time promises to wear whatever he makes. Then he gets bored and starts spinning a basketball and bothering the workers.
2- Connor
3- Jennifer – pretty sure. She and Connor help each other.
4- Leo – he is exactly as annoying as you would expect. Those people are at work, leave them alone.
5- Jet
6- Brendon
7- Jessica – she’s not even really sure about if the pedal drives the sewing machine. Luckily Brendon decides to start over (?) so they can do it step-by-step together.

After much sewing, teams complete the Roadblock in the following order:

1- Dave/Connor
2- Caroline/Jennifer
3- Jet/Cord 
4- Leo/Jamal
5- Jessica/John 
6- Brendon/Rachel
7- Flight Time/Big Easy - they do try to put the shirt on with hilarious results.

Teams find now that they must travel to the Colombo Rowing Club, the PIT STOP of the fifth leg of this racearoundtheworld.  The last team to arrive WILL be eliminated! I know I said WILL last time and it wasn’t true, but that was a mistake. They don’t put two non-elimination legs in a row.

1- Dave/Connor – who win $5000 each. Connor is wearing the shirt he just made.
2- Caroline/Jennifer
3- Jet/Cord  
4- Leo/Jamal
5- Jessica/John
6- Flight Time/Big Easy – because they paid off the bus driver to take them straight to the Rowing Club without making any other stops.
7- Brendon/Rachel  
8- Margie/Luke  

And Margie and Luke are eliminated. Luke says it’s cool he got to do the race three times, and he thanks his mom for everything she does for him.

1st – Dave/Connor
2nd – Caroline/Jennifer
3rd – Jet/Cord
4th – Leo/Jamal
5th – Jessica/John
6th – Flight Time/Big Easy
7th – Brendon/Rachel

Next week: Rachel freaks out and almost gets hit by a tuk-tuk. And Kmanpat is back! Until next time!

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