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TAR 27 Recap Leg 10, 11-27-15

Welcome to Leg 10! Last time, on Don’t Mind Me While I Shave This Guy For Two Hours, Y’all Keep Racing, 6 teams raced from Poland to India. Team Texas was slapped with the first Speed Bump of the Race, and for the first time ever, the task was for both people to do the Roadblock. Justin Diana excelled, blah blah blah, came in first AGAIN, but the Texas boys got U-Turned and eliminated. Who will be eliminated. . . next?

Arrival at the pit stop last episode:
1st – Justin and Diana, Team Race Proposal, #TheGreenTeam
2nd – Kelsey and Joey, Team Newscast, #TheReporters
3rd – Logan and Chris, Team Photobomb, #ThePaparazzi
4th – Tiffany and Krista, Team Jet Pack, #TheCheerleaders
5th – Denise and James Earl, Team Token MomGaySon, #TeamAlabama

At the Pit Stop, there was no Eat Sleep Mingle this week, so lets just get right to this shall we?

Mehtab Bagh, Agra, India

5:10 PM Justin/Diana (1st)
Clue: Travel by tuk-tuk to Kachora Bazaar to get your next clue. CAUTION: U-Turn Ahead! (Toyouke: “What? ANOTHER U-Turn?”)

5:18 PM Kelsey/Joey (2nd)
5:23 PM Logan/Chris (3rd) – and Chris starts the leg by vomiting and mentioning that he doesn’t feel well, so forgive him for being an Asshat.
6:00 PM Tiffany/Krista (4th)
6:28 PM Denise/James Earl (5th)

So teams tuk-tuk to Kachora Bazaar, and arrive in the following order:

1- Justin/Diana
2- Kelsey/Joey
3- Logan/Chris
4- Tiffany/Krista
5- Denise/James Earl

And teams get the envelope with the tenth roadblock clue.

Who’s full of hot air?
In this roadblock, one team member must choose a bicycle and a basket of balloons to fill with helium and place the balloons in a net that gets attached to the back of the bicycle. Roadblockers then must deliver the balloons to a wedding to get their next clue, and then return to the bazaar to drop off the bike and retrieve their partner.

The following teammates take the Roadblock:

1- Justin
2- Joey
3- Logan
– who takes the roadblock with no discussion.
4- Tiffany
5- James Earl

Teams blow up balloons and take them to the wedding in the following order:

1- Justin/Diana – and while Justin is off riding, Diana gives the kids temporary tattoos. (Toyouke: “Shut up, Justin.”)
2- Kelsey/Joey
3- Logan/Chris – (Toyouke: “Did Chris just make a comment about how he was going to propose to Logan but not here? And he did it after the leg so she knows about it? What? Also don't marry that asshat.”)
4- Tiffany/Krista – and Tiffany gets maltreated because woman in India and loses all her balloons en route the delivery spot. She does not happen to be penalized, however. (Toyouke: “Weirdly Logan didn't have any trouble.”)
5- Denise/James Earl – and James Earl can’t untangle his net.

After much biking and balloon delivery, teams complete the Roadblock in the following order:

1- Justin/Diana
2- Kelsey/Joey
3- Logan/Chris
4- Tiffany/Krista
5- Denise/James Earl

Teams are now instructed to travel to Goyal Bookstore in the Shri Raj Complex. They arrive in the following order:

1- Justin/Diana
2- Kelsey/Joey
3- Logan/Chris
4- Tiffany/Krista
5- Denise/James Earl

When they arrive, teams find the U-Turn.

This is a U-Turn. Teams may choose to U-turn any team they wish (well, the team has to be behind them for it to count), but they may only use the U-Turn once during the race. If a team is U-turned, they must go back to the Detour choices and complete the Detour that they did not complete. Phil, during his explanation, does not say how many U-Turns there will be on this race.
(Toyouke: “I only just noticed this is is a single U-Turn with no touchscreen and not blind. Old school. Also why is this U-Turn BEFORE the Detour?”)

1- Justin/Diana choose to U-Turn Chris/Logan - (Toyouke: “Yeah...probably the one team that MIGHT hurt them. Although I'm still bored by this episode and season. This is not drama.”)
2- Kelsey/Joey have previously used the U-Turn
3- Logan/Chris have been U-Turned
4- Tiffany/Krista have previously used the U-Turn
5- Denise/James Earl cannot use the U-Turn

And we get the Detour Clue.

Bring the Groom OR Bring the Fun
*Bring the Groom: Teams must start a generator to light a candelabra, and then one person must push the cart with the generator, while the other carries the candelabra in the wedding procession. Once the procession arrives at the wedding and the teams deliver the groom to his bride, the master of ceremonies will give them their next clue. (Toyouke: "Candle-a-bra")
*Bring the Fun: Teams must push a carnival ride to the wedding and then give eight children a ride. Once the ride is complete, the master of ceremonies will give them their next clue.

1- Justin/Diana choose Bring the Fun
2- Kelsey/Joey choose Bring the Groom
3- Chris/Logan choose Bring the Fun – only because they have to start with something.
4- Tiffany/Krista choose Bring the Groom
5- Denise/James Earl choose Bring the Groom

Generators start, teams process, rides get pushed. Team complete their tasks and get their clues in the following order:

1- Justin/Diana
2- Kelsey/Joey
3- Logan/Chris
4- Tiffany/Krista
5- Denise/James Earl

Once Logan and Chris took care of their first task, they immediately returned to the starting point to complete the second task, which they still managed to get done before Denise and James Earl.

Once they had their clues, teams find now that they must find Phil at the wedding at Shri Ramchandra Farm House, the PIT STOP of the tenth leg of this racearoundtheworld. The last team to arrive MAY be eliminated!

1- Justin/Diana – who win $5000 each. And now have seven wins. One more to tie the record for most leg wins, and two to break it, which is still annoyingly possible. (Toyouke: “Also SHUT UP JUSTIN”)
2- Kelsey/Joey
3- Tiffany/Krista –who are still at the Pit Stop when . . .
4- Chris/Logan – show up. And they are still at the Pit Stop when. . .
5- Denise/James Earl – show up. . .

And Denise and James Earl are eliminated. I liked them. They are happy that they reconnected and Denise sees her son for the awesome person he is.

1st – Justin/Diana
2nd – Kelsey/Joey
3rd – Tiffany/Krista
4th – Logan/Chris

Next week: Hong Kong! Macau! And someone makes a race altering mistake! Until next time! (Toyouke: “Oh I was hopeful Justin was in trouble but EVERYONE is upset.”)

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