Thursday, November 5, 2015

Project Runway 11/5/15--"Finale Part 2" summary

Previously on “Project Runway”: Edmond got saved, because of course, so now there are four finalists. They did not eliminate anyone so last episode was two hours of pointlessness. Because everyone realized that if you allow the judges to give “feedback” then you can deny people the prize because they didn't listen to whatever nonsense the judges say. Like, say, Kelly doing sportswear and the judges wanting it to be more luxe and then Edmond is too “polished” and not sexy enough. It's dumb. Anyway what you need to know is everyone made another look in a day and Edmond showed up with an entire outfit not even started, plus two that needed more work, then the “surprise” challenge. Ashley is making a plus-size collection. That's basically it. (click for more)

Everyone is just sitting around moping. Candice and Edmond are more thrown, because they seem to have the most work to do. Tim comes in to try to spin it like they're in such good shape because they know what the judges think. Ashley just has finishing things to do. Tim tells Kelly to bedazzle the shit out of everything. Is that what they told her? I guess. Edmond must sex everything up. Candice did too many things and she has to tone it down. See what I mean? Candice was told she had too many things happening while Kelly was told to have more things happening. Also they yelled at Ashley for not having a print when they did nothing but bitch about her prints for the last like 6 episodes! Anyway, they'll get another trip to Mood if they want. Edmond and Candice don't seem to want anything, while Ashley wants more thread (and a print, sigh) and Kelly wants glitter. Then...Tim says he's going to go shopping for Kelly and Ashley? Wait, what? They can't go themselves? I smell a rat.

Edmond I guess built his collection around ruffles, which the judges didn't like. Oops. There is a lot of talk about what everyone is doing, with the reminder that Kelly and Ashley don't have to rethink their entire collections. Tim returns with 20 pounds of glitter for Kelly and...a bunch of stuff for Ashley. You guys don't mind if I skip the eight million times everyone talks about how much they have to do and how much they want to win, right? OK cool.

Tim Time. Kelly has a pair of giant platform shoes she has covered in glitter. Tim loves it. He tells her to mix up her separates to see what goes together. Candice doesn't really know what to do, in terms of what she wants to show and does she show her giant hoop skirt and pannier thing and whatever. She might take out the hoop and just put in the dress. I guess they thought it was too costumey, plus her cherry blossom print doesn't “go”. OK, maybe it is super drag queen but I am so BORED. I would love some crazy drag queen shit. Ashley likes her stuff from Mood. She has to have super perfect fit. Tim says to keep an eye on everything. Edmond is trying to design something new. I don't' know if you have time for that. I get why, because the judges basically said they hated his collection, and to make it more sexy you need new designs. But I don't think he has time.

There's an ad for Project Runway: Junior, and I might watch but I don't know that I'm going to talk about it. I don't know if I can deal with high schoolers all day and then come home and watch more of them, AND the producer's usual bullshit.

Anyway, Tim tells Edmond about Sean last season and his fringe. The judges hated his fringe but he used it anyway. Did he not cut any of it? I don't even remember. Anyway, if you believe it your ruffles you should keep it. Tim says five models are coming tonight, and the other five tomorrow. When they come in, Kelly is mixing things up. Hilariously Candice says “it's a lot”. Says the woman who had a giant hoop skirt. Edmond promises a more modern collection. I think everyone is worried about fit. Candice figures out later she put a pair of pants on her model backwards so she...scraps the pants to make new ones. What? Why not just use them backwards? You clearly didn't notice so why not just do it that way since it must look OK?

One day left. Suddenly Candice has her confidence back. The other models come in for fittings. Kelly has been trying to get someone to fit her jumpsuit. Ashley loves the floral headpieces but doesn't want to lose because the judges hate them. Kelly finally finds her model that fits the jumpsuit. There are hair consults but whatever on that also.

Commercial interlude: Edmond and Ashley discuss how tired they are. Edmond apparently started hallucinating and packed for Fashion Week super last minute.

Some guy from Lexus comes in to tell them they can have two cars to drive around tonight and tomorrow. Now they have one hour to pack up all their stuff before tomorrow. Candice didn't have time to make anything new so she's using the cherry blossom print she says the judges hated.

It is finally Runway Day, at 3:30am. Everyone goes to the tent and freaks out and gets nervous. And talks about how much they want to win. There is the usual frantic working. There don't seem to be any missing models this year, although Ashley waits until the absolute last minute to dress her models.

OK time to start. Heidi and Nina are wearing the same jumpsuit, which is super weird. Ashley busts a zipper. We go to commercial with her freaking out about it.

You know why this is two hours? So we can have half an hour of commercials for Project Runway Junior. Shut up, Lifetime.

The guest judge is Carrie Underwood. Everyone showed anonymously, which means there will probably be a shot of the designer walking around with the models and you shouldn't believe one minute of it. Photos of collections are from Blogging Project Runway as always! Because they do such a good job of arranging them! Thanks guys!

Kelly is up first. She explains her “Studio 54 meets New Wave street wear”. Kelly's collection I would not wear most of these clothes, but it's very cohesive. You can easily see that the same woman would wear all these clothes. Although...that first look, looks like a bib. She does not have fanny packs for everything. OK but there is also a look with the wood grain fabric that is a miniskirt, then sheer to mid calf. Not so great? Kelly loves everything. The jumpsuit she was worried about fitting has split legs. I like her collection even though it is not my taste at all. Very shiny.

Edmond is up next. He dedicates his collection to his mom. Aww. Edmond'scollection It's all dresses. That blue number that is very full is weird, and the white tent dress with black trim is cool, but so many of these dresses are just black dresses that don't seem that interesting. I guess they're sexy in that they're tight? And some are short? There is a white dress with ruffles and a mullet hem that looks like toilet paper. It just seems like I've seen it before.

Candice briefly mentions Asian influences. Candice's collection There is a lot of leather, which is pretty Candice, I guess. But I feel the same as with Edmond which is that I've seen it and I'm not that interested. There's a crop top and sheer skirt with beading over her crotch. What? A weird mermaid skirt and then she did send out that big red dress that was supposed to have the hoop skirt. But without the hoops it's just so boring.

Ashley mentions her grandmother and Mexico City. Ashley's collection She did not put the headpieces on everyone. There's a lot of lace and sheer pieces, and I like it, but there are some pieces that don't fit right. There is some weird stuff. A giant satin skirt with flowers and a sheer poncho. Lots of crop tops. I don't know. I want to support her because of reasons but I also would probably not buy any of it. But it does go together.

Carrie mentions how she knows reality shows. Kelly is up first. Zac loves the glitter shoes and although he doesn't like the spandex it was a great show. It was all very Kelly. Ashley did something unexpected and this was courageous. I feel bad because they didn't have enough time to fit and you know they're going to nail her for it. Ashley is getting all praise which makes me suspicious. Kelly did get some negative info. Oh, Zac does give her shit for gluing flowers on the satin skirt. Candice had so much leather, but Nina thinks she had “the best of both worlds”. One of her leather dresses did not fit. Heidi doesn't think it was cohesive: the cherry blossom dress was sweet but then all the leather and some things were trashy. Edmond had some sophistication in the beginning. Heidi then says the white dress looks like toilet paper! Just like I thought! He wanted to have a wow factor. The judges think when his stuff is boring, it's better than when he does a million ruffles.

Why should you win? Kelly has a specific point of view she wants to share. Ashley wants to “take the world” and push her confidence. Candice thinks “there is a huge voice out there for women who need to wear a little bit of strength on their sleeve.” What? Fine. Edmond has tried his best every challenge and this would take him to the next level.

In the Scrap Bin everyone talks about the end. Nina thinks that the people who did well were “true to their voice”. And if they did not do well they were not “true to their voice”. The voice the judges bitched about and told them was terrible. Edmond tried to do what they told him, and he “knows a woman's body.” but he had some misses and Zac thinks he has more to grow. Zac thought Candice would surprise them with a polished collection. Heidi didn't like it either. Nina busts out that old chestnut of “but I don't know who she is!” Kelly was really true to her aesthetic and has gotten better as the show went on. That's true. Ashley's designs are great and Zac does mention the market she can tap into. They like the pastels and crop tops. Sure. It seems to be between Kelly and Ashley.

Candice is the first one out. She claims not to be sad because her kids are here. Edmond is out too. He's not sad either, you guys. out. What? What. Listen I love Ashley but did she have a better collection than Kelly? That is highly questionable. Kelly is excited to get her name out there and start her career. So Ashley is the winner! A plus-sized ready-to-wear designer! Exactly the demographic I'm sure Lifetime wants to court! OMG I am so cynical. I'm glad there's a plus-size designer getting attention. I am. I just hope Kelly gets some attention too.

Next week: reunion. Of course. But it's only an hour. There are a bunch of dumb arguments. You know there are. But it's the last hour we have to endure before we're free for months!

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Duabe said...

Thank you, Toyouke, for a great finale recap and for pointing out the half hour wasted watching promos for the Project Runway Juniors show. As much as I like Christian and would like to see Hannah Davis, I don't think I want to see anyone bashing a bunch of kids. Some, it seems to me, need to be put down a few pegs, but at that fragile age, it's not something I want to see.

Ashley's the winner!?! - at the beginning, I really wanted her to win because she represented larger women like me. All those crops tops started to get to me - don't really know anyone my size who'd wear them. Glad she's getting a voice for a big segment of our population; but as you pointed out, it's a big segment of Lifetime's viewing population.

Sad for Kelli - she seemed like she had an interesting collection, but a small population who'd wear her clothes. But then... I'm old and don't go clubbing.

Edmond - glad he persevered through 13 seasons of auditioning to finally make it to Fashion Week. He has an audience for pretty, sexy gowns and I hope those ladies go to him for some new fashions.

Candice - her all-black aesthetic was hard and edgy sometimes, but her foray into Asian culture seemed to overwhelm her. Tim said it was cheap looking? Don't know, but hope some folks find her too.

Thank you for your continued coverage of Project Runway - I always read your recap first!