Thursday, October 1, 2015

Project Runway 10/1/15--"Make It Sell" summary

Previously on “Project Runway”: the designers are asked to be inspired by the musical “Finding Neverland”. They actually go to Mood, which I heard never happens because they're not at Parsons anymore, so it takes too much time to go across town to Mood every other day or whatever. Candice made a leather bustier and a coat out of black fabric with roses and she won. Lindsey made a boring outfit and was sent home. (click for more)

Candice brags about winning by herself instead of being in a group, and how she's now humbled. I don't need another Gretchen, show. Then there's a school bell and Tim in a video saying today is “just fabulous” and he has a yardstick. Whatever. Swapnil says he's not afraid of kids.

In...I think the workroom? Because that's the accessory wall right? Anyway there are a bunch of classroom desks for people to sit in and a chalkboard. Tim introduces a Just Fab person (that's the accessory wall people, in case you forgot). On the blackboard are five “Just Fab member style personas”: Bombshell, Trendsetter, Girl Next Door, Modern Classic, Femme Nouveau. All pretty self-explanatory except Femme Nouveau is romantic. Everyone has to pick one. Candice gets to go first and she picks Trendsetter. Weird but OK. Candice then gets to pick everyone else's categories. She gives a noble interview about not wanting to beat people by screwing them. Girl, please, that is just as valid of a strategy. She gives Ashley “Girl Next Door” and immediately Ashley says she doesn't think that's her style, even if others do. Swapnil gets Bombshell, Kelly gets Trendsetter, Laurie has Modern Classic, Merline is stuck with Femme Nouveau (she kind of makes a face), Edmond gets Bombshell (and he's pissed about it). Tim and the Just Fab woman say they have to make some high fashion but also “affordable” which just means everything will be ready-to-wear and people will get in trouble for things looking cheap. Winner will have their piece sold online, on Just Fab which is a website I never would have heard of except for this show. Shopping at Mood (yay!) and $100. Wait, so why were there school desks and a chalkboard? Stupid.

Merline says she's romantic because she wants to have babies. I am not kidding. She then is like “Can romantic be hard-core?” I'm going to go with no. Laurie sketches a sheath dress. Edmond wants to turn up the volume but not the craziness. Candice is thinking either a neoprene jacket or a removable peplum. Ashley wants to make a gold faux leather jacket and a cute dress underneath. Kelly is making pants where each leg is a different fabric. Swapnil references Jessica Rabbit. Heh. Ashley seems really lost and she's also over budget.

Laurie knows she needs to do something edgy and different, and not a boring sheath dress. Ashley discovers she bought the wrong zipper, so her jacket just won't zip up. Swapnil observes that his bombshell is his, and Edmond's is Edmond's,and Edmond says “It depends on what neighborhood you're in” which is actually pretty accurate. Candice shit-talks Edmond's fabric which isn't that bad, although maybe it doesn't scream “bombshell”.

Tim Time! Merline says she isn't ready for Tim yet. She is making a skirt over a dress. What? So she can take it off later or something? Tim is like, why don't you just take the skirt and make it the skirt of the dress? Duh. Swapnil claims he put in 200% last challenge and Tim scoffs at him. You don't know, Tim. Today he has a tight cheetah print dress. Yes we've seen it before. Tim bitches at him about it, but seriously? You are trying to sell this shit. Ready-to-wear challenges never bring up crazy outfits because you have to sell them to the general public who doesn't want to wear crazy nonsense. Tim is extra bitchy to Swapnil and yes a cheetah print dress is cliché but it's not like she's naked. Candice has a jacket and a black peplum with white trim. Tim says it's messy. How is trim messy? Whatever. Laurie has a deep V on her dress and an open back. Laurie claims she's never seen this dress, but Tim has. Edmond took a print that is black with white and red lines? Kind of Northwestern American Indian? Anyway, it looks like a short dress with one sleeve and maybe some rouching so Tim is bored. Because she's a bombshell but wants to be classy today. Think about it. Kelly has a strange neckline (Tim praises her “out there” design aesthetic, sure Tim) and also blue Cookie Monster fur. Tim claims to get it which is so random. All of Tim's advice today seems off and total bullshit. Ashley made a motorcycle jacket, but she's unsure about it. Tim says if he wears a motorcycle jacket, then everyone does. He hates her fabric for her dress though. Oh also SURPRISE! Your look needs a label! Design one and then you'll print it onto a T-shirt and then wear the T-shirt on the runway. This is dumb but not as dumb as it could be? But still dumb.

Candice scraps her peplum. Model fitting. Ashley is now making a circle skirt and crop top. Merline only has a top to try on, but it doesn't line up. Laurie hates how her dress looks on her model. Swapnil too. Edmond gets rid of his print and finds a red. Kelly says she likes what she does but she doesn't know how the judges interpret it. The printing of the labels is a giant Brother machine which apparently serves no other purpose. Are they going to make their own prints this season? Everyone's labels are mostly their names. Not very exciting. Laurie is regretting her brag that she could make her dress in her sleep. Kelly trims fur. Laurie runs out of fabric, I think from trying out designs. She borrows some black organza from Candice.

Runway day. Laurie is still pinning, and she's kind of worried because this wasn't her original design. Swapnil says he's ready, but then curses and says he picked up the wrong zipper. Now he has to sew her into the dress, which let's point out is far from unusual on this show. Merline is asking her model to help her thread needles and she seems really far behind. Ashley kept her same fabric that Tim hated but now it's a crop top and skirt so she hopes that's better. Edmond bitches that she's repetitive but Kelly has the better idea as she says the jacket is really cute and they could totally sell a lot of those. All of a sudden Laurie realizes her model can't wear a bra. You just realized this? Edmond says something about his model's bustline and it's high and this is classy.

Commercial interlude: it's just apartment footage of people talking about if they're confident and suddenly everyone is gone and OMG THIS IS SO BORING. No wonder this didn't make the actual show.

Guest judge is Ciara, and also Yuchin Mao who is the Just Fab person from the beginning of the episode. Also this was the last immunity of the season. Swapnil: long slim gown in cheetah print, with a mock turtleneck and a short train. Over this is a jacket that is very round. It's white and shaped like an oval with short sleeves. I'm not sure what the point of it is. The back of the dress has thick white straps which is weird, and also a square of shinier gold right over where a tramp stamp would be. Kelly: leggings and a crop top in a busy print, black and white and spots of magenta and yellow. The pants are mostly this print, with the side of one leg in horizontal black and white stripes. The stripes wrap around the leg, and the top has stripes on the same side. The top has an asymmetric neckline. Over this is a sleeveless vest in blue fur with a belt. Merline: white top with mesh at the shoulders and no sleeves. There is a big peplum that is “normal” on one side but down almost to the floor on the other side. Under this is a skirt with one side in mesh. Or maybe just a chunk in mesh? It's weird. So one side of her body has the long peplum, and the other side has a mesh panel in the skirt. The back of the top is also mesh with a keyhole.

Candice: black skirt with ruffles or tiers, and a black jacket with big lapels in black and white striped fabric. The lapels actually tie in front like a sailor suit. The skirt is smooth to her hips and then ruffled tiers below that. She has skin showing at her stomach. Ashley: gold faux leather moto jacket, that doesn't actually close but doesn't look bad. It's pretty short. Then a crop top and full skirt in a weird pastely-80's kind of print with triangles. Laurie: pencil skirt in dark blue that hits below the knee, and a black sheer top. The top is sleeveless with a high neck, like she sewed fabric to the skirt and then gathered it at her neck. There are maybe ruffles on the top? Like an old tuxedo shirt? The whole thing is backless. Edmond: tight red dress with some string details at the neck and the back. It's hot but not earth-shattering.

Heidi claims the judges disagreed so much there are no highs and lows. Kelly basically made something she'd wear, which is true. Heidi likes how fun it is. Ciara likes it too, but Nina hates it. It is clownish and kind of junior. Candice demonstrates how her lapels are like, scarves that are attached to the coat? Nina rolls her eyes but Zac thinks it's fashion forward? Well, actually, Nina likes it except for the dumb lapel/scarf thing. No one is really sold 100% except maybe Zac. Merline thinks her mesh and peplum is fun and flirty. Zac decides to judge her on her concept and not her shitty sewing because that's a thing they're doing now. Heidi hates the terrible construction. It is not romantic and the Just Fab woman says it won't be produced. You couldn't sell this. Ashley wanted something fun, and Heidi loves it. It's well made. Zac then says it's not original and he's bored and disappointed. Nina loves the jacket but the rest of it is boring. Just Fab woman says the jacket would totally sell. They take the jacket off and the top has a big box pleat in the back with an insert of dark green fabric. Nice. They love this detail. Then they yell at Ashley for not demanding they look at the top without the jacket? Rude.

Edmond talks about not seeking attention or something. It's polished but it's already out there also. Then Zac is like “This is a fashion show, Edmond” which is fucking hilarious. We all know it's not a fashion show. Heidi and Nina both agree it will sell well online, but it's also cliché. Laurie's top up close is jammed up under the model's chin and it looks uncomfortable. Heidi rails on her for having a sheer top and no bra. Didn't someone send finale models down at Fashion Week in sheer tops? Like Heidi cares if it's sheer. Somehow the original plan was a strapless bra that was clear in the back. Nina tells her she can't sell this and was she even listening to the challenge? You could sell the skirt. Swapnil's cover-up, up close, is really loose and puffy in back, with a gold detail in the center of her back that's like, holding things together. That gold patch I thought I saw on the small of her back is actually there. That's where the zipper was supposed to go. Everyone yells at him to simplify the outfit and lose the wrap.

Back in the Scrap Bin, Laurie is proud of herself but Merline is freaking out. The judges all love Edmond's dress and would wear it. Even Zac. It's not maybe a favorite, but in terms of the challenge it's perfect. No one likes Kelly's fur vest, and Nina wants her to go home, but Ciara thinks it's fun and she does have a clear point of view. Candice's jacket is actually neoprene, but they don't like the studs that mark where the tiers in the skirt are. Merline at least put in some effort, and this for sure would not sell. Zac seems to be arguing for her for some reason. All love Ashley's jacket but they disagree on the crop top and skirt. Laurie didn't finish her garment and didn't understand the challenge but shouldn't you also make that argument about Merline? Plus I think Laurie could at least sell a pencil skirt. Swapnil's dress up close is cut really small. Like there is a bunch of side boob. The gold flap thing is literally a flap of sequins or beads or something. The back straps shouldn't be white. Zac thinks it's “hooker-y”. Just Fab woman says they're redesigning it for him to make it work but shouldn't that be his job? Exactly. Heidi thinks the win is between Edmond and Ashley and I think everyone agrees with those two. The out appears to be between Merline, Kelly, Swapnil, and Laurie. Maybe down to Laurie and Merline.

Edmond is the winner! See, that stupid “Oh this is a design competition” didn't matter one bit in the end. Candice and Ashley are also in. Swapnil is in, with a warning to use his time wisely. Kelly is in, mostly because Heidi and Ciara really liked the look and counteracted the others. Laurie is out. Merline is in. I don't think Merline's “ideas” should have been enough to counteract her shitty construction but whatever. Laurie is glad to have stayed true to who she is. Tim does not Save her. Laurie is ready to go somewhere else be in the spotlight there.

Next week: the Real Woman Challenge, which involves the Project Runway crew. Also Tim maybe curses?


Duabe said...

Thank you, Toyouke, for another great recap!

I am confused though - this is a design competition right? However, this week's design and/or construction didn't matter? As long as Just Fab can reproduce it easier/cheaper - then you win? Are we back to Heidi's short/tight/shiny requirements? I remember now - thanks to you Toyouke - it's a game show!

P.S. I thought Swapnil's shiny gold patch was a necklace from the Just Fab wall reimagined as a tramp stamp.

MoHub said...

What got me was that they each had $100 to produce a $40 garment, so you just know the fabric quality in the for-sale dress isn't anywhere near the level that Edmond made the original out of.

At any rate, in past challenges of this nature, the designers had consultations with a rep from the seller and worked out what the cost of the original had to be to make the retail price point.