Thursday, October 15, 2015

Project Runway 10/15/15--"The Runway's in 3D!" summary

Previously on “Project Runway”: the Real Woman challenge was basically a disaster since most of the clothes were ugly and these women did not really want makeovers. A makeover means you want to CHANGE your look. So the winner was a pair of cropped eggplant pleather overalls...for a woman who loves overalls. Seriously. That was Kelly. Since the designers are not about to help out with any drama Tim and the women brought some by being really picky and in Tim's case, bitching about everyone ignoring the clients after he told all of them they couldn't blame the clients for their shitty outfits. It was really bad and Swapnil got the brunt of it. Yeah he technically had an outfit done for Tim Time but after a full day he didn't have it sewn together enough for someone to try it on and that IS bullshit. A full day. But his client also hated everything he did and Tim was an ass to him, more than he deserved, and then Swapnil got sent home. Plus everyone was all “Oh we're such assholes to you because we CARE and you're so TALENTED!” which is a disappointed parent move and so obnoxious. (click for more)

Edmond comes into the other apartment. He's the last man standing. Ashley talks about the light at the end of the tunnel which is interesting seeing as how she's been burned out and in tears for several episodes.

Heidi makes some noise about landmarks and then busts out 3D glasses. Merline says “I see things in 3D when I walk.” Well I certainly hope so. The field trip is a park where Tim talks about how everyone will be inspired by NYC bridges. Candice immediately says she has a personal connection to bridges. OK because her dad works on them, but for a second you thought she was making things up didn't you. They can be inspired by the Queensboro, Manhattan, or Brooklyn bridges. Kelly gets to pick because she won, so she picks Brooklyn because of hip hop. Candice and Merline get Queensboro, and Ashley and Edmond get Manhattan. Also this is supposed to be avant-garde. So no one will actually make anything avant-garde because no one on this show ever knows what that means. Plus because bridges are 3D you will use 3D printers! Just go with it. Also is this in place of the “make your own print fabric” challenge? Because I like that challenge. The winner of the challenge gets a 3D printer. That's a pretty good prize.

30 minutes to sketch and then $200 at Mood. Two days, but I'm hesitant about the twist alert because I think they need that time for all the printing. Kelly wants to go literal and make a walking bridge. Her 3D printing will be bricks. Candice makes a big collar and big flare on the bottom. Because when this show says avant-garde we end up with huge dramatic collars. Ashley likes the curve of the suspension wires. Edmond doesn't know exactly what he's doing yet. Merline talked too, but she was all over the place so I'm not exactly sure what she's up to. Ashley buys blue fabric and Candice buys red? Sure. Then Candice is like “I'm going to get black just in case.”

Merline is cutting her photos up and pasting them on paper and doing a bunch of stuff. That's how she works, which I think we're seeing because people think this is her challenge. When Kelly says she's making a literal bridge Candice says it's like Lady Gaga in a meat dress so WTF? Heh. Merline makes exactly the same skirt Kini made for the “rainway” challenge. Where it's folds of fabric that look like a closed umbrella? EXACTLY THE SAME. Come on, Merline. Ashley is making cigarette pants in blue with panels of print. Everyone rolls their eyes about Kelly being literal but you and I both know that sometimes the judges don't like you to be too subtle.

The tech people come in to do stuff. Well really it's the woman who runs the 3D stuff, and Candice says she loves it but she starts by saying “I'm taken aback by the fact that it's a woman.” Candice “taken aback” implies that you're upset about it. Anyway, the woman has computer files to show everyone what their 3D stuff will look like. Merline freaks out about how cool the printers are. They leave them to run overnight so I think I was right about why this is a two day challenge.

Day 2. Everyone comes in to freak out and be excited about their printing. So everyone has a square of fabric about six inches on a side, with plastic attached to it in whatever design they wanted. OK, a lot of squares. Ashley realizes she should have had more than one design for these squares. Kelly puts cording over the chest of her outfit, but she's cursing at it because it doesn't stretch so it has to be perfect.

Tim Time! Let's hope he doesn't have his panties in a bunch like last week. Candice has a red dress which looks pretty good, and then the black squares with the 3D stuff. Tim loves it so I guess he's in a better mood today. Ashley has lines of the 3D curves over the front of her outfit. It looks like an egg slicer. I know that sounds mean but I don't know any better way to describe it. Right now she has three squares on the bodice so it swoops up and down. And then royal blue pants with panels of white and blue lace. Tim thinks the top and the pants don't go together. Edmond made a logo with his name in an X. He's created his fabric out of layers of a bunch of stuff. He was going to put illusion netting on the back but Tim tells him to just keep using the sheer black he made his fabric out of. Merline's got all her 3D stuff on the bodice. She doesn't know what she's doing exactly. Tim says maybe she should make a plan first. Then he says her skirt isn't even? Like she didn't make all the flaps exactly the same. TIM. You're not going to ask her why she made the same dress someone already made on this show. Kelly's skirt has panniers. They are pretty square. The cording looks fine right now. Tim warns her against over designing because it's about to be a costume. And then Tim is like “you know it's a riff on a pannier dress from the 18th century” and they have pictures of that. BUT NO PICTURES OF KINI. Sorry to yell but come on people. And it's not like Kini was the first one to have that idea either!

Tim is super nice now and says this is the best work they've done all season. Which is not true but this is better than causing drama for no reason. Merline has to have good construction. Ashley is so paranoid she thinks Tim's body language is saying he actually didn't like her stuff. Girl you need to chill. Plus Tim's been way off this season. Ashley decides to make a poncho. Model fitting. They seem to go pretty well for once. Edmond questions himself a little bit because everyone else has very literal crazy things. Kelly and Merline hang out because I guess they're done? Close to done? Why are we watching Kelly eat pretzels and butter? Ashley actually says her 3D printing looks like an egg slicer. Hee. She has no idea where to put her prints on her poncho. I hope you can get a good nap soon.

Runway day. Merline wishes she could high-five herself. Edmond makes a veil. Kelly says super nice things about everyone else's looks and it's so weird but nice too. That's about all that happens.

Commercial interlude: Edmond is all alone so he shows up to the girls' room with bagels and jam. That was nice of him.

Guest judge is Mel B. Sure. Merline: her umbrella skirt and a sleeveless high-necked bodice in dark red. The skirt looks kind of sloppy like the flaps are not all even. The 3D printing is dark gray triangles on the bodice. Edmond: long black skirt, sheer, with a weird poof/fabric tumor on one hip. The bodice is just two strips of fabric crossed over her boobs in an X. The 3D stuff is black X's across the bodice and on the back. Ashley: tight cigarette pants with a sheer panel down each side. Then a crop top and then a big cape. The cape is sheer from about the elbows down, and the white curvy 3D printing is over the shoulders. All of it is in royal blue. The pants do look good but this cape is not great. And the top is boring. Candice: red and black strapless dress with a huge flare at the bottom. The black 3D printing is along the bodice and at the hips and I think in the flare at the hem. Kelly: so the pannier skirt is open at the front and back to show a miniskirt in the same brown fake crocodile-skin fabric. The bodice has a very deep plunge and is connected by cording made to look like the support wires of the bridge. I do like the bodice but that skirt is weird. The sides come down to the floor.

Heidi says it was a fantastic runway show for some reason. I guess they are trying to mess with them after being rude last week? Edmond talks about wind and breeziness. Heidi loves it because that's how Heidi is. Heidi's endorsement should not be taken to mean it's fashionable. Nina doesn't think it's that avant-garde but everyone else seems to like it. Kelly was very literal and apparently Mel B thinks this is a “risk” which what? She was supposed to be inspired by a bridge and she literally made a bridge. How is that a risk? Plus she only used the 3D stuff in the belt. Of course they love it because everyone is dumb. I can't even bring myself to care though, which is probably good for my sanity.

Merline talks about her dress and FINALLY someone mentions Kini. And it was Heidi! I know! Anyway they don't like it because compared to the other dresses it's boring. I don't think Edmond's is that exciting but fine. If you want to nail someone for making a dress that you've already seen on this very show I'm not going to argue. Nina thinks it's polished but not avant-garde because it's too safe. You don't make sense, Nina. Ashley had drama. I mean...fine. The cape doesn't go with the crop top and pants. Yeah that's true. At least the top and pants are really well fitted. Nina likes the cape and it has nothing to do with bridges but she doesn't care because of how she loves the cape. So I guess Mel is the only one that doesn't like it. Candice talks a lot and it kind of makes her sound like she's babbling. Heidi likes a red dress and the fact that the 3D stuff is over her boobs. Nina says it's very flamenco which isn't that terrible but it's not avant-garde and it's not inspired by a bridge. Zac wants more avant-garde but her 3D printing use was the best out of all of them.

No one likes the fabric tumor on Edmond's dress but without it it's even more boring. They all love Kelly's dress because it's literal. Whatever. I don't think any of us are surprised. Merline STILL has construction issues but Zac says she's getting better so we're grading on a curve now? Ashley's look is a risk for her. Her 3D printing pieces are jarring on the cape. Candice's dress is pretty but not particularly avant-garde. The judges talk about each designer like they're comparing this current outfit to everything the designer has done so we're grading on a curve now.

Kelly wins because of course she does. Heidi says something about imagination which would be more relevant if she didn't LITERALLY MAKE A BRIDGE! Ugh. Edmond is in. Candice made Mel B's favorite outfit and she wants to wear it for an event. They're all in. Ashley is in, so Merline is out. I'm not that upset about it, because of the copying, although I could do without the “well it's just boring” thing. Tim does not save her. Merline's exit interview is crazy and has a bunch of verbal hashtags.

Next week: red carpet looks and Christian.


Duabe said...

Thanks Toyouke - really enjoyed your recap and descriptions of what the judges might be thinking. How contrary can they be each week?!? Remember the days of "we're just judging the outfit in front of us - not the previous designs." Ha!

Guess this week we learned that Avant Garde means make something we've never seen before and none of us has seen a walking bridge before. Oh... okay.

Good-bye Merline - we've seen umbrellas before.

Tbone said...

From our interview with Merline:

BPR: After reflection, did you recognize Kini's umbrella dress in your design last night?

ML: No. I don't even know who he is... I remember the season with Jeffrey...

BPR: Season three? That was a while ago....


MoHub said...

Kini wasn't the first to do the cartridge-pleated skirt either. There were at least two before him, including one made of newspaper in season 6.

Toyouke said...

Yes, Kini I think was just the latest person to do that kind of pleat. MoHub, I did look up that newspaper dress and you're right about that one. Tbone, that is a great line.

Duabe, I know, they used to be so adamant about not using previous weeks! I don't really care if they do or not; just don't say one thing and do the other, you know?