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Hell's Kitchen 6/25/12--"13 Chefs Compete pt. 2" summary

Previously on “Hell’s Kitchen”: Poor timing resulted in an entire episode focused on the first challenge, where Robyn didn’t listen and made Kimmie cry (while simultaneously prompting Kimmie to make threats). Also it is “Fashion Night”. Danielle was eliminated early on, but then we didn’t even get any of the dinner service before the episode is over. (click for more) 

Oh, please, announcer guy. You always say it’s “the most shocking ____ ever”.
We’re reminded Clemenza has already started cooking scallops, both in the “Previously on” segment and right at the beginning of the show proper. He’s wasted four orders. Also Royce and Kimmie are supposed to work the pass. Ramsey promises to give them a two minute warning, and Tiffany promises not to screw up. As the fashion show starts, Brian leers at the models as Dana doesn’t want the models staring at her. They’re not that hot, but then again, I’m not a guy. The clothes are OK. It finally is over and the women kick it into gear. Barbie gets bossy and tries to micromanage Tiffany. Tiffany is just disgusted. Kimmie catches that the scallops are jacked up, so Barbie gloats in confessional. Tiffany claims to not know who cooked them, which is valid since Barbie is all over the place. Tiffany’s confessional is a solid bleep. The men’s team is actually doing well, I guess as long as they don’t run out of scallops. Ramsey lists off five or six tables all at once, and Clemenza seems to be cooking like six orders at once. Tiffany redeems herself. Robyn for some reason comes over and butts in on Christina and Dana. They brush her off and she’s offended. Seriously, they haven’t screwed up yet, and you’re pretty much pushing them out of the way. Robyn promises that one day they’ll need help and then they’ll see! Christina and Dana don’t need her help, because after 20 minutes they’ve served all the red team’s appetizers. Sadly the men are waiting for 16 orders of scallops from Clemenza, who points out that the stove is only so big. Ramsey has to yell at them before Guy offers to cook some on his side of the stove. Neither of them can cook anything, it looks like. Royce has to go tell them backstage they need another five minutes, so of course he’s drooling over models and whatever. Why are all the men this season such horndogs? Finally Brian jumps in and the men serve everything.
Ramsey yells at everyone, then makes them repeat the orders, how many of each thing and whatever. The men are fine, but Barbie fails. Robyn is right, which leads to very annoying posturing in confessional. She’s about to throw up some gang signs. Remember how Barbie and Robyn hated each other in the first episode? And then we pretended that wasn’t happening so we could watch Danielle and Kimmie? Yeah…they still hate each other. The second fashion show is swimwear and the men are distracted again, which, I still don’t think those girls are all that hot. Guy is not searing things properly. Dana tells us there is no extra filet, and Robyn better not screw up. Robyn curses and freaks out, for no reason because it’s fine. Clemenza serves up some swordfish that is stuck to the pan. More embarrassing because it’s his dish from the first challenge. He recooks something and hollers for a plate to put it on, which means everyone mocks him for some reason. Robyn had beginner’s luck, apparently, because now she’s overcooked her filet. She wants someone to go ask the men if they have extra, and Tiffany starts to go but then says she’s scared of Ramsey. I would be too. Robyn bitches about it, but if she’s so desperate she should go herself. Finally Christina goes over, but as soon as Ramsey turns around she bails. Robyn refuses to admit she’s screwed up, but then won’t tell Ramsey how long until the beef is ready. Finally she admits she overcooked it, and then says she wants to go over and ask the men for some. Ramsey points out that it’s a competition, so what are you thinking? Tiffany gloats that she wisely stayed out of trouble. Robyn has to go to the table and explain. Tiffany is supposed to be on fish, but she seems to be ordering Christina around and telling her how to cook the fish. Barbie is flabbergasted for some reason. Who cares? Guy brings up some cold beef, except in interview he says it’s “warm”. The swordfish from Christina is cold, because apparently after it was cooked Tiffany let it sit there too long. Christina says she grilled it, but Ramsey knows she’s not on fish right now. Tiffany just stands there, while pretty much everyone knows Tiffany is at fault here. The women are finally done with entrees, by some miracle, and it’s implied that Kimmie is screwing them by being slow, but nothing happens. They do the same thing with Royce, but with the addition of the phrases “Guy’s hot beef” and “Royce’s ability to be a master…plater”. That’s not even funny. Royce gets yelled at briefly for using a dirty rag to wipe plates, but finally that is over too.
Christina points out that they all still hate each other, but no one got kicked out and as long as they can keep it together during service, then whatever. Ramsey comes into the kitchen, I guess to clean up, and finds a whole pan of cooked swordfish. We’re talking eleven pieces. Somehow Ramsey immediately knows it’s Royce’s fault, because he thinks Royce told Clemenza the wrong number. They seem to be arguing over 17 versus 18, so I’m not sure how 11 extra pieces got cooked.
Women win, because they were better, obviously. They even get a “Good Job!” Kimmie claims she and Robyn are friends and friends fight. The women dance around. Patrick tries to nominate Clemenza, who immediately refuses to be nominated. Royce joins in, and everyone does, which is great and all but they need two people. Clemenza thinks he pulled his weight and then some. For no apparent reason, Robyn pulls Christina into the bedroom and asks her about how she refused to let Robyn help on apps. They talk it out, because Robyn thinks it’s a pattern, but I do give her credit for being calm and doing it in private. Christina is annoyed, and as they leave the room they seem OK, but they’re both still mad at the other one. The men finally put up Guy, because of the beef, so Guy goes back to Brian and says he didn’t help Clemenza enough. Brian totally flips out. Clemenza throws Patrick into the mix, because if Patrick is going to be the leader, he should have helped Clemenza. Roshni hems and haws about her second nomination until she finally picks someone. Who is it? I bet there will be another commercial before we find out!
Clemenza is up for jacking up the fish station. Then Roshni says the second person was “difficult”, and she names Brian and Guy, and then…a commercial! See, I told you. There is some measure of comfort in such a predictable show. Finally she says Guy. Guy says he is a fighter and is a better chef than Clemenza. Clemenza reminds them his dish was on the menu, and he’s won some challenges. Everyone says Clemenza should go home, as Clemenza insists he’s never given up and he’s always given 100%, everyone is trying to get rid of him but he’s better than all of them. Ramsey says he’s done well, and had a bad night, but is he done? He claims he’ll go do another dinner service right now. Ramsey nods. Clemenza! Back in line! The women cheer, with Robyn being especially happy. Huh? OK. Guy is out. He thinks Ramsey made the wrong decision, and he stands behind everything he did. Clemenza! Use your passion! Piss off! He hates everyone. Robyn is impressed with his passion. Guy was too inconsistent, says Ramsey.
Next time: scrambling for ingredients, random famous boxers, fail all around.

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