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Hell's Kitchen 6/12/12--"15 Chefs Remain" summary

Previously on “Hell’s Kitchen”: Barbie made everyone hate her, but for some reason Ramsey likes her. Couldn’t be because everyone else hates her and causes drama. Patrick decided to be the leader of the men’s team, which pissed off the rest of the team. Somehow that helped, though, because the women eventually got kicked out of the kitchen. Briana was sent home for failing to cook cod properly. (click for more)

Brian is very glad they finally made it through dinner service. The men celebrate quietly, while Kimmie and Tiffany bitch about Barbie. In the morning, I guess everyone feels the way I do about waking people up rudely, which is that it’s awesome. Someone lets some dogs loose in the dorms. They jump up on the beds and bark at everyone. Ha! Scott tells the contestants to get an outfit from the bin and go downstairs. The outfits turn out to be denim overalls and T-shirts, so everyone assumes they’re going to a farm. Don makes an “Old MacDonald” joke.

In a good twist, they do actually go out to the country somewhere. As everyone stands in a pen, someone lets a whole flock of sheep loose. Each team has to make four lamb dishes. Each sheep has a random ingredient on it. One at a time, they have to grab a sheep and then tag out. 5 minutes to grab what you can.
Sheep grabbing is hilarious. Actually, I guess they don’t have to grab a sheep, just the collar. Clemenza somehow just walks up to a bunch of sheep who just stand there while he grabs something. Roshni mostly fails. 

The four dishes are: lamb steak, rack of lamb, lamb chop, and ground lamb. 45 minutes! Go! Barbie and Robyn get their lamb in the oven right away. Guy is cutting up potatoes when he manages to cut himself and walks around yelling. They think he’s really hurt, but he’s getting a Band-Aid so it must not be that bad. Somehow there is an argument between Kimmie and Roshni about curry? Roshni thinks they’ll all think it’s her but it’s Kimmie? I have no idea. A large number of the team yells about the rack being overdone, since it’s been in the oven this whole time, but Robyn says it takes a long time to cook. She takes it out anyway, because “it’s a team challenge”, and of course it’s not done. Oh, Robyn, you know they’re going to throw you under the bus either way. Royce says he knows what he’s doing. 

Tiffany and Danielle serve an anchovy and pine nut-crusted lamb chop with “egg soufflé“. Fucking delicious! Don and Clemenza: herb crusted grilled lamb with “roasted cauliflower feta melt”. Ramsey makes fun of their garnish but this is also delicious. Everyone gets a point. Roshni and Kimmie: ground lamb in a coconut curry sauce. Thankfully it turned out, even though Kimmie’s never made a curry sauce before. Patrick: lamb and fennel sausage. Patrick says in confessional his dish is way better, so that’s how you know the women get the point. Barbie and Robyn: rack of lamb with parsnip puree and braised leeks. Robyn is already bitching to her team that the lamb is raw, which is true. Ramsey starts to yell at her, and she says she knows it should have stayed in there longer. Guy and Justin: grilled rack of lamb, roasted garlic and basil puree. Men get the point, so it’s a tie. OH WHAT A SHOCK. Dana and Christina: braised lamb steak over sautéed spinach. It’s delicious. Royce and Brian: marinated grilled lamb steak with avocado mousse and pepper slaw. Royce of course thinks he’s going to blow Ramsey’s mind. Of course it works, sadly. Royce is still bragging in confessional about how great he is, so as we go to commercial it’s my hope he loses. Weirdly, but probably because the universe likes to thwart me, the men win. Ramsey says that’s because of the raw lamb from Robyn and Barbie. Robyn throws her team under the bus. Christina bitches that she’s responsible for what she puts out, as if she wasn’t one of the people telling her to take the lamb out before she fucked it up. I mean…none of you are going to admit taking the lamb out early was your idea? Really? Robyn now realizes this is a competition, I guess because she hadn’t before. The men win a trip to the racetrack. Ramsey throws down $100 so they can bet? Wow. I mean, I’m sure the producers gave him that, but that was cool. Women have to wash all the sheep from this morning, clean the kitchens, and prep the kitchens for tonight.

Dana yells about how Robyn and Barbie made them do this punishment. Shut up Dana. The men get a party bus and go to the racetrack and put all $100 on the horse in blue silks. Well…I guess that’s not as stupid as it could have been. Their horse starts out strong and then ends up dead last. Ha! Metaphor? Let’s hope so. Clemenza claims he can run faster than a horse. Women have to eat lamb testicles for lunch. Danielle gets really girly about it, to Kimmie’s disgust. Kimmie keeps telling Danielle how many testicles she’s eaten so far, which is hilarious. The men are supposedly “staying focused” so they can keep winning. Kimmie and Christina for some reason congratulate each other on how many lamb balls they ate, with Kimmie saying she wasn’t worried about Christina, just “the Barbie dolls”. I guess the blonde girls. Who cares? Lunch is over. Dana and Danielle talk about the other two. And now it’s “cliquey”, and Christina and Kimmie are fist bumping. Danielle confronts Kimmie and asks what she did to deserve this attitude, Kimmie says she just feels like giving her attitude, plus she didn’t even eat one testicle. Danielle responds that Kimmie must just feel stupid, because it doesn’t matter how much each person ate. That’s true. Christina jumps in for no reason, and Danielle says she’s always quiet but now she’s pissed off. Kimmie just laughs, because I guess she’s taking lessons from Barbie in how to be smug. However, Kimmie is a big girl and not one comment has been about how she ate the most because she’s the biggest, so that’s good.

Brian predicts a men’s team win. As dinner service starts, I think Danielle says she didn’t hear Ramsey? What? I don’t know what’s going on with that, but the risotto she brings up is undercooked. Justin tells the rest of the men he and Brian should be the only ones talking, since he’s leading apps and Brian is the only other one involved. Ramsey is thrilled, until Brian fails at searing fish. Danielle won’t give times, just “coming soon”, tells Robyn to drop the calamari, then says she’s going up and starts hollering for Robyn’s stuff. Danielle claims she is just in the zone. Somehow it all works. Brian gets his act together too.

Brian tries to redeem himself on fish, but the cod is raw. Ramsey throws it at him. Brian admits in confessional he just can’t cook fish tonight, but he also refuses help. Now it’s burnt. He actually screws up so badly he runs through his whole supply of cod trying to cook the first ticket. They replace it with sea bass, and Brian makes the mistake of saying “It’s coming, baby”. You cook like a baby! Get out! Roshni brings up raw Wellingtons. Don seems to be screwing up the meat station, but it’s perfect. It was creepy how he was just staring off into space, though. Roshni’s Wellingtons now don’t match, I guess one end is not cooked enough. Everyone is yelling for Wellington, as she is putting it back in the oven, taking it out, putting it back in. To be fair, I have done that before with things that aren’t cooking properly, but I don’t work in a restaurant. She finally serves some, but they’re cold. Roshni gets kicked out, but now Danielle is in charge of meat and she looks pretty nervous. Don cuts up some steak, but it’s raw. Royce tells everyone Don needs more time, but Don insists they’re fine. Then he takes them up anyway and gets yelled at for his efforts. He keeps saying “One minute!” which is obviously not true. Hilariously, when Ramsey tells him to quit yelling one minute, he goes, “Uhhh…like, a minute and a half.” Ha. After all that, the meat is overcooked. Don gets kicked out too, and bitches that there is a lot of stuff going on in the kitchen and he’s just trying his best. Whatever, you know that won’t fly. Danielle and Robyn actually bring things up together, but Robyn’s garnish is terrible and Danielle’s sauce is cold. Both of them get kicked out, so that’s three women and two men out. Royce and Justin are both cooking fish, for some reason, probably because when you kick people out and make others cover their station they get confused as to which station they’re working. Ramsey actually kicks them both out. Now there are more people in the dorms than in the kitchen. Cleaning the extra people out of the kitchen does the trick and they actually finish.

Ramsey says watching service was like “having a root canal and passing a kidney stone at the same time”. Hee. Both teams lose! Each team nominate two people. Clemenza puts up Don, who claims that he only screwed up one steak and it’s the fish station’s fault. Brian gets put up, but promises never to do it again. Everyone seems to be putting up Brian and Don. Robyn says, whoever got kicked out of the kitchen should be put up, which is terribly logical. Robyn tries to defend herself, even though she just said logically she should be put up. They all seem to agree on Roshni. Robyn blames Danielle, and Kimmie joins in, because she got “quiet” and she didn’t communicate. 

The men put up Don and Brian, to no one’s surprise. The women put up Roshni and Danielle. Roshni has been nominated 3 out of 4 times, even though one of those times was for no reason. She says she’s a fighter and a team player. Danielle says she’s only had problems with communication. Don says he has a lot to offer his team, and they just want him to step up. Brian claims he is a machine. Don gets kicked out. Ramsey says he doesn’t get it. Then he says he’s not done yet. Danielle! Back in line! Brian! Back in line! Roshni! You’re on the blue team! Huh. Roshni obviously is glad to not be eliminated. It’s also telling there are no interviews about how angry the men are to be stuck with Roshni.

Next week: the men I guess pretend to be gentlemen for like, an hour. The women hate each other, I guess. Sabotage. There is a piñata.

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