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Project Runway All Stars 4/14/16--"Rebel With a Cause" summary

Previously on “Project Runway All Stars”: Alyssa pretended her sports-branded clothing line was “athleisurewear” as opposed to “women's logo items”. Anyway, the designers were supposed to design an outfit that could go from a sporting event to a nice dinner. Ken got very frustrated in the middle of the challenge and...just walked out. He said he didn't want to go off on anyone so he left. The day of the runway he returned and nothing was ever said, nor was he penalized in any way. I mean, whatever, I guess. At the least, good for him to have seen what his reputation was and trying to not be a jerk on TV again. Sam was once again far too cocky for his skill level, as he made a cocktail dress. Kini won, because a long jacket with one side in all black allows for branding and logos? The bottom three was Sam, Ken, and Layana, so of course Layana was eliminated because even though she made some nice leggings, she is not drama. (click for more)

Finally we are down to six people. Alyssa talks about philanthropy and they meet up with a “women's contemporary apparel company” who also gives 10% of their money to charities. They must create a “fashion forward summer look that is sophisticated with a badass edge”. The company calls their girl “a rebel with a cause”, and the winner will have their look sold, with all the profits going towards cancer research. actually a good challenge. I mean if they are supposed to “match” a pre-existing clothing line at least it's for a good cause. Asha thinks of Josephine Baker. Kini is making something dramatic.

I think someone just said oxblood was cool for the summer. I guess...? Ken decides to make pants instead of a skirt and top. He's getting a lot of interview time. Kini is of course making jeans but “smart” jeans. In what appears to be silver and yellow print and a ton of ruffles. Actually a lot of people are making pants. I think Emily is painting something. Sam always thinks of jumpsuits when he thinks of badass. Also seersucker! Sigh.

Zanna Time! Also someone to decide if their looks work with the existing company. Emily thought of a power suit, and a new spin on that. There are a lot of things happening, but overall the idea is solid. But it's also all dark and it's a summer look. I think she decides to make shorts. Asha has a complicated collar. She is the one who said oxblood is good for summer but it is not summer. It can't be too heavy. Dom's skirt has stripes and of course she's cut the panels to be all criss-cross. It needs to be shorter. Kini...Kini's pants are ridiculous. Silver and yellow print PLUS pants PLUS weird ruffles or panniers or something is too many things. Ken has some nice cream pants and a coral top he hasn't figured out yet. Sam describes his look as “a pilot's jumpsuit but like, open up the leg, open up the back, glamorous.” Zanna doesn't want him to do something the judges have seen before. Don't be safe.

Sam tears up his garment and brags about how great he is because he took this risk to start over now. Whatever. Model fitting. Dom shortens her skirt and Emily makes cropped culottes. Kini, however, is not changing his pants. Sam says he's now draping a “deconstructed tuxedo” which is technically still a jumpsuit but totally the opposite of what he made before. Sure. Kini dyes the bottom of the jacket black so it's black on the bottom and yellow on top. It does look kind of cool because it's tweed and the dye doesn't make a straight line. Ken loves his pants but hates his top. He tells Asha he's not someone who lies about something, if it's ugly then he'll say it's ugly.

Runway Day. Ken can't make his top work right. He gets advice from Kini, who interviews that Ken's about to get eliminated anyway. Suddenly today Kini decides his pants are too much. Where have you been? Hot makeup guy Scott. Sam of course has decided he is the greatest. Ken curses a million times because I think he has like five minutes left. He cuts a giant square out of the cream the pants are made out of and drapes a halter top. And it looks like he did it on purpose. Holy crap that's impressive.

Alyssa's hair is doing a weird thing where it's like, all curled and then puffing out over one shoulder, and also her dress is horrendous. Like a loose white gown with a black tabard over it. Guest judges are Debi Mazar and Zac Posen. Ken: wide-legged pants and a halter top in a cream fabric, with a coral belt. It's very loose and the crotch is a little weird but the top does look like he spent time on it. Asha: short dress in a white and oxblood print, with a halter top made out of lots of interlaced straps. It doesn't scream “summer” but it doesn't look like it would be too hot to wear. The fabric is kind of shiny and there is something weird going on with the cut over her ass. Emily: first of all her model has a wig with a bowl cut that comes down over her eyes. The culottes are knee-length so it looks like a short skirt, in a black and white print, and the top is a sleeveless black top with a white piece at her waist. The white only comes halfway across, and then on the other side at the neckline is a notched lapel. The top has an interesting shape and I don't know if I've seen cropped culottes before. I feel like I must have but I can't think of any. When she turns around, the white is revealed to be a sash with a big bow.

Sam: skinny pants in beige seersucker, and a one-shouldered top with a big flap vertically down the front. It's attached at the shoulder strap, and then runs to the opposite hip and hangs down like a peplum or something. And it's edged in black to be more obvious. Weird. Plus the top looks like it doesn't fit properly. The back looks really weird. I don't know, maybe the pants come up too high? And then the whole back is open but one diagonal black strap. I'm not sold. Dom: shiny black fabric with thin stripes, put in panels to face in all directions, in a skirt. The skirt is just below the knee, with a slit up one side to her hip. The top is silver with a black grid pattern. The skirt goes up to just below her boobs, and then the top has a V neck that starts there, with wide kimono sleeves. It looks heavy and not summery but I like it. Kini: scrapped the jacket because it's just a white sleeveless top with a deep V and the pants. The pants are yellow and silver brocade, and the hips are swags of fabric. Remember Ven's rose pattern that he used to do? Imagine that on the side of her hips and also each fold is like, three inches thick. There is a lot of volume and a lot of layers to the draping, but it ends at the knee and then the pants are like skinny jeans from there. Her ass looks so wide.

Sam tells a ridiculous story about a girl cutting up her mom's old suits. Sadly Isaac loves it. Georgina at least doesn't like the flap. He also gets praise for the flat sandals but that irritates me too because he has said he only does it because Isaac loves flats. Zac tells him his design story doesn't cut it, which makes Sam admit this is his second look. “So this was like a save.” Come back always, Zac. Ken's look was supposed to be a little more formal. Georgina likes the look but the belt looks cheap. Zac tells him it's not badass, and Isaac hates the length. They show it and there are six inches of fabric dragging on the floor. What? Don't do that shit. Ken's response is that it's “perfectly done” and also she had no problem walking. Asha reminds us of her Josephine Baker inspiration. Georgina thinks it's a work dress, which is weird because who is wearing something that strappy to work? It's not summery and also maybe too 80's. Emily talks about being popular at parties but I don't think it mattered what she said because everyone loves it. Isaac doesn't get it but that turns him on and makes him feel like he is the one out of touch. The short culottes are great. Dom brags on how she did cancer research for three years before the show. The slit is too high and the whole thing is pretty heavy. Kini wants to stand out. Obviously. Weirdly they love how weird it is. I guess they appreciate the risk, even if it is a really weird pair of pants.

Sam made an OK garment but it's not awesome. Emily came into her own and gave them something unique. Kini confused everyone but it's happy and Zac says because he's a craftsperson, his looks have soul. Ken gave his model a wedgie and it was also a white jumpsuit so they're bored. Isaac is also offended that Ken sassed back after criticism. Dom let them down with a heavy dress that didn't move very well. Asha's dress didn't move either, and the harness needed something more flowy.

Sam is safe. Emily is the winner! She and Kini are in. Emily was safe so many times so it's nice that she won. Ken is safe. Dom's design was too busy, and Asha didn't make a modern look. Asha is out. So Dom is in. Asha is glad to have made it this far. Yeah, because she wasn't on “real” Project Runway.

Next week: the “avant garde” challenge, which is never actually avant-garde but whatever. Guest judge is Boy George which is impressive. Sam makes a rainbow dress and then gets in a fight with Ken who I think accuses him of just being pretty.

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Duabe said...

So glad to read your recap this morning, Toyouke, because I fell asleep watching the show again last night. Why can't I stay awake for this??

Glad Kini is still there, despite his "Disco Banana" outfit. Good for Emily - she IS the bad ass girl.

Oh boy, Boy George next time - have to have more coffee next time.