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Project Runway 10/17/13--"Finale Part 2" summary

Previously on Project Runway: Bradon and Dom don’t even have to do anything, because they’re already in the finale, so the runway show is just Justin, Alexandria, and Helen. Justin has a fantastic gown made of plastic test tubes. He also doesn’t have any color, but for some reason everyone ignores that to slam Alexandria for not having any color. She gets to stay, though, and Helen is sent home. (click for more)

Dom is shocked that Helen was eliminated, and now she thinks she has a good chance of winning. I would say so. She and Bradon seem to be the frontrunners, but I won’t discount the idea the judges will give Justin the win for sentimental purposes. Tim says everyone now has to go to Mood to make their “washable” outfits for the stupid product placement.

Two days to go. Justin throws out his wigs because the judges hated them. Bradon feels ready to go, but he wants to get his collection absolutely perfect. Alexandria is still upset because the judges said she was boring. Or her clothes are anyway. Hair consults happen but they’re boring. They’re always boring and just an excuse for product placement. People work on their new look and say “washable” a bunch of times.

Tim Time! He’s going to try to bring Bradon and Dom up to where the other two are, because Justin and Alexandria already got some critique. Bradon has some prints and leather, I think, and it’s kind of old. But I thought Chloe’s was old too. I do like his blue and orange loud print. Tim reveals that they are still only showing ten looks, so they will have to cut something to have their washable outfit. Bradon may have to cut this giant gown that the model can’t move in, possibly. Dom has a ton of prints, of course. I like her prints. Tim reminds her to make sure the prints are symmetrical, and then he says “janky” which is hilarious. Janky! She needs to make sure the print is perfect. Justin wants to make his new look reversible. Sure. That is a ton of work. Shorter hemlines! Great belts! Time to move on. Alexandria went to Mood and bought some black. She needs to command more attention. Tim tells her that Nina hates one of the prints, or the T-shirt itself, or something. She made a big face during judging, when Tim brought the models over. Tim knows what’s up, because he tells Alexandria that if she does what the judges tell her, they’ll pat her on the back. But if she doesn’t, there will be “retribution”.

Last day! Everyone has a lot of work to do. Just like every season. Model fittings. Justin worries about his 3-D printed things, because he hasn’t attached them to anything so they’re falling off the models. And they’re fragile so he’s worried they’ll break. Bradon has a giant skirt that is like, shiny dusty rose and a giant ivory poofy hem. It is so weird. But he loves it and doesn’t want to cut it like Tim told him to. Alexandria is rejuvenated. She seems to be making a new shirt? Today? I don’t know. Makeup consults. No one cares about Billy B, Tim. Hot makeup guy Scott is not here. Lots of running around. Bradon is especially running back and forth. Tim appears for their last gather ‘round! Bradon is irritated because they still have an hour to work and he has to get things done. Anyway, Tim gives them a pep talk and Alexandria thanks him for the opportunity, which is weird because Tim has nothing to do with anything really. I don’t think he has a lot to say about casting. He doesn’t get emotional but everyone else does. Alexandria gives Dom a zipper. Finally the day is over.

All Stars starts next week! With…I forget, a bunch of people. Several of which I remember not liking. But it’s only an hour, so there’s that.

Everyone is up at 2am, which is even earlier than they usually get up. I’m not sure why. Everyone walks to the tents and freaks out as they generally do. And then they freak out walking the runway and then there is a lot of frantic work and flailing backstage. Tim comes to tell Justin one of his models broke her ankle so he’ll have to use an alternate. Jeez. I do see hot makeup guy Scott. Alexandria runs around the hair and makeup people being picky and pissing off the people there. Justin gets his replacement but he says he can’t alter the dress? Maybe because of the print. It’s kind of baggy so he’s worried about that. Bradon asks his models to move their food and tea. Why is there even food over by the clothes anyway? Shouldn’t they have some sense and not bring it over to where people are dressed? Bradon is continuing to tell everyone to move their stuff. Of course one of his models manages to pour coffee down the front of a silk gown. He has to spend 20 minutes dealing with that which sucks. She should get fired.

Heidi’s dress is very shiny and very tight. Guest judge is Kerry Washington. Justin is up first. All the pictures are from Blogging Project Runway. Behind Justin’s parents is some guy who has ridiculous makeup on. Justin tells everyone about his collection and his journey with his hearing. Justin’s collection The hair looks much better. Some of the dresses are short. The washable look is some crop pants, a tank, and a vest. Eh. I don’t mind his collection, although it is kind of monochrome. That test tube dress, though. Fantastic.

Dom is next. Dom’s collection It’s called “Retro Redux”. The second look appears to be sheer in the picture, but on TV it looks like clear plastic. Her prints are fantastic. The washable look is the black dress with the gray shoulders. It’s crazy how well it goes with the rest of the collection. Her unconventional look made of metal pieces is fantastic too, although you can see the model’s ass from the back.

Alexandria’s collection Her students came to see her, which is sweet. She puts her unconventional dress with the newsprint out first. Her outfits are monochromatic too. So if they’re going to yell at her about it, they should say something to Justin. The washable look is black pants and a sheer shirt. I guess you could wash sheer fabrics. There is a weird crop top and sheer long skirt that I don’t like.

Bradon is last. Or at least aired last. Bradon’s collection His first look, the long shiny skirt with the big poofs, that’s the one Tim told him to get rid of. It looks so cheap. He loves how all his shiny fabrics look. Sure. They’re bordering on cheap looking though. It’s just hard to do shiny well. The washable look is the blue and white striped one. The blue print is nice. One model is walking around holding out her dress. Where was the unconventional materials look? Who knows.

The usual montage of hugging and finding people who will say everyone is awesome. You can always find someone who likes each designer’s collection so it doesn’t look like someone is the clear winner.

Oh! REUNION! I forgot about that! Yes, stay tuned for that trainwreck.

Justin is up first to talk to the judges. Kerry liked the sheer fabrics. They really like how polished it was. The test tube dress was created as much for the noise it made as for how it looked. OK, that’s cool. He made dresses, pants, shorts, so there is a range. Nina wanted a couple more “wow” outfits. Bradon talks about crocuses. The first look should have been all white, so the embroidery of flowers showed up more. Heidi liked the first look, because of course she does. Apparently his unconventional materials dress is the short white dress with what looks like flowers on the bodice. OK…what is it made out of? Plastic, I guess. Nina says she likes his “laser focus” so it was a surprise his collection was so disjointed. He was thinking of his brand, but he can’t really do that until he’s established. Dom designed all her prints herself. Nina wanted her to start with the purple jumpsuit and clear coat. They do like the prints a lot. Zac didn’t like the bathing suit. Alexandria says her unconventional materials look was a statement about how we have too many phone books in the world. Sigh. I mean, I agree, but that just caused me to roll my eyes. Zac thinks the clothes are both powerful and vulnerable. Nina liked the styling and says it was editorial.

Everyone talks about why they should win. Justin wants to win because he’s deaf and it would show people he can. He also wants to point out he’s never won a challenge this season. Dom says this is her life, and she can turn this into something spectacular. Bradon talks about his dancing, and how he thought he wouldn’t ever find anything like that, but he’s found fashion. Alexandria tells them she’s “bankable” and knows what girls want to wear, and she’s sacrificed to be there. And she knows how to run a business. Alexandria, you sound desperate. I’m not saying she doesn’t know how to run a business, but this is the first time someone has used that argument, and she’s very adamant about it. It makes her sound desperate.

Tim says he’s super proud of everyone. Justin’s look has pockets so Nina is thrilled. The vest is not attached, but Justin’s cut it so carefully that with the back of the tank top it makes a perfect oval. That is pretty impressive. Zac thinks Bradon needs more time but he has potential. Dom is very modern and the prints are fantastic. It’s true. I would buy all these prints. Alexandria’s finishing is clean, and her materials are high quality. It is very commercial. Zac points out that both Justin and Alexandria put huge keyholes in the back, and then it looks like they’re making a decision between Justin and Alexandria. Boo, I love Dom.

Heidi tells everyone what they got right. Bradon is out. His fiancé is waiting for him so he can get a big hug. Justin is also out. He’s thrilled for the opportunity. He’s going to keep at it. So now it’s Alexandria and Dom and I bet they give it to Alexandria because they kept on and on about how sellable it was and that is the criteria now apparently. Sigh. Dom is…the WINNER WHAT!?!?! Alexandria is out, and feels let down. Oh man, I am glad to be wrong. I love Dom. She’s speechless. No more hostessing at night! Even Nina is crying! Aww. Dom says when she gets home she’s going to sleep a lot, and then start her next collection. I want some of Dom’s prints.

Next week: it’s reunion time, and then All-Stars time.


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