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Project Runway All Stars 11/1/12--"Put On Your Dancing Shoes" summary

Previously on Project Runway: some people decided to be on TV again. We started with a team challenge, just to get that out of the way, and everyone had to make collections based on “attitude”. Really you couldn’t tell them apart. Everyone was nice (for now). Anthony Ryan won, which was nice for him, and Peach couldn’t marry her tennis clothing to the collection so she went home. (click for more)

Everyone goes to the Nine West showroom and drools over the shoes. Today’s challenge is to create “show stopping party wear”. Inspired by…wait for it…DISCO. Jeez. Wendy celebrates because she finally feels an advantage, having actually lived through the 70’s. I hope Josh has studied the 70’s since his season. Everyone gets to pick out a shoe and base their design off that. There’s a 70’s line. It’s all platforms and so forth. Everyone picks out who goes next. Laura whines she’s picked second to last. Maybe they know I’m awesome! Whatevs. They must update disco. One day to sew. Winner will be featured in the fall ad campaign.

Andrae is making volume on top. Uli thinks her disco was different since she wasn’t in America. Casanova talks spiderwebs. $200 budget. Andrae is looking for fabrics with “vocabulary”. Ivy is making a jumpsuit. Wendy wants to make leather pants and chains and something.

Most people have color, but Uli has white. Josh interviews he is happy Anthony Ryan won because he wants everyone to know how talented Anthony Ryan is. Althea says Laura is a little annoying, and then implies she’s’ not a “real” designer. She hasn’t done anything yet, really, but OK. Kayne says “fitted pant, fitted, a little sha-nay-nay, and then boom! Donna Summer.” Hee. “Sha-nay-nay” apparently is chevrons. Casanova likes this challenge because he seems to be interpreting “70’s party wear” as “slutty”. Wendy and Suede are randomly friends? Says Wendy? OK. Kayne gets down on the floor so he can line up his stripes, only he’s discovering he didn’t quite buy enough fabric to do that. Suede is going to learn from his feedback last week and focus. Wendy is desperate to use the chain belt thing she bought. She’s got a big square buckle. Josh makes a “Mad Max” reference, except that Thunderdome was in 1985. Casanova is talking about “tangles” or something, but I can’t understand him. He tells Laura it’s a wig. Heh.

Joanna time! Kayne says “Donna Summer” and Joanna warns him about lining up the stripes. Uli has a white sequined top. Not 70’s. Josh! Be show-stopping, don’t stop the show! I don’t know what it means either. Laura! The word “blazer” makes Joanna shrivel up! Ivy covers her ass with her dark jumpsuit by saying she’s trying to make the shoe pop, for the ad campaign. Joanna asks if she’s working for the prize and not the challenge. Oo. Andrae seems to be doing what he did last time. Suede’s pants are deemed “white man’s overbite”. Joanna demonstrates dorky white man dancing, making a face like Austin Powers. Hee. Wendy has found a weird round buckle that has a star pattern? Ew. Emilio maybe is tacky. There are too many people so we don’t get more than a soundbite for most people. Casanova is making sure there won’t be any wardrobe malfunctions when his girl is dancing.

Model fitting. People talk about other people’s designs. Althea doesn’t like Ivy’s look, and says something about feeling better about yourself? Is Ivy supposed to feel better about herself when her model is wearing things? I’m not sure what she’s talking about. Lots of mad scrambling.

When time is up, for some reason Kayne makes them all go in the lounge and announces Disco Time. Naturally someone installed a disco ball in the lounge. Sigh. Josh starts dancing, because of course, and Wendy decides she must dance with him. What? Oh, Wendy. Then everyone goes back to the hotel and finds a letter from Carolyn and Karl Langerfeld has left them a video message. They all scream like teenage girls scream at Bieber. He says to be creative and do a good job, I guess.

Andrae might not have time to finish. Wendy loves her pants. Hot Makeup Guy Scott (they showed his name again!). Running. Casanova helps Ivy while Anthony Ryan interviews that All-Stars shouldn’t need extra help. Andrae takes it down to the last minute.

Guest judge today is Rafe Totengco, who designs Nine West’s handbags. Carolyn has a backless dress with a giant cutout on the side. Emilio: long yellow satin gown with hot pink accents. The neck and sash are pink. I can’t really see the shoes. It’s fine, if very bright. Wendy: black leather bell bottoms with a sort of lizard-y print, and a draped top in a red and white print. The top is held up by a chain halter, and there is chain hanging off the side of pants. It looks kind of slutty, to be honest. Anthony Ryan: short sheath dress in multiple shades of brown? Olive green? The sides are dark, and there is a panel of beige, only the panel is slightly narrower on top. Also his girl looks like she has a food baby, so I’m not sure what is going on there. Casanova: hot pink draped dress, that is blousy in front with a bandeau miniskirt. The back is open, with knotted strings all across it. It’s cool. Suede: long gold lamé gown with a high neckline and all the fabric gathered in the back like a cape. I think the skirt looks sheer? It looks pretty sheer. The skirt is gathered at one hip. I don’t like it. Andrae: a weird gauzy wrap, in purple, and a red sleeveless top with a high neck, and a maroon pencil skirt. Andrae says he thinks she tucked the top into the back of her bra.

Ivy: short green dress, with illusion netting and sparkles on the top and a straight neckline. The bodice is blousy, and then there is either a miniskirt or hot pants, and a sheer overlay to her knees. Uli: short white dress, with a ton of long fringe and grommets and sequins. Fringe as sleeves? I don’t know how 70’s it is. Josh: OK when Josh’s model walks out, she looks freakishly tall for some reason. Teal pantsuit, with a sleeveless top that has shiny lapels and no back. Interesting. Laura: shiny gold jacket (blazer) that is cropped, and a jumpsuit in a striped fabric. It’s maybe a light bronze? The stripes are shiny. Althea: short sheath dress in raspberry and a lighter pink. There are lots of strips of fabric dangling off the back of the dress. The top is in the lighter color, and then the bottom is the raspberry. Kayne: bronze sequined tank top and very wide pants in a similar color with chevrons. Nice. They look good.

Anthony Ryan, Emilio, Althea, Laura, Josh, and Suede are safe. Ivy didn’t want to overpower the shoe. Georgina likes the skirt? Also the gold in the shoes and the dress. Isaac wanted the sparkles to continue onto the back of the dress. Rafe wishes it was shorter but overall she got good reviews. Wendy says how she likes tuxedos, so…leather bell bottoms. What? There is too much going on, and it’s nowhere near a tuxedo. Isaac thinks it’s too junior. Kayne also didn’t want to compete with the shoe, and Carolyn likes the silhouette of the whole thing but maybe not the top. But he did line up his stripes perfectly so good for him. Uli says free-spirited and not slutty. Rafe loves it. Isaac says “futuristic Cherokee”. Heh. But there is a lot going on here too. Whatever. Casanova has a good detail in the back, and they love that it’s sexy but not “dangerous”, I guess in terms of flashing people. Casanova has a good detail in the back, and they love that it’s sexy but not “dangerous”, I guess in terms of flashing people. Andrae tries to describe his top and babbles and then has to stop. The jacket ruins the look. No one likes it, and Andrae flails but doesn’t disagree.

Uli maybe wasn’t 70’s, but they liked the dress. Ivy’s dress was fun but is it disco? Isaac admits that an older woman would look like that, which is worse. Casanova had a great party dress, but Georgina’s seen it. Wendy had way too many things, but Georgina thinks there was potential and creativity. Was Andrae lazy? Or was his top and skirt just random? Hilariously Rafe says he watched Andrae on his previous season and he maybe doesn’t have what it takes. Kayne put a lot of work into matching up the stripes, but the top was boring.

Casanova is in. Uli is the winner! Even though she didn’t fulfill the challenge! Look, I love Uli, but that dress wasn’t “disco”. Ivy is in. Kayne is in. Andrae made the same thing he made last week, and Wendy wasn’t modern. Andrae is in. Aww, Wendy is out? I guess she won’t get that redemption edit. Wendy will miss Suede and everyone seems sad to see her go. Suede is really upset.

This season (?): everyone freaks out and cries and stuff. Didn’t we see this last week? The season-wide preview? What? Who was supposed to be in charge of that?

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