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Project Runway All Stars 11/8/12--"Up Your Aerosol" summary

Previously on Project Runway: everyone was supposed to make dresses inspired by disco. I guess because platform shoes are in? Anyway, mostly everyone made tacky stuff. Uli won, and I did like her dress but I didn’t think it was particularly disco. Wendy Pepper went home, because she made some cheap looking stuff that had bell bottoms. I guess that was all that was disco about it? There was some other heinous stuff up there but whatever. (click for more)

Everyone has to go to Long Island City where there is a warehouse with graffiti. Or “aerosol art” as Suede puts it. There are three artists there, who are apparently popular with people who like to use graffiti. Everyone talks about how awesome it is, even though most of them are hopelessly white. They will have to make their own patterns, but not with the software they usually plug on this show. They will get seven yards of fabric (cotton or chiffon) and spray paint. Hee. Two hours to sketch and paint. A small amount of money from Mood, and then home to the hotel. Sewing all day tomorrow.
Kayne says he is interviewing the artists about their inspirations and “inspiration words”. Ivy talks about girl power and superheroes. Something about suits with superhero armor underneath. Everyone also gets a tutorial on how to use spray paint cans. Emilio interviews that if you don’t know what you’re doing, your graffiti will look stupid, so he’s not even going to try to imitate the artists. Laura decides she has claimed the color combination of purple and yellow and is bitchy and condescending about how Althea has copied her. Ivy offers to help Casanova, in return for his help last challenge. Laura is bitchy about this too. She’s really annoying this season. Mood is not exciting.
In the morning Althea and Laura pretend to like each other and talk shit about the boys. Josh claims it’s going to get personal because it’s like commenting on how someone looks? I don’t know, I read this as “I’m about to get personal” and not “Making your own print is personal so ragging on it is more hurtful than usual.”
Emilio discovers the fabric is pretty stiff from the paint, so he’s making an “exaggerated” denim jacket. Kayne vents in confessional that he’s hearing from everyone that they are tired of Laura and “she’s on everyone’s last gay nerve”. Heh. She’s been bragging about how well-off she is. Kayne and Ivy say mean things and giggle. They have to shut up because she comes in, but then they still giggle, apparently because they can’t handle it. Ivy is the one laughing, so Laura accuses her of having a mean streak. Ivy doesn’t think so, and asks how she’s mean. “’Cause I said you’re selfish?” No, because she laughed right then. See…we all know she’s laughing at Laura. But Laura doesn’t know that. And she can’t prove it, so she’s better off not calling Ivy out. Then Laura interviews that Ivy saw parts of herself she didn’t like when she watched her season, and she’s trying to change, but it’s all fake because she’s still “biting your head off”. I didn’t see “biting your head off”. I saw “laughing behind your back”. Not that I don’t think Ivy should button it. Kayne is nice to Laura and says she maybe should watch how she says things because sometimes it upsets people. Laura continues to badmouth Ivy, even though I think Kayne was talking about how everyone else is tired of her. Kayne has a serious rainbow explosion. Laura calls it “circus rainbow” and says something about “oversaturating”. Shush.
Joanna time! Althea has a sort of mottled animal/cow splotch print. It looks better than it sounds. Emilio’s paint has drips, except there is some red and it looks like blood. Kayne is putting black velvet ribbon “brushstrokes” on the skirt. Joanna is dubious. Anthony Ryan has a print with short blue lines, in groups of five or so, all in different directions. Joanna loves Casanova’s design. Josh makes a dumb joke about hair spray aerosols. There’s a lot of bright colors in this workroom that don’t look like they’re on the good side of tacky. For some reason, Joanna asks Laura to rat out her competition, say who is out of their league, but she doesn’t. Joanna also asks Ivy about everyone’s taste, and Ivy says something about how you’re born with taste or you’re not. Cut to Laura complaining that Ivy has been talking shit about people, but she [Laura] is good enough that she doesn’t have to be a bitch. 1. She didn’t say anything about anyone, and 2. Go back and listen to your interview about Althea again.
Althea worries her dress isn’t as “loud” as the other pieces, although some of the stuff there is pretty tacky. “Not loud” is not such a bad thing. Kayne’s dress is eight inches too long. Eight? What? How did you manage that one? Josh says Ivy’s jacket is good but it’s the same one she did for the first challenge. So? It wasn’t that crazy, it was a basic jacket. Only so many ways to do a jacket. Anthony Ryan is removing the lining of his garment because it’s too heavy. Uli says something about spray paint and going up in flames.
Day of show. Everyone has a lot of work. Suede even says “I”. Hot makeup guy Scott. Laura says Andrae’s shit is gross. But she’s not a bitch. She is too good for that, she said so.
Guest judges are Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra. Their dresses seem nicely draped. Andrae: tank top bodice with a full skirt in green. The green has spots of purple and some yellow, and the print is nice. At the waist there is a bow in the print, and then a giant spray of purple tulle. And her hair is a rat’s nest. And she’s walking with her hips way forward like she has swayback. If he got rid of the stuff at the waist, it would be almost too boring but it would be better. Uli: the print is orange and yellow and purple. The top has big pointy shoulders, and the skirt has a little volume at the hips. It’s badass. I do like it, even the shoulders. Kayne: the bodice is black with a deep V, down to her navel, and then a long mermaid skirt with a train. The print is a ton of rainbows and the whole thing looks too heavy. It looks like he just threw as much color on as possible. Laura: the print is yellow and purple, but it looks kind of muddy. The center of the bodice is a darker panel. The skirt is slightly shorter in front, but it’s almost too short. Other than that, not super exciting. Anthony Ryan: short dress with an A-line skirt and little cap sleeves. The print looks cute, and he’s done some in blue and some in black. There is a weird square cutout over the small of her back. Casanova: halter dress, loose, with panels in pink and yellow and gray. It’s weird that they are clearly different panels, but the print is nice and he hasn’t said two words all day so I’m sure he’s fine.

Emilio: yellow and red print with the drips. The skirt is a pencil skirt, and the jacket has huge cuffs and a belt and a big peplum. It makes it look like the jacket is too big for her or something and she had to belt it so it would fit. The lapels are big too. Suede: Sigh. The top is one-shouldered and covered in light yellow circles. He cut those out, they aren’t painted on. Then there is a full handkerchief hem skirt, with more circles, in a muddy gray-green. And the girl has Adele hair. The skirt is ridiculous, because there are random bright green and yellow circles, but not enough that he could claim he was trying to cover the skirt in circles. Althea: the print is now a center panel, with black side panels. The panels are cut diagonally so they aren’t just straight vertical cuts. Ivy: suit jacket with a short skirt. Below the skirt is plain white chiffon. The print is yellow and red with black words. Josh: sleeveless top with a peplum, and a short skirt. The paint is sort of abstract but doesn’t look as tacky as some of the other things.
Ivy, Emilio, Suede, Anthony Ryan, Kayne, and Laura are the top and bottom. Anthony Ryan wanted to bring the graphic nature of graffiti. Georgina praises the proportions of the dress. They love the cut-out. The print is used to accentuate the girl’s shape. Laura starts talking about technique and the splatter. The skirt is too short and doesn’t go with the top of the dress. On the back is some long fringe, which I didn’t notice, and Isaac says he likes the idea of fringe, but not this fringe. Everyone makes sure to say they love the splatter, like they want to make sure to tell her something positive to be nice. Suede…oh Suede. Georgina says at least he went feminine. But the cutouts! Everyone makes sure to say something nice before they talk about how it sucks, which is annoying to me for some reason. Just say it sucks! It sucks. Emilio says bright bold colors and New York in the 70’s. Carolyn says the shape is perfection (what?) and she wants it. They love the drippy top and something about it doesn’t look graffiti? What? I mean…it’s not so bad I think he should lose, but it’s not that great. Ivy talks about empowering women and using the bottom of the skirt as a cape. They praise it, even though I think the asymmetrical miniskirt with chiffon drape is not good. Isaac loves the cutout back, or the fact that the back of the jacket is cropped. Or whatever. One of the guest judges says he wishes the chiffon was red or orange. Actually that would help. Kayne talks about outlining colors. Isaac says it’s dramatic but the plain black bodice is the best part. The lines on the skirt start at the center of her waist and flare out, so they kind of make her look wide. The panels are all different colors and don’t flow into each other.
Anthony Ryan has a light touch and feels the most developed. Safe but beautiful. Emilio was street but had a great silhouette. Something about how his belt sucks even though this is the first we’ve heard of it. Ivy gets praise because jackets are hard to make but Georgina thinks they’ve seen that jacket before. Laura’s dress got worse the lower you looked. Also it doesn’t say “graffiti”. Neither does Emilio’s, but whatever. Kayne spent a lot of time on the seams but it looks bad and tacky. Isaac says this is not “Project Sample Room”. Suede at least put his nuttiness in his garment.
Ivy is in. Emilio wins. I’m not that opposed, I just don’t really get it this time. Anthony Ryan is in. Laura is in. When she goes back to the Scrap Bin everyone goes “yay”, sort of, and there’s a shot of Ivy not cheering. It’s possible that is cut in from some other time, but also not. Suede is out. He says if he goes home for being too creative, that’s better than not being creative enough so good. Suede out.
Next time: interactive challenge, somehow, Laura feels put upon because no one wants to hear about her being a rich spoiled party girl. Well when you talk about how much money you have, that’s what happens.

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