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Project Runway All Stars 10/25/12--"Redemption on the Runway" summary

Previously on Project Runway: a really boring regular season. And another set of All Stars back for more. I want to make some predictions. Josh and Wendy were the biggest “villains”, so one of them will suddenly be nice to everyone and not be obnoxious. Kind of like how Kenley turned out. I’m hoping for Josh, because if I have to listen to his bitch diva self every week I’m going to hate it. Kayne will try not to make gowns, which maybe will not be successful. I’m not sure who will win, because last season we had Mondo, and it was clear a lot of people thought he should have won. There doesn’t seem to be another person like that this season, although I could be wrong. (click for more)

Oh look, there’s Josh now. Yay. He thinks winning now would give him validation that they didn’t do it right the first time. Whatever. Emilio says he’s Tony-nominated. Althea looks totally different. I’m not sure how. Better, though. Anthony Ryan! He has a Mohawk. Love it. Suede says that All-Stars is the “crème de la crème”. Sure. Then he refers to himself in the third person, and I’m glad he hasn’t changed, apparently. Laura, the “I am a rich party girl but don’t call me Barbie” girl from St. Louis say she should have kicked ass. Ivy! I forgot Ivy was here. Put her with Josh and Wendy in terms of redemption. She says she was the bitch of Season 8. It’s true. Peach and Casanova! They give Ivy hugs, and Peach says they’re friends now, and Ivy says Casanova has worked for her. Everyone’s all friends now. Maybe Ivy will be the one who turned into a nice person. Uli has unfinished business. Hooray! Kayne says he can do more than gowns, and he and Josh are like the same person, separated by ten years or so. They even sound the same. Andrae still has his weird accent.
All the designers show up and greet each other and say “amazing” like a million times. They all seem to respect each other. And then Wendy Pepper waltzes up. Hee! Andrae calls her a “Disney villainess” which is kind of perfect. Then Wendy says she’s not here to make friends, possibly setting a record by having someone say that line three minutes into the season.
On the runway everyone claps for Carolyn Murphy. She says this is the toughest All-Stars season yet, which is meaningless because this is only the second season. There will not be any immunity. Nice. Winner gets a spread in Marie Claire, a “contributing editor” position for a year, and a trip around the world for the year to various Fashion Weeks, computers, sewing machines, etc. Also $150,000 and a capsule collection for Nine West (who are doing the accessory wall). The first challenge is now! Joanna Coles is waiting to explain! Just like how Heidi never explains everything, she makes Tim do it!
Joanna meets them on a roof somewhere. Then she says something about working together and everyone groans and I do too. Team challenge already? Random draw selects Kayne and Josh as the first members of each team. Josh admits he sucks at working in groups. Joanna reminds them they aren’t team captains. Teams are Kayne, Uli, Casanova, Ivy, Althea, Anthony Ryan, and Wendy; and Josh, Peach, Laura, Emilio, Andrae (he’s so busy saying this reminds him of gym class he misses his name), Suede. Wendy is last. They have to make a mini-collection with a theme of “attitude”. Everyone makes one item, but it has to be cohesive. $250 per person. Winner picked from the winning team, loser gets sent home from the losing team.
There is a big board with suggestions of “attitudes”. Althea doesn’t trust anyone enough to let them lead. Andrae is also loud. I had thought they could each pick words, but they all have to agree on one word for the collection. Josh’s team selects “Bold”, while the other team picks “Confident”. Team Confident is using lace and leather. Anthony Ryan wants to make clothes that anyone could buy. Suede says Suede is going to make a sculptural dress. Mood is Mood, although we see Althea is crazy tall. Uli says she no longer makes only flowy print dresses. Team Bold has blue.
Workroom at 1407. Ivy has been working from home and her equipment is not as nice. Althea has taken over and Wendy has certainly noticed. Peach shows everyone her design, and Andrae doesn’t think it’s bold enough so she freaks out, and Josh says her design isn’t good. Only he says it in a nice way, for him anyway, so that’s a good sign. Kayne has no time to screw around.
Joanna time! Suede has glasses on, and they are cute. He has a checked skirt? Joanna tells Andrae he’s playing it safe, and he says “Oh jeez!” all disgusted. Hee. Josh gets “bold but scary”. Peach says she’s a tennis designer. “Tennis to day”. It boggles the mind. Peach might be out of her depth. Anthony Ryan has a cream leather bow tie. Joanna says don’t be immature. Then she tells Ivy she was “a little terrified” to meet her because Ivy was the bitch of her season. Wow. I love Joanna more for taking that head-on. Ivy interviews that she was going through a ton of stuff, like being broke, and it was so much stress she wasn’t “in [her] right character”. She’s crying, both in interview and when she’s saying this to Joanna. Well, there you go. It’s Ivy who is now a nice person. I want to believe all of this, but it’s going to take a couple of episodes of her being nice. So far so good though. Joanna tells Wendy she felt sorry for her because she was the last one picked. Uli gets “stegosaurus” and Kayne gets “Catwoman meets Lady Gaga”. When Joanna sees leather and lace, she thinks “hooker”. Heh. The sad part of only having an hour show is we hear only a sentence or two from Joanna to each person.
Andrae can’t figure out who his woman is. Model fittings. Josh is here to win. Everyone goes home. Exciting. They are staying at Night Hotel in the penthouse. They drink champagne and Josh gushes about Wendy and watching her on TV. They applaud her, I think because she was on the very first season and is an “elder”. Josh says “From one bitch to the other! Wendy Pepper!” He says it in confessional though.
Day of the show. Everyone has a team cheer and gets to work. Andrae and Uli both think their collection is awesome. Anthony tells us his team is quiet and it’s weird. It’s not L’Oreal makeup, it’s Laura Mercier, but YOU GUYS. HOT MAKEUP GUY HAS A NAME. Scott Patric. Oh my God, I cannot believe we went for so many seasons and it’s only now that they put his name on the screen. The hair guy gets a name too, but I haven’t been wondering his name and imagining him having illicit affairs with male designers so I don’t care. Andrae is still working, and is asking his team members to check on his model for him. Wendy offers to help Kayne which is nice. I think he is coloring crystals with a Sharpie.
Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi are back, and the guest judge is Rachel Roy. And a random surprise guest judge, who is Mondo.
Team Bold is up first. Emilio: blue dress with a pencil skirt that hits just below the knee. The top is also the same royal blue, but there is no front panel. There are sides, but her whole chest is open and only covered by a black bandeau bra. What? She is wearing a bra and a skirt. It fits well, anyway. Peach: black dress, tight, with long sleeves in blue and short black sleeves over the top and a square neckline. Eh. Andrae: black pencil skirt with a blue stripe up the side, and a black tank top with a sheer wrap top over it. The wrap part is black sheer fabric with a border in blue. Suede: black V-neck top with cap sleeves. The sleeves look like two shoulder pads stacked on top of each other. The skirt is a full skirt in blue and black checks. It looks like squares sewn together? It might be too costumey. Laura: long black skirt, and a blue top with a peplum. The top has a black rectangle just under the V-neck, and small cap sleeves. There are panels in the skirt? It’s hard to see. Josh: black palazzo pants, with maybe some pleating or something around her waist, and a cropped vest with a low V. There is no back to her vest, just straps, and the vest has lapels in the blue.
Team Confident. Ivy: black satin shorts and a white jacket. The jacket has black lace elbows in the sleeves, and lace panels in the waist at the same height. It’s cool. The shorts might be leather. Althea: white slim dress, just below the knee, with a straight across strapless top. Then it looks like she sewed a black lace vest onto the dress. It lines the sides of the dress and there’s a racerback but there is no white in the back of the dress. And the girl is in black tights which I don’t like. Casanova: black backless leather dress with lace shoulders. Anthony Ryan: tight white pants and a sleeveless black top with white shoulders. The back of the top is all lace with a scallop pattern. Wendy: short black dress with a sparkly waist and little points over her boobs. Or maybe the points are just wings so it makes a little V between her boobs? Either way, the skirt has an inverse V in the center and there is fringe. Over her crotch. Kayne: I think tight pants or leggings, and a top with a long skirt. The top is a sweetheart neckline with a deep V, and overlaid over all of that is black lacy netting with sparkles. Long sleeves. The top maybe doesn’t fit right. It’s weird. Uli: Uli dress. Long white dress with a slight mullet hem, no waistline, and a cool top that is a tall rectangle in black and silver, and a collar.
Carolyn gets right down to it and says Team Confident wins. Anthony Ryan, Ivy, and Casanova have the high scores. Suede, Peach, and Andrae have the low scores. Laura had the high score in her team. Casanova says to wear a leather dress you must be confident. Georgina loves the cutout in the back and Isaac thinks it looks expensive. They want it a little longer. Mondo is not excited. Ivy’s jacket is wonderful. I would agree. They kind of don’t like the shorts. Carolyn disagrees and says she doesn’t like where the lace is on the jacket. It’s weird to have the judges not agree. Everyone else likes it. Anthony wanted the back of the blouse to be surprising. Isaac says even though the crotch of the pants is not perfect, they’re really good pants. True.
Suede wanted to make a pattern in his skirt. His ideas work against each other. In close up, the skirt looks like he took a black skirt and pinned blue squares to it like handkerchiefs. Hmm. Isaac likes the skirt, but not the top. The shoulders are breast cups. Hee. The top and skirt don’t go? I guess? Peach says she was bold because she touched fabric she hadn’t touched in years. Isaac says he had thought maybe when she started talking he’d like it better but she should stop talking now. Burn. Georgina wishes she had spoken up about her strengths. Andrae talks about “area of interest”. Carolyn doesn’t get it. The blue isn’t crossing her body properly. Andrae “laments” that his intention is “slightly muffled”. Hee. Georgina likes the intention but right now it’s too complicated. There are zippers in weird places.
Good: Casanova had tone-on-tone which was good, but they wish the skirt was slightly longer. Anthony Ryan had a sleek modern outfit with the surprise lace back. Although the crotch was insane. I’ve seen worse. Ivy’s jacket was great, although they aren’t sold on the shorts. Bad: Suede had ideas, but it was junior-y. Peach’s gown was sad because she had a good idea but she blamed the fabric. Rachel says if you can’t sew it, just start throwing handkerchiefs on like Suede. Ouch. Andrae’s outfit was messy and had a ton of things going on. They laugh at him saying “lament”.
Casanova is in. Anthony Ryan is the winner! He says everyone looks at him more seriously than before. Ivy is in. Suede is in. Andrae is in. That means Peach is out. Aww. She says of course she’s mortified, but she’s lucky to do what she loves.
This season: lots of tears, trip to Paris, Ivy and Josh are back to their old selves, famous guest judges. A dog named Isaac. The same shot as in the regular show of someone walking in front of the camera with the show name in the back. Only in the regular show I’m pretty sure it’s Heidi and this person can’t walk for shit.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for more of your takes on this season. I really think Ivy, Josh and Wendy will team up and just rip everyone apart at the seams. (See what I did there?)

Why did that other post get deleted? I didn't see it before hand.

Peach was never a strong designer. I was surprised she made it into All Stars.


Toyouke said...

The other post was spam. I didn't delete it permanently in case I need it to get that person's profile deleted.

I think you're right about Ivy and Josh. Wendy I'm hoping will see she's out of her league