Thursday, October 18, 2012

Project Runway 10/18/12--"Finale Part 2" summary

Previously on Project Runway: We spent all that time on home visits and looking at everyone’s collections and a runway show, and then the judges decided not to eliminate anyone. Just like last year! Although, unlike last year, I’m not sure who it was that was being saved. I mean, obviously last season Anya screwed up so they were saving her so she could win. Everyone had problems with their designs, although I guess mostly it was with styling. Whatever. Waste of an episode. (click for more)

Melissa says she wasn’t sure how to react when everyone passed through to the final. Really she’s mostly relieved she made it. Fabio claims he knew this would happen, while Chris says the judges ripped it all “to shit”. And yes, I’m pretty sure that’s what he said and no, they didn’t censor it. He’s irritated they didn’t fawn over his skimpy clothes. Fabio tells all to think positive.
 Two days before the runway show. Fabio is trying to make his clothes more “luxe” so he’s making a couple of pieces. Dmitry is going for “younger” because he was told his stuff was matronly. Chris is still pissed about his criticism. Apparently he feels he just did the same things he’s been doing all this time, and now they hate it. Melissa is adding color. Chris is the only one who is angry about what the judges said. Tim comes in and says it’s a new day, think positively, even playing field, etc. Today is model fittings and hair consults. He also takes them to Mood with $300. He says they need to add to what they already have. I wonder who it was that the judges were trying to help.
Everyone works and trash talks each other. Except Fabio likes Melissa’s collection, of course, because Fabio is a sweetheart. Hair consults, whatevs, except a couple of people had wigs and I am pretty sure those have been scrapped. Working. Working. Models. Chris bitches about stuff. Melissa cuts the sleeves off the jacket, which is a thing Nina told her to do. Fabio and Dmitry also do what the judges told them. Chris was told to mix and match every possible combination of his separates, but he says nothing fits. Melissa has a long white dress, but it’s so narrow the girl can’t walk. Fabio demonstrates with his hands, and they put an enlargement in an inset so you can see. Hee.
In the morning, Fabio is sad it’s the last day they’ll be together. He makes a wavy motion about his nerves, and the editors put in a ripple effect. Aww, everyone loves Fabio. Tim says makeup consults today, and they’ll have until 5 tonight to work. Makeup consults are dumb because there is no hot makeup guy.
Tim time! Melissa still has a dress to sew, in “blood orange”. Chris bitches that she is “pretentious” and it is red. Shut up, Chris. You’re just mad you didn’t think of it first. He’s a total bitch today. Dmitry is using his styling to keep his looks young, like somehow using silver leaf in his models’ hair. Tim doesn’t want people to fixate on the hair and not look at his clothes. Chris has several new pieces, and Tim dismisses some look as “cheap”. It totally was, it looked like cheap pleather. Tim tells him to finish what he’s got, instead of making a ton of new things. Fabio has some striped shorts and a skirt which are cute, and Tim is loving his epiphany. Tim announces to everyone he is thrilled with these collections and he’ll be back later to help them pack up.
Melissa frantically sews a dress, as does Chris. Dmitry and Fabio chill and pick out accessories and hang out. Tim comes back and gives them a 15 minute warning. Tim asks Chris why he looks so stressed when he was ready this morning. Chris says he wasn’t, and he has two more looks to make. Tim declares this ridiculous and doesn’t believe him, but when Chris insists he says well, you have 15 minutes. After this time is up, Tim reappears with champagne. Dmitry says “Oh! Alcohol!” Hee. Chris doesn’t quit right away, and Tim tells him not to be petulant. Hee. Everyone gets booze and Tim leaves them to toast each other. Dmitry asks if they’re done, and Melissa is like, “I have some sewing to do in the morning. Not like, sewing a whole garment together.” Chris mocks her and then is all “I do.” Everyone is at a loss, and Melissa is all “…Ookay…” Chris bitches about how he has a lot of work left? Or he screwed up? Something. Oh my God, please don’t tell me this means he wins. He shouldn’t win.
Day of the show! 2am. That’s earlier than usual. They walk to the tents and talk about how important this day is, what they’ve sacrificed to get here, and so forth. Things start getting crazy. Dmitry’s hair is taking forever. Melissa’s last minute dress fits and she’s pretty relieved. The white dress that was so narrow, she didn’t fix. Jennifer Hudson is the guest judge, she looks good. Dmitry is super behind. Chris’s final gown is so long the girl kicks it and it’s tangled and he is literally cutting it with scissors right before the show. Stupid.
Heidi is wearing a dress that is mostly not there. You can find the finale collections online in various places, such as Blogging Project Runway. Chris is up first. He says he was inspired by deconstruction/reconstruction, and he dedicates the show to his family and boyfriend. He has a lot of separates, which is great. Lots of pants. Some of the skirts are slit pretty high, though, and there are some short shorts. The final dress is still pretty long and I hope the whole time the girl doesn’t trip. It also is a long ombre gown that doesn’t seem to go with a collection of separates and leather and sexy.
Melissa is second. Her collection focuses on “a new exploration of death to life”. I think she has a swimsuit in there. All the clothes look like things Melissa would wear herself. It’s all black and white with pops of color in the clutches and a tiny bit of red in one jacket and the one red dress. The white dress is still too narrow for that girl to walk in.
Dmitry’s collection is inspired by “organic architecture”. OK, all his models have heavy thick eyebrows and ponytails, with the silver in a ring around the ponytail. He has a lot of geometric shapes which look intricate. His clothes are very interesting. Several pieces with fringe. This is also a pretty black and white collection.
 Fabio goes last. The name of his collection is Cosmic Tribalism. Here is the color that everyone else was lacking. Lots of blues and pastels. His draping is very nice and there is a lot of it. No big gown at the end, but I don’t really see Fabio making gowns anyway. After the show they find a lot of celebrities to talk about everyone.
Heidi says she’s proud of everyone and how they fixed their collections since the last time they saw them. Dmitry put on a beautiful show, everything fits beautifully and looks expensive. He made things modern (wow, just like they asked). Nina thinks most of his looks were editorial. Melissa went surreal. They of course like that she changed her jacket, but they of course call her on that dress the model couldn’t walk in. Nina liked the hair and makeup, and she does reveal to them the red dress was made yesterday. Sexy without being slutty. Jennifer nails it when she says she got Melissa mixed up with the models at the end, when they all walked out together. Chris has brought/was wearing a scarf of the X-ray print he used. OF COURSE. For some reason that is really irritating. Kors thinks it interesting that the inspiration was a little dark and moody. He’s the only one that had a print, but then Kors does think the final gown doesn’t fit in with the rest of the collection. Nina praises his ability to make fabrics look light. Fabio wanted a cohesive poetic collection. Heidi loved it, especially because the first three designers had a lot of dark. Fabio listened, and Nina says his clothes are easy and he does them for himself? OK. Kors tells him the draping looks effortless.
Heidi kicks the models out and makes everyone say why they should win. Chris wants to launch his career and he deserves it. He won’t let them down. Fabio wanted to become a better designer, and now is the time to invest in what he wants to do and stop thinking he doesn’t deserve it. Dmitry is consistent and winning would give him his dream. Melissa kept her point of view, but pushed herself past her comfort zone all through the competition.
Everyone loves Chris’s print, but there were a lot of things going on. Kind of all over the place, and so not as cohesive as it could be. He should keep to what he’s good at. Whatever, if he’d done that you’d complain you were bored. I know how it works. Melissa has a strong point of view and has good taste. Kors was not surprised at her show. See, I told you. Nina says all her stuff is already out there. Fabio was surprising. Nina says something about loving everything he wears, and putting it on the girls. I guess he did that? I’m not sure. Dmitry was polished and perfect and fixed things to be youthful. Jennifer thinks it’s now and he’s ready. Then suddenly Heidi is all “it’s hard to pick between the two of them” and they show shots of Dmitry and Fabio. So they’re the top? Jennifer thinks if Dmitry doesn’t win, he’ll still do fine. But Fabio is so original he needs the outside push from someone else. Dmitry is more polished but Fabio is more conceptual.
Chris is still finding his voice, even though he did a good job, and he is out. He’s proud of what he did, and he says he’s too exhausted to cry. Melissa is also out. She’s only upset because she didn’t win. She knows she showed at Fashion Week and that’s a win. She hugs Chris backstage and now they’re both crying. Chris says if Fabio doesn’t win he’ll be really upset. Hmm. The winner is Dmitry! Hmm. I was rooting for Fabio more than I thought. Fabio’s proud of himself. Aww, he’s sad because his mom’s sad! I want to give him a hug. Dmitry doesn’t know how the fuck he made it, but this is the best day of his life. Tim comes out and is proud and he totally loses it and starts crying. Aww, Tim is cute.
Next week: All-Stars!


DianeP said...

Thank you Toyouke for another year of great recaps! You really find exactly the right way to express what a lot of us felt watching this season. Congrats!

See you after the All Stars!

Milaxx said...

Love your recaps. It can't be easy when the season is this dull.
Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Your post are the best thing about Project Runway, especially when we are on the same wave-length and all hell breaks loose. Or when we think it's a total cop-out. I can't wait for what you say about All Stars!

Good god, what WAS Heidi THINKING?!