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Project Runway 8/9/12--"Women on the Go" summary

Previously on Project Runway: everyone paired up so they could make dresses for past designers who are going to the Emmys. This included cars for no reason other than product placement. Don’t worry, they mentioned it once and then never again.  Kenley is Kenley and Irina is aggressively bitchy, but that’s OK because she has Gunnar. Kooan also is stuck with Gunnar and is sad the whole episode. Buffi and Elena don’t get along well. Andrea has weird ideas and Chris is passive aggressive about how she sucks but he just RESPECTS her so much he can’t say so. The judges have started smoking crack, as Gunnar’s plain white gown with a jacked up butt seam, and Ven’s boring Kenley dress for Kenley are deemed the top, while Dmitry and Melissa made April a long gown in silk charmeuse and are only safe. Whatever. Ven wins, in the end, which means Kenley will probably be at the Emmys trying to grab attention. Chris and Andrea throw each other under the bus, and Chris is a bitch but Andrea is flat-out lying about things she said. However, Raul and Alicia have made a really horrible dress and Raul is sent home. Then Andrea packs up her stuff in the middle of the night and goes home.

Chris tells his apartment that Andrea totally deserved to get thrown under the bus. And he really uses the bus analogy. He’s quite proud of himself. Either that or he is desperately trying to get his roommates to tell him he’s awesome. Anyway, he is supposedly worried about the tension when he sees her this morning. Kooan says he doesn’t feel good. Gunnar says Kooan was quiet and therefore the pressure is getting to him. Either that or Gunnar never shuts up.
No runway this morning, which I am declaring means I was right about the filming schedule: if they film the runway right after elimination, then go home and sleep, Andrea will be in the footage. But if you are trying to edit things like the runway and getting the new challenge happens in the morning, then you can’t show that because Andrea is supposed to be gone in the morning. Anyway, the people who are left go to Kors’s store. It’s very shiny, lots of white and chrome. Melissa claims to be super inspired. Tim stops them before they actually get started to tell all of them that Andrea left in the middle of the night. Fabio looks super shocked, but you’re telling me they all got in the cars and went to Kors’s store and no one talked about Andrea or mentioned she was missing? Chris talks about how confused he is and says “It’s like a joke being played on me.” Yes, because it’s all about you. Tim says they haven’t been able to talk to her but they’re pretty sure she’s all right. Buffi doesn’t think Andrea would have gotten that much further in the competition anyway, but it’s wrong to quit. Well…that’s fairly true. Everyone who gets an interview thinks it’s stupid and she is too weak or should suck it up or quit fashion or whatever. Tim tells them to bounce back.
Anyway, Kors describes his customers as “on the go” women who need versatile clothing. Design a look that describes your own aesthetic, stylish, fashionable, versatile, practical, and comfortable. The clothes have to last a whole day, so you have to think about things like wrinkling. $150 and one day.
I’m not sure why we’re sketching a look that is supposed to show your own aesthetic, while in someone else’s boutique. Meanwhile everyone whispers about Andrea. Apparently after the challenge she said to Fabio that she was looking forward to sleeping in. Gunnar calls her a coward and immature. Shut up, Gunnar. You sound like you’re five. Tim comes downstairs to some of the designers and tells them they should have a story for their customer and what they’re doing in this outfit. Everyone talks about all the dresses they’re making and how their customers are suspiciously like themselves. Shopping is shopping. Kooan is not crazy. Sonjia is having a hard time making a decision.
Back at the workroom, Chris demands everyone’s attention and makes the girls repeat their lack of story about Andrea. Chris claims to be sad, but Buffi reminds them all that yesterday she said it would be a relief if she got eliminated. Chris reminds everyone that she did say that and that’s why he told the judges even though he felt terrible. He interviews that he feels partially to blame for driving Andrea to quit. Then he says it breaks his heart and I laugh. It doesn’t break your heart. You feel guilty, maybe, and certainly are thinking “Oh shit, everyone is going to think she quit because I was such an asshat”. That’s why you insisted on everyone talking about it, so someone would remind them she wanted to quit and you can insist to everyone it wasn’t your fault. I think if you really were heartbroken you wouldn’t be talking quite so much. Now everyone has to comfort him and tell him it’s not his fault, which I’m sure is exactly what he wanted. He might feel guilty, but none of this conversation is about Andrea, and all of it is about Chris.
Out of nowhere Kooan says he has an announcement, and usually he’s the fun happy guy, but he’s been thinking about it for three days, and he thinks he should quit. What? No one can seem to believe it. No one interviews that Kooan is stupid for quitting, except Gunnar, who says he’s “wilting under the pressure”. If you want to tell Gunnar and Chris apart, it’s how Gunnar doesn’t think he pushed Kooan into the state he’s in. Nathan is crying about how things are falling apart. He says he wants to leave, but he’s not going to. But he knows how Kooan feels. Then he says Kooan has to do what’s right for himself. Nathan is like, stealth awesome. Tim comes in and gives a ‘gather round. Andrea has officially quit. Tim says thousands of people want to be in their positions, and Kooan interrupts him to say he knows the industry is hard, and he chose to work in it, but he needs to find his own way. Tim didn’t know Kooan was leaving. He wants to find a different way to work, and then he interviews that he has more freedom when he works by himself. Kooan hugs everyone because how do you not hug Kooan goodbye? As he’s walking out the door he shouts “MAKE IT WORK!!!” Heh.
Everyone sort of gets to work, but I don’t think anyone’s really thrilled. Tim returns and tells everyone that things happen for a reason, and everyone should move forward. He also wants things to be fair, so Raul is coming back. Only one person returning? Did you contact him because of Andrea and you just haven’t had time to call Lantie yet? Ven is not really happy, which is totally understandable. Well, he’s unhappy because Raul complains too much, not because there are too many people around. Raul talks to everyone around him about how glad he is to be back and whatever.
Tim returns for Tim time! Dmitry has pinned down some pleats in the front, and he says he is making a dress with one seam. Sonjia has a very nice gray dress. Fabio has a good print. Elena interviews with the strange criticism that Fabio designs for the judges but doesn’t put enough of himself in the designs. Gunnar is told to edit and not over design. Elena has another strong shoulder. Buffi seems to have a sheer top maybe? She’s talking about something to throw over whatever dress you want. Gunnar fails his trash-talking by saying she has cheetah print when it is clearly zebra. Chris has a cropped jacket done already, and Tim tells him to edge it up. Tim also forces Chris to promise he is super happy to be there and he’s excited and whatever. He does look tired, but I’m still not convinced that’s not a ploy to get sympathy out of everyone. Chris says he can’t be on the bottom again. Yeah. Nathan’s outfit looks sad. Alicia has to watch proportions. Raul is making a suit, I guess. Tim claims to be the most excited ever about what they are all doing.
Three hours left. The models come in for fitting. Fabio’s dress is really short. Like, probably will flash the judges short. Melissa has a ton of things to do. Chris comes over to Buffi and starts grilling her on her outfit for some reason. Did she ask your opinion? No? Then be quiet. Chris is like, is it resort wear? It looks like a bathing suit and cover up. That’s helpful. Buffi says she is too busy to talk, and interviews that she is worried about her outfit.  She’s trying to stay focused. Melissa hasn’t sewn anything together by when they leave.
In the morning, Buffi is still worried but she hopes the judges will judge her on her aesthetic. Chris is STILL TALKING ABOUT ANDREA, only now he’s telling Raul that she should have been an adult and quit during judging so Raul wouldn’t have to “go through all that”. Whatever.
Chris, out of nowhere, decides to offer Buffi some of his black chiffon, because he thinks the pink looks like a bathing suit cover-up. Buffi is having none of it, because the pink is really her. Good for Buffi. Chris offers help, and Buffi fake-thanks him and says she has to go sew. Chris is all butt hurt about it, because he’s offering “as a friend”. Buffi goes to sew and is too loud about how stupid it is, because Chris overhears and goes to defend himself, because he is “concerned” and only giving her “constructive criticism” and she shouldn’t be angry. Do you not understand that people don’t like any kind of criticism when they don’t ask for it? Are they like BFFs and we just haven’t seen it? And that’s why Chris felt he could tell Buffi her pink top sucks and she should do what he tells her? Because that is the only explanation that makes Chris not look like a total meddling busybody. Chris apologizes (?) and Buffi says “Don’t be sorry, you helped me by making me defend myself.” I’m not sure if she’s serious or sarcastic. Chris is also unsure, but he claims he would want the same criticism. HA! You know he’d clutch his pearls and trash-talk whoever dared give him advice. Last minute working. Raul’s pants are way too small, by three or four inches. I guess he didn’t have them done last night for his model to try on. Gunnar says Raul is in trouble, but with a smug smirk that reminds me that I don’t like him either. I forgot with all of Chris’s antics today. Hot makeup guy welcomes back Raul and does the cheek kiss/bump greeting. Buffi is taking longer than she wanted. Gunnar thinks she is reaching out for help, although we don’t see it. Do they just assume that since they think she’s in trouble, it automatically gives them permission to tell her that her garment sucks and tell her what to do? Raul just grabs random accessories off the wall.
Two guest judges today, for no reason, Hayden Panettiere, and Rachel Roy. Heidi gives a lame speech about how disappointed she is because everyone wants to be on this show blah blah why are you so desperate to force us to believe there are so many people who want to be on this show? She dismisses Andrea and Kooan, saying they just can’t handle it, and FINALLY we can start the runway show.
Sonjia: gray wrap dress with long sleeves. It’s gathered at one shoulder and on the same hip. The back looks cool too, but when the model pauses at the top of the runway the light shines right through the skirt. Alicia: knee length walking shorts and a button down top. The shorts are slim fit on her legs, but her hips look really wide. Those are not fitted well. The top has elbow length sleeves and seems cropped, but then the collar is really wide. Or she made it wrong and it’s too big. And there are elbow patches. Melissa: I can’t tell what is going on. Everything is either black or taupe and the model doesn’t remove anything. There are at least four pieces, one is a hooded cardigan. Lots of fabric. Buffi: hot pink draped piece, with a thin belt, and a zebra print sheath dress underneath. The pink looks like a smock she put over her dress to keep it clean. Also it would not look that much better in black. Fabio: short dress in a vertical print, with a cropped jacket with elbow length sleeves. The back of the jacket is shorter than the front. It doesn’t look as short as it did in the workroom, maybe he put a strip at the bottom? Gunnar: dark eggplant sleeveless top with a mock turtleneck and rouching right over her chest. The skirt is a wrap skirt in olive with off-white trim to outline the wrapped part. I will give him that it looks much better than his sketch did, which was giant overlapping squares. The top comes down over her hips and there is a belt and a keyhole in back.
Nathan: dress and long sleeveless vest in dark mustard yellow. The vest is really loose in back so it looks kind of like a cape. Dmitry: black sheath dress with criss-crossing pleats in front in an X shape and a keyhole in back. Ven: one shouldered sheath dress in champagne. It’s gathered in front, and there is a wavy seam along the front and across the skirt, which is marked by a zipper. The gathering is along the seam, like big loose pleats. Raul: slim gray pants and a big vest. The vest is kind of long and seems bulky, with a swirly print on bottom and black on top. You can’t see the sides of the pants, where I think he put black panels to make them fit. There’s a belt, and some accessories that don’t really go. The pockets in the back of the pants look jenky. Elena: big gray coat, over a very pleated button-up top. It looks like it’s folded and rouched in chevrons down the front. Slim black pants. Her shoulders look huge and the coat looks huge too. Chris: black dress which is draped and gathered on one hip with a big piece hanging down. There is a cropped elbow-length pleather jacket and a mock turtleneck.
Gunnar, Ven, Nathan, Alicia, Melissa, and Elena are safe. Alicia and Elena made it? What? Alicia’s top looked terrible and Elena’s coat was too much. Whatever. Sonjia’s dress is fantastic and not black. It can really be worn with any shoes or jewelry or anything. Everyone loves it. Fabio’s look is really for someone’s day off, which means she is running around all day and not at work. Kors doesn’t see Fabio in the clothes, which makes sense because his model is wearing a sheath dress and shrug while Fabio has several loops of thick white rope draped around his neck and a turban. Also the dress is too short, along with the jacket so it looks weird. Not glamorous and doesn’t live up to potential. Chris has a super elaborate story which is not surprising. Heidi thinks his coat is real leather but I don’t know. Heidi and Hayden both think it looks expensive. OK, the skirt ends at her knee and the draping on the side goes down to her ankles. Rachel loves the styling, which is black dress, studded clutch, and royal blue suede platforms. Am I missing something? This dress is not that great. It’s not horrible or anything, I just don’t think it should be getting so much praise. Buffi talks about how you can belt the pink differently. Hayden says something nice, but Heidi thinks it looks cheap. Rachel says it’s unsuccessful if you depend on a belt for your look. Buffi thanks her for her advice about editing herself, so maybe she just doesn’t like Chris. Kors makes up a long story about hairdressing smocks. Buffi lifts up the pink part and the hem of the skirt is really jacked up. Nina accuses her of using the overlay to cover up her crappy technical skills, and when Buffi says that’s not what she was doing, Nina interrupts her to say that’s even more tragic. I have to give credit where credit is due and say there is not one shot of Chris looking smug. Raul says this is his interpretation of a suit and the bulky vest is to hide any figure flaws. Kors hated the vest on sight, but he says that unbolting it makes it much better. Underneath there is a sleeveless shell with a cowl neck, and they know the pants had problems when they see them. They really are. The jacket is too long and there are too many accessories. Dmitry’s garment is the best made garment up there, says Kors. He wishes it was in a bright color and not in black. They seem to like it, but it’s not earth-shattering. Nina really likes it. Rachel says it’s safe but beautiful.
Sonjia, Chris, and Dmitry all did a great job. Sonjia was appropriate but still sexy, but Heidi doesn’t think it’s a head-turner. What? Shush. Nina liked Chris, but Kors says his constructions skills are not so great. Heidi thinks Chris’s dress has more sex appeal. Why do we let her judge again? Dmitry sewed his dress perfectly, he just needs to not be safe all the time. Fabio’s look was too boring. Rachel asks if he has potential, and Kors acts like he’s tired of waiting to see it. Buffi’s clothes are weird, and they all think the pink piece was covering her poor execution skills. They are memorable though. Raul was too ambitious and has editing problems. They harp on how he was gone once already, I guess because they’re not inclined to change their minds on how he shouldn’t be there.
Chris is in. Sonjia is the winner! Good. Hayden wants to wear the dress somewhere. Dmitry is in. Raul is in. Buffi is out. Aww. She’s crying but she also doesn’t want to change for anyone else. She also crawls behind the couch to hide from Tim. Hee. Tim is proud of her because that look was true to Buffi. She’s going to be more crazy and tacky now. Hee.
Next time: team challenge, make a line of “professional women’s wear”, Nina is involved somehow, everyone fights. There is a photoshoot.

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Great recap Toyouke - especially Chris' reactions with Buffi. Maybe he mean well, maybe he didn't...

Thanks for your explantion of shooting the runway the morning after. I always wondered why the designers were brining tote bags with them when they weren't supposed to have brought any work home with them. Now I know it was their "morning after" clothes.