Thursday, August 23, 2012

Project Runway 8/23/12--"Fix My Friend" summary

Previously on Project Runway: There was a stupid team challenge. Raul and Elena were the worst, Raul because he refused to listen to his team at all, and Elena because she had one of her freakouts and yelled at everyone. Gunnar got pissy about his team too. There was a photoshoot which wasn’t even that great. Melissa won, because a high cowl neckline is apparently “modern”, even though no one I know would wear it to work. Raul was eliminated again. On the way out he told Elena he hated her guts, because I guess he is unaware of how stupid that makes him look.

No one wants to wake up this morning. Sonjia wants to get rid of some of these boys. Dmitry really wants to win, because he’s been close and it causes him to lose his confidence if he doesn’t win things. So I guess it’s his turn this week.
 Heidi says they have new clients today. Random men and women. Oh, these people aren’t really the clients, ha ha! These people have friends who need makeovers. Heidi asks if they’ll help them out, and Dmitry snarks “Do we have a choice?” Hee. Melissa has immunity. Tim will meet them later, and I guess we’re not assigning anyone yet. Heidi wishes them luck and tells them they might need it. Everyone laughs and makes sarcastic comments, which makes Heidi realize she just implied this will suck, while the friends are still standing there. So she’s all “it might be fun!” but they point out she said they’d need luck. “You’re helping people!” Heidi kicks them out.
 The L’Oreal guy is here. They are supposed to think behind styling for this one day. Random assignments, 30 minutes to consult, one day to sew. No budget is given. Sonjia is super nice to her girl, but I don’t think anyone would be surprised by that. Some of these girls actually don’t look that bad. Maybe I watch too much “What Not to Wear”. Ven gets the “fat” girl. She’s not that huge, and you’ll notice that Sonjia’s girl said things don’t fit her right because she’s pear-shaped, and Sonjia just went with it. Ven says he was “disappointed” when he saw Terri because the proportions are too different. Then he says “these women” which is pretty heinous. I will say they did get a good mix of “plain girl who dresses boring” and “weird girl who is tacky”. Nathan’s girl asks for an exposed midriff but also sophisticated. Girl. Nathan does an excellent McKayla frown. Fabio gets Ko-Rely and Judah-Rev. Seriously? Whatever. Gunnar makes a big deal about designing for “regular” women. I know he does, because I know his clientele is old Southern women, who can’t all be tiny, but he’s still irritating. His client actually starts to cry, and I will admit he’s nice and gives her a hug and tells her how much fun this will be. Shopping is shopping. Dmitry says that they’ll have to tone themselves down because they have actual customers. Ven complains some more about how he can’t do what he wants because it won’t work on his client.
Nathan is making something he normally wouldn’t, which is never a good sign. There are meetings with the hair guy and the clients. He plugs all the different hair color formulas. Ven says it’s not fair that he got a fat girl and other people have model-sized clients. Shut up, Ven. I think Chris has denim shorts on. Sigh. Everyone talks about their siblings for some reason. Where did that come from? Gunnar talks about missing his family. Producers, I still don’t like him. Being nice to his client makes him slightly better but he’s still annoying.
Tim time! Nathan tells Tim how his client wanted exposed midriff (Tim cries out in horror) but he isn’t doing that, and also has some “non-hooker mesh”. Hee. Tim says she needs to wear shapewear. Let me tell you, if I’m on this show, I’m wearing it whether or not you tell me. Elena is putting a high-waisted skirt on a girl with a short torso. But she’s making a long top. Gunnar has a piñata. I don’t know. Keep it clean. Fabio has a pretty high neck, because his client doesn’t want cleavage. Sonjia thinks her rouching won’t make her client look bigger. Probably not. Ugh. Time for Ven. He actually claims he was “shocked” when he saw his client, and then when Tim asks how big she is, he actually LAUGHS and says she’s like a 14. FOURTEEN!?!?! You ass. Tim reminds him that is the cusp of plus-sized, without adding that the average woman in this country is a size 14. Fabio says Ven’s client is beautiful, and it’s too bad she came to the show hoping for some special treatment and she’s stuck with Ven’s stupid ass. Truth. Elena has lost respect for him. I think a lot of them have, because behind Tim everyone is just staring. Tim (in his slightly disappointed teacher voice) reminds Ven that clothes can provide an optical illusion. Also she’s almost 40. Really? She was? Damn. She looked good. Tim says she’s not old, and this could be a debut into who she can be. Alicia has foofy pink fabric. Dmitry is trying to give attitude, but he still wants her to be professional. That dress is not attitude.
 Gunnar has like, a sheer piece of fabric with black squares sewn on it. So it’s like a shawl, I guess, but with texture. Elena gushes about it and tells him it’s so different from what he normally does, so chic and gorgeous. Ha! Gunnar laughs but I think he’s secretly pissed.
The clients come in, after having their hair makeovers already. Everyone talks about how great their hair is. Fabio’s girl loves his dress. Elena likes her girl’s hair, and Dmitry snarks that he’s never seen her be nice to anyone. Alicia’s pink dress is odd. Gunnar’s dress actually looks pretty good, and he and the friend reassure his client when she talks about being “full-figured”. She does have a good hourglass shape. Ven is all “your hair is great, and black is slimming”. Sigh. He wants to put a belt on her, but it’s too small, so he’s just mumbling about finding a bigger one. Chris is in the background doing the hand-slicing-the-throat “shut up” gesture. Man, when Chris and Gunnar look better than you do, it’s time to think about things. As Gunnar points out, she’s your client and you probably shouldn’t be rude to her.
Morning. Fabio thinks Nathan is in trouble, and Ven because Ven is an ass. Ven is busy in his apartment bitching about how fat his client is. He is STILL whinging about it. Welcome to reality TV, Ven. Also welcome to the internet.
Tim gives them 3 hours this morning to get ready. Nice. Ven tells his client how slimming his dress is, and she says it’s nice but not her. In confessional Ven claims she told him she wouldn’t wear it all the time, but she “loves” the way it looks. From the side, it’s not that great, but that’s how I look from the side. No dress will hide it. I feel you girl. They discuss belts, and she finally tells him he keeps harping on how the belts they had were too small and it’s embarrassing. Go girl! Then it gets insane. Now Ven is pissed because she has basically told him he’s making her feel fat, but “not at all did I ever say that, that’s the way she’s feeling because nothing I brought fits her.” Yeah, and you keep harping on it. Do you not hear yourself? Chris is horrified and now this girl is crying which is horrible. Her friend actually confronts him, and points out that Terri is upset, because if that was me I would assume he didn’t notice or care. Ven claims to be sorry about that (he says they just don’t connect) and he tries to explain about how why he used black instead of colors and he does know she’s unhappy but I don’t think he feels she should be. Like, she should understand how hard this was for him or something. Whatever. He tries to convince Terri to let him finish the dress, and he talks a shit-ton about how great her hair looks, but Terri just fake laughs so good for her. Hot makeup guy flirts with the clients, but you know it’s fake. You know he wants to flirt with the boys. I want to point out this whole time, some random friend is also comforting Terri. Like, she is unrelated and just met this girl, or never met this girl, but she looks like a mom so she’s in mom mode. It’s sweet.
 Guest judge is Alice Temperley, who is a British designer. Nathan: blue sheath dress, with a sweetheart neckline and pleats, and then black sheer sleeves and top that goes up pretty high. It’s not bad, although it’s better than exposed midriff. Short though, and exposed zipper. Elena: black pencil skirt and a sleeveless top in pink, with a boatneck and a small peplum. I probably would like it more if the top wasn’t the color of her skin. She has a sassy walk. Melissa: black strapless bandage dress (looks like a bandage dress) and a huge scarf that she is struggling with. It’s falling down and it is just bad. Plus no one can see the dress. I think there are folds on top? Gunnar: black dress with texture in it somehow, and just a plain V-neck top. This girl is also having fun dancing around and stuff. There’s a keyhole in back. Hee, she is seriously exaggerating her walk to swing her ass around. Alicia: pink shift dress with thin straps and a sweetheart neckline. Somehow there are triangular cutouts at her waist that are covered with lace or something. It’s short and boring.
 Chris: charcoal gray wrap dress, sleeveless, which some draping at one hip. It’s a really cute dress, actually. There’s also a jacket, which looks like a cardigan. We don’t get a good look at it because she took off the jacket right away. Ven: black skirt with a side sipper that is unzipped slightly, a black belt (so I guess he found one), and a shiny turquoise wrap top with kimono sleeves. I could probably find that top in a store somewhere. She’s pissed. Dmitry: dark turquoise sheath dress that is kind of short, exposed zipper, some pleating in the front on the V-neckline. Her ass looks great, I suppose. Fabio: color blocked dress, sleeveless with a high crew neck, and a fuller skirt. The colors are all gray, and she walks horribly but it’s really cute. Sonjia: girl, that is short. It’s a dark blue, with a knot just under her boobs. Oh, short.
 Melissa, Chris, Alicia, and Elena are safe. Chris is relieved. Dmitry, Fabio, and Gunnar have the high scores. Aww…Nathan is in the bottom. I bet he goes home. Against Ven and Sonjia? Boo. Dmitry claims his dress will not wrinkle. His girl loves it. Heidi says it’s not slutty but it’s hot. The color is excellent. Fabio wanted to have something feminine (the silhouette) but edgy (the sharp lines of the colorblocking). Heidi makes fun of the girl a little bit, but everyone laughs. Heidi also thinks she looks like an artist, which she is. That’s a good call. Kors says it took a boy in a dress to get her in a dress. Is Fabio wearing a skirt? Gunnar talks about the chiffon squares we saw earlier and how sassy she was and how great his client is. She is sassy. The judges praise her walk and how fun she is and stuff. I think that her dress isn’t super great, but the fact that she clearly loves it and was fun got him into the top.
 Loser gong! Well, just in my head. Sonjia’s girl likes that Sonjia listened to her, which is nice. Heidi doesn’t think the knot works, and then she says it’s so short it’s slutty. Oo. The proportions are off. She’s sporty, and now it’s a draped cocktail dress, and Kors thinks she’s too far in the other direction. She didn’t want a lot of cleavage, but there is too much fabric for a short girl. Ven says he’s never worked with “real-sized women”. Terri is not happy, and she is not afraid to say so. Good. Ven cannot shut up about how fat she is and others have skinny clients. Heidi (the MODEL) shuts him down and says “You don’t design for real women? Who is not real?” It doesn’t look like her. The different colored top and skirt cut her in half, and she can’t wear it to work because it’s shiny. Kors slams Ven for not communicating, because if he had to scramble last minute then he wasn’t listening. Her friend gets emotional because she wanted Terri to get her moment in the spotlight because she’s so busy all the time. Nina says her skirt is great, which is how you know Ven’s not going anywhere. He didn’t listen. Heidi flat out says “Ven, it’s your fault. We like Terri but we don’t like your outfit.” Nice. Nathan explains he had to make a performance outfit. She likes it, but wants it tighter. So let’s hope that they take that into account. Heidi says it looks cheap. They have to explain to Alice what a “hoochie-mama” is. Oh, there were sheer panels down the sides. Oh, Nathan. He tries the “I did what she wanted” track and seals his fate. That never goes over well. Kors says he ended up with a dress full of clichés and I guess she shouldn’t have the mesh but just skin? Kors does say that she shouldn’t wear tight satin.
 Ven has irritated everyone, and didn’t actually work with his client. They know Ven didn’t care about her at all. Nathan gets nailed for listening too much to his client. They wanted him to stand up to her more and do his thing. Sonjia’s dress was just boring and short. There was too much fabric. Fabio did an unexpected dress that was perfect for his client. Gunnar had a great transformation and worked with his client’s transformation. Dmitry also had a great transformation and the dress was sophisticated. I think it was slightly boring but not a bad dress. But we know Dmitry already talked this morning about winning, so there you go.
 Fabio is…the winner? Yay! Damn, I was totally wrong. Gunnar is in. Dmitry is in. Heidi pretends they might get rid of multiple people. Nathan is out. Aww, I didn’t want to be right about that one. Nathan is really upset, because he says he knows how to dress people who don’t feel comfortable about themselves. Aww. He has to take a moment. I believe you Nathan. Sonjia is in. Ven gets yelled at some more and then is declared in. Boo. When he gets back in to the Scrap Bin, he declares to the room that he doesn’t think he should have been the last one up there because there were some weak looks. Ass. Tim says Nathan has “profound qualities of character”.
 Next time: somehow the looks will be put into production, Elena freaks out, Melissa made a huge mistake, Ven continues to be an ass, Sonjia breaks down?! Oh no!


DianeP said...

Thank you, Toyouke, for an excellent recap. I, too, thought Dimitry would get the win after all the hints. Sorry that Nathan had to go.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!!! Ven, have you looked in the mirror lately? You are a plus-sized man for sure! That poor woman was looking to be transformed into someone better dressed/prettier/inpsiring and you turned her into a mess that embarrassed her made her cry. Shame on you Ven - I don't want you to win anymore.

Anonymous said...

I've been dying to read your post all night! And you delivered (as always) and I loved your pokes and jabs (or maybe in this case slaps and smacks) at Ven. I liked him at the beginning based on his style and structure of clothes. Now I just want him GONE GONE GONE. His so ugly!

I'm glad everyone is rallying behind Terri because DAMN she's not that fat and who gives a crap if she was it was his job to give her a makeover! So much fail. I hope all the other designers rag on him for the rest of his time there. Especially Gunnar and Christan. That'd be fantastic. I liked Gunnar in this episode. Who knew it was switchero day?


Anonymous said...

That was a great recap! After this episode I cannot stand Ven anymore. He made his client CRY and he wasn't eliminated? I think insulting the client is one of the worst things a designer can do.

Plus, his "design" made her look worse, not better. It wasn't very slimming at all, and it was ugly. It looked like he was trying to hide her with that hideous top.

He shouldn't insult "real" people, after all he's pretty hefty himself. And ugly.

He has no future in the business if he cannot design for a size 14. Most women are closer to a size 14 than a size 2!

I also disagree with Nina. Ven's skirt was awful. I guess we now know who her favorite designer is.

I will cheer the day Ven is eliminated!!

RebeccaNYC said...

And yet again, it's like you take dictation from the epispde! Van, what an ass you are. And HAVE YOU LOOKED IN THE MIRROR RECENTLY? Ass. So wish they had really scolded him last night when they had him on his own. that was a disappointment.

RebeccaNYC said...

oh, and SINCE WHEN is size 14 A PLUS SIZE..!!!!!! idiot. I hate Gunner, but found myself softening just a little towards him last night.....