Thursday, March 25, 2010

Project Runway 3/25/10--"Hey, That's My Fabric" summary

Previously on "Project Runway": everyone had to make clothes, in teams, inspired by various neighborhoods in New York. Of course Jay and Mila don't like each other and end up together, where they really don't talk to each other but Jay says this is "professional". Emilio and Seth Aaron do a very good job, according to the judges, even though it's more super tailored jackets from Seth Aaron and what is really a plain black dress with an interesting lining from Emilio. But they win. And then Amy is eliminated for an overworked tunic with too much of a peplum. (click for more)

In the morning Jonathan is super sad that Amy is gone. Like, in tears sad. He says game on. Anthony is thrilled to be so close to Bryant Park, closer than anyone probably thought he'd get. Maya is jealous that she hasn't won yet. Emilio claims to be normal.

Heidi tells everyone to be creative and that this will involve more than just choosing fabric. Seth Aaron hopes they're getting "pocket elves" to help them sew. No, it's just Tim and Vivienne Tam. I would love a pocket elf, though. Tim tells them that they will all be designing their own textile as the core of their design for this challenge. Cool! They're going to use some computer software for the design. Vivienne talks about the [product placement] computer program and how it helps her with her designs. They have an hour to design their fabric, and it will be delivered tomorrow, so they'll get two days for this challenge. They can also get some fabric from Mood.

Everyone is super thrilled. The computers have touch-screens and I think they get brushes or whatever tools they want. It's pretty cool, actually. Mila is making drips of paint. Jonathan talks about organic. Emilio has a bunch of hearts and his initials, like graffiti. Everyone prints their design on paper as a test. Maya has black, again, but also red and orange lines.

At Mood they get $100 and 20 minutes. Everyone kind of looks blank since they spent their entire hour designing fabric but not designing the actual outfits. Seth Aaron has yellow and "a British take on pop punk." Sounds...exactly like what he's been doing.

Emilio has a jacket, a skirt, and a top. He wisely knows that with an extra day the judges will expect more from everyone. Mila is making a strapless dress with a V neck, with one entire side made of her print. And she also has some very bright crayon colors. Yellow, blue, and green, all like, really bright Crayola colors. Her fabric has rainbow stripes drawn on a white background. Anthony compares them to Legos: "When we were children, we played with Legos. I don't want to wear Legos; I just want to play with them." Jonathan's print is so light that when he printed it on paper it's invisible. So he's worried about that. Anthony is making separates, trying to be edgy. But he's feeling iffy about it. He says he's going to pray for his jacket, because he's never made one. Oh, Anthony. Did you learn nothing from Ben? Emilio talks about his viscera. He makes his bustier. Out of teal leather. Once it's done he looks at it and hates it. Anthony tries to get him to look at it objectively, but he's starting to freak out. He takes it apart to start over.

Maya doesn't work with prints so she's struggling. Anthony starts talking about Beyonce and how he blames her for everything that goes wrong in his life because she's too empowering? I'm not sure. He also is angry at Oprah because she did not have him on her show on the day she gave everyone a car. Or he would be, were he to try to be on Oprah. He says he doesn't try to be entertaining; everyone laughs at him even when he's trying to be somber. Everyone is excited for tomorrow to see their fabric.

Seth Aaron gets a phone call home. He's here to win. In the morning fabrics are waiting for everyone. They're so excited! Jonathan's fabric did turn out which is a relief. It's got a bubble pattern. Someone shouts that they want to make out with their fabric. Emilio has to explain his fabric, which says "ESOSA" with a heart for the O. But there aren't spaces between the sets of letters so he has to explain it to Mila, who says it's one of the worst in the room. From far away, the hearts in white make squiggly diagonal stripes, and the letters turn into squiggles too, all on a teal background. She questions his taste. Maya doesn't know what to do with her design. At the moment it's not very her.

Tim time! Mila has a long dress, with her striped fabric running vertically, and she and Tim have an argument about the length and whether or not it's evening. She says it's a maxi dress, in cotton, so it'll work. As he leaves she calls him "TG" which...irritates me for some reason. Jonathan is making a lightweight leather wrap jacket and a fitted dress in the print. Tim worries about proportions. Tim doesn't get Emilio's print either, to the extent that he thinks it says "Seth Aaron Emilio Sosa (heart)." Hee. He wants a 40's silhouette. Tim says that if you take away the print, it's pretty basic. Emilio takes this as "mocking". And then he says he's not listening to Tim. Seth Aaron has some squares...there's some yellow...a pair of lips? I'm not sure what's going on with it. Tim loves what Seth Aaron has so far but says his print must match it. Maya's red and orange lines are in overlapping V shapes. Anthony is trying to match the lines in the dress with the lines in the print. Tim wants him to be more ambitious.

The models come in. Jonathan is very confident. Maya says she likes to be "dimensional" and prints are "flat". She wants to win. Mila's stripes are each 2 or 3 inches wide, much wider than I thought. Mila can't imagine Anthony making a collection. Seth Aaron loves his fabric. Anthony has to take in the bodice and he's scrapped his first top.

The day of the show, Maya is freaking out. She didn't sleep last night. Anthony tells Jay he looks like a gay Christmas ornament. Huh? Jay ends up changing clothes because of Anthony. Lots of working still. Mila says she's pushing boundaries. Seth Aaron has to make sleeves for his jacket. Jay thinks he's ready, but he says it's hard to tell who is safe and who is not. Well...I have no idea what Jay is doing, so that says to me that he's safe. So WE all know. Anthony says everything over in Jonathan's corner of the workroom is pale, including Jonathan. Jonathan tells us that Mila's model can't walk because the dress is too stiff. Emilio's print, from far away, doesn't look like letters.

Vivienne Tam is back for judging. Seth Aaron: tailored jacket in his print, which looks like yellow and black fabric with a black windowpane. The lapels of the jacket and the pockets are black (or very dark olive green). There is a yellow tie, and gray pants with black piping. They look like they are a little bit full in the thigh and tight on her lower legs, but not so full that they could be jodhpurs. Jonathan: cream colored top, with a sash, and a darker gold shawl collar. It looks like the collar has a print too, maybe? Underneath is a sheath dress with his print, gray with lighter gray bubbles. The top of the dress has a sweetheart neckline and a sheer piece of fabric that covers her chest and ties at her neck. The cream top is a reverse top so the seam is in back. Maya: black sheath dress with panels of the red striped fabric on either side. The collar of the dress has stiff ruffles. Emilio: black top and printed dress. From afar, the dress just looks like teal fabric with white and black stripes. The top has poofy shoulders, and opens up to reveal the rest of the dress which has a straight neckline and an inverted triangle of black. Mila: long white dress, with a panel of the print, which is giant rainbow stripes like paint. There is also a sleeveless vest in black. Her model has to pick up the dress to walk without tripping. The straps on the dress are colored also but you can't see them well. Anthony: dark short dress with thin straps. The print, a dark purple and black with squares and triangles, is set into the bodice, with black strips criss-crossing it. The back is weird; it's like a shrug with no sleeves. Jay: black pants, a black and green top with his print (black with bright green stripes) and a jacket. The print is on the lapels of the jacket, which has a big collar, and down the front of her top. The top has a really high turtleneck, so it looks like she had a bustier that she put over a black turtleneck. The sleeves on the jacket are also weird; I think he has loops there? I don't know.

Jay is the only safe one today. Emilio explains his print and his 40's inspiration. Heidi loves the whole thing. Kors says his print is "abstract"...I guess so from afar. They all love it except Vivienne wishes he had made a heart-shaped neckline or something. Mila talks about her dress and how she wanted to show versatility with the jacket, but Kors calls it a "Mexican serape" and a "gay flag". And the model can't walk. They're all bored and the print doesn't go with the dress. Anthony wanted something structured but also "festive". Nina asks about the "shrug" and Anthony explains about how he had to change it last minute. For some reason this irritates everyone, because they just wanted to know if it was a shrug or not. Vivienne doesn't like the neckline with the rest of the dress, and Heidi wants to see something different from him. Seth Aaron's print has an eye and a mouth, so it's supposed to be a woman's face. Kors likes that each piece could stand alone. So good praise for him all around. Maya wanted something sculptural, and Nina thinks the print is brilliant. However, she thinks there's a lot going on in the whole look. Kors is intrigued by the dress from any angle. Jonathan talks about how he made his fabric, so it would look like watercolors, and how the sheer part of the dress at the top is actually a blouse. Kors thinks the jacket is a "disco straitjacket" and the print looks like a "dirty tablecloth". Jonathan stands up for himself and says it's "preposterous", what Kors said, and then for some reason puts the jacket back on his model. Kors actually stops what he was doing and makes fun of Jonathan, saying "Oh, your husband helping you with your straitjacket" which is kind of excessive. Everyone laughs. Nina feels sad when she looks at the dress. Jonathan says that sad is still an emotion, but Kors wants it to be beautiful sad.

Nina hates that Anthony always has an excuse. They are bored and think he's not doing enough. Mila could have been more creative, but she took the easy way out and also her model couldn't walk. Jonathan got really offended, but his outfit was a train wreck and was too weird. Seth Aaron's clothes look polished and he always has ideas. Emilio had a great print and Heidi wants to buy the dress. Kors points out that the print could be scaled to different sizes and with different colors. Maya's print has movement and it's Kors's favorite.

Emilio is the winner! Maya looks irritated. He's quite pleased with himself. Seth Aaron is in. Maya is in. She gets an interview that she really wanted to win and it's frustrating to be so close. Mila is in (apparently because they thought her model should have done a better job walking, so it wasn't her fault). Anthony was boring and had excuses. Jonathan's outfit was bizarre, even if he thought it was awesome. Anthony is out. It's going to be boring in the workroom now. When he goes back into the Stew Room (for lack of a better term) he says "Hey Ru!" which I hope and pray is a reference to "RuPaul's Drag Race." He says you don't need a crown to be the queen. In the end he's really proud to be here. Tim reminds him that he'll be on the cover of Marie Claire.

Next week: designing for a celebrity, who is supposedly a pain to work with, Tim has some shocking announcement and everyone freaks out. Not "OMG Tim says there's a twist to the challenge and I can't handle it" freaking out, but "someone has died/gotten hit by a bus/quit the show/was caught cheating" freaking out.


Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your recaps! Sometimes I miss the show and they get me through to the next one. And yeah, that "someone has died/quit/cheated" thing looks kinda scary for next week.

vix said...

My hunch is that Tim reveals Alexander McQueen's suicide to them next week...