Thursday, October 26, 2017

Project Runway 10/26/17--"Warrior Fashion" summary

OK so my computer is terrible and it ate my entire recap. The whole file is corrupted and can't be opened, and it of course happened after I deleted the show off my DVR. I'm not waiting for the rerun and wasting another two hours watching it and then reconstruct the whole thing so after the cut I'm just going to put what happened. (click for more)

So the challenge was to be inspired by "warrior women", and they actually gave everyone two days to work. Kenya spent most of the first day being lost, but ended up making a gorgeous bright blue dress with a pencil skirt, the entire thing pleated, and layers and layers of petals on the shoulders. But she didn't win. I did like the small interaction she had with Liris, where she say she'd been waiting to work with Liris this whole time, and Liris was touched.

Ayana made a pair of slim pants and a miniskirt in black and white striped fabric, but the pants had vertical stripes and the skirt was diagonal. Her top was a pale blue with ruffles all down one side, but not overpowering. It was striking, but she also didn't win. Feh.

Brandon made a Brandon outfit, pale pink crop pants and a crop top with straps and buckles everywhere, and a big hood, and white leggings and a white long sleeved turtleneck underneath. It was interesting, and reminded me of a video game character costume, but in the end was the same thing Brandon always makes. So of course he won. 

Kentaro made his first top too small, and it didn't fit Jazzmine, so he had to scrap it. But the first top was in gray and the second outfit was all black, because that's what he had. The judges complained and then pointed out how similar it was to Brandon's, so I thought they were setting him up.

Margarita was very emotional, because the field trip was to talk to breast cancer survivors, and her grandmother had breast cancer. She made a huge red skirt, and then a gold corset. The corset was supposed to hold her in, but she didn't have the red spilling out from under the corset everywhere so no one got it. 

In the end Margarita was sent home, and then Tim Saved her. I still think Tim should have used the Save last week, but I also spent most of today thinking they'd send Kentaro home and then use the Save on him, so in the end it's the same result. 

Sorry my computer and Open Office fucking suck. But I'm not sitting through this show twice.


Duabe said...

Oh, Toyouke, so sorry that your computer ate all your hard work. You do an amazing job every week detailing each challenge and my heart hurts for you. I've had that happen too and it's the worst feeling when your heart falls into your shoes and all your work is gone.

I agree - this episode was not worth rewatching and rewriting - once was enough, thank you.

Figured Tim would come back with his save, although I think Michael would have been a better choice too. Now we get to see her cry again next week. It's not as if she didn't make it to Fashion Week, right? BFT - big phony tears - just made that up.

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that just like Duabe, I come to your recap before I watch the show:)
You do a fine job of getting to the bottom of things and the way my ADD is setup..I so appreciate you! Keep up the great work!! DeeDee

Toyouke said...

Thanks you guys! DeeDee, sorry my recap isn't helping you today. Duabe, I like BFT.