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Project Runway 10/12/17--"A Little Avant Garde" summary

Previously on “Project Runway”: we dragged out the nonsense about the twins for another 15 minutes so they could have their “one hour challenge”. Really that meant Shawn cried and flailed and then quit and made it about how she was making a noble sacrifice, instead of how she hadn't actually done anything and would have gone home for that. The challenge proper was about making clothes for friends and family of the crew. It was fine, except that Margarita complained constantly about Claire copying her, and then about Claire cheating. Of course this means Claire won, and then before they could announce who was eliminated Michael walked off the stage and said he wouldn't stand for unfairness. More on this after the cut. (click for more)

OK, so during the last episode, I was hating on Margarita and Michael for complaining and not doing anything about it, like say confronting Claire, or talking to a producer. This is apparently not true at all. Amy did an interview last week where she said a lot of them have had a problem with Claire, going all the way back several challenges. She's made several garments that look like existing clothes, like that black sweatshirt/shorts combo looked like the outfit she's worn, and the top she made last week actually looks just like the one Shawn was wearing when she left. I think the complaint is both copying, and also that she's measuring and working after hours back at the apartments. If this is true, then it completely changes my opinion of the episode. And actually, a lot of things make sense. Margarita's bitterness toward the judges (when she said that the judges would never call Claire out on copying her JC Penny design) would be exactly what someone would say if the producers were ignoring them. Michael walked off the runway not for drama, but because it would be very difficult if not impossible for them to edit around it, and now it forces the producers to deal with their complaints. It's also possible the producers ignored everyone on purpose specifically so someone would do that, meaning they purposefully let someone cheat so that the other competitors would get angry enough to cause a blow-up and a bunch of drama. Which is total bullshit but I think we can all agree they would. Thanks MoHub for the tip.

Also Heidi did a really shitty acting job as if she didn't know exactly what was going on. She asked Margarita what happened, how did she feel, etc. I mean it was a terrible acting job in the first place, but for her and Tim to pretend they had no idea, when they'd been told for weeks about it? Just the usual amount of horseshit from our producers.

We begin where we ended, with the control room yelling at camera people to follow Michael around and whatever. He says he'll explain himself if he needs to. Heidi asks the remaining designers if Michael is unhappy Claire won. Duh. We all know Claire only won because that would cause the most drama. Margarita says she doesn't want to point fingers, and I know she's been frustrated, but now would be the perfect time to accuse Claire to her face, when they wouldn't be able to ignore it. Heidi asks who she's pointing fingers at, and they edit it like everyone looks at Claire.

Michael tells Tim that this isn't fair. Claire claims innocence, like she has no idea what is going on. She might not, I guess. Michael says that everything the twins have made is a direct ripoff of something they have in their closet. Margarita runs off the runway “to find Michael”, and immediately joins in the conversation. Tim is saying you can measure whatever clothes you have on, which has been done before. But what Margarita and Michael are saying is that both Shawn and Claire told them they measure their clothes, and they insist that redoing a garment you already own is much different from just measuring your clothes. I thought the issue was that they were working back at the hotel room, meaning they had extra time? Anyway, Batani finally explains to the judges about how there was a “situation” with Margarita's top and Claire, and Claire interrupts her to ask if Margarita thought she ripped off her top from the last challenge. You'll notice that Claire immediately knows what is up. If she had no idea how similar the top looked, she would have waited until Batani finished explaining. Right? As she's being pissy about it, Kenya turns sort of away and mouths “YOU DID” and rolls her eyes. Heh. Michael says that Kentaro should have won because he's original and he has “conviction”. Tim continues to think this is just about how Michael and Margarita don't like Claire. Of course they don't believe in her. Come on, Tim. She knows what she's doing. Margarita says they should go back to the runway and let Tim take care of things.

As they are returning, Batani is still saying how Claire measured some pants she owned. Claire then admits that's exactly what she did: she measured her pants and then made “the exact same pants”. Zac says “So you ripped off the pants”, and she says “I REFERENCED the pants” which is not the same. Making the exact same pants is not a reference. Then Nina and Heidi claim that's fine, which is stupid. Margarita chimes in that she “recreated” the tank for the Good and Evil challenge. OK that was basically a camisole and it was boring. It's a tank top. I'm not sure you can rip off something so simple, you know? Whereas pants have to fit so they are slightly more complicated. Claire is rolling her eyes about all of this and says what I said, which is that it's a tank top. Margarita is also claiming she didn't want to say anything because it's not her place, which doesn't fit with the idea that they've been complaining about this. Maybe she felt it was the producer's place to accuse her, which it is, but they're useless. I thought Michael had returned to the runway, but he's still telling Tim how Claire has a retractable ruler in the apartment she's using to measure things. He's seen it and Claire has admitted to writing down the measurements to use. Tim says they'll look into it and this will have to stop if true, and he tells Michael to go back to the runway.

Michael returns and says he was “making an exit” and then apologizes but he couldn't stand there while they let Claire win, because she's not deserving. One of the guest judges asks him if he's a judge, all snotty, and he says he's not but he's privy to what happens in the workroom and the apartments. He could point out the inspiration for every one of her garments, and some are direct designs. Claire is claiming sometimes you just absorb things. Margarita finally brings up her top, and Heidi points out she doesn't have a patent on a diagonal seam. OK, no, but come on. That was literally a day ago. Heidi continues to insist that there's nothing wrong with inspiration, just you can't look up things on the internet. Well you don't need internet if you own the clothes. Guest judge (I forget which one, whatever) says they shouldn't worry about what anyone else is doing, just be better. It's such a copout and I know because I have used that line on students and they hate it too. Why is it OK, in a design competition, to not be able to make a pattern from scratch? Zac claims this was the best print, which is also stupid. Tim talks to the camera, and says that copying Margarita's diagonal seam is a non-issue, BUT if Claire used measuring tape or other tools outside the workroom, that is 100% against the rules. And as far as we can tell, Margarita and Michael haven't told the judges that part yet.

Fine, they still claim Claire won, which is still bullshit but of course now that they've caused so much drama they can't go back on it now. Claire cries and says she doesn't care about the win because it frustrates her that people think she's been ripping off her own clothes. But you HAVE BEEN. You admitted it! Claire returns to the Scrap Bin and tells Brandon, Amy, and Ayana about how mean everyone was. I'm carefully watching Amy and she doesn't look that shocked or upset. Kenya, Kentaro, and Margarita are in. Margarita says that it shouldn't have gone down like this. Yeah, I can see how she expected that the producers would confront Claire so she wouldn't have to. Meanwhile Kenya is saying how she makes a lot of peplums and she owns a lot of peplums. Yeah but is she measuring them? I have the feeling Kenya can make one from scratch, you know? Claire is insisting her top was different from anything she owns, and that's true, because those shoulder slits are in Shawn's top. Whatever. Margarita is now telling Claire she had a great print and she feels awful. Sigh. Batani is out. Oh, so they kept Michael. Huh. Well, of course. You have to keep Michael and Margarita so that they can confront Claire. Michael apologizes to everyone and says he didn't mean for it to fester, but he felt he needed to say it. Claire wishes they had told her, which, I mean I guess they could have. But we all know she wouldn't have listened. I suppose they could have done it and then she can't be all butthurt about them telling the judges. I'm tired of watching them apologize to Claire. At least Michael is not sorry for saying something.

Claire continues to insist she's not really copying, she just measured a tank top and had like, four measurements, and blah blah, and Amy interrupts her to say that means she has a tape measure at home, which IS against the rules. Silence. Claire thinks they can just confiscate her tape measure and everything will be fine. Margarita tries to say that's what they're really upset about, the fairness. Then why have you spent so much time complaining about the copying?! So much time wasted about the copying and no mention to the judges about what you are claiming is the “real” issue, which is using tools outside the workroom. They really should have yelled at her about that before now.

Tim comes in, and asks if it's true Claire has a measuring tape in her room. She fully admits it, in a sullen teenager way. You know, where you answer in a monotone without eye contact because you can't believe you're getting in trouble for some dumb shit. Tim asks if she's used it to measure things, and she says she measured a tank top and a pair of pants. Tim sounds pretty upset, actually, when he's asking her questions. Then he goes from 0 to 60 and says they have to rescind her win and send her home. It's so odd that the judges yelled at everyone else for being jealous of Claire, essentially, and then Tim rolls up and kicks her out for cheating. Everyone looks upset, except Claire just says “that's fine” and gets up. Michael tries to claim he's sorry and this wasn't his intention, and she just repeats it's fine and walks out without hugging Tim or saying goodbye to anyone else. Well I can't say I'm upset about it. Don't break the rules, dummy. Also, don't think you can accuse people of cheating and then be sorry they're kicked out. That's what's happened to every other cheater on this show. Was there someone other than Keith? I don't remember. Claire's exit interview is very monotone, with no tears, and is how she is “regretful” for having contraband. I don't think she's really regretful, but I also don't care because it means both twins are gone and I don't have to deal with them anymore. But I don't think she feels this is her fault. Tim tells everyone there is no winner, but Dixie still wants to put a print into production (why?) and they picked Brandon. Are you serious. He wasn't even in the top! Batani also gets to stay. Shut up, Dixie.

They show us the design of the cup and it's basically black lines and diamonds. Whatever. Margarita feels bad that she started everything. She complains to Batani that she doesn't want to be that contestant that points fingers. OK except that you did it that whole challenge, just to everyone else. I mean, if Amy is right and they all were complaining (and Kenya's reaction seems to support that) then some people agree with you and they didn't walk off the runway and they didn't accuse Claire to her face. Maybe they should have, but you could have been in their ranks, so don't pretend. I know they're all frustrated but she did go complain to everyone. Maybe the editing didn't show her speaking to producers but they didn't fake all of her bitching last episode. She claims she feels bad for not bringing it up earlier and having a sit-down with Claire and Tim. Maybe she could have insisted on it, I suppose. Michael also feels bad, because he can't apologize. GUYS. She was cheating, and told people she was cheating. What, you just let her get away with it because it's mean to rat her out? Fuck that. She could not cheat, you know.

OK time for the actual episode. There are small children and toys all over the runway. Giant plushes and also little plastic dealies. Tim comes out with Kotomi Nanjo, marketing director for Shopkins. Are you serious. Shopkins are weird like, if you blended Polly Pocket and Bratz dolls.  Examples here. They're like, an inch shorter than a Barbie doll. Ugh. Anyway, create an “avant garde” look inspired by one of these kids' favorite dolls. If you win, you get $5000 and a doll “inspired” by your design. Remember when this challenge would have involved Barbie? I know, I miss it too. They pair up everyone, and I'll give them that it's a diverse group of children.

30 minutes to sketch and one day to sew. Kentaro's girl drew a picture, as did Michael's. Aww. Brandon's girl wants chocolate drips. Kenya tries to explain to her kid about what she's thinking, but it's not going over well. So we have a commercial for the erasable pens instead. Amy is missing her daughter, who is now 15, but Amy is reminded of playing with her when she was little. $300 at Mood. Amy's a little lost because she spent so much time playing with her kid. Kentaro drapes gauze over his head. Michael wants a glittery jumpsuit.

Kenya's girl wrote “DRAMTIC” on some paper to remind Kenya to be dramatic. Hee. Amy is just going to wing it, it sounds like. Michael has a model that Margarita has used, and he says something about pants? It's bleeped and I'm not sure what is happening. Kenya makes up a song about “make it work”. Nice. Margarita wishes the eliminated designers would help them. She and Amy joke about things, and she says the atmosphere is great now that the twins are gone.

Tim Time! He loves that Batani has prints and color again. However she also has stuff sticking out of the back to maybe support wings, which Tim hates. Kentaro is going to build his look on his model, because there are fiddly pieces. Margartia bought packing foam, so she can sculpt that and then drape over the foam. Kenya looks like she's making scales. Ayana has a ton of ruffles, and some hot pink and some yellow and some black and white polka dots. She needs to edit her fabrics. Michael has silver sequins and a jumpsuit. It has to be perfect. Amy is making a coat dress, in black and also a beige. The top looks OK, but the bottom has weird pleats and looks like curtains. Brandon has a very simple pale green shift and he is stuck. This makes no sense. Brandon? With his straps and his weird volume and the Fashion the judges have been praising to the heavens? He and Tim decide on some layers.

Four hours left. Ayana has chicken wire. Sure. Model fittings. Amy has Jazzmine, whom we have established is the size 22 model the premiere promised. Michael appears to be fitting a plastic bodysuit to his model. A see-through plastic bodysuit. Batani has a lot of skin. We do not hear from Liris, if she's even here. I think maybe she's with Ayana. Kentaro says let's go sauna tonight. What? I don't know. Ayana has covered her chicken wire cylinder in ruffles. Brandon is not doing well, and Kentaro is trying to help him. Michael thinks Brandon is running out of ideas. He's in trouble.

Commercial Interlude: Michael is excited about the girl he got paired up with, because she drew a picture and wrote out a whole description and everything. Now he's constructing with bubble wrap.

Runway Day. Brandon is pretty behind. Margarita is worried that her dress looks like she just piled a bunch of shit on there. Michael's jumpsuit fits and he is relieved. Ayana has put Liris in black and white polka dot leggings and a giant pink ruffled skirt. She says the judges will have to speak to her, if only to tell her it's terrible. Not hot makeup guy Scott. Liris says Ayana took a big risk and she doesn't hate it like she thought she would. Batani's model is having a hard time moving. Amy previously was excited about her model, but now is hating what she made.

Guest judge is Kate Upton. Brandon: long gown in a pale green and off white. The skirt is sort of wide, but the model is holding it out so it's not clear exactly what the shape is. The bodice is a halter top, with layers of the green and off white. They don't spend a lot of time on it, but there are straps and layers and it looks kind of interesting. But overall it's just some flaps and I'm not that impressed. Oh and straps on the back, of course. Batani: the model comes out in a royal blue wrap, which she immediately takes off to reveal a dress made of the same blue, a black and tan checked print, and a dark floral print. It looks like she piled a bunch of stuff on there, and there's a lot of volume on one hip. Actually it looks like the front of the skirt is just a bunch of fabric tacked onto her waist, so it's very high on one side, like the fabric is just lying in front of her crotch. It's very busy but in terms of “avant garde” it's not bad. The back of the skirt is all the solid checked pattern. Kenya: long strapless gown, sleek and slim. Over the hips are petals. So imagine exaggerated hips, sticking out away from her actual hips, but with a curve to them that follows her body. Like a trumpet. There are also petals over her boobs, but those just kind of look like lips. The whole look is in a print that is black diamonds on white fabric. Ayana: OK. We have black and white polka dot leggings that end just below the knee, trimmed in black tulle. Then over this is a giant cylinder, covered in bright pink ruffles, with a giant bow. The pink is from neck to knee and obscures her whole body in this round thing. She looks like a giant mushroom, but if we're talking avant garde you can't deny this is crazy, unwearable but interesting fashion. Also a hair bow.

Kentaro: cream colored sleeveless dress that looks like a tutu. It's a tank top and a very short skirt, with a ton of tulle underneath to give it volume. The tulle hits her knee, and there are cream leggings (or those thigh highs like he made the other day). She also had a veil over her head. I kind of wish there was another color, although it fits really well. Amy: short black dress, with a swath of beige hanging off one shoulder. The beige is not really doing anything but being there. There's a high collar, and it looks like maybe a shiny layer underneath the matte black, but it doesn't look very impressive. I mean the beige is not a sleeve or anything. I feel like she just took some fabric and sewed one corner. Margarita: dress with a lot of ruffles, or at least lumps. Mostly it's white, with two big pieces of silver brocade, one over her right shoulder, and one bigger one around her left arm. I don't think there are ruffles so much as there are gathers, so it just all looks lumpy. But there's some good volume to it, I guess. Michael: silver sequined jumpsuit. It fits perfectly, and there are bell bottoms starting at the knee and bell sleeves (not as big) that are slit also, for a lot of movement. Around her torso are snake shapes he made out of bubblewrap, so it looks like there's a snake wrapped around her hips and then a more subtle one around her collarbone. It's very striking.

Kenya and Kentaro are safe. I liked Kenya's. Whatever. Heidi plays the “one or more of you will be out.” Whatever. Ayana wanted something fun. It's a showstopper, but in a good way. It has great imagination and she really went for it. Nina loves the giant bow. They are also impressed she did it in a day. Michael wanted a melting disco ball. It looks very well made and sci-fi. The front of it isn't just the snake shape but like a breastplate almost. Brandon explains how he was supposed to make chocolate drips, but he wasn't feeling it. The sides are like cuffs? So it's a dress with big rolls of fabric on the sides? Anyway, the judges love it because they love Brandon, I guess. I don't think this is very impressive at all.

Batani wanted to play with volume and color. It looks unfinished, and not on purpose. When she turns to the side, her model is wearing black shorts under the dress. Nina can't tell if this was deliberate or if she just didn't finish the skirt. OK I can see that. Batani wanted the black to show, but the judges don't think that makes any sense. Also there's a cutout on the back, and it isn't flattering. Amy talks about snap-on pieces and something. Heidi doesn't like it because everyone else did a better job. It's not risky, and Zac doesn't like the shiny tube leather dress that's under the matte black with the collar. They're all bored. Margarita talks about sparkles. Even though there's a ton of fabric, it's flattering. Zac says some nonsense about draping and letting the fabric speak. Is this better than Batani's voluminous dress? I guess, if we're factoring in the black shorts.

Ayana's giant bow is very padded and soft. It's very fun and dramatic. I think under the pink there's a yellow top. Michael did a beautiful job and someone says it's a “futuristic peplum”. I guess. Margarita gets some praise for hand-embroidering some things to mimic the silver brocade. Brandon still had his straps and they still love all the straps because it's extra and whatever. They hate Batani's look. The fabrics are fine, but they wish the blue wrap she took off would have been used to make a skirt. It doesn't look like it's on purpose. Amy's look is boring. Compared to the other looks, it's drab. Heidi feels Amy and Batani are just not on the same level as everyone else.

Michael is the winner. Yeah OK. I did like his look. Ayana, Margarita, and Brandon are in. Batani is out. Well I'm so glad you were able to get rid of her like you tried to last week. Batani liked her look, but she knows they have a different opinion. Amy is also out. Wow. We're just cutting people right and left. She knows she didn't push herself as far as she could have. Everyone freaks out that there was a double elimination. Amy's glad that everyone is so nice to her, and then in her interview she actually has to get up and take a break. Tim Saves no one.

Next time: unconventional materials, some cursing, blah blah. You know the drill. 

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Duabe said...

Thanks for a great recap Toyouke - glad the twins are gone. You did a good job of describing how frustrating that cheating farce was - no wonder we're not as excited about this program as we used to be. I do remember Keith cheating - at least he was a cute villain.

The toy doll theme wasn't necessary to introduce the avant garde challenge - just do it already; however, the kids were cute. They seem to be paired by nationality - hope I'm wrong here. The Barbie challenge was better than the American Doll challenge and this one too.

I liked Ayana's big pink bow and ruffles outfit, but Michael's was maybe more effective. Wonder who those little girls would have chosen?