Thursday, December 22, 2016

Finally a break for a while

I have not watched the finale yet, although you will not be surprised to know there were many commercials. Below the cut I'll put who won and whatever. If I can get to the episode I'll replace it with a full recap. (click for more)

So Erin won, which should surprise no one. They did not have to make a last minute look though! But everyone went back to Mood and revamped a lot of stuff. No one changed their looks that much. I...find that I don't care? Like, sure, I don't like Erin. But I can't really dredge up any anger about it. Anyway, I hope you have a good holiday season and I'll see you whenever they inflict this show on us again!


Anonymous said...

Are we looking at Erin as a young replacement for Betsey Johnson here, who at 74 seems to be losing steam on silly? Roberi's collection was so surprising and made me want to see and feel them, and to wear something of his that would make an old woman feel young but not look silly. I think Michael Kors would do well to pick up Laurence, to sex up his line and still understand elegance and simplicity. Loved Rik's leather dress with the bow - even old, I'd still wear it to the opera (with a snug 3/4 sleeve shell and nice tights). In all, not as bad as I could have imagined, but I missing being completely overwhelmed as sometimes happened in earlier seasons. Maybe what we need next is Project Runway Old Farts - then all the challenges would be 2 days or more!

Duabe said...

Toyouke - you predicted it earlier this year - Erin was the chosen one this season and of course she won. Although the judges seemed to go out of the way to revel in Erin's crafty-creativity - some of her collection sadly reminded me of the clown clothes of a few seasons ago.

Robieri did a great job with his collection - it looked "cohesive" and wearable - perhaps too much so. Erik did a good job and I was surprised that he was out first.

I agree with the previous poster Anonymous that Laurence would do well with Michael Kors. I also agreed that "Project Runway Old Farts" would be a hoot! I'd watch it for sure!

One more show - the Reunion Show and farewell to this season's designers.

The young designers look interesting - at least the half-hour of the Project Runway show took to introduce them.

Happy Holidays Toyouke - wherever you are!!