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Project Runway 12/8/16--"An Unconventional Trip" summary

Previously on “Project Runway”: another unconventional materials challenge, only this time with metal and also enough money at Mood for real clothes. And it was supposed to be “avant garde” but you know how that usually goes on this show. Erin won, because the universe is fickle. She made metal flower pasties. But now that we've slammed her for a while it's time for her to start getting praised again so then she can win a la Gretchen. Laurence made the same dress with the same shoulder and was in the bottom, but you know they wouldn't get rid of her because Anya. Mah-Jing put some copper mesh and tubing on a denim dress but it was so heavy and also kind of boring, so he was sent home. It's about the right time for him to get sent home. (click for more)

Cornelius swears he's going to be at Fashion Week. Rik says it would suck to go home now, so I guess he's out. Tim and Heidi come out to tell them they are going on a field Austin, Texas. Sigh. Texas? When a previous season sent them to Europe? She talks about keeping Austin weird. Heidi puts on a southern accent which is hilarious and far better than Tim's.

Stupid Best Western. They go out to the pool and Nick is there which is nice. Hi Nick! Somehow the stylish new Best Western look is supposed to help them design a look. With unconventional materials. Make a “high fashion” look inspired by Austin, shopping at a farm supply and a BBQ store. Also the winner gets 50 free nights at Best Western. Sure. The farm supply store looks like fun. Erin is wearing those denim cutoffs where you let the pockets stick out because the shorts are so short. She buys dried meal worms, while a bunch of people get bridles and dog treats and whatnot. The BBQ place isn't really a store so much as a parking lot where the restaurant set out a bunch of cups and plates and whatever, along with pans and then randomly a bunch of musical instruments. Then they all have lunch with Tim and it seems labored.

Two days to sew. Roberi braids some twine and ties knots so I guess a macrame dress. Laurence has birdseed (seen it) and bridle straps (also seen it). Cornelius spray paints dog treats over some fabric to try to make a print, but he doesn't like it. Erin...makes flowers out of guitar picks and then spray paints mealworms. Oh look, she's gluing flowers on her garment. SEEN IT. Rik says “Thank God we have two days though” which reminds me, twist alert. He's cutting up vinyl records in pieces to glue onto things. Roberi's still doing macrame and taping up his fingers. He's glad to have another day. Oh you know they're going to do something to them. Cornelius has nothing so he's freaking out.

Day Two. Everyone has plenty of things to do. Cornelius starts making flowers! Just like Erin! Roberi says AGAIN that he's glad for two days to get his knots done. Tim appears to issue a “gather round!” and gives them a twist: another high-end fashion look, coordinating with your current look but made of fabric. Oh you knew it was coming when they let Roberi talk about two days 800 times. Mood is Mood.

See and then they get back from Mood and have six hours. Why don't you just tell them they have two looks from the beginning? Now they have six hours to make something AND finish the first look and you KNOW the judges are going to complain that things look like shit.

Tim Time! Tim is horrified at Erin's mealworms. Her unconventional look is very boxy, and he is worried it will look like a sandwich board with shit stuck on it. Her print for the other look is very loud but he handwaves it. Rik has almost two full looks done. He's cut out some of his leather straps, just record vinyl. But the other look seems pretty boring. It's just a gray tweedy shift dress. Laurence made a pleated skirt and glued birdseed to it, and she promises she's going to glue inside the pleats too. Tim says her other dress is “expected” but he doesn't care because he wants them all to finish. Roberi's fingers are all taped up, although the “dress” he's made is going to flash everyone. And the second look is not even started. Tim is freaking out, which is not helpful, Tim. Cornelius needs more flowers. Erin sniffs at how boring it is. Tim encourages him to ignore the second look and finish the unconventional look.

Roberi is cursing and looking worried. Erin makes a bib, which is not helpful either. Didn't Tim tell you not to make a bib? Laurence spray paints country napkins. Rik makes a whole look about the top of the roof. Model fittings. I guess everyone looks good? Various comments about how they want to go to Fashion Week.

Runway Day. Roberi is exhausted but very busy, as is Cornelius. Roberi sews a tube skirt out of gauze so his model doesn't flash everyone. Laurence somehow hates her look? But obviously she can't change it. Not hot makeup guy Scott. Erin burns her model with hot glue because she's gluing flowers on while the model is wearing the dress. Cornelius works right up to the wire.

Guest judges are Priyanka Chopra, and Georgina. Erin: very short skirt, stiff but full, and a bodice that looks like a car sun shade. It's got that silver textured look and is cut like a bib. Aroudn the edges she's glued her flowers which look nice. When they go close up, it looks like buttons. The other look is a jumpsuit with cropped pants and bell sleeves. The print is fun (pink and orange pineapples on a dark blue) but other than that, it's not very exciting. Rik: black sheath dress. There are two thin strips of leather criss-crossing over her chest, and then the bodice is covered in cut-up records. The second look is a gray tweed sundress with black trim. Very boring.

Laurence: full pleated skirt with birdseed. The birdseed is glued to the top, and then inside the pleats is a gray fabric she dyed with something. The bodice has a German beirhall feel to it, with some straps across her shoulders and upper chest and pads over her shoulders. It looks very well made. The other look is a mustard sleeveless dress with leather shoulders, that hits just below the knee. The back has an oblong keyhole wth diagonal straps that is at least interesting. Roberi: a “dress” made of knotted twine and some cording. It blends in with his model's skin tone, but it looks cool, even though I'm worried she's going to flash everyone. The second look is a basic strapless body-con dress, with blue and white striped fabric and a floral print on brown alternating panels. It looks much better than it sounds.

Cornelius: simple sheath dress covered in flower cut outs. The flowers are made of plastic cups, I think. It looks slightly tacky. The second look is all black, a top with short sleeves and I think culottes. It's boring. Well, the sleeves have silver embroidery. But still.

Heidi claims four of them will move forward. Laurence talks about her birdseed. Nina loves it, and is very glad she couldn't tell it was Laurence's right away. They like both looks. Zac says the unconventional look is a little costumey but he doesn't care about that, although the second look is boring. Rik doesn't defend his boring tweed dress. The records make a great sparkly texture, although the skirt of dog leashes is kind of boring. Nina thinks it lacks humor. Plus the tweed is boring. Roberi's second look is like, a strapless dress with a sash? That's what it reminds me of. They are all impressed with the macrame, and how the fabric look has curved seams to go with the macrame.

Erin's jumpsuit sleeves are plain and then bell out at the elbows. They all think it's the greatest look ever, of course. The flowers do look pretty, but I think the jumpsuit is not earth-shattering. I think the judges just heard “mealworms” and decided it was impressive. Nina does say she can do more than a jumpsuit and be more impressive. Cornelius's plastic cups do look pretty good. They haven't seen a jumpsuit from him so that's something, although Georgina doesn't like the cups. So weirdly they don't like the unconventional look, but they do like the jumpsuit.

The judges decide that Laurence's birdseed and whatever looks better up close, although they don't agree on the mustard. Roberi's macrame is also very impressive, and he's the only one who was creative with the regular look. They praise Erin's mealworms, and Nina says the jumpsuit is an afterthought but everyone else wants one. Rik had a great texture with the records, but the tweed is so boring. Cornelius's plastic cups had more impact while it was walking the runway. They hate that it's “fabric with stuff glued on” but that's exactly what Erin did.

Roberi is the winner! He's been planning his Fashion Week collection since he got on the show. Erin is in. Of course. Laurence is in. Rik's unconventional dress was fine, but the other look was boring. Cornelius had the opposite problem. Rik is in. Cornelius is out, which is kind of surprising. I thought the rule was Tim Gunn Saves made the finale no matter what.

Next week: is there one more episode or two? I can't be bothered to look because I hate this show.

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Duabe said...

Thanks again Toyouke - interesting recap to a not-as-interesting show. Good to see Uncle Nick again, but why go through the expense to fly them to Texas and somehow tie it all in to Best Western? Seems the designers could save the energy and get unconventional stuff right in New York? Oh... then we'd miss Best Western I guess.

Glad Roberi won - he worked hard on the macrame dress and it looked really interesting.

We know the last six were at Fashion Week, so we didn't really say good-bye to Cornelius. Did seem to go again the results of the Tim save, didn't it?

I'm with you on how many episodes are left - can't wait to see Project Runway Junior.