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TAR26, Recap Leg 0, 2/25/15

Welcome back to the Amazing Race!  Season twenty-six brings us The Amazing Race: YDC Edition.  All of the teams are in the dating process. Toyouke, on board as always, with her two cents.  (Toyouke: “I make no guarantees about being able to finish this carnival of nonsense.  I am watching the general "Meet the Cast" video and I can't find anyone that I even sort of can tolerate. I already hate all these people.“)  The eleven teams for TAR26 are: (click for more)

Aly and Steve, Olympian YDC, are dating seven months and met while competing in different events at the Winter Olympics in both Vancouver and Sochi.  They are also long distance, as Aly is from Wisconsin and Steve is from Massachusetts.  (Toyouke: “Steve's comments of "What I do is wear spandex one pieces with my closest buddies" and "Hugh Jackman's power beard" have reluctantly made me like him a little bit. “)  I do approve of the spandex, but I feel like they are going to have a major mishap.  Prediction: Seventh Place.

Bergen and Kurt, Blind Gayte YDC, are a blind dating gay couple.  Bergen is a California boi who can’t seem to maintain a steady relationship because everyone cheats on him (Toyouke: “I hate to say it but it's probably you. That's a lie, I don't hate to say it. “) .  Kurt is a pageant queen from Kentucky.  I feel like I’ve dealt with his type before.  (Toyouke: “But he's like, a stereotypical flamer and it's just annoying to listen to all the time. I have enough of that in my real life, I don't need bitchy divas on TV also. “  Kmanpat: “Wait, I’m not a stereotypical flamer!”)  Prediction: Sixth Place.

Blair and Hayley, Save Blair YDC, are a blind dating couple from Florida.  At least they are in the same state.  Blair is a hot doctor and Hayley is a nurse.  She may be hot, but I’m not one to judge.  (Toyouke: “Two of Blair's turn-offs are "excessive swearing" and "no swearing" which is so irritating. So the woman you date has to be at some mysterious perfect level of profanity? That's some fucking bullshit, Blair. “)  He’s still hot.  (Toyouke: “She seems like every blonde woman we seem to get on this show. I don't know if they fit. I can't say why but I just get the feeling they won't hit it off.”  Kmanpat: “Don’t worry, Blair, I’ll comfort you if she ends up not working out.”)  Prediction: Fifth Place.

Harley and Jonathan, NKOTB YDC, are a 7 year dating couple from New York.  But not just any dating couple. . .Jonathan is Jonathan Knight from NKOTB.  EEEEE!  (Toyouke: “NKOTB is in their late 40's and it makes me feel SO. OLD. They seem pretty competent though. And Johnathan isn't acting like a washed-up famous person so let's hope he's down-to-earth and this is just a long-term couple where one happens to be famous. “)  I really like their vibe.  Hopefully age and fame won’t be a downfall. Prediction: Winners, TAR26.

Jeff and Lyda, Airline YDC, are from Idaho and Arizona respectively.  They’ve been dating four years.  They are both in the airline industry.  (Toyouke: “I guess...airline people might be good at the long days and constant travel? I can't get any sense of them from their bio. They just seem so generic. And their video is just as generic. “)  Generic older couple.  Check.  Prediction: Eighth Place.

Jeffrey and Jackie, Sex God YDC, are a blind dating couple from Tampa and Las Vegas.  Jackie is a showgirl.  She wears feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there.  (Toyouke: “You put some sales guy with a Vegas showgirl. Are you telling me that you think they will go well together? Fine. Also Jeffrey wants to go to Budapest! HUNGARY! Jackie's video is impressive for her complete lack of "um" and "like" and other filler words. I'm actually pretty impressed. How is Jeffrey a successful salesperson if he has no filter? I feel like the producers are hoping they are total opposites and don't get along at all. “)  Yeah, not feeling this team, either really strong or really weak.  Prediction: Eleventh Place.

Jelani and Jenny, Multicultural YDC, are blind dating from opposite coasts.  They are lawyers, and both seem pretty competent.  (Toyouke: “I don't know. Two lawyers. They claim to want adventure. I can't get anything from either of them.”)  My thoughts exactly.  Prediction: Ninth Place.

Lebya and CJ, Tuskeegee YDC, have been dating 10 years from Tuskeegee, Alabama.  And Lebya REALLY wants to get married.  (Toyouke: “Girl if he hasn't proposed yet I'm not sure going on national television berating him for not proposing is really the way to get him to propose. All this nagging about "my ring" when you could have proposed your own damn self. WHAT A PRIZE SHE IS. FREE CJ!“)  I don’t think this will end well.  But I also think we’re going to have to listen to it for the entirety of the season.  Prediction: Fourth Place.

Matt and Ashley, Best Friend Stealing YDC, are dating three years from Scarsdale, New York.  They are hairstylists.  A straight male hairstylist, people.  (Toyouke: “Lebya, THIS is how you push your boyfriend to propose. With one mention in your bio and vague comments about "our future" and "opening doors". Otherwise my favorite part of them is how she decided she wanted to date him and told the girl he was hitting on that he was gay.”)  Well, he is a hairstylist, so totally believable.  I think they’ll be good.  Prediction: Third Place.

Mike and Rochelle, Smalltown Sweetheart YDC, are dating 2 years from Northern Michigan.  They are the alternative team, but they look like fun.  (Toyouke: “I think you're "The Hicks". Or possibly "The Weirdos". I don't think they're quite All-American enough to be "The Small Town Sweethearts" if you know what I mean.”)  Backwoods Barbies?  Maybe not.  Prediction: Tenth Place.

Tyler and Laura, Nag Tag YDC, are blind dating from California.  Tyler is a web developer.  Because we apparently need an App to play the game HORSE.  (Toyouke: “I guess they could work well together. Laura kind of bugs me because she used the phrase "big girl job" like other people don't have adult jobs or something. Tyler's cute, I guess. “)  I think they could do well.  Prediction: Second Place.

And there it is.  Don’t forget to tune in on the special premiere Wednesday, February 25 at 8:30 pm CDT for the 90 minute episode, followed by episode two at the normal time on Friday February 27 at 7:00 pm CDT.  See you with the first recap soon!

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