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Project Runway All Stars 2/12/15--"Four Seasons in One Finale" summary

Previously on Project Runway All-Stars: a bunch of stuff happened. Everyone had to make a red carpet gown and it was supposed to be memorable. They said “remembered for years to come” and some people heard “timeless” while some heard “memorable”. Helen talked and talked about how great she was, but then her dress was boring and terrible. Also there was some BS with dogs. Dmitry made an art deco dress with fringe that was awesome so he won. Then Helen and Michelle were the bottom, but I guess Helen’s dressed sucked so horribly they had to make up one of those stupid “last minute challenges” where you tear up other clothes to make something in an hour. Helen fake cried about ripping up other people’s work, but then she made a black dress and the judges fell over themselves to praise it so she survived and Michelle went home. Because Helen didn’t make the finale her season so clearly she has to make it now. At least this show is over tonight. (click for more)

The three finalists hang out on the roof and pretend to like each other. Helen says some shit. I don’t care, she’s so fake about how she always thinks she does terribly. Except for the last challenge where she bragged about how great she was and then almost lost. She doesn’t belong here. Alyssa shows up to give them the finale instructions: make an 8-piece collection for all four seasons. Ugh, that is too many looks. They will get 4 days. Sonjia has to sit down and cry. Come on you guys. You knew what you were getting into. Budget is $3000, you do not get to hire models because that has already happened.

Sketching. Dmitry seems to have a good idea of who his client is, a woman who builds her wardrobe around statement pieces. Helen says her client is “couture Wednesday Addams”. Yeah that sounds about right. She is copying Chanel. You know she is. Sonjia decides she’s designing for herself, which sounds awesome. Mood is Mood. Sonjia buys a ton of color, Dmitry goes for a million different things, Helen buys a bunch of lace. Helen interviews that she wants the judges to know she can buy fabric, which is the weirdest statement. Who cares if you can buy fabric? They care if you can sew.

Time to work. Someone put Helen next to the clock and she’s annoyed so I’m glad. Everyone talks about where to start and how to go about this. Sonjia and Dmitry are doing one look at a time, but Helen is draping everything first and she is really judgey about it. Shut up, Helen. Sonjia wants the judges to believe she can win. Dmitry can’t believe Sonjia is making crop tops again, and he hates them but he also knows the judges will fall all over themselves to praise them. He doesn’t get it. Helen says she didn’t think she was capable of doing the work she’s done this season. Whatever. Dmitry tells her he knew she’d be here. Day one is over.

Day two. Sonjia asks Dmitry if he’s doing fringe again, and he’s like “are you doing lace again?” Burn. Helen gets on her high horse about him snapping and being a jerk, except that first of all, Sonjia deserved that, and two, no one was snapping. And three, stay out of it because it doesn’t involve you.

Zanna time. Sonjia has purchased a quilted gold fabric that looks like curtains. Thick blackout curtains. She wants it for a coat but it has to have a shape. Also she has a knit to make a gown which is unusual, but it’s winter so she can’t have chiffon and stuff. Dmitry shittalks about how basic it all is. Dmitry has a few things done that look interesting. He has a piece with that mesh outline thing he does, with the floating panels and stuff. There is one dress in black and white with sleeves, and he’s like well it might be summer or maybe not. His clothes have to be distinct. Helen claims it hasn’t set in yet that she’s in the finale. Lots of black and white. She has to change up her treatment of lace and do something different. Dmitry says none of the pieces are special. Zanna tells her to use color or the judges will be bored.

Zanna makes them stop working and brings in the founder of Chi Hair Care to talk about hair consults and offer the winner a look in their ad campaign and a trip to one of their shows? I think? Back to work. Sonjia is feeling overwhelmed. Dmitry only has two looks done, and he thinks he should have four so he feels pretty behind.

Day three. As the finalists come into the workroom, they find eliminated designers waiting for them and there is a lot of shrieking and loud noises. Looks like Kate, Jay, and Fabio. The finalists waste no time putting their helpers to work. The chyron says they have 18 hours with their helpers. Helen has 5 looks to go, and she’s bragging that she has the upper hand because I guess Kate is so awesome. Not really but you keep on thinking that. Fabio tells Sonjia he’s going to need her to win “All-Stars” so she can buy some good scissors. Hee. She’s put him on pants duty. Dmitry isn’t more relaxed but he is relieved.

Model fitting. This means models put clothes on and everyone talks about how everyone else sucks. Opinions are: Dmitry is not cohesive, Helen is too cohesive, Sonjia has good fabrics but not much else. At the end of the day Sonjia suggests margaritas.

Day four. Sonjia tells us if she won, it would change her life and she talks about how her dad recently died and this is what she wants to do. Aww. Dmitry has always wanted to be a designer. There is the CUTEST picture of him at about 5 in like, a band major jacket. Hee. Helen claims she needs money to move out of her studio apartment and this is the beginning of her life. The helpers leave which is too bad. Two hours to go. Hair consults happen but those are always boring. Also makeup consults but this year! Hot makeup guy Scott! Hooray! They put his name and everything and it’s so exciting because usually they bring in some random ass guy who hasn’t been here. Finally it is almost time for this show to be over.

Runway day. Three hours. Sonjia has to attach tops to bottoms. Dmitry is going to make a sleeve? Last minute? I’m not sure. Sonjia realizes she left some weaving on her leather top until the absolute last minute and she’s mad at herself. She makes a model do it. Helen snobs that everyone is doing things they did all season and it all sucks, because she’s forgotten 5 days ago she won because of a dress she made in an hour. Helen claims she’s over her last season, and the only reason she’s here now is to further her career. As if that’s a better reason than everyone else and no one else wants to further their career.

So…this appears to be taking place at a bar where there are acrobats and whatever. I thought it was a drag bar at first but I think there are a bunch of female performers so…? Whatever. Alyssa looks like a pregnant bride. Guest judges are Mira Sorvino and Zac Posen.

Sonjia is up first. Her lace dresses are pretty standard, although beige lace over yellow is weird looking. Her swimsuit doesn’t look right, like the top is too big or something. It’s just a bandeau top but it’s strange. More lace. A really great coat that looks like a Southwestern pattern. The other fall look is a jumpsuit with huge wide legs and a really deep V. Her quilted yellow coat did make it in, over some leather leggings so it looks cool. The gown has a peplum and is really shiny. It moves well. Overall I do see one woman wearing all of this, and there is a lot of color, but maybe two lace dresses in an 8 look collection is too many.

Dmitry is next. His first look is one shouldered with a long tail, or at least the top is cut really high in front and not in back. Summer contains a blue sequined short dress with one sleeve. It looks like a lot of dresses, but there is some color at least. And it helps with his idea that this woman builds her wardrobe around statement pieces. I could see each of his looks as something a woman might save up for, to have a designer dress that she accessorizes to death to get a bunch of outfits. You know?

Time for Helen. She wants to thank her mom for birthing her. That’s what she said. There is a little bit of red in a skirt but a lot of black lace. Her clothes are fine but nothing new and interesting. There’s a crop top and skirt that look fuzzy. A capelet for fall. A long sleeved crop top, midi skirt, and boots for a fall look. Frumpy. A jumpsuit that is technically brown. Then a long red gown and like, a coat shaped like a pod. So that’s one red dress, one red cape, and some vague pinks.

Alyssa recaps the season but we don’t need that, Alyssa. Can we just get on with it? Everyone gets a critique alone. Nice. Sonjia based her direction off of herself and didn't want to have a bunch of dresses. Isaac says her strength is in her ability to do proportions. He loves the coat, but not a yellow skirt that is a miniskirt with a sheer piece with a giant ruffle that hits her mid-calf. The miniskirt part is in a weird spot. Mira loves the pantsuit. Zac tells her she makes clothes women want to wear, but maybe the gown at the end isn’t modern enough. Both Zac and Georgina tell her the red lace dress is market-ready. The big coat maybe doesn’t need heaviness. There is also a long vest but it’s got a zipper they don’t particularly like. When they do closeups there’s some fit issues but 1. four days, and 2. they didn’t say anything so whatever.

Dmitry says his client fills her wardrobe with special pieces. He has a dress that looks like it’s a pot leaf, and when you get closer to it, it’s all contrast stitching and details. There are a lot of techniques going on. No one particularly likes the pantsuit with the paneled jacket. I think they like his technique with the floating panels but it’s a white suit and I think they would rather it wasn’t white? Or had pants instead of a skirt? Georgina isn’t a huge fan of the blue sequins. Zac hates the dropped shoulder and skirt of the floating panels look. Isaac says “insane crotch” basically, but then he also talks about how much he loves the 80’s. There’s a yellow and black dress with a wavy design that is cool.

Helen flat out says she took inspiration from Chanel. Zac would love more evolution from her, but he also knows a lot of women would wear her clothes. One of the really pale pink looks has a tomato red kitten heel with it and it doesn’t work. The look that I thought was brown I think is actually black, so even less color that I thought. Isaac loves the frumpy skirt. Fine. The last outfit with the pod coat isn’t quite resolved. Alyssa really loved her two fall looks, but she thinks the winter looks don’t go with anything. Georgina likes the weird fuzzy crop top and skirt combo. What? Georgina.

Isaac thinks he read some “come to me, stay away” message in Helen’s collection and in the whole season. Also we’re pretending she grew and is better when light and I guess in a good mood. Her winter outfits didn’t go. Isaac doesn’t think she did her best work and suggests she be taken out of the running. OH THANK GOD. Everyone quickly agrees so now I don’t care who wins. Helen didn’t win. Sonjia’s color palate was wonderful and she had that great yellow coat. She did just reuse her swimsuit and the red lace dress from previous challenges this season, and Georgina thinks she didn’t do as well this time as last time. Dmitry is bold and powerful, and his collection has his voice in it. He did have one look that didn’t work, but it was still fine. Dmitry’s work is more aloof, while Sonjia’s is more approachable.

Helen is the second runner up. She’s upset but too bad, girl. Then she claims she’s OK because she did something impressive and new. The winner is Dmitry! Sonjia looks sad but she says she pushed herself with this opportunity and she’s glad. Dmitry already won, which I find interesting. Why do you let past winners compete? Everyone is glad and his friends cheer which is cute.

Time for a break! Thanks for reading!


Duabe said...

Thanks, Toyouke, for bravely blogging yet another season of Project Runway All Stars. Your humor and no-nonsense recaps are fun to read.

I absolutely agree with your statement, "Shut up, Helen."

Hope you enjoy some rest before another PR season starts.

Toyouke said...

Thanks Duabe!

Tbone said...

Toyouke is the marathon champion of Project Runway recaps. She's been doing this longer than anyone I know. Major appreciation for all of your work!

Arathael said...

Agreed, do not understand why previous winners get to compete in All Stars, hasn't that led to two repeat wins now, Dmitry and Seth Aaron? I find it difficult to root for Dmitry because he is cold and smug....sorry, I hate to say bad things about real people in reality shows, but I said it anyway...

Anonymous said...

Awesome as always!

Toyouke said...

Thanks Tbone! Sorry, your comment got caught in the filter for some reason and I just saw it today. Thank you for gathering links for us!