Friday, April 4, 2014

Under the Gunn, or I Think I Saw Superhero Fashion on Tumblr

We've only got one more episode to go I think. I wonder how this show's been doing and if they'll do it again. Overall it wasn't that bad. Somewhat less rage-inducing than "Project Runway", although that isn't particularly hard. (click for more)

Today's challenge is "superhero-inspired fashions". I believe I saw this on Tumblr. It's not a new idea to me, although in terms of a challenge idea it's new. They certainly have had dumber inspirations. Anyway, everyone freaks out because there is no winner. Only three people going to the finale and one person going home. At this point in the episode I thought for sure Sam or Asha would go home. Then each mentor has one designer in the finale and we're all even. So Nick and Anya freaking out about how they might be eliminated just made me roll my eyes. Also making me roll my eyes: that somehow each designer would pick a different superhero. No fighting? No one getting stuck with something they don't want? Whatever.

Also I thought there would be a twist because they had two days to work. Another outfit or something. And then there wasn't one! Maybe the twist is that there is no twist. Man, it's too early for that level of logic.

I missed all the critiques because we had some bad weather here and I was busy trying to figure out if it was coming my way. I think everyone was fine? Tim said how great it was that Nick was doing what he was supposed to? That sounds right.

Asha never draped pants before. Or worked with chiffon. Yeah, that's a great idea. In the end it turned out fine. I liked the train giving it a sort of cape effect without being a literal cape. The colors are boring, and I'm not sure why her knees are exposed, but it's not bad. Some of the judges are bored and I can see that.

Sam read his comic book and then had a big talk with Mondo about...something. He interviewed about getting picked on in school and being suicidal, but it's not clear if he told Mondo that or if he just said he was upset. I went back and forth about if he was going to "win" or instead go home after having a personal revelation and getting his confidence back. However, I don't get his outfit at all and I thought he'd be going home for sure. The top was unflattering and the pants are weird and there are straps everywhere. The judges praise him for never giving up on his aesthetic, or something, which is unusual because don't they always complain that someone always does the same thing and never breaks out of their comfort zone?

Oscar's outfit was very dramatic. I don't think I like not having sleeves but having strips of fabric hanging off her shoulders. Like you wanted to make sleeves but you didn't have time to sew them shut?  Also the shininess makes it a little costumey.

I loved Shan's look. The leather makes it read "superhero" but it's not a costume. It should have won, but of course we don't have a winner.

Oh and we don't have a loser either because everyone is going to the finale! My reaction: "WHAT THIS IS BULLSHIT SOMEONE SHOULD GO HOME you know I totally should have seen that coming." I mean how often have the producers done that? I'm not sure if they wanted Asha to go home but Sam made something ridiculous and then had an emotional moment? Or they wanted Sam to go home but he had an emotional moment and Asha was boring? Whenever they do that I always suspect they had a plan that was ruined for some reason. So, now everyone's in the finale. Whatever.

Were you surprised they didn't eliminate anyone? Do you get Sam's outfit? Leave a comment below!

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Anonymous said...

Compared to Oscar and Shan the other two designers failed. Sam is like a mini Mondo with crazy patterns and bright colors. I think that is why he is still in the competition. I suppose one had to see his "dark spot" painting treatment on the back of the blouse in person to determine if it was cool -- but to me it looked dirty and I could only understand its' meaning through Sams dialogue.

Asha's outfit was drab and boring and if this high-low trend continues much longer I think I will pull my hair out! Even Anya looked short and squat this week on my TV in her high-low number. Asha could have used a pop of color in either piece to give some kind of life to it. I feel guilty to say this... especially since I am a woman, and I love to champion women... but, I think Asha is in because she is a woman.