Friday, April 11, 2014

Under the Gunn, or It's Weird How I Am Not as Angry as Usual

I feel like my usual opinions of "Project Runway" depend a lot on who wins and if I think the producers were too involved with it. And that answer is usually "yes". You can see it if you look at the ratings for this show. There's a site where you can view ratings by episode, and see trends, and for every season of "Project Runway" the ratings at the end of the season are lower than at the beginning. Meaning as the season goes on people abandon the show. I wonder if this show had the same thing. (click for more)

So the finale is to make five looks in three days. Anya's horrified comment that she got five weeks is dumb, because 1. they used to give them months and months and the collections were SO much better, and 2. she had to make more than five looks. Essentially they were given the All-Stars final challenge, probably because they couldn't get into NY Fashion Week. Also Tim makes a comment about how the mentors "grew and developed". Did Anya "grow and develop"? Did Mondo? I think we can agree Nick did so was that some editor foreshadowing?

As everyone was coming up with a story for their collection, Nick is the only mentor shown saying "I see this and this blah blah" instead of listening to their designer explain their vision. It stuck out to me. It doesn't seem to matter though. Everyone gets loved ones to visit them, and I like it much more when Tim goes to their houses. I guess "Under the Gunn" doesn't have any budget.

As a side note, hot makeup guy Scott should do all makeup consults, not some random person we'll never see again. Hot makeup guy Scott forever.

The mid-challenge mentor conversations are weird. Well, maybe only Sam's weird. I kind of saw Zelda in his clothes? More important was how apparently all his teachers told him he'd end up designing for a department store. It's clearly supposed to be a "How DARE they!" moment. But are all his teachers jerks? Or did they see someone who isn't cut out for Fashion? Because later he's all "I hate couture" so clearly he's not headed in that direction. Other than that I don't remember any of the critiques. Oscar is doing something he's done before? Asha had a bad critique, she says, but I don't remember.

When they announced the guest judges, my reaction was "NPH!!!!!!!!! oh and Heidi". I don't know how Neil Patrick Harris is related to fashion but I love him and also they've had stupider guest judges. Heidi's presence just served to remind me of how little I miss her. Sam's clothes are fine, they seem very young and very shiny. Oscar's looks are very dramatic but are maybe a little "old"? I don't think they're old but everyone is always going on and on about how young and fresh things are. Love the last purple gown. Asha...Asha is also shiny, and young, but she starts with a satin jumpsuit with a high waist and an insane crotch. It's terrible. (The official website labeled the collections with the wrong designer, like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME). This model looks pregnant. High-waisted satin pants with PLEATS are not flattering to anyone. Also a turban. Sam's looks were shiny but not tacky. Shan had a lot of lace. Maybe too much? It was very well made, though.

Judging is weird because I feel they gave everyone a lot of praise that was undeserved. NPH and Heidi hate Asha's and Oscar gets some crap about repeating looks like his crazy coat and cape thing. That's about it. In the end it doesn't matter because Oscar wins! And Nick! See what I mean about foreshadowing?

So what did you think of the show? I thought it was basically "Project Runway" dressed up in disguise. However I will say there was WAY less drama than in "Project Runway". The designers didn't have any drama at all except for when everyone hated Natalia. So that was nice. And they're casting for another season of "Project Runway" so I'll see you when that starts up again! Thanks for reading!

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