Thursday, January 17, 2013

Project Runway All Stars 1/17/13--"Go Big or Go Home" summary

Previously on Project Runway: everyone got to go to Paris and make couture gowns. Emilio and Anthony Ryan did very well, and Josh and Uli had to spend an hour remaking their gowns. Uli used her lining to make a whole new gown, and she won the weird mini-challenge. Josh was sent home. So our final three are Uli, Emilio, and Anthony Ryan. I’m fine with it, I just wish there was some suspense about it. (NOT a spoiler, just my prediction) (click for more)

I know it’s the finale, but it’s late and tomorrow is a long day so this recap may be light on the details. We’ll see. Everyone talks about how they love being here, Anthony Ryan making sure to mention everyone else is more experienced than he is. They have to make a “mini collection” in four days. Of course. In a twist, though, they can do whatever they want, including pick how many pieces they want to show. Budget is $3000, which I would like to point out is less than they got for their entire look last episode. Carolyn sends them home to plan.

Uli’s theme is “Winter Wonderland”. Lots of white. Emilio has “Urban Plantation” which is about “working women in America”. They have some photos which look like women working during WWII. Anthony Ryan names his collection “A Thin Line”. Something about dark and light places. Anthony Ryan has the most nebulous inspiration but people like that stuff, I think. Emilio picks out a weird print that reminds me of a Keith Haring picture.

Carolyn walks in first thing and brings all the eliminated designers back in to “help”. Anthony Ryan gets to go first, and he picks Josh. And THEN Josh says he’s too tired and refuses! What!? Is he allowed to do that? I mean, I get it, he just got eliminated like, yesterday. But doesn’t he have to participate? Emilio says you must be in a pretty dark place if you won’t help your “best friend”. I don’t know if they’re best friends, but yeah. Anthony Ryan is kind of offended but I think he realizes it’s better than a half-assed job. He takes Kayne instead. Uli picks Casanova, who says he’ll help because he’s glamorous. Hee. Emilio takes Althea. I missed her.

Everyone gets down to work. Kayne will try to do boxy and not fitted for Anthony Ryan. Uli and Casanova have both the language barrier and the fact that Uli just drapes and he uses patterns. Uli and Anthony Ryan already have some fabric cut, while Emilio just has pattern pieces and muslin.

Day Two. More working. Casanova takes a nap. What? He is sacked out on the couch. What is WITH everyone? Casanova interviews that for him sewing is like sex, you have to be in the mood. Is everyone crazy? Did they all get drunk in Sequesterville or wherever they’ve been this whole time?

Joanna time! Uli has a lot of white and off-white and silver. And a jacket of feathers. Joanna tells her she needs at least one spectacular piece, she can’t wait to see it, “and I want you to save that little vest for me”. Hee. Anthony Ryan has very graphic colorblocking. Emilio doesn’t have anything on the mannequin, but he is very organized.

Makeup consults, NOT with hot makeup guy Scott. Stupid. It’s some French guy who is a poor substitute. Casanova is still sleeping. And the day is over! Boy, they’re keeping this moving. Back at the hotel they toast each other and Casanova promises to actually do some work.

Day Three. Two days left. Kayne and Althea are really great, and Casanova seems helpful, although I think they’re trying to make him seem useless, asking a bunch of questions and whatever. The eliminated designers leave and everyone worries they have so much work to do. Suddenly it’s the last day with 12 hours left. Everyone talks about how much they want to win and how much they could use the money. Of course they can all use the money. Anthony Ryan claims he can’t be a designer if he doesn’t win because he’s broke. The other two didn’t say anything quite so drastic. Uli and Emilio seem to have entire looks to finish.

Runway show! It’s very pretty. Three hours to go. Emilio has to make a whole jacket. Where is hot makeup guy Scott? Boo. Mondo is in the audience, and…uh…looks like he has had some work done. Either that or he is wearing a lot of eyeliner. He looks strange. Carolyn has a huge ballgown. Guest judges are Liv Tyler and Margherita Missoni.

Emilio is first. He is inspired by Aunt Jemima and Rosie the Riveter. OK. Strapless dress with a full skirt in a black and white circular print. A white button down shirt and a leather bustier over it. Another bustier. How is that working woman? Except, you know, “working” woman. He made a suit out of that multicolored wavy print that was like Keith Haring. It’s very loud. The cut of it looks good though. Red jumpsuit that looks weird. Maybe it doesn’t fit right or something. Some pants, eh. A dress with that print and a black peplum. Ohhhh he made a whole big loose jacket with that print, over a black sheath dress. That print is not for everyone. I don’t know, it looks like I could buy his clothes at the mall, but that’s always been Emilio’s thing. Also, four days and $3000.

Anthony Ryan. Long black skirt with a blue mock turtleneck top with long sleeves. A dress with a yellow skirt, with a black front panel like an apron and a black peplum. Lots of color blocking, black with panels of color. The yellow shows up more than once, with some silver too. All the dresses seem to have long sleeves and are cut the same. They all go together, to be sure, but I feel like I’m looking at the same dress in a lot of different colors. Sheath dresses with sleeves or without. At the end is a long maxi dress with a more flowy skirt.

Uli. She’s changed the name of her collection to “Mystical Winter”. Her models have white makeup on their cheekbones and they’re walking slowly so they look alien. Lots of white, lots of pants. The feather vest is great. Lots of shiny and metallic. A couple of silver/white sheath dresses that fit well. A couple of tops with feathers on the shoulders and sleeves. At the end is a long dusty rose gown that moves wonderfully, with feather sleeves. She’s used those long stripy feathers.

Emilio is up first, and they kick everyone else out so they can bring out ALL the models. Georgina says she was wrong about Emilio because he really does have a point of view. All his models are women of color, which is cool. The red jumpsuit is great. They like the trench coat in the wild print. There is definitely one woman in mind, who is wearing all these pieces, but maybe some things are a little junior and there is no experimentation. Well, four days.

Anthony Ryan’s models all come out, and everyone falls over themselves for the first dress. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but it has a back cutout and that’s about it. Isaac says it’s the best dress he’s seen on this show, which I think is a little far. Isaac also says he’s jealous because the pockets are placed perfectly. Whatever. They don’t like the final look as much. That’s about all that happens.

The judges love Uli’s collection and it has textures and it was in only four days. There is a very strong point of view. They really are only talking about how great it is. On the back of the gown, though, there’s a big jeweled patch, and Carolyn thinks maybe that’s a little too much.

Emilio is always in control, and knows where he’s going. Maybe not exciting enough. Isaac loves that he took the opportunity to make a political statement. Anthony Ryan had a cohesive collection and Isaac thinks it was “fashion”. The finale dress was bad. When you lined up the models, all the dresses were different lengths, for all that they looked like the same dress. He is artistic. Uli was emotional, and would make people dream. They love her work. She is experimenting, Emilio has confidence, Anthony Ryan was severe but sexy.

Carolyn recaps the season, for some reason, and then says the second runner up is Uli. What? She’s in third?? You guys suck. She says she’s not upset, she still showed a collection. And then Anthony Ryan is the winner, and whatever. Emilio thinks he had the better collection but he’s a better man for being here. Joanna comes running out to congratulate him which is cute. Drinks for all!

Next week: time for Project Runway: Dramz Edition.


Duabe said...

Thank you once again Toyouke for a wonderful recap.

I fell asleep watching the show and then again when it reaired this morning. Really did try to stay awake, but couldn't make it.

I agree with your assessment of the final collections - wrong one won. Poor Uli!

Anonymous said...

In Joshua's defense, I've read elsewhere that he was eliminated only a few hours before the "I can't help you" scene was filmed. Easy for me to believe that he was shot and just needed to crash.