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Project Runway 1/31/13--"Spin Out" summary

Previously on Project Runway: There were two teams, but unlike the real world, you don’t have to make your garment match your team at all. Also, didn’t they say it would be teams of two for the whole season? Did I make that up? I’m pretty sure I read it somewhere, only I can’t remember where, and clearly that’s not what happened so I don’t know. Everyone was supposed to make garments that showcase themselves as designers, inspired by New York. Daniel made a suit, with crop pants and a peplum with a bubble hem. It was interesting, I’m OK with the win. Emily very nearly sent her model down naked, and in the end she was sent home for having poor time management skills. (click for more)

Matthew says it’s sad Emily went home and they didn’t offer her help until the last minute. She kind of failed on her own, though. Michelle complains to her apartment that the only reason the bottom three were the bottom three was because of the team thing. No, I’m pretty sure Emily would have been bottom three no matter what. Cindy thinks everyone views her as the weak link. James swears in confessional to stop listening to his team and focus on himself.

Heidi congratulates them on surviving…one challenge. Same teams again! Cindy thinks everyone is mad they have to stay on the loser team. They probably hoped it was a joke about all team challenges. Next challenge is “a ball”. Sigh. Field trip!

Tim is at Spin New York (ROCKING red pants, by the way) and he’s in a room full of ping pong tables. Spin is a “ping pong social club”. Oh, sorry, it’s SPiN. I’m not writing that. It’s owned by Susan Sarandon, which is cool, but this whole idea seems annoying. Like, you’re supposed to go and drink and play ping pong? And there’s a DJ and ball boys? It’s super hipster but this guy is hot. They are going to make new server uniforms and new ball boy uniforms. The slogan is “Balls are our business”. Sigh. Each team will make five looks, three female and two male. $500 and one day. Of course, supposedly they will be worn in the place if they win.

And…now they’re serving? What? And being ball boys? What is the point of this? Is this like when you had everyone deliver mail that first season and Austin Scarlett in a postal uniform was the most glorious thing ever? Trying to recapture old seasons’ successes, I see. Anyway, a server is a server (pretty straightforward) and a ball boy runs around with a butterfly net to catch all the stray balls flying around because people have no skills. They talk to some actual servers and ball boys and they do mention they will have to bend over. One guy says no button downs. Benjamin tells the Dream Team he’s actually made restaurant uniforms before. When Tim asks how they did, Patricia jokes she got fired. Hee.

So NOW they have to work as teams, because there are more than five people per team. So this is relevant. Joseph suggests harem pants for the guys? They will need to remember they have clients to please. Matthew talks about how he responds to “streetwear” and not uniforms so this is boring. He’ll make pants just to contribute but he’s bitching about it. It looks like various people are drawing and showing what they think they can do. So it’s possible they won’t really go together as much as it will be different people making what they think it should look like. When they get to Mood, Team KIR still doesn’t know what they’re doing. I think eventually they throw money at each other and run off. Daniel says the judges didn’t like Layana’s dress last time, so he’s going to join up with her so she doesn’t drag them down. Kate and Patricia are pairing up. Patricia says everyone is adamant about keeping their design. Shocker. Matthew is fine because he’s making jeans. Benjamin micromanages Cindy and she’s pissed because she thinks James is buying ugly fabric and should be watched more than her. Well she had ugly fabric last time. Joseph wants “cute” but this in his mind is associated with bedazzled vintage sweaters so luckily Richard is watching him. Cindy is still mad. She tells Benjamin it’s hard to shop with him because they’re so different. Benjamin interviews that she doesn’t design for his “marketplace”, which is his way of saying he thinks her designs suck.

Everyone gets to work. Daniel’s top is going to have molded bra cups. Stanley says everyone on Team KIR is chipping in and being positive. Kate is a nice person and says Patricia was in the top and could help her out. She says she’s making tight pants, and Layana interrupts her to say “Waitresses don’t like to wear pants, they like to show their legs because they are the sexiest girls.” What? Seriously? No one tells her she’s sexist, they just go along with it. That is terrible. Matthew and Patricia seem to both be stuck with “boring” pieces on their respective teams. Neither one is happy about not being able to show their creativity. Benjamin has his fingers in everything because he doesn’t want to lose again. James goes off by himself and his whole team mentions it in confessional. Layana claims to be open to criticism, I guess except for the idea that waitresses maybe don’t want everyone to treat them like sex objects. She’s taking advice from Daniel, who says he learned to design “on the streets”. He says if he was straight he’d marry her. Cindy loves to make jackets. She stands up to Benjamin’s micromanaging and he backs off. She keeps talking, though, which makes it seem like maybe he’s not so bad after all.

There’s a screen printer, to put the logo on their designs. Nice. It’s a professional touch and maybe they’ll look like real uniforms. Patricia doesn’t want to do just a pair of leggings, because she thinks the judges told her they wanted to see more construction.

Tim Time! Team KIR first. It looks like a skort with the front part as apron, and an asymmetrical vest. I think there is some trim going over a pocket? It’s not clear. Stanley has a good design for the male server. Richard decided to put a harness for the nets for the ball boy. A harness. OK. Amanda is making her outfit out of swimwear fabric. Interesting. Daniel crows about how their team has it in the bag. Patricia starts to talk about cutting out the design out of the leggings, and Tim says he thinks she’s thinking about herself, and it’s about the team. She wants to cover herself though, which is understandable. Tim says he’s sensing ego, which is kind of rude. If they lose, the first thing they’ll say is “Well, Patricia only made boring leggings.” We all know that.

Dream Team Tim Time. Michelle’s server vest looks like a sleeveless shirtdress. Matthew says he and Benjamin are doing ball boy. “Well, we’re not DOING a ball boy.” Hee. Tim says jeans are “ubiquitous” and why are they making one? Why is Patricia making leggings? Aren’t leggings ubiquitous? Tim, if you stop making sense I don’t know if I can handle it. Someone suggests they make cutoffs, which I don’t think is a great idea. I think that was Michelle. She then suggests a kilt, which Tim thinks is interesting. Sure, it’ll be interesting when boys in kilts have to bend over to chase loose balls across the floor. There was no good way to write that sentence. Samantha and Tu have two parts of an outfit but they don’t go together. It’s the same thing with Cindy’s jacket and Ben’s top. Tim actually asks him if he even looked at Cindy’s jacket at all. Burn. Tim declares it “whackadoodle”. He tells the whole team their pieces don’t go together. James’s shirt looks terrible. Like a maternity shirt and the hem is jacked. Matthew says to just toss it. He thinks he can fix it, though. Oh James. Tim says they have to be on top.

Two hours left. Ben doesn’t seem to know what he is supposed to be doing, although their team seems to be regrouping well. Tu has a hot mess. He says so himself. James has no fabric, apparently, so he’s going to have to make a shirt out of scraps. Matthew is making his kilt, with “Balls Are Our Business” on the front. Sigh. Model fittings. Dream Team doesn’t have a lot finished. No kilt, sadly.

Back at the apartments Samantha says their team works well together, but it doesn’t show in the garments. Ben thinks maybe his choices aren’t going to help him. Michelle declares her team is shitting the bed, will be losing, and she wants off her team.

Morning of the show. Tim says everyone looks fabulous, and Samantha says “we’re trying to match you”. Hee. Two hours to work. Dream Team is pulling together to fix their stuff. Michelle is now proud of her teammates. Cindy thinks they might even win. Kate, on the other hand, hates her team’s looks. Hot makeup guy Scott. Stanley works until the last minute.

Heidi is wearing another terrible outfit. It’s a terrible brown, and it’s not fitted properly so she looks huge. Bleh. Daniel has immunity, apparently. Guest judge is Susan Sarandon. Nice. She looks fantastic. Dream Team. Michelle: brown shirtdress with no sleeves and wide lapels. It looks like there’s an elastic waist too. Eh, it’s not really well-fitted and it’s boring, but I’m guessing there will be a lot of boring today. The back has a panel with part of the logo, which looks like a lot of lines. It’s like you took a pen and made a circle, and then just went around and around a bunch of times. I like it, it’s just hard to describe. Samantha and Tu: darker brown vest, that is very low. I can see her bra. There is some sheer fabric so they knew it would be that low cut. The skirt is black and I can’t see anything interesting about it. James: male server. It’s a white tank top with a gray side panel (random) and black crop pants. Manpris, if you will. Ben and Cindy: black or dark brown jacket with elbow length sleeves that looks really nice. The shorts are fine, although Ben hates the crotch. Matthew and Ben: a black tank top with the line design on it, and then an actual kilt. And it really says “Balls Are My Business”. Well at least it looks good.

Team KIR. Layana and Daniel: white long sleeved shirt with a black vest over it, and a very short skirt. The back of the vest is a racerback that is asymmetrical on purpose. I don’t know if I like it. Stanley: black T-shirt and black pants. The shirt doesn’t quite fit right, but it’s a T-shirt. Kate and Patricia: sleeveless top in dusty rose, with the top part around her shoulders and neck in black. The leggings are leggings, but there is some of the logo across her hips. The back of the top is draped, like they wrapped the fabric around her front. Amanda: little black dress that is very short. Square neckline, straps, it’s pretty standard. Joseph and Richard: the harness is silly. A T-shirt that is white across the shoulders and black on bottom, and black pants that seem baggy, but have the slogan printed in white on the front pockets.

Team KIR wins again! Woo. Michelle says she’s tired of having her team in the bottom, you know, because of all the two times it’s happened. Layana claims she talked to servers and they wanted to look sexy. She might have, I don’t remember. They like the vest over the long sleeved shirt, but the asymmetrical back maybe doesn’t work right. Zac likes the idea though. Heidi says something about not wanting the server to upstage her. Nina finds it “charming”. Am I off base here? Are we saying servers should wear revealing clothing so that horny guys can tip them well? Everyone thinks it’s really cute and I do not agree. Daniel says he has immunity so Layana should win if that’s the best look. How does that follow? Stanley made good pants and they like his outfit. The pants are praised, but it’s extremely hard to see them. They really like the harness for the ball boy. Heidi likes that the slogan is not over his crotch. Yes.

Dream Team. I am still imagining a Loser Gong. James talks about branding and something about making sure people remember where they are. Nina hates the length of the pants. There is no logo anywhere, so Susan doesn’t think anyone will know he works there. Heidi brings up hairy armpits, which is a thing I hadn’t even thought of but which is totally a good point. The guy is wearing a tank top. James says he did this all by himself and no one wants to admit they helped him, except to tell him to scrap the first top. Cindy and Ben can both sew, but the shorts are bad and it’s too formal for the venue. Cindy argues that most of the servers had jackets on, and then Heidi and Zac are all “it’s a show about something new” which is stupid. They looked at the servers and saw jackets so they made a jacket. Whatever. Ben declares he shouldn’t have tried to micromanage and maybe he’s “compromised” himself. The model in the kilt says it’s breezy. Heh. Matthew lies and says he came up with the kilt idea himself, when we clearly saw it was not his idea. Susan says her guys won’t wear it. It’s “ballsy” though. Zac says there is too much going on, mesh tank tops, printing on those, kilt, slogan over the crotch, etc. Matthew I think maybe tries to say he’s too conceptual for this challenge. Nina tells them their team has creative and non-creative people and they haven’t balanced that yet.

Heidi is mad at Matthew because it’s not practical. I think if people produced “regular” clothes they’d be bored and complain about that. Nina says she’d rather see a kilt over James and his boring tank top and weird pants. Ben helped everyone but he made two pieces that both ended up in the bottom. Zac hates on Cindy’s jacket, but I don’t think it’s that bad. Susan claims she’s never seen a skort before. They like it but not the vest. Stanley had a good shirt but Zac doesn’t like dropped crotch pants. Joe and Richard had some good branding and they really like the harness for the net thing so I guess that’s been a problem.

Heidi tells Layana she wins. Eh. I guess it’s fine. Nothing really set my world on fire this week, you know? Team KIR all is in. Samantha, Michelle, Tu, Ben, and Matt are all in. Cindy’s blazer was dowdy, and James’s capri pants were terrible. Cindy is in. Good, I didn’t think her blazer was that bad. James is out. He says he should have taken control and he didn’t get the chance to show what he wanted. Tim comes to get him, and tells the Dream Team that everything on the runway was much better than what he saw in the workroom so they should be proud of that.

Next time: design for Heidi. BORING. Ben flails. Nina tells someone they have the worst construction they’ve seen. Zac wears a red velvet jacket and a floppy bow.  

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