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Hell's Kitchen 7/3/12--"11 Chefs Compete pt. 2" summary

Previously on “Hell’s Kitchen”: Kimmie and Robyn fight, and then Tiffany and Barbie fight, and the men win a challenge and then Kimmie burns herself. Also Royce needs to shut up. I think that’s about the gist of it. The DVR description says it all: “Personal dramas distract some contestants.” (click for more)
Will Kimmie have to quit? Will she lose her hand? Of course not. For all the sound clips of the medic saying “You’re not going back in that kitchen”, all she does is bandage her up and tell Kimmie to keep her hand dry. Boo. That was even more anti-climactic than I thought it would be. Everyone is glad to see her, except Robyn, who insists Kimmie is a crybaby. On the one hand, burns really hurt, but on the other hand, even though we were told Kimmie burnt her whole arm, she’s only got a light bandage over her hand. Not like when that one guy broke his wrist.
So apparently “Family Night” includes face painting and shooting hoops. Also a children’s menu and mini-pizzas for the kids. You know, I’m sure these people would be better cooks if you didn’t change the menu every night. Clemenza spins pizza dough and entertains the kids. He moves quickly, but Tiffany is too slow. In confessional she complains about how kids don’t understand fine dining, as if that has bearing on her speed in making cheese pizza. Then she burns the edges. Cutting the edges off will not magically make the bottom not burnt. As they get yelled at, Robyn is futzing around with the pizza peel in the oven. I don’t know what she’s doing that requires her to jam the thing back and forth so violently, but anyway, Tiffany gets hit in the back of the head. I don’t particularly like Robyn, but it was mildly amusing. Barbie reminds us that Tiffany doesn’t care about anything, and takes over her station. Tiffany strangely doesn’t kick her off, she just goes to the stove and complains. I do agree, Barbie does have a really obnoxious smirk. Brian has lost it and calls himself “Super Horse”…in Spanish. Now he’s just babbling. No one is as entertained as I am. His blinis (stop calling them “bellinis“, dumbass) are burnt. Ramsey shouts at him to imitate a fucking chef for once. Hee. Tiffany has also jacked up the blinis, and literally says “Who cares?” to Dana. I agree with Barbie, that Tiffany should probably care, but it’s not like Barbie is so great or is the mentor somehow. Also thank God Ramsey says “blinis”. Barbie jumps in again, and Tiffany is pissed, but that’s twice you sent up burned food and she did it properly. The men get their act together.
Patrick is now on meat, and he says he is ready to go, bringing drive, whatever. So you know the first steak up is terrible. Kimmie doesn’t listen to Robyn and Christina confirm the order, so she asks Robyn again, causing Robyn to snap in frustration, and then Kimmie to get on her high horse and say Robyn doesn’t need to scream at her. Then listen to them. Apparently this is “Robyn acting crazy”. Robyn is mildly annoying, but she and Kimmie have no communication at all and it’s hard to tell what is going on. Probably they’re both at fault. The steaks are not right, and Robyn brags in confessional that now Kimmie will be yelled at and this will be great. Of course the problem is what Robyn sliced. Patrick recovers on his second try, because he is “a special chef”. Royce appears to get yelled at for not repeating the order? I don’t know. Patrick repeats the order wrong, and curses a lot. Ramsey tells him to get “some fresh air”, which I think means he’s allowed back in at some point. A small child points and laughs. Hee. I was right, he is allowed back in. The women are also back on track, sort of. Robyn says her fish is ready, and someone clearly says “Yeah, go”. So she goes up there and Christina yells back that it would have been nice to tell her that a minute ago, because she’s not ready. Kimmie agrees that she also needs a minute. Upon rewind? Kimmie clearly is the one telling her to go. Her excuse? “You have to talk to Christina too.” See, that would work if you weren’t making such a big deal about how you also need a minute and will be ready WITH Christina. In the end, Kimmie didn’t need to sabotage anyone because Robyn cooked the fish seven minutes ago. So it would have been terrible either way. Patrick has to recook a filet because it’s raw, but it doesn’t cook fast enough and he brings it up anyway. Duh. Ramsey kicks him out for good this time. He’s pretty upset about it.
Justin has picked up the slack and is doing well. Robyn and Kimmie are still arguing about their times and even Ramsey doesn’t know what is going on. Kimmie is claiming her times don’t include slicing? Or something? Anyway, Robyn says “Fine, I’m wrong then” and Kimmie says “Yes you are” which is just bitchy. That is what you say when you are just trying to rub it in and piss off the other person. They figure it out, somehow. Royce is still babbling about what a great cook he is, which means that he’s brought up raw steak and is kicked out. He feels that he only screwed up one table and should have another chance. You’re not counting all the other chances in all the other services. Kimmie’s still making comments, and she doesn’t realize that when Robyn says “Let me know so we can walk together” you can’t just bitch “Stop talking to me”. I wonder if Kimmie is throwing the challenge so she can try and get Robyn eliminated. Now Barbie and Tiffany are shouting about times too. Ramsey calls the men over to take over, and the girls try to fight them off and tell them they don’t need help. Robyn is telling Barbie the time thing is all Kimmie’s fault, more cursing, hilariously one of the men reminds them there are kids in the dining room. As if they haven’t been cursing all day. Heh. Kimmie and Robyn can’t say anything without snide comments. Cold steak again. Ramsey kicks all of the women out.
In the dorms, Robyn yells about how it’s not her fault and her fish was fine and she’s forgotten the one she cooked seven minutes early, I guess. Christina leaves the room because she’s tired of Robyn, which makes her the smart one. Although, when Kimmie runs into her on the stairs, Christina says Kimmie needs to get up there because Robyn is throwing her under the bus. Instigator. The yelling begins, which is heavily bleeped so who knows what they’re actually saying. Christina hears them and decides she should probably be in the room. Robyn argues that since it WAS Kimmie’s fault, then saying so is not “throwing Kimmie under the bus”. I don’t think I agree, but at least she’s got some vague logic going on. Kimmie never had food sent back. Dana is seriously laughing. Now it is about Kimmie calling Robyn a bitch when supposedly they were friends. The rest of the women make hilarious faces. Also where are Patrick and Royce? Christina just wishes they would both shut up. Justin, Brian, and Clemenza finish all the tables.
Ramsey starts out his after-dinner dressing down with “Holy crap.” No winners tonight, because “there is more passion in the valet parking.” Heh. Two nominees, you know the drill. Brian thinks the men should have won, which I would agree with, but since two men got kicked out of the kitchen, it makes an easy decision. Royce is insane because he thinks he shouldn’t be up. Round two for the women! Christina starts off with Tiffany, because of her screaming at Barbie. Barbie says she was just trying to be clear, which of course irritates Tiffany. Obviously Kimmie is voting for Robyn, and Robyn is voting for Kimmie. You’ll note that when Kimmie explains herself, Robyn just shakes her head, while Kimmie makes a snide comment to Robyn. Now they start yelling about whether or not Kimmie screwed up and if Kimmie can’t admit when she’s wrong. All of a sudden Robyn leaps out of her seat and gets right up in Kimmie’s face. Oh, with the pointing finger too! Robyn hates being called a bitch, I guess. I don’t think either of them were going to do anything. Christina thinks every fight involves Robyn.  

Of course the men put up Patrick and Royce, which Ramsey has no argument with. Kimmie says that Tiffany and Robyn are up. Interesting, Kimmie is saying they nominated Robyn because she lied to Ramsey about how long ago she cooked the fish that time. Robyn can’t even wait until she’s called forward and starts insisting that was a miscommunication and she didn’t lie because her mother raised her right. Kimmie is shocked. OK, I get that Robyn is annoying and no one likes her, and she causes conflict, but it is hard to take Kimmie’s side when she won’t shut up. Robyn completely and utterly loses it and turns to Kimmie right then and starts yelling about “getting dirty”. FINALLY Kimmie figures out she should just stand there and not say anything. Ramsey does not change the nominees. Royce has a lot of fight and something about being beaten and coming back for more and getting better. Ramsey just says, “I’m not feeling it.” Patrick is a professional and is fighting through his problems and he can do it. He begs Ramsey not to lose faith in him. Ramsey asks Tiffany if she cares, so he’s no dummy. Barbie shakes her head behind her, like, you can shut up too Barbie, you‘re not so great. Tiffany swears she’s not done, it’s just too catty on her team. Barbie has made too many faces so Ramsey gives her the chance to act superior and be disappointed in how little Tiffany cares about anything. Tiffany manages to react without cursing and tells Ramsey this is the cattiness she was talking about and really Barbie can’t run her station by herself so she should be up there. “I don’t want to hear your eye-rolling!” Ha, that is great. Tiffany says she does care. On a scale of 1-10? “I care, like a 9”. Oh, Tiffany. Robyn has not given up, she has standards but sometimes she drops them to save other people. What other people? “I feel like I protect Kimmie.” HA! This is getting better. More arguing, which includes Robyn asking to be on the men’s team, and the men looking horrified. Tiffany and Royce! Back in line! Barbie can’t keep her face still, shut up Barbie. Patrick is eliminated. Aww, he thinks his family will be disappointed. Ramsey says he’s not done, which implies that at the least, Robyn won’t be back with the women. And thankfully, we don’t have to wait until next week to find out Robyn is now on the men’s team. Clemenza doesn’t look happy. Ramsey promises her that if she complains about the men, he’ll be looking at her, and only her, for elimination. Kimmie gloats, while Clemenza says that she hates the women and maybe they can turn that to their advantage.
Next time: David Beckham, who does not do it for me at all, but whatever. The men screw up again. I think it’s Royce.

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