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Hell's Kitchen 7/24/12--"6 Chefs Compete" summary

Previously on “Hell’s Kitchen”: Southern food was featured, and even though Robyn brought up raw chicken more than once, and every single chef was kicked out of the kitchen, Kimmie was sent home. She wasn’t cooking the fish well, and she never stepped up, even though she talked all the time about how she cooked Southern food and that was her wheelhouse.

Notice also that the title says six chefs while there are seven chefs left. Robyn thinks she is out of chances. Christina tries to talk up her team by saying that sometimes fewer people in the kitchen means they work better together. But Dana thinks having three people on their team, one of which is Barbie, is not a good thing.
In the morning, as everyone heads to the kitchen, someone says “It’s on like Donkey Kong”, which is my favorite reality show trash talk saying. I think it might have been Clemenza. Ramsey says as a team, they have to cook three dishes from the regular menu. Only one person from each team is in the kitchen at any one time. You cook five minutes and then someone else goes in. You get 15 seconds to explain what you’ve been doing. Most accurate dishes win. Brian babbles for a while about how easy this should be.
Dana and Justin are up first, and Ramsey tells them their three dishes are risotto, lamb, and cod. Dana knows to start with the lamb, because it takes the longest. Justin screws up somehow, because I guess he thought the risotto was partially cooked. When they switch, Dana and Justin have to explain everything. Clemenza wastes time tying his apron on backwards. Christina starts her risotto, but Clemenza is cutting up bok choy or something. Barbie and Brian seem to do OK? Robyn burns her first portion of fish. Dana runs around, and Barbie doesn’t think she did anything but I don’t know what Barbie did either. Robyn is not very helpful with her explanation, and Christina says Dana had the stove up too high and the risotto is kind of burnt. Justin says both the lamb and cod are raw. Barbie insists Christina pulled the cod too early. Clemenza has to plate, and he says he has no idea what Justin said. Barbie complains that she has to find everything and it’s a hot mess. I think they both make it?
The men’s risotto is terrible and sticks to the plate, but the women’s risotto is burnt. The men have crunchy risotto on top of it so no one gets a point. Clemenza forgot the broth on the fish, but the women’s is raw. Still no points for anyone. The men turn in nasty sauce, but Barbie has butchered the lamb horribly and it is also nasty. Ramsey says for the first time ever, there is no winner. Everyone loses. Someone could have gone to the beach in a helicopter, but all the chefs suck this season. Clean the restaurant and detail the cars. Restaurant open tonight. Ramsey promises not to wait until the end of service to get rid of everyone.
The men decide to clean the inside of the car first, except for Robyn, who tells all of them to shut the doors so she can wash the outside. Clemenza does not appreciate the bossiness. Dana is skimming dead leaves out of the fountain. Heh. She yells a lot in confessional about how it would be great to go to the beach.
Ramsey insists they need a great service. He pulls out a covered dish and talks about how inspiring it is or whatever. It’s a black jacket. He says they need to be amazing.
Clemenza does not shout times loud enough. He says he’s ready, and he and Justin work together well to serve diners. The women are doing well also, but Christina has brought up an over-large serving. She tries to use the leftovers, but Ramsey catches her. He really just tells her not to do that, she doesn’t get in that much trouble. Clemenza gets five risottos at once, and Justin offers to help, but he refuses for some reason. They’re all cooked differently and are different colors. Ramsey makes everyone tell him to cook it all in one pan. Barbie keeps offering to help, while Christina has no interest in her help. She keeps talking, saying “I started you over because it was burning, so I took the pan away” but Christina has no interest in Barbie’s help. Sadly, it really was burnt so Christina gets yelled at. Second attempt is fine. Clemenza brings up good risotto, so both teams move to entrees.
Brian tries to bring up Wellingtons, but they’re raw. Some of them are, anyway. Robyn insists she’s on top of garnish, but it’s all in the oven for some reason. Ramsey tells her that makes him nervous, but Robyn says her team told her it was the holding oven. What? Why didn’t we see that? Robyn is a lot of things, but I don’t think she wouldn’t make that up. Her team would totally screw her by telling her to put all the garnish in the oven, and then snickering about how stupid she is. If she says they told her, then they told her, even if they were just doing it to make her look stupid. Ramsey yells and then tries to find out what happened. Her whole team denies it, and I’m sad there is no footage. Maybe she did make it up. She seriously has a ton of garnish in the oven. Justin and Clemenza seem to yell a lot and then get Robyn back on track. Sadly the fish is crappy reheated bass, and Robyn tries not to laugh at Justin and mostly manages. Justin gets yelled at. Robyn sets a pan on fire in the middle of Ramsey’s tirade which is kind of funny. The women are doing extremely well. Dana is cooking three portions of bass in three different pans, so Ramsey points out she might want to use one pan to make it easier. Of course he curses while he does it. Then he goes over and takes over her station. Oo, burn. The women finish, as Brian overcooks a steak. So this table is still not out, and some table walks out. Then the Wellington is overcooked. Ramsey drags Brian over and makes Barbie take over his station. Brian stands there and curses and says he feels like a castrated dog. Clemenza tells him to stay with it, but he curses that there’s nothing he can do, because he’s been booted. Barbie’s doing a good job but I wish it was one of the other two girls.
After service, the girls get a “celebration”: Ramsey gives them all black jackets and champagne. The men’s team has to come up with two names for elimination. Robyn immediately says Justin is a liar and she gets all “you are messing with a crazy bitch”. Somehow Brian loses it and says that it’s not personal, Robyn is the worst, and so forth. I can’t figure out what is going on. I think Robyn is definitely up but they can’t decide on the second.
Clemenza says Robyn is up, because she is the weakest link, and he and Brian are tied and they can’t get past the tie. Ramsey is pissed they can’t follow directions and tells all four of them to come forward. Robyn says she has fight and passion and she deserves to stay. Brian also knows he deserves a black jacket. Clemenza is a team player and has learned from his mistakes. Justin is super focused and fights every day. Clemenza! Take off your jacket! Justin too! Both of you get black jackets. Ramsey makes it clear these jackets are for what they’ve done so far, not for tonight. Robyn stays, and Brian goes. Sad. I liked Brian and his weirdness. Ramsey specifically tells Robyn not to make him regret this. Of course she is super cocky she made it. Barbie is still cocky about how she is the best.
Next time: Ramsey says there is another team, everyone freaks out, Robyn doesn’t do well. Dana gets yelled at. Much cursing ensues.

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