Thursday, February 2, 2012

Project Runway All Stars 2/2/12--"Clothes Off Your Back" summary

Previously on Project Runway: make a pretty dress in a color we will give you and make it in 6 hours. That’s pretty much it. So everyone made very simple dresses that tended towards weird because, 6 hours. I thought Mondo should have won because his dress screamed “cantaloupe” even though it was a caftan. But Michael made a caftan too, only with giant sleeves and all in satin. Apparently that was better. April’s dress wasn’t that bad, I thought, but she was sent home. I guess it wasn’t made very well, but if you want well-made clothes, maybe give people a couple of days to sew. (click for more)

Also thanks v for pointing out that the host’s name is Angela. I think I missed a couple of times. Whoops.

No apartment shots today. Just Angela and Central Park. I miss when Heidi would say something random and then Tim would take everyone on a field trip. This week’s challenge is about muses. You must find a muse to inspire a “fashion-forward” look. Mila thinks the casual park attire she sees is not good enough. HOWEVER! You must convince your muse to give you the clothes off their back. Interesting. Anthony laughs because he’s taken “daggers” for daring to have a personality, and now that personality will be an advantage. True, I bet Anthony has no problem getting someone to give him clothes. They are going to get $150, which they can use to bribe people. Leftover money can be used at Mood. No rules on how much or how little has to come from your “muse”? Oh…half. Never mind. They will have two days, I thought because they were taking a bunch of time to find muses. But they only have 30 minutes.

Everyone runs around. Anthony throws some shade about how Mila suddenly has a personality. He accosts some poor woman and says he needs her top. It’s pretty cool though. Thankfully they’ve given the designers some T-shirts and whatever to give out. He says she can put on a T-shirt and then her apron and cinch her waist and be high fashion again. Hee. He even has a portable changing room. Rami gets rejected by several people, which I’m sure is a new experience for him. Michael finds Rami and Austin and they all seem to be empty-handed. Austin (in his straw boat hat) has found some artist type. It seems the best approach is to just run up to someone, gush about their style, and then insist they participate. Pushy works in this case. Kara finds a very cute boy in a bright pink shirt who is willing to strip off his shirt without the changing room. Good for you, Kara. Jerell, of all people, has a random stranger offering to strip for him and calling him “big boy”. Everyone is promising their muse that they are going to make something awesome, but how will they know? Are the muses coming to the runway? Or will they all find out right now with everyone else? Anthony runs up to a hot boy who is already shirtless and greets him with “Hi hot white guy”. I love Anthony. Said boy agrees to strip off his shorts. As Anthony shrieks in glee, others notice, so he says “Back off bitches, this one’s mine!” Oh, he is HOT. And then Anthony takes the shorts without paying the poor man, not even a dollar. Austin tries to ask for his underwear and fails, but not before he got the guy’s phone number. Anthony: “Ladies, THAT’S how you get a man!”

Jerell brags at Mood that he’s not buying fabric because “that just, kind of, putting your baby in a bear trap”. He also throws out a Wendy Williams “HowYOUdoin” which I enjoy. Most people seem to run out of money. Kara has to borrow money from people.

Mila says she has to make the jeans she has into a model size. Look, I happen to know a guy who is a size 34, and he is pretty skinny already. I don’t think you have that far to go. Maybe because I am so far from model size I am not picturing it right. Mondo says this is how he learned to sew and design, by buying thrift store clothes and resewing them. Anthony is making hot pants. Jerell thinks he’s doing something wrong but Anthony is using 50% garments from the park so he’s fine. Michael has a macramé top or something. He wants to use it but doesn’t know how. And the first day is over.

Oh, I just had a thought. Did they give them two days so that they could show up today and make them make another garment? Crap. I think Mondo is lying down with his head in Michael’s lap for some reason. Anthony is still confused. He has too many ideas. Michael feels better, I’m sure you’ll be glad to know. Jerell wants to show off his model’s body.

Joanna time! She reminds Mondo he hasn’t won anything yet, just to rub it in I guess, but he seems confident. Jerell has like, a bikini top and a weird shrug thing and a necklace and cow print…it’s a hot mess. Anthony interviews “Somebody look like they’re Coming to America.” Hee! Austin asks Joanna’s opinion of his epaulettes. Anthony still is confused. He shows Joanna his haul, mentioning many shirts are from boys and possibly he was just interested in having cute boys strip down for him. “Inspiration can come from anywhere!” Michael explains how yesterday he was so confused but today he is doing much better, thanks. Joanna says “doilies”. Oo.

Michael has a whole new top out of peach lace now. Jerell still has a hot mess but he thinks he’s going to win. Anthony has questioned his choices so much that at the moment he may not have anything. I think he might come up with some pants. Mondo is making a jacket with 22 pieces.
Day of the show. Kenley stands in the middle of the room and primps. Anthony: “Kenley is loud. If a black person says that you are loud, you are too loud.” True. Michael appears to have made granny panties. Kenley apparently finished Kara’s pants. Michael goes into the sewing room to gossip to Mila about it. They bitch about Kenley, which I totally approve of. She’s telling everyone what to do. Mondo has spiked his hair and it is not terribly flattering. Hot makeup guy! Michael wants “Sarah Jessica Parker, circa 1999 to 2002, but futuristic.”

Guest judge today is Sean Avery, who I guess is a hockey star? I don’t know. Michael: peach lace strapless top with a sweetheart neckline and granny panties in gray lace. I don’t know that you can wear it in public, but in terms of “fashion” it’s alright. Austin: black leather skirt, that is kind of full, and a cropped jacket with hardware. She does look edgy. There are striped panels in the skirt. Kara: black pants, a white sleeveless vest and a one-shouldered top in a gray and a blue. It’s hard to describe. It’s not bad. Mila: color blocked leggings in black and gray, with a black vest and a striped blue and white tank top. However I do notice it looks very close to the inspiration photograph: a girl in a tank top and leggings. Jerell: Dear God. OK. The top is a weird shrug in a bright orange with embroidery, that basically covers her shoulders. Then there is a blue and white striped bikini top. Then a very low-riding skirt, with a green and yellow belt and the rest is a rainbow. Yeah. Rami: white shorts with some blue along the hem, a black vest and a top in brown or something. It’s hard to see and his inspiration was a man in a plaid shirt so I’m not seeing it. Kenley: a Kenley dress in black and white stripes, with side panels of bright yellow and hip panels of pink plaid. Anthony: red pants with a weird hip ruffle. Like, along one side of her leg is a ruffle like an apron. And a sleeveless top slit down to the pants. Mondo: short skirt in stripes in a chevron, with yellow. And an cropped jacket with a bikini top underneath. Wait, I think it‘s hot pants? Yes.

Kenley, Mila, and Kara are safe. Rami wanted menswear inspired. The top has a big ruffle down the front that actually looks pretty good. They really like the shorts and that it’s fashionable. Michael used a top to make his “shorts”, but Georgina says if her daughter tried to wear that she wouldn’t be allowed out of the house. And the top is saggy. Jerell likes to mix things. Isaac says “Lion King costume”, but he is shown up by Sean who says “Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani at Burning Man on acid”. Nice. There is too much going on and there is too much skin. Mondo knows the names of the people who gave him clothes. The jacket is fantastic, with a cutout, and the shorts are constructed so the patterns line up. Remember Anthony’s muse with that great print? It’s only in the bag now. However, everyone likes it. Sean says he would take a second look, and asks Isaac if he would too. Heh. Sadly the judges tell him that he didn’t meet the requirements of the challenge, as only the top and the bag are from the street. Austin’s outfit is tough but street. It all works somehow.

Rami focused on tailoring, although they don’t like the hat he put with it. The shirt is a great business shirt, and the whole thing is well made. Austin overall had a great effect and the jacket was just the right length. Mondo was modern and fresh, but it’s too stylish? Isaac says if it’s too stylish the woman can’t make it her own and then it’s hard to wear. Jerell at least had a viewpoint. But that was bad. Michael usually makes really great clothes, but this time his model didn’t even look comfortable. Anthony got lazy, because while it was a good outfit, he didn’t relate it to his muse and didn’t use enough fabric from the street.

Rami is safe. Mondo is the winner! He’s been waiting. Austin is in. Jerell is safe. Sigh. Michael had construction issues. Anthony didn’t really follow the directions. Anthony is out. Boo, now who is going to say fun things? He’s going to miss everyone but he’s glad to have been on the show again. No regrets.

Next week: fashion face off. Jerell thinks Michael is copying him. Someone looks like a whore.


Anonymous said...

Oh that shirtless guy was super hot!!!!Does anyone know who he is???If he's a model or something???

Anonymous said...

"I miss when Heidi would say something random and then Tim would take everyone on a field trip."

I mentally insert Tim in this show. His "Thank you, Mood!" and "I have to send you to the workroom..." A thousand Joannas would not one Tim make.