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Project Runway All Stars 2/16/12--"Puttin' on the Glitz" summary

Previously on Project Runway: everyone was supposed to make “sportswear” for a weekend getaway in one of the four seasons. Generally this went over well, except for when Michael scrapped his idea and then made something that was similar to Jerell. They weren’t exactly the same, but everyone brought it up right then so it’s impossible to tell if everyone was freaking out over nothing or if Michael changed his design after everyone accused him of copying Jerell. In the end, Jerell won, which was weird but OK, and Rami went home. His clothes weren’t hideous or anything, they just had a poor color combination and too much draping and fabric. (click for more)

Austin does Kenley’s hair and they talk about how Rami just went home and it’s weird. Jerell points out that eventually they all have to go so he can get paid. True that.

Everyone heads to a theater in Times Square, not a shady one though. That would be awesome, actually. Anyway, it’s a theater showing “Godspell”. Austin loves Broadway and theater, of course. Angela introduces Stephen Schwartz, who is very cool. I like his stuff. Kenley talks about how great he is, which is hilarious because before when Angela is telling them all about what Stephen’s done, you can tell Austin knows who it is just based on the names of the shows. Kenley is shown nodding, and she clearly does not know who is about to walk out. Also her do-rag is stupid. Stephen explains that this week’s winner will have their design featured in the new Broadway run of “Godspell”, which means their bio in the program. This is a great challenge. “Godspell” is a show without a set time or place, so you can make up whatever costumes you want. But how are they going to match this costume with the other costumes? I mean, you can do whatever you want, but everyone goes together, you know? Anyway, they talk to the director and the actress who is one of the disciples. They tell the designers that the character is rich and likes everyone to know it, and the costumes should look like each character built their own look out of whatever they had, or from a thrift store or something. Also it must be separates, because the other characters will be dressing her onstage. Also do you know what it makes me think of? That challenge in Jerell’s season when they had to design for the athletes at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, and Jerell made up an outfit that looked like it would be in a musical about the Olympics. Kmanpat and I named it and came up with a plot and everything.

Austin uses the word “thespian”, and I am sure no one is surprised. Everyone is sketching and trying to figure out what they’re going to do. Mood shopping involves rich fabrics and brocade for Austin and bright colors for Kara and Mondo.

I think they have the rest of the day for the challenge, and it’s about 1pm right now. Kenley’s do-rag is covering curlers? OK. She’s making a brocade jacket. Jerell has a peplum and gold lame. Austin is going for some poofy thing. You remember his outfit for that singer his season? When he did like a Little Bo Peep thing? It’s like that. Kenley loudly talks about how Kara is done and then drags her to praise Kenley’s design and they throw fabric and generally piss off Mila. Austin is thrilled just for the chance to have his stuff on Broadway.

Joanna time! Austin is going Marie Antoinette. Lots of gold and silver brocade. Joanna says it could be hideous or fabulous, “and right now it’s hideous, but you’re going to make it fabulous. Right Austin?” Oo. Kara has a big floppy bow and a maxi skirt. She is not being creative enough and not pushing herself enough. Kara kind of freaks out because she feels Joanna just told her she doesn’t belong on All-Stars. Mila has a skirt in an eye-searing yellow and green stripe. She promises a non-Mila design. Mondo’s fabric is great but from a distance might be too subtle. Jerell has wickety wack trim. But that is Jerell. Kenley has no polka dots and Joanna tells her this is the first week without them. There is a red print brocade for a coat with a long peplum and some feathers and a print skirt. Actually it might work.

Kenley interviews that Kara is breaking down and there is no time for her to unravel. Michael and Mondo go over to give her a hug. Model fittings. There is a lot of print going on today. Mondo doesn’t like his look once he gets it on his model. Kenley talks about how awesome she is and how annoying it must be for everyone else. Kara helps Mondo out and encourages him. He’s still reeling from last challenge and how they didn’t like his look but he took it personally.

Day of the show. Most people are still working. Mila is shedding faux fur everywhere. Austin isn’t even done. He’s very agitated and starts a fight with Jerell about the sewing machines and Jerell is using his but Michael was using it before and he said Austin could use it and everyone else is in the workroom laughing because this is pretty stupid. I’m pretty sure there are more than seven machines. Michael has picked out shoes that don’t actually fit his model so he’s making straps for them. Hot makeup guy. Running. Kara burns herself on the hot glue gun. Mila uses a ton of jewelry.

Angela comes out in a dress she borrowed from Heidi and introduces the guest judge, Sutton Foster. Michael: chartreuse full skirt, and a high-necked halter top in a coordinating print. Eh…it’s OK I guess. But it doesn’t look like it should be in a show. Also she has a matching fascinator but her hair is pulled back so it looks like her hair is green. Kenley: pencil skirt in a teal and red print, jacket in red and white brocade with a long peplum in the back, and white feather trim along the neckline. It’s the kind of jacket that has one button in the front. Under that is a white top. It’s very loud, the colors, but somehow it all fits and I can see this in the show more easily than Michael’s. Austin: black capri leggings, silver lame skirt with poofs of fabric, and a black top? A shrug? I think maybe it’s a dress with a lot of sternum showing, and then her arms are covered but not her shoulders. It’s very 80’s. Which…I think you want “Rock of Ages”? Jerell: full skirt in charcoal, and a black and white checked jacket with a ton of trim down the front and on the waist and the cuffs. The skirt seems to be longer on the sides than the front, and I think there is a lot of stuff going on in that jacket. Kara: bright red pencil skirt, fur stole, big silver bow at her stomach, and a black and white striped top. It’s not particularly costumey, and I don’t like the bow, but without the bow it’s not a bad outfit. Mondo: long dress in what looks like gold lame, with an overlay of a orange print that looks like it has peacock feathers on it. Over that is a coat in blue or maybe more peacock, with gold trim and elbow length sleeves. And I think feathers along the cuffs and neckline? It’s totally over the top, loud, and instantly says “I am a rich woman”. Or possibly “I am crazy”. I like it though. Mila: short skirt in bright yellow and green stripes, with a piece hanging off the side like she wrapped a towel around her waist and left the end hanging off. White faux fur coat and gold top.

Jerell is safe. Interesting. Michael shows off the shoe straps, which don’t look that great but at least the green matches. He also talks about how there has to be some humor, although I’m not sure what humor he was going for. Georgina wishes it was more eccentric. Sutton and Angela think she looks like a rich party girl bitch. Kenley talks about the East Village, and Isaac thinks her black shoes are not OK. The coat is really cut well but maybe there are one too many things going on. Angela wonders if she looks rich enough. Austin has some weird story about “Let them wear Austin Scarlett”. It looks modern and would draw attention. Isaac says it borders on too young, because something about wearing Austin Scarlett and that woman has to have money. He says he likes it though, and then this is that shot they keep showing where Austin says “It’s Scarlett” and Isaac says “Oh, did I say Starlet?” Totally not a fight at all. Mila wanted to be noticed. Isaac likes the two pieces but not together. She’s a little streetwalker, says Sutton. Mondo has a whole story about his costume, which is nice. Isaac thinks she’s sexy in a crazy way. The dress by itself is great too. There are several layers, but they show that the hemline is not even. Kara rethought her outfit, but the bow is not good. She needs to tweak it, and the slit in the back of the skirt is off center and wonky. Oo, it is. The idea is good but the execution is poor.

Everyone likes Michael’s outfit, and he gets a ton of praise that I don’t think is warranted but I’m not there, I guess. Sutton likes looking at it, but it’s not specific. Mondo’s outfit is very well made, but the length of the skirt is looking a little unresolved. Austin’s outfit is an outfit you could dance in, which is an excellent point. Mila’s outfit makes it look like the girl does drugs. Sutton could show the outfit, but for a different type of character. Isaac thought this was Kara’s best challenge so far, but it’s still not good. They really don’t like it. Kenley only heard the part about how the character could work some vintage, but not the rest of it about how she’s rich.

Michael is in. Mondo wins. Nice, I think that will fit into “Godspell” very well. Austin is in. Kenley is in. Mila is in. Poor Kara. She says she always gave all that she had, and she wanted her kids to be proud of her. Aww.

Next week: the UN, national costumes maybe? Using flags to inspire outfits? I hope no one offends any countries.

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