Monday, September 26, 2011

TAR19, Recap Leg 0, 9/18/11

Welcome back to the Amazing Race! Miss me? I thought so. First off, we have some excellent new countries to visit this year, and we get a nice stop over in Africa! We’re at eleven teams, so no monkey business from the producers, although I hear there are some new tasks and things in store for us. And Toyouke is nearby to throw in her two cents as always. The eleven teams are: (click for more)

Amani and Marcus, are a married couple from Pine Mountain, Georgia. Marcus use to play in the NFL. Like we need more former football players. And why are there always so many of them lining up to be on reality TV? (Toyouke: “Yeah, he played in the NFL but I've never heard of him, but I don't follow football so that's not out of the ordinary.”) Sports people tend to do rather well though. Prediction: Fifth Place.

Andy and Tommy, are professional snowboarders from California. They both competed in the Olympics and still list their profession as “snowboarder.” (Toyouke: “They are not former snowboarders, they do not own a snowboard shop, they live off the money they make snowboarding.”) So, yeah. They’re a young male team, so unless they are useless like the Footnotes, I predict good things. Prediction: Third Place.

Bill and Cathi, are married grandparents from Oregon. We have not had good track records with married grandparents from Oregon, but darn it all, I just like these two. (Toyouke: “Plus they're retired teachers and he's a farmer now. And they compete in triathalons. Old physically fit farmers who used to be teachers! FTW!”) Eh, I don’t think we’ll see them long, but we should be able to get a few episodes out of them. Prediction: Eighth Place.

Ernie and Cindy, are an engaged YDC from Chicago, IL. Yay hometown team! (Toyouke: “Do I need to remind you that you’re not from Chicago?”) They look like a strong couple, and Asians tend to be driven, while the while boy is probably laid back. (Toyouke: “Oh look, a YDC where the Asian is driven and organized and the Caucasian is free spirited!”) I’m not sure where to put them, but I’m guessing an argument and they’ll be gone, unless they go all Tammy and Victor on us. Prediction: Sixth Place.

Ethan and Jenna, are Ethan and Jenna from Survivor. I don’t really need to say more than that. But I’m guessing they aren’t being asked back for Survivor all star casts and needed money for the engagement ring that Ethan still hasn’t given her after dating for seven years, not that I can relate or anything. (Toyouke: “I am putting them in a new category. They are not a YDC. They are Famewhores. I am putting them with the Big Brother teams and people who already were on TV but still insist on bothering me. Because there is no reason for you to be on TV, AGAIN, I do not want to listen to how awesome you are omg raaaaawr *angry fistshaking*”) Um, OK, but they’ll still do sickeningly well. Prediction: Second Place.

Jeremy and Sandy, are a dating YDC from California. They are just pretty, and that’s about it. (Toyouke: “Wait, they've only been together for 5 months? Ooohhhh, I smell a giant fight and a breakup.”) Prediction: Tenth Place.

Justin and Jennifer, are a brother-sister team from Stone Mountain, Georgia. They look healthy and strong, and to be a doctor and a special ed teacher, you have to have patience and kindness. This combo could work really well together. (Toyouke: “Eh. Although I do notice that Justin says his sister shuts down and gets mean when she's hungry or tired. Which is basically the entire Race. So that should be good for some fighting and drama.”) Which would be fun to watch for an entire race. Prediction: Winners, TAR19.

Kaylani and Lisa, are cocktail waitresses and friends from Las Vegas, Nevada. They look like the all girl airhead team. At least they aren’t beauty queens. (Toyouke: “They bug me. They bug me more than cheerleaders do because they're my age and they should know better.”) Prediction: Eleventh Place.

Laurence and Zac, are father-son from California. Zac has already made a name for himself as he is the youngest person to sail solo around the world, or something like that. I like his pizzazz. And his father seems to be a good guy as well. (Toyouke: “Kmanpat, I know you are already drooling over him. Dad has an Aussie accent, but son does not, so you'll just have to mentally merge the two.”) Prediction: Fourth Place.

Liz and Marie, are twin sisters from Illinois. The last set of twins we had were Kami and Karli, and these ladies look easy enough to tell apart, but I can’t imagine that they are much smarter. (Toyouke: “They think "younger viewers" will identify with them because they're young and they don't know what they're doing with themselves yet. All I have to say is: SHUT. UP. Shut up right now.”) I do hope they go early. Prediction: Ninth Place.

Ron and Bill, are flight attendants and partners from California. The flight attendants always seem to have a good track record, and at least they aren’t female and think they can bring rollabords everywhere. Their age might catch up with them, though. (Toyouke: “But two flight attendants who have been fans of the show since it started could do very well if they don't have a giant drama meltdown. That's a serious mental advantage.”) Prediction: Seventh Place.

And there it is. Don’t forget to tune in Sunday, September 25 at 7:00 pm CDT for the hour premiere. See you with the first recap soon!

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