Sunday, September 28, 2008

Suede-- Fashion Week collection

I think most people assumed Suede was one of the decoys. Here is his interesting collection. Pictures from Blogging Project Runway. (click for pictures)

I don't get this at all. It's a simple dress in a plaid, which is cute if not boring, and then it looks like she tied a tablecloth over it. It wouldn't even close in the front, would it? It doesn't match the dress. In fact, the model took it off at the end of the runway.

I think this would be more effective if you couldn't see the foundation fabric underneath the ruffles. It's not that great. Shiny + ruffles = "A lot of look", as Tim would say.

Couldn't I go to Macy's right now and buy this? In the same floral/tie dye fabric?

I don't think this dress fits this model. And the giant silver ruffle makes her too lopsided.

This looks like his car outfit. That is not a good thing. Or, also it reminds me of the grocery store challenge: mopheads and one of those sun shades for your car. It's not hideous, the shape is OK, but it reminds me too much of clothes he made from non-fabrics.

Eh. I don't even have anything to say about this.
Yes I do. The bustier doesn't fit at all and the jacket has a giant peplum so it's kind of like that one he made for that poor photographer girl.

Ice skating costume. Next!

That skirt is really shiny and I don't like the pointed part. It's like a bunch of ties. This model looks bored.

This looks like an ice skating outfit too. I think part of it is that his color palatte of silver and baby blue and pink is too cutesy for me.

Why is there a wedding gown? I hate that short-in-front-long-in-back nonsense. It's like a mullet except in skirt form.

This collection...I don't know. I wouldn't buy any of it, and it doesn't have that impact that good collections have, even ones I wouldn't touch.

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