Sunday, September 21, 2008

Joe-- Fashion Week collection

Now that Joe has been eliminated, we know that he was one of the decoys at Fashion Week. Take a look at his collection behind the cut. Pictures from Blogging Project Runway.

I'm going to try put pictures and text side by side. Last year that failed. So we'll see.

It's not really my thing. But it looks pretty well made and I like the styling.

You know Kors would call it vulgar or something. Plus I feel like I could go down to the local country/western bar and see that on some girl with a cowboy hat. It's hard to see in this picture but the jeans are really long and have a zipper at the bottom.

The pants are velvet, I think, with a pattern. The bustier is denim. I don't know, I guess he could have paired the top and jacket with like, leather pants and it would be worse.

Like these leather pants, for example. Although points for fitting them so well. The jacket is OK.

I hate these pants. They remind me of cheap faux snakeskin. Also they might be harem pants. The top is cute, I guess.

The shape of this dress is really cute and I love the belt with it. I even like the pattern and the little red and yellow ruffle at the top and bottom. I'm not the biggest fan of the shoes but knowing the shoe travesties that I've seen before, these aren't that bad.

The asymmetrical strap on her right shoulder, it feels like Joe just put it there because he thought he needed to. Just tacked on for no reason. Although otherwise this wouldn't be very interesting and I feel like I could find this anywhere. The skirt has pinstripes, so it might not be denim.

This is pretty cute. Not terribly exciting, but cute. Although I am never a fan of the zipper that goes all the way down to the hem.

Um...where did this come from? The first 8 looks make total sense together but then...random evening gown. Apparently Joe's collection was "Americana" so this would be the flag, I guess. It's just so random after all the rest of the country/Southwestern outfits.

This is pretty cool, that punk/evening gown combination. And since there were other leather bustiers in his collection it fits in more than the previous look.

Joe managed to put out a decent collection that was cohesive. It was all stuff I think I could buy and probably isn't "tasteful", but it went together and I think there are plenty of people who would buy those clothes. Everything fit well which is hard to do with jeans. He was the best of the boys. You'll see.

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